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Made by Ande

Chapter 19:
You've Got a Friend

Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you have to do is call
And I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You've got a friend...
- McFly

"Are you sure about what you're doing there?" came Finn's unsure voice, as he watched me flip through the pages of a thick book.

Hallelujah for whoever came up with aggressive spells.

"I know exactly what I'm doing, Finn, now shut the fuck up, okay?" I muttered, feeling the crazyness of all the possibilites fill my mind.

I could chop him, slice him, fry him, hang him, burn him - just in the matter of seconds, and some wand swooshing! It was truly amazing!

"I love magic," I breathed, as I found the perfect spell.

Finn leaned closer to see what I had in mind. He frowned, and let out a wince. "You're thinking about removing Sirius Black's bodyparts?"

"Just his balls," I said non-chalantly.

"Is that necessary?" he asked, clearly mortified by Sirius' morbid future.


"I don't--"


I looked up with a startled expression, and felt my eyes widen at the sight of Lily Evans stomping towards me, rudely pushing aside younger students.

She was clearly possessed by evil, I could tell.

"Lily Evans, the beastie herself!" I said darkly, and quickly shoved the book at Finn, who fell off his chair by the sudden weight of the book slammed against his chest.

"You!" she said, pointing and accusing finger at me. "You were involved in a fist fight!"

"And you," I said hotly, narrowing my eyes at her. "Have been involved in a snogging session!"

The Common Room fell quiet, and everyone looked around at us. From the corner of my eye, I could see the Marauders give James a quick glance, who seemed more or less relaxed in his armchair.

But it was Lily's next move that sold her out; her eyes very swiftly flickered to James, wider than usual, and blushed heavily.

"Want to talk about this in private, huh?" I asked cheekily, grinning at the shocked look on her face.

"Y-es," she stuttered, and followed me up the stairs. As soon as we were in - Lily checked the bathroom to be sure that no one was there - we both rounded up on each other, firing accusations left and right.







We both fell silent after my remark, Lily's brow furrowed in confusion. "Universe?" she said quietly, staring at me.

"Well, who gives a fuck!" I snapped, folding my arms. "It kind of throws everything out of prospect here! You two were supposed to hate each other!"

"We do!" Lily said, running a hand through her hair. "Atleast... I think... I used to hate him. He... didn't. Ever."

I raised my eyebrows at her, while my hands slowly fell to my hips, and putting my weight on my left foot - I tried my best not to look like mama as I did so. "Well?" I demanded icily.

"It was just a normal evening at the Library, where we both worked on an assignment Dumbledore gave us - I can't tell you what, it's confidential."

"Whatever, Evans, I don't really care," I snapped, urging her to go on.

"Well," Lily continued, fidgeting with her fingers. "We started talking about, well, you know, stuff, and he was really nice about everything, and really cheered me up when I told him about my horrible sister--"

"No kidding," I muttered darkly, getting a glare from Lily.

"Oh, he didn't kiss me!" Lily snapped. "I kissed him."


"It was meant to go on his cheek, but he happened to turn his head suddenly, and the next thing I knew, we were snogging against the wall!"

"Oh, dear fu--"

"And it felt so right, so good!"

"Oh!" I called out, slumping on my bed and buried my face into my hands. "The images! Oh! I will have nightmares for the rest of my life!"

"Oh, please!" Lily sighed, sitting down on her own bed. "It's not as bad as with you and Sirius..."

It only took me a second to register what she had said. My head snapped up so fast it hurt. Lily seemed to realize what she had blurted out in that same second, and she slammed her hands over her mouth.

"A little late for that, don't you think?" I said dangerously, standing up slowly and walked towards the shaking Lily. "Spill, Evans!" I demanded, already lifting my fist.

"Violence is not the key, Susie!" Lily reminded, scrambling on her feet, and hurried on the other side of the bed.

"Evans," I warned her.

"FINE, FINE, FINE!" Lily shrieked, as her back hit the wall - I wasn't even near her. "James told me! Sirius had told him, and he told me, and--"

"Who did you tell, Evans?" I prompted.

"No one!" she said, her eyes wide. "I swear through my mother's grave - although, she's still alive and all, but you know what I mean!"

I slowly lowered my fist, and settled with glaring at her. Lily had never been a good liar, I could tell. Her voice was literally drenched in innocence and pure fear, and no hint of a lie was hidden in her weak tone.

"I would never tell anyone," she said quietly, as I took a hesitant step back, almost ashamed of my gesture to actually punch Lily. "Even if you don't consider me as your friend, the feeling is not mutual, Susie. I think of you as my friend, and I would never ever do that to a friend..."

