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"Nikki!" Albus ran into the hospital win, looking for his friend.



"Mr.Potter, I'm afraid that your friend is in no fit state for you to see her." Madame Pomfrey said, looking grave.



"You're afraid? Well I'm pretty confident that she's in every state for me to see her." Albus persisted.



"No." She refused to be flexible.







"...but nothing."



"Albus?" Am weak cry came from the curtains.




"Five minutes, that's all." She turned and left.



Albus went towards the bed, almost afraid of what he would see.



"Albus?"Albus gasped in shock as he sae the sight of his friend.



She had blood all down her arm, with bruises and cuts all down her arm. she had a bandage around her head, leasing ALbus to thinkj she had fractured her skull. She lip was bleeding and her nose was evidently broken.



"Oh my god!" he yelled.



"Shush please, I have a headache." she moaned.



"Sorry." He said quietly.



"listen, Albus..." Ahe tailed off.




"What?" Albus said quietly.



"Thank you." She said, in a voice barely more than a whisper.



"What did I do?" He asked, perplexed.



"You went to get Neville. He stopped the werewolf biting me." She said.



"YOU mean you haven't been bitten?" Albus asked in relief.



"No. They thought #i had been. But a group of healers a few hours ago and said it wasn't true. So thank you so much, my condition isn't permanent. Thanks to you." She then closed her eyes, as though screwing up the courage to say something. "But your also the reason I went into the forest."






"Side kick left right turn up and finish!" Mrs Bisard comanded the crew.



James stopped dansing and turned to Vera. Okay, just ask her out. Remember she's just a person. You can ask her if she wants to go out right? It's simple. You can do it. Think of it like asking you mate if they want to grab a coffee. Except, you're in love with her. Oh well.



"Jesus Christ could this woman not leave us alone for 2 seconds?" complained Vera.



James screwed up all his courage ready to ask her...



Then he looked at her closely. She had bags under her eyes, and she looked tired. she didn't look as though she'd slept in weeks.



"IS something wrong? You look as though you haven't slept!" James asked her.



"It's nothing." She sighed.



" I know you and I know you wouldn't get into such a state over nothing." He looked at her, begging her silently to tell him.



"It's my cousin. She's my prettier, cleverer, does everything better than me cousin. She goes to beauxbatons. She can't come here!" Vera said.



"One: I'm sure she's not prettier, two: why does matter if she comes here, you don't have to speak to her." James said reasonably.



"One: She is prettier, she's a veela for God's sake, two: everytime she meets my friends she takes them away from me. And... I told her a couple of lies." She seemed a bit hesitant to admit this.



"Why did you tell her lies?" James asked.



"Because she's somature, she looks down on me so much, I wanted her to admire me for once. So I told her that everyone in my year is dating, and that I'm going out with your cousin Fred." She said all this in one breath, breathed in deeply and started talking again "But harldly anyone here is dating, and your cousin doesn't even know I'm alive!" She said.



"Oh, he knows you exist." James was staring into space trying to make sense of the situation. Why didn't she tell her she was dating me? Okay, put thoughts like that out of your head. She just picked a random person, it doesn't mean she like shim or anything.



"Why did you tell her you were dating Fred?" James asked trying to keep his face neutral.



" Oh, be cause she heard me talking to my friend about how I'vehad a crush idin't want her to thinkon him for like ever, snd how cute I think he is. And then I realised she was listening and I din't want her to think I couldn't get a guy I liked, and so I said I was dating him.



James felt hollow. "You... you like Fred?" He asked.



"So so much. He's just so cute you know? Do you think you could ask him out for me?" She looked happy to have asked him. Ask my cousin out for the girl I'm desperatly in love with?  Am I insane?









James lay on the Gyffindor couch. He felt numb. Vera liked Fred. So so much, she'd said. Why did life have to end up like this? 



"What's up? Fred himself came out of the dormitory, smiling.



"What's got you so happy?" James asked.



" Nothing." FRed said way too quickly.



"Yeah right. And where are you going anyway? You're hardly ever with us these days!"James said.



"Listen, okay,but you can't tell the others." FRed begged.








"I have a date."




"with who?!" James exclaimed.



" Laura. The one that's in our year." He told him.



"The drip that always follows Nicola around?" James asked incredulously. "Well aren't you the lucky one with all the ladies following you."



"What's that supposed to mean? What happened?"FRed inquired.



"Vera likes you." James said bluntly.



"What?! But... but you like Vera!" Fred exclaimed.



" I know... wait what?! How the hell do you know that?"




"Dude, the whole school knows. Thw whole school except for her."







"yeah, they also know Mark likes her aswell. Except this time it's the whole school except you and her who know that." He said.



"Gee, isn'teveryone just in love with the wrong person!"



"Tell me about it. You it's a good thing this isn't a story."






"Because the show's next week, if this was a story that would be in the next chapter, and everything would go horribly wrong."



Author's Note: Youpi! James finally knows that Mark likes Vera. And the Vera likes Fred. I am so sorry about the long wait, there is something wrong with my computer, it won't turn on. I'm trying to get it fixed but we're not made of money. I nicked my sister's computer long enough to write a chapter. So anyway, I hope I didn't lose any readers. It will be a while  before the next one comes up though, my sister is so tight with her computer. So please blame her, not me.

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