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Disclaimer: it's all JKR's.

                                                      Chapter Three
                                           A Mysterious Small Blond Girl

Rose stood back to admire her handiwork.

“What do you think, Scorpius?” she asked.

“It’s good. Doesn’t give you away,” he replied.

They were looking at the notice Rose had put up announcing the Ravenclaw Team Tryouts. It read

          Come one, Come all, Quidditch Players!
          Try out for the Ravenclaw Team!
          Saturday Morning, 10:00 am. Don’t be late! 
                                           – Your New Quidditch Captain

“What are we going to do about the people who come to the tryouts, though?” she asked. “I mean, someone’s sure to tell a Gryffindor.”

“Nah, we’re in Ravenclaw, remember?” he said. “It’s not like our house is full of sports enthusiasts. Only people who are really into Quidditch will come. And they’ll know to keep quiet.”

“You’re right, I suppose,” she said. “Have you noticed that our friends have been acting strangely lately?”

“What do you mean?” asked Scorpius.

“Well, Owen and Darcy are fighting more violently than usual. And Phil just seems to be missing a lot of the time.”

“I don’t think it’s anything major. I mean, Owen and Darcy haven’t seen each other all summer; of course they’ve got some extra violence built up. And Phil’s got prefect duties.”

“You do too, though, but you’ve been around,” Rose pointed out.

“Yeah, but she takes them very seriously. It is Phil, after all.”

She laughed. “I suppose you’re right. I just don’t want anything to ruin our chances this year.”

“As if. Nothing could ruin our chances with you as Captain.”

Just then, a small redheaded girl walked up to them.

“Hey, Lily,” said Scorpius. “How have you been?”

“Good, thanks. You?” she replied.

“Excellent,” he said. “Are you going to try out for the team, then?”

“Of course! I mean, I’m allowed a broom at school now. Plus, it’s my last year to beat James before he graduates. And now that Rose is Captain, we’ll wipe that smile off my brother’s face for sure.”

“Wait. How did you know I’m Captain?” Rose asked frantically. “Does James know?”

“Relax, Rose,” Lily said. “I just saw you hang the tryout notice on the wall.”

“Oh. Right. Well. Don’t tell your brothers, all right?”

“Please. Like I’d tell them. They’re going DOWN! DOWN I SAY!” And with that, Lily Potter smiled angelically and walked towards the girls’ dormitories. Scorpius looked after the tiny Second Year in awe.

“She’s scarier than you are, mate,” he said to Rose.

“Oh, shut up.”

                                                           *  *  *  *  *

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear. Rose jumped out of bed, and shook Phyllis and Darcy awake.

“Wake up, guys, it’s a beautiful day for Quidditch!” she sang happily.

“Rose. It’s. Six. In. The. Bloody. Morning.” Darcy was not a morning person.

“Rose, tryouts aren’t ‘til ten,” Phyllis groaned, covering her head with her blanket.

“What’s with you, Phil?” Rose asked. “You’re usually up before me! Singing, no less!”

Darcy eyed her. “Hypocritical, much, Rose?”

“Well, I only sing about Quidditch.” Rose looked slightly sheepish. “Seriously, though, Phil, you’re way more of a morning person than I am!”

Phil groaned and rolled out of bed. “Not on a Saturday morning, I’m not.”

It was Phil’s turn to be eyed by Darcy. “What am I, the hypocrisy police this morning?”

“Well, I had Prefect duties last night. I had to patrol,” Phil said defensively.

“When did you get back, though, Phil?” Rose looked curious. “Scorpius was back in time for me to beat him at a game of Exploding Snap before we all went up to bed.”

Phil blushed. “I was hungry so Al took me to the kitchens,” she said quickly.

Rose did a double take. “Wait. WHAT? AL took you to the kitchens? My COUSIN Al? Our sworn enemy??” Her voice was at the high pitch it was wont to reach when she talked about Quidditch.