I stared at her in disbelief. Here was a girl, who held all the cards in her hand. It wouldn't matter if I told people about her and James - people wouldn't believe me, anyway. But if she told someone - it had to be the right person - then everyone would know, and everyone would believe her. Afterall, she was Lily Evans, the Head girl.

I silently sat back down on my bed, staring blankly at the floor. From the corner of my eye, I could tell that Lily was back in a sitting position on her own bed, gazing at me nervously.

"I won't tell anyone about you and Potter, either," I said suddenly, glancing up at her. "That's not my style, you know..."

Lily sent me a look of relief, and smiled faintly. "Thank you," she mouthed, obviously too relieved to make a sound. "Does this... does this mean we're friends?"

It took me by surprise, and I looked at her with raised brows. The look on her face was almost hopeful, as if this was her wish come true. I gave a stiff nod, and smiled a crooked smile, almost laughing at the irony.

Hadn't I made it really clear for myself what it took to be my friend? Well, it all went away in that one moment.

"Sure," I said, and watched as Lily's smile got wider.

Atleast someone was happy now.

And to be honest, it did feel kind of good to have a friend.

~ (=^ . ^=) ~

I walked with Lily towards the Charms classroom, listening to her ramble on about how she made a plant explode by accident. The Marauders had stared at us with wide eyes when we had emerged from the dorms, walking past them with dignity - I'm pretty sure Lily threw James a smug look.

"So," I said casually, feeling anything but. "How long have you known?"

"Known what?" I gave her a look. "Oh!" Lily stuttered, blushing. "Well... a while. You see, I know James promised not to tell anyone, but you know, girlfriends don't fall in the category of 'no one'. We have special priviledges."

"Snogged him stupid?"

"A bit, yes," Lily giggled, and blushed even more - if possible.

"You dirty wench," I snorted. "So, he just told you, huh?"

"Well, I asked if he knew why you hated Sirius so much, and well, he just blurted it out - I'm pretty sure my 'snogging' had nothing to do with it!"

"Oh, that's convincing, Evans!" I said, shaking my head. "He would go on a killing spree just to get a smile from you."

"Oh, be serious!"

"I'd rather not," I said stiffly, as I saw the Marauders walk from the other direction. "Incoming, straight ahead."

"Evans!" James boomed, prancing to us like a racehorse on drugs. I gave him a weird look, which he ignored - he was completely immersed with Lily, who stood next to me like an idiot.

"Potter," Lily said softly, fighting a smile.

I exchanged a glare with Sirius, before looking at Remus and Peter, both of them looking bored with the situation. "Peter, did you take notes last time?" I asked.

He looked up at me, and raised his eyebrows. "Of course - I always do!"

Sirius snorted, and grumbled under his breath, before looking away.

"Good!" I said, and forced a smile. "Would you mind borrowing them to me? I really think I should re-write my notes..."

"You didn't even make any notes," Sirius pointed out.

Remus let out a surprisingly loud laugh, and slammed Sirius hard on the back, making Sirius loe his balance for a moment. "Of course Peter will borrow you his notes, Susie!" Remus announced.

"Excellent!" I said and beamed. "Library at four?"

"I don't--" Sirius started.

"PTER WILL BE THERE!" Remus called out, before anyone could react.

"Evans, you coming?" I asked, and raised my eyebrows at the sight before me; Lily and James just stared into each others eyes, their heads tilted to the side - I suppose you might call it 'air kissing', but it looked really stupid, as if they both had suddenly gone totally deranged. "EVANS!" I roared, and got a stiffled laugh as a response from Sirius. "Oh, go fuck yourself, Black," I snarled, as Lily snapped out of her trance.

"Coming!" she said breathlessly, an hurried after me into the classroom. "So, what was that about?" she demanded, hurrying to sit next to me.

It felt weird to sit next to a girl for a change. So far, I had sat next to Peter or Remus - the only two I could tolerate. Peter was easy to ignore, as he rambled on about himself and other random stuff, while Remus rarely said anything, and when he did, it was polite and always made sense.

"What was what?" I asked innocently.

"Oh, please!" she fumed, shaking her head. "You could've borrowed someone else's notes! Why Pettigrew's?"

"Well, I--"

"You were flirting with him!" she accused in a whisper, as everyone else settled down.

"Was not!"

"Was too!" she said and smiled smugly. I really didn't like that look on Lily. "Do you fancy Peter Pettigrew?" she asked with a low whisper.

"No!" I said at once, mortified by the question. "I just--"

"Trying to make Sirius jealous?"

"No!" I said and shook my head. "There should be no reason for him to be jealous - he has a girlfriend, right?"

