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 AN; Everything (apart from the plot line and the OC's) belongs to JK Rowling. 


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Scorpius Malfoy



Scorpius Malfoy


Blaise and I walked to Transfiguration, dragging our feet along the floor and taking on a speed that could be considered ‘snail pace’. I listened as Blaise whined, taking on the persona of an eight year old girl and fiddled with the flap on his bag. 


I twisted my wand between my fingers and resisted the urge to roll my eyes as Blaise winked at a passing seventh year. I let my thoughts drift to other things that fought to preoccupy my mind. 


I remembered about the pile of homework papers that lay scattered on the floor by my bed, staring at me form weeks of neglect, and then to Quidditch. It wasn’t until a while later, as we reached the fourth floor that I thought of Charisma; she looked so sick. 


She was one of the few students outside the Weasley family that didn’t consider me to be evil reincarnated. No matter how much I tried to reassure others that I am in fact not my father, they didn’t take. I quickly fell in to the act of the person that they expect me to be; it’s easier than trying to get them to like you. But Charisma saw straight through me. 


Today she looked tired, as if she were breakable. Despite looking delicate usually, there was always a hard persona behind her frail looks; today it was missing. She used to skip, skip everywhere, yet today the jump was lost from her step. It took only moments to remember it was approaching the moon. 


Sadly, I recalled the day that she told me of the curse. I had refused to believe her at all until she showed me the scars; I had thought she was telling me a disgusting joke. Rosie spent days trying to reassure me that it was, in fact, true. 


“-And then I took off all of your mothers clothes and hit your father with the apron.” Blaise finished. “But he wasn’t actually shocked until he realised that I was having intercourse with your aunt, and that we had broken the toaster.”




He laughed, only laughed. It bombed down the empty corridor and echoed back. “Bloody hell, mate. I wondered when you would start listening to me again; I’ve been rambling on about absolute shit for at least ten minutes.”


“Makes a change then,” I replied dryly. “It’s hard to concentrate and listen to you when you’re boring me.”


“Such beautiful vocabulary you obtain, Scorp.” He snorted. “What were you think about this time? Quidditch, food or Rose?”


I raised a light brow and glared. 


Rose Weasley. She is the complete opposite of her other family members, possibly resembling Al in the ways of intelligence, but nothing more. Rosie isn’t loud or mischievous, she’s gentle and reliable. It took me years to fight through her bossy exterior to realise the delicate girl that she was. 


She buries her nose in books and knowledge, using intelligence as a cover to stop herself from being hurt. Her hair is always in a loose plait, her large eyes constantly seeming surprised at the world.


“I was thinking about Charisma, actually.”


Blaise nodded, as if he understood. “Yeah, I can’t believe that she’s siding with the enemy.”


Or not. 


“Actually I was thinking about how sick she looked.”


“Well, James is dating Lewis now, isn’t he?” Blaise said. “That would be enough to wear anyone out.”


“I still can’t believe that he’d do that to Charisma,” I voiced honestly. “Even I wouldn’t hurt my enemies that much.”


We shared an ironic glance and laughed haughtily. It was a known fact that either of us would be willing to burn someone at the stake if we didn’t like them. I had lost count of the occasions that Father had been called in to the Headmistresses office to deal with a problem we had caused simply because we didn’t like the opposing party. 


The fact that added the hilarity to the situation was that our fathers didn’t see anything wrong with our actions. 


But Rose always looked down on them. I had tried to get Blaise to stop last year, in a vain attempt to impress her; it didn’t last long. 


Blaise looked at me knowingly; he always knew what I was thinking about. And as per usual, the red head had invaded my thought once again. 



Charisma Price


I sat in the Library, fidgeting as if there were no tomorrow. I wiped the impending sweat from my brow and looked around anxiously. My eyes caught hold of the clock; there were seven house until the full moon rose, and I was alone. 


“I can’t believe that James abandoned you.” Rose hissed, licking her lips. 