“Yeah, so?” Phil said defensively. “We were on patrolling duties together and I was hungry and he took me to the kitchens.”

“But he’s the ENEMY!!!” Rose shrieked.

“Rose. He’s your cousin. You’re like, best friends,” Darcy said flatly.

“Not during Quidditch season he’s not!” Rose’s voice reached an unprecedented volume.

“Geez, Rose, calm down,” Darcy said irritably. “It is only six in the morning. Much too early for noises that loud.”

“It’s not like we’re bothering anyone; Matilda always casts a silencing charm around her bed,” Rose countered. “Besides, I’m totally justified in being loud. SHE’S been fraternizing with the enemy!!!!”

And with that, Rose went downstairs to the common room, and sat in her favorite armchair, fuming.

A sleepy-looking Scorpius stumbled down from the boys’ dormitory, still wearing pajamas.

“Everything all right, Rose?” he asked, sitting on a couch near her. “I could hear you yelling.”

“It’s fine, I suppose I overreacted. But Phil has been hanging out with Al! They went to the kitchens together last night. Since when have they been such good friends?” she said irritably.

“Rose. They’ve always been friends. Since when are you not friends with Al? Am I not allowed to be friends with him anymore, either?” Scorpius said reasonably.

“I suppose you’re right. He is my cousin, and my good friend too, I guess. And he’s less annoying than James, Hugo, and Fred, at any rate,” Rose admitted grudgingly.

Lily Potter stuck her head out from behind an armchair.

“What are you saying, Rose?? He’s the enemy!! You can’t be friends with him! Neither can anyone else on the team! We’ve got to WIN!” she said, bouncing out of the chair. She held a broom and was entirely decked out in Quidditch garb.

“And you! Trying to calm her down after Phyllis has committed the basest treachery!!” she shrieked, glaring at Scorpius. Scorpius looked rather frightened.

“Now go get dressed, you’ve got to warm up for tryouts!” Lily finished.

Scorpius hurriedly got up from the chair and backed away from the small girl approaching him menacingly.

“I’ll just go then, shall I?” Scorpius said quickly as he made his escape.

Rose turned to Lily, impressed.

“I’ve never seen anyone scare him that much before,” she said.

“It’s a talent,” Lily said nonchalantly, tossing her hair over her shoulder. “Come on, let’s get breakfast.”

                                                         *  *  *  *  *

Rose flew around the Quidditch pitch, waiting for everyone to arrive. Noticing Phyllis walk on, she flew over to her friend.

“Just wanted to apologize, Phil,” she said. “I overreacted earlier. Of course you can hang out with Al.”

“What brought this on?” Phil asked, amused.

“Lily, actually,” Rose laughed. “Well, we better get started. All right everyone, who’s here to try out for Beater?” she yelled.

Scorpius and another boy raised their hands.

“Who are you, again?” she asked the boy.

“I’m hurt, Weasley. You don’t remember your Third Year Potions partner?” the boy smirked. “I’m Jack Reynolds.”

“Right, sorry Reynolds. Didn’t recognize you in Quidditch gear,” she covered, throwing an amused look at Scorpius. Oddly, he did not look as though he shared her amusement.

“Anyways, I’m one of the Beaters, so I’ll hit Bludgers at the two of you and whoever misses first is out,” she said.

And so the tryouts began. Scorpius won his Beater position, although it was close. Phyllis got the Keeper position, as no one else bothered trying out. Owen, Darcy, and Lily won their Chaser positions easily, although there was some grumbling by a Fourth Year boy about familial favoritism on Rose’s part. This was so blatantly untrue that even his friend laughed at him.

Then it was time for Seeker tryouts. Cathy Wilkins, Sixth Year and last year’s Seeker, was looking somewhat irritated that she was not running the tryouts. But her look turned murderous when a tiny blond girl in a lisping Scottish accent said “I’d like to try out for Seeker, too, Rose.”

“All right,” Rose said, delighted. “What’s your name?”

“Lucy Wood, Captain,” the girl saluted.

