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I panted as I ran down the corridor, a stitch in my side burning and my feet aching. I was trying to avoid three people at once, and the task was daunting. I suddenly felt a tug on my arm, and was involuntarily pulled into a broom closet while a calloused hand covered my mouth, muffling my shout of surprise. Suddenly all was dark and I could see nothing except for bright red hair.

"Ron?" I asked. But it was impossible. Ron was one of the people I was trying to avoid.

"Sorry to disappoint, Hermione. Just li'l ol' me." I smiled despite myself.

"Fred Weasley. What did I do to deserve being unceremoniously kidnapped and pulled into a broom closet with you?" Now that my eyes were starting to adjust to the darkness, I could see Fred put a hand over his heart, a mock wounded expression on his face.

"Hermione! I never unceremoniously kidnapped you. In fact, I believe the kidnapping was quite ceremonious." I couldn't help but laugh.

"Fred, I can understand why I'm in this rather uncomfortable broom closet, but why you?" Fred looked uncomfortable, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Nothing sordid like you, I'm sure. I just come here to think when Forge is unavailable." I nodded, and in that moment I realized how cramped the closet really was. There were brooms all around, causing the very uncomfortable problem of not being able to sit down or lean against any of the walls.

"Well, I suppose it's less comfortable when there are two of us in here." I sighed, trying to push away some of the brooms so that I could lean against the wall. Fred wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Now Hermione, when two people are in a broom closet together, it can be very magical." I imagine my cheeks were burning red. Fred smirked at me.

"Fred, I'm in here because I'm hiding from Ron, Ginny, and Harry all at once. I think I'll be in here for a while. You don't have to keep me company if you don't want--" The rest of my sentence was muffled by Fred's lips crushing mine. I was so shocked, I simply stood there, motionless. When Fred let go of my cheeks, I stood there like a dead fish. Now it was Fred's turn to flush.

"Er- uhm... sorry." His ears were turning red, an adorable quality which all of the Weasleys posessed. I looked at Fred. He was very tall, still not as tall as Ron, but towering over me nonetheless. His hair was growing out slightly, longer than George's so that I was now able to distinguish them. His nose was lightly dusted with freckles, slightly below his penetrating, shockingly blue eyes. I noticed that I was staring, and he was smirking.

"Uh... you kissed me." I squeaked. Fred grinned.

"That I did Miss Granger. Which leads us to a very intriguing question. Do you want me to do it again?" I looked up at him, eyes wide. He brushed a hair back from my face, and before I knew it, I jumped on him. He was shocked when I kissed him, just as I had been when he kissed me. Soon after, though, he was kissing me back, the passion and heat of our kiss very much livening up that tiny little broom cupboard. We broke apart shortly after, breathing heavily, our foreheads pressed together.

"Well." Fred said, unable to think of a witty response for once in his life. He licked his lips, straightened his shirt, whistled once, and then placed a sweet little kiss on my cheek.

"Well is right, Fred. Let's just keep this between us." I exited the broom closet to find myself cornered by all the people I had been trying to avoid. It certainly didn't help that Fred walked out right behind me. I wanted to melt back into the wall. I made a split second decision, grabbed Fred's hand, and pulled him back into the broom closet. He looked momentarily confused. I pulled his head down to my level.

"Look, they'll have to go away sometime soon. So you're stuck with me until they do. And I suggest you take it like a man." We both grabbed each other at the same time, and the kiss was a playful power struggle. When we finally broke apart, I listened at the door for my pursuers, and heard nothing, so I opened the door slowly to find all three of them with their ears pressed against it. I laughed, and stalked off, dragging Fred behind me.

"Nice to see who wears the pants in that relationship!" I heard Ginny shout before rounding the corner.

We had several more meetings in various closets around the school, Fred and I. Later on, after the war, I found myself married to Ron. He was the wrong brother, I knew he was. But the one I loved was gone, and so I would simply have to wait until I could be with him again.

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