I sighed. “He has a date with the Queen of Mean; I couldn’t exactly tell him that he couldn’t go.” 


James had a broke the news to me earlier; he couldn’t stay with me tonight as he thought that the full moon would be a romantic thing to see with Evie. It would be the first one that I would have without him. Due to my strange actions with the moon, he was always protective and even better; he was the only one that I could guarantee that I wouldn’t hurt. 


I hate to admit it, but I can become violent, I can’t always control what I do, it drives me insane. We figured that out 3 years ago when James and Fred were looking after me. I ended up pining Fred to the ground and breaking his arm rather badly. How I did that I will never know. Surprisingly, Fred doesn’t’ look after me anymore. I always say sorry for it, even now, but he never really took offence. 


James would always tell me that I was fine, that I did nothing wrong. After that incident however, I beg to differ. But he would never tell me. 


“Yes you can.” Rose said standing up from the floor. “No … see, I said it. It’s not hard!” She shouted her last three words slowly. 


“What do you think, Al?” Lily said throwing a paper ball at him from across the room. 


Albus pushed his glasses further up his nose and shrugged. “I think that it’s his choice, and no offence to Wolfy, but he has done it every single moon, maybe it is someone else turn.” 


“Thank you, Albus.” I said. “But what am I going to do? I can’t be sure that I won’t escape from the Room of Requirement if no one else is there with me, or that I won’t hurt myself.”


“Maybe you’ll be all right on your own this month,” Albus tried. 


I wanted to laugh in hysteria. “Albus, I don’t know what I do; I can’t be left alone. I’m a danger to myself, and I realise that its better I hurt myself than anyone else, but I don’t know what I do; James never tells me!”


“I’m trying to run through the family in my head,” Lily announced. “I can only come up with Fred – he’s the only one who won’t hold back in pushing you over.”


Stupidly, I had told James to carry on with his night and that I would be all right. I hadn’t heard what he had said lastly; I was only half listening, the blood had pulsed in my ears and I was sure, that if I were a cartoon, I would be exploding steam. But I kept a cool exterior. 


The fact that the Weasley’s and the Potters were all undoubtedly lovely was a downfall at the moment. I needed someone who would be willing to push me, to hold me back. I know that on a matter of occasions I had managed to hurt James, and still he came back, every month. 


We had assured the teachers that we could deal with the situation. They were always worried around the time of the moon, but who could blame them? I had run through the options, even going as far as calling Teddy and asking to floo to his home, where I could be in the forest with him. For some reason, during the moon, neither of us acknowledged the other. 


“As if Fred’s going to come near me with a barge pole,” I snapped, but then apologised to the group. “I’m just scared.”


Lily sighed in defeat. “I hate to be the one to say it, but we need to find a teacher; hopefully they’ll know what to do.”


“I don’t want to tell anyone,” I said in a panic, electric shocks piercing through my veins. “I don’t want to.”


Albus laid a kind hand on to my shoulder. “It will be all right love; even if I have to do it.”


Looking up at the boy through teary eyes I shook my head. “I can’t ask you to do that.”


“Yes you can,” he said after swallowing what I was sure was a mouthful of fear. “I admit, I won’t be able to help much in the way of holding you back, but I will do my best if the situation requires it.”


“Hagrid!” Lily interrupted with slight excitement. “He’d do it, and he loves anima- wait, he’s in London or something, dealing with this escaped Hippogriff in Diagon Alley, quite funny really.”


With a scowl I looked to the red head. “I’m going to ignore the fact that you almost insinuated that I was an animal and try remember why I love you.”


“Scorpius,” Rose gasped with a grin. She waited for a moment for us to catch on to her idea, but no one did. She elaborated. “He knows all about it, he’s hard to hurt – bloody boy of stone, emotions and all – and Circe knows; he will have no trouble in putting you in your place.”


I hated to admit that he was our best option, and of course he would listen to Rose. 