“You don’t have to salute me, Lucy,” Rose laughed. “All right, I’m going to release the Snitch. Give it a twenty second head start and then whoever catches it first is Seeker!” She released the Snitch and began to count. Before she said go, however, Cathy Wilkins had kicked off and was in hot pursuit of the Snitch. Undaunted by her adversary’s five second head start, Lucy Wood followed. The two girls flew around, as Wilkins had clearly lost track of the Snitch. Suddenly, the tiny Lucy Wood began to dive. The Sixth Year dove after her, but just as they were about to hit the ground, Lucy Wood pulled up her broom, executing a perfect Wronski Feint. She immediately flew towards the goalposts where the Snitch was, catching it as Cathy Wilkins crashed into the ground.

After making sure her old teammate was safely in the Hospital Wing, Rose turned to the tiny blonde who had been trailing behind the rest of the group, looking worried.

“Well, congratulations, Lucy! You’re our new Seeker!” Rose said, unable to contain her grin at the thought of not having to deal with Wilkins’ complaints and ego all year.

“D– D’you think she’ll be all right?” the girl asked.

“Of course she will. Don’t you worry. So, first practice is Monday evening after dinner. See you on the pitch!” Rose turned to go but was stopped by a small voice.

“Um, Rose?”

“Yes, Lucy?”

“Do– Do you think it would be possible to ask Professor Flitwick if my dad can send me my own broom?” the girl said hurriedly.

“What do you mean?” Rose asked, completely confused.

“Well, it’s just that, I’ve been flying on this Cleansweep Seven, and –”

“You’ve been flying on a what?” Rose nearly shrieked.

“A Cleansweep Seven from the broom shed,” Lucy said. “And I’d really like to ride my own broom, see, because it’s a Firebolt 360 and it’s much faster.”

“You mean to tell me,” Rose said, her voice getting progressively higher. “That you flew the entire tryouts on a CLEANSWEEP SEVEN?? A broom that’s so old that MY DAD references it as an old broomstick?”

“Uhm. Yes?” Lucy asked, clearly frightened of her new Quidditch Captain.

Here Scorpius stepped in, gently shaking Rose’s shoulder. “I think you’re scaring her, Rose.”

Rose came back to earth. “Oh. Right. Well. That’s amazingly impressive, Lucy. So you must be a First Year, then. C’mon, let’s go see Flitwick.”

“You’re not angry, then?” Lucy asked, clearly worried. “I mean, I know I shouldn’t have tried out, being a First Year and all, but my dad thought it would be okay as long as I was good enough. He wanted me to bring my own broom, but I thought it would be better if I just asked to be allowed to have it if I made the team.”

“Oh,” said Scorpius, a look of comprehension dawning on his face. “Is your father Oliver Wood?”


“I think your dad was at school with my parents,” said Rose. “He’s used to play Keeper for Puddlemere, didn’t he?”

“He’s Puddlemere’s manager, now,” Lucy said proudly.

All of a sudden, an earlier part of the conversation registered in Rose’s brain.

“Wait a second. You have a FIREBOLT 360?? The nicest racing broom on the market?!” Rose’s shrieking had become a very prominent fixture of conversations this school year, Scorpius noted.

“Yeah, that’s why I wanted to ask Professor Flitwick if I can have my own broom. My dad says Professor McGonagall allowed Harry Potter to have a broom as a First Year when Dad was Gryffindor’s Captain.”

“Well, what are we waiting for? We’ve got a teacher to bother!” Rose said as she started off down the hall, towing Lucy behind her. 

                                                                *  *  *  *  *

Meanwhile, a certain Quidditch Captain with messy black hair was being approached by a very pissed off Ravenclaw ex-Seeker.

A/N: Longer one this time! Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, I know I liked writing it. How about that Lily? I almost feel sorry for James and Al, don't you? Anyways, a huge thank you to my wonderful beta californialove! As always, reviews are much appreciated, but thanks to anyone who reads!


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