"Oh, please!" Lily snorted. "Everyone knows he doesn't fancy her. Honestly, he has never paid this much attention to a girl before! Ever! I mean, he's never really even made an effort to argue with a girl - everytime he dumped a girl, he let the girl cry and scream at him, but he never even blinked, or argued back. But with you - well, you two are at each other's throats all the time!"

"Oh, yeah, we're secretly in loooooooove," I said sarcastically, and added a dramatic roll of my eyes, too. "There's nothing remotely attractive or interesting in him - nothing to like!" I looked over my shoulder at the Marauders, my eyes narrowing as they locked with Sirius' grey ones. He tilted his head to the side, his arms crossed across his chest, as he stared at me with a small smirk. "Ugh!" I huffed, turning back around.

"Yes," Lily sighed, still smiling. "Nothing to like at all..."


~ (=^ . ^=) ~

I sat hunched over Peter's notes, scribbling furiously down everything. I was very much aware of his eyes glued on me, but I refused to meet his eyes, literally scared to shitless that he might actually ask me out, or something.

It was all Lily's fault; she had totally put the seed of doubt into my already fucked up head. As if I needed to know Peter's intentions!

"It's going to be a lovely night tonight," Peter pointed out suddenly.

I glanced up at him with a frown. "Huh?"

"I bet you can see the stars clearly from the Astronomy Tower," he went on, staring right at me.

"Oh!" I said, and glanced through the window next to us. The sun was already setting, and I sighed. "Yeah, it's going to be full moon, huh?"

I noticed Peter flinch a bit, and I looked at him curiously. "Yeah, I suppose..." he said quietly.

There was a long silence as we just stared at each other, my mind working overtime to figure out his weird reaction to the full moon. We both jumped in our seats, as we heard a book fall loudly against the stone floor. I leaned to the side in my seat, narrowing my eyes suspiciously towards the aisle. My eyes widened slightly, as I heard a giggle, followed by a moan.

"Oh, great," I muttered, sitting back straight in my seat.

I continued making notes, but stopped abruptly, as I heard a voice moan out "Oh, Sirius..."

I didn't recognize this voice. It wasn't Vicky's voice, I found myself realize. I gritted my teeth, and scribbled faster, almost cutting through the parchment. As much as I hated Vicky, I still felt some sort of pity towards her. It wasn't right for her to be treated like that by Sirius. Did she know what kind of gigolo he really was, snogging different people every other day?

And even if I'm probably the last person with morals, I still do have some. One of them include not kissing guys with girlfriends. It's just... wrong!

I didn't know he had a girlfriend, so you have to forgive me and my lack of knowledge.

"Sirius' with a new girl, again," I snarled in disgust, feeling Peter's questioning gaze on me.

"Oh," he sighed, and shifted in his seat. "You know, he hasn't been like that... before."

I looked up, my eyes filled with disbelief. "Oh, please!"

"No, honestly - I don't know what makes him act like a complete prat," Peter said, shaking his head.

Somehow, I really couldn't picture Sirius as the most faithful guy.


"Would you like to watch the stars with me in the Astronomy Tower tonight?" Peter asked suddenly, his eyed wide as he realized what he had blurted out.

The dark murmurs down the aisle - probably coming from Sirius - stopped suddenly, and the Library was for once silent as a Library should be.

"Um," I said, turning to gaze out through the window.

"I could let you copy my Astronomy homework," Peter put in, before I could reject him.

This was a very, very tempting offer. Lily was in the same class, but she refused to let me copy her star charts - she was willing to tutor me, however, which I had no intentions to get myself into.

I heard horror stories from a few second year students that Lily was like a tutorzilla if someone showed up three minutes late - I wouldn't put myself willingly up for that.

"Groovy," I said, already seeing myself sleeping in on Saturday for not having to stress over a stupid star chart. "What time?"

"Is nine okay?"

"Um, I suppose, yeah," I said and shrugged.

Another book fell to the floor, and I heard quiet conversation from where Sirius and his hook-up stood hidden. I grinned at Peter, feeling very lucky for having him around to save my ass. I gathered my books swiftly, and stood up, giving Peter a pat on the shoulder as I passed him. "See you at nine, huh?" I called, and waved at him.

As I passed the bookshelves, I couldn't help but smirk at Sirius as I passed him, the short haired girl between his legs looked very annoyed, her pale cheeks slightly red, as she glared at me.

"Have a good night," I told the couple, almost failing to keep a straight face.

~ (=^ . ^=) ~

A/N: Aww, Susie/Lily bonding! :D This is one of those less-favourite chapters I mentioned earlier - something just seemed wrong, and I just got tired of re-writing it again and again and again... -.-
- Lily xxx

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