As I lifted my head up the next morning, I instantly regretted it. I felt my head fall back against the hard, stone floor. It took me only moments to realise where I was; lying on the floor of the Room of Requirement. Scorpius sat across from me, a tried gaze upon me. 


For a moment he simply stared, his eyes wide, before softening. “Morning, Charisma.”


Squinting I smiled. “Morning.” I tried looking for cuts, for bruises, anything out of the ordinary. “Are you all right?” 


One of my legs had gone to sleep, as I sat up straighter I began to try and move it around. 


Scorpius nodded without comment. 


“Honestly?” I elaborated. 


“I’m fine,” he dismissed, but I could hear the undertone, the lie. “I am, however, worried for the welfare of Evie Lewis. 


“What did I say?” I asked quickly, my words forming in to one big one. 


I was surprised that he had understood, yet he only laughed. It was a dark, ionic sound. “Something about giving her 20 Galleons for a decent pair of clothes and that you would tell her where to stick her wand.” I knew that he was lying. He was being polite.


My ears pulsated, I was sure that I could feel my head wanting to pop. I placed my hands on either side of my head and held on tightly. Scorpius was at my side in an instant. 


“I’m okay,” I replied as he pulled me up. 


He looked at me, an honest expression upon his features as he dusted me down. “I didn’t realise that you changed so much. Rose had said-” he laughed nervously. “She had said that you weren’t really yourself, but … shit.”


I wanted to hug him, to throw my arms around him and to hold on for dear life, like I did with James. I wasn’t sure whether it would be for his comfort this time, or my own. Yet I kept my arms firmly pinned at my sides. 


“I can’t form words to express how sincerely grateful I truly am.” I whispered. 


Scorpius shook his head. “You don’t have to thank me.”


“Yes, I do.” I replied. “I know that I am very different, but I don’t know what I do. I am so sorry, for everything, anything that I may have said, everything that I did.”


“Again, don’t apologise.” He repeated. “I should have known what I agreed to, I guess I just didn’t want to believe it. But, there’s a reason why James doesn’t tell you what you do.”


I swallowed through a dry mouth. “What is it?”


“Because if he told you what you did, you would never forgive yourself.”


It was then that I noticed his expression. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”


“No of course not.” He reassured kindly, and I realised in that moment that he wouldn’t tell me how I behaved – for possibly the first and last time in his life, he agreed with James. “You did smash a few pieces of furniture though, that was a little … absolutely terrifying. I am now realising why I wasn’t sorted in to Gryffindor.”


“Don’t joke,” I grumbled. “You’re so brave. Even the great Fredrick Weasley the second wouldn’t help me tonight.”


As he laughed, I felt the sound echo in my head, but I didn’t tell him to stop; I couldn’t’ ask him to stop laughing. “He was supposed to.”


“He what?”


“James asked Fred to help you before he told you that he couldn’t stay,” Scorpius told me bluntly. “Weasley wasn’t really listening and agreed without really knowing what he was saying ‘okay’ to. Lily found out and told us just before we came in here yesterday. You were almost asleep. I thought it was going to be an easy night.”


I wanted to apologise again, but I could see he was getting annoyed with it. Instead I looked out of a small window that had appeared in the wall of the room. “If that’s real light, it’s about five am.”


“Good guess,” Scorpius replied, looking at his pocket watch. I caught sight of the cracked screen. He told me that it wasn’t my fault, but I couldn’t help but think he was lying to me. “Let’s go clean up and we can meet in the Great Hall, yeah? We can get some toast.”


I didn’t like being babied; James always treated me as if I were normal after the moon, as if it were a normal day. But I couldn’t deny that the care in his voice was nice to hear. I just had to ignore the pity. 


As the door appeared in the wall, he opened it for me.


“What do you mean, go and get cleaned up?” I asked, suddenly a little apprehensive. I knew that I needed a shower, but it was an odd way to phrase it. 


He wasted no time in trying to sugar coat the situation. “You threw some sort of supernatural tantrum last night, rolled around in the floor and punched a hole in the wall, the wall healed itself, but your fist –“ 


I looked down and flexed my fingers, my knuckles were bloodied and bruising, the scrapes deeper than I would have thought them to be.


“-you also managed to cut your head a little bit. You might do best going to see Madam Brandon about that one.”


My clean hand shot to my forehead and ran over what I assumed was dried blood. I could only picture myself as an absolute state. I was sure that I looked pathetic, childlike and dirty. 


I only sighed and blew my lips together in a puff as he looked at me with astonishment. “Can you not feel pain?”


“Of course I can feel pain, don’t be silly.” I replied. “I’m just not really coherent right now; the only thing that I can feel is the pounding in my head – and that’s usual, it’s not because of the cut. I am sure that I will get a wave of it tomorrow, though.”


“Right, well can I trust you to make your own way up to your Common Room? I need to go and take a shower.”


I nodded. “Of course; you don’t smell though, if it’s any consolation.” 


“I never said that I was as bright as a daisy.” He replied. “But no matter how bad I look, I’m sure that you look worse. I’ll be here, waiting for you, when you come out.”


My mind skipped over the insult and settled for something else instead. Did Scorpius Malfoy just compare himself to a daisy?


I walked in to the common room, hobbled more like, about ten minutes later, only to find a sleeping James on the couch. I laughed and wondered if I should shake him awake. I decided not too and not give him the worry of the cut on my head. I crept up to my dorm, attempting to not wake up my roommates, and failed. I needed to get to the bathroom and when I was halfway there, I ran in to Dixie. Literally. 


“Blimey, Chic.” She whispered as I helped her up from the floor, we had created quite a racket. I was saying a silent prayer that we didn’t wake anyone else up.


“Oh god, I’m sorry Dixie.” I said quickly before attempting to run past her and get to the bathrooms, but she grabbed the back of my cloak and pulled me back. 


“Where the hell are you going at this time, and why are you dressed?” She looked at my face, her voice rose to panic. “And why the hell is half your face covered in blood?”


“Covered?” I asked I thought that it was just a scratch. We usually use the excuse on a full moon that James and I are staying with Hagrid. We thought this up when they noticed our absence. 


“Honey, come here.” She said lovingly and then pulled me by my hand in to the bathroom. 


She handed me a damp towel and dabbed my face clean for me, the heat of the water stinging as it was pressed to my skin. 


“Do I want to know?” she asked kindly. This was a good thing about Dixie, she knew when to stop prying. 


“Probably not.” I said truthfully. 


“What happened this time? Don’t you usually stay with Hagrid with James; did you just stay with Hagrid yourself this time?” She asked, giving me the perfect opportunity for an alibi. 


“Yeah, it was really just my clumsiness; you know the implements that Hagrid keeps in his hut. Then on the account that I am dim beyond belief, I went for a walk in the forest.” She nodded in agreement and then rolled her eyes in shock. I was surprised at how easily the lies came. 


“Be more careful next time.” She said smiling. “And you know that I don’t believe a word of that. You would never go to Hagrid’s on your own, not without James, you hate that damn dog. But I’ll take it, until your ready to tell me what really happened.” I smiled thankfully at her. 


“Thank you, you won’t regret this.” I said taking the towel off my head and washing it in the sink. 


“Just change your clothes Chic, they’re really dirty.” I smiled and nodded. 


Ten minutes later, clean clothes and all, I climbed out of the portrait hole and found Scorp sitting on the steps. 


“Told you I’d wait.” I smiled at him as he got up. He had changed too; he probably cast a charm or something. James uses it all of the time. 


“Thanks Scorp.” 


“Come on, I hear a piece of toast calling my name.” 



“How did he take it?” Albus asked, sitting down next to me. 


I was sitting under an old tree next to the lake, thinking. I had gone to go and see Madam Brandon, the school nurse, in the hospital wing about my cut after breakfast yesterday. 


She didn’t ask how I had done it, by my tired, aching appearance and the placement of the moon, I was sure that she knew reason of how it had come about. 

With a few stitches and a flick of her wand, it had disappeared, well nearly, but I just style my hair over it for a while and it will be fine. 


It was bigger than I had thought, upon looking in a mirror; it had been quite a shock. It had bruised this morning too; it looks like I’ve been in the wars or something. 


“Not well.” I answered back. 


On the account that James absolutely hates Scorpius, he hadn’t taken it well that he was the one that had looked after me, and was even angrier at Fred for backing out. I thought that he had done an amazing job, but when he stroked my hair and I winced. He pulled it back and found the cut, well let’s just say that he wasn’t amused. 


I defended Scorp fully, praising the job that he did and attempting to stop James from going on a homicidal chase to find that fifth year. James felt guilty; I could see it on his face.


“I heard shouting yesterday morning.” Al added. “Well mainly James shouting, you never shout.” 


“He was so angry. I don’t even know why, he knows how I get when the moon is full. I don’t know if he was angry that I was hurt or the fact that Scorp looked after me.” 


“Ignore him, he always comes around.” Albus said smiling. I loved his smile; he resembled James so much.


“I know, thanks Al.” 


“I rock.” He stated. “Now get your arse back up to the castle and make James apologize for being such a twat.” 


Oh, he wasn’t being a twat, he’s just protective.”


“You’re too nice, Wolfy.” He retorted with a grin. “Give him until after first period; he’ll be putty in your hands.” He said in a rather sexual manner. “We all know he can’t be upset with you for too long.”


Albus began laughing, got up and left, taking his books with him. 


First period had up and gone, then second and then third; James had not said a word to me. We both had a free this period so I decided to talk to him. 


Walking over to the table in the Common Room, where he sat I took a deep breath and spoke in the most serious manner I could muster, “James, have I done something to upset you?” 


“Upset me?” he echoed. “No, Charisma … no. I was being stupid.” He said quietly. “How could I have let it hurt you?” 


He never gives in that quickly.


“Let what hurt me?” 


“I should have been there; I…if I was there wouldn’t have a bloody scar on your head.”


I realised what he was getting at, he was feeling guilty. “James, I’m not your responsibility.” I said obviously. “I asked Scorp to watch over me, as you couldn’t and I didn’t know about Freddy. It was his first time and let’s face it, I’m pretty Godzilla-ish when it gets down to it.” 


He smirked. “Godzilla-ish, Charisma, the only thing that I could compare you to is a fairy or a butterfly.” He said with a harsh undertone to his voice. “You are too sweet to hurt anyone severely … even when you’re Godzilla.” 


As he pulled me in to a hug, I couldn’t help but realise how much pulse sped up. 


“How could Fred just back out? I just should have been there.”


“Well, you can’t say that Fred doesn’t have a good reason … and no you shouldn’t, you wanted to go on a date, this is my problem not yours.” 


James shook his head. “Charisma, you mean everything to me, more than Evie-“






“Nothing.” I tried to say, but I was sure it sounded like more of a whimper. 


He looked a little weary. “Wolfy, nothing is worth missing time with you. It will never happen again, you come first.” 


I smiled, trying to stop myself from happy dancing. I seriously would have if it wasn’t too obvious. “You can’t dwell on me for the rest of your life Mr. Potter.”


“Watch me.”


He said. His voice was low, his eyes dark. I knew the look; it was the one he used to look at his old girlfriend with, after they had made up after a fight, the slightly grateful expression with a tinge of arrogance. I thought for a moment, that he was about to kiss me. 


“Jamesy-poo.” Evie’s voice rang from behind. 


The slight tension that had built shattered. While James cleared his throat and took another step back, looking anywhere by me, I lost all decency and laughed until tears came from my eyes.  


I snorted. “Jamesy poo, your lady is waiting.”


He smiled and then turned around to see a very annoyed Evie Lewis. 


“James,” she said sweetly, after taking in my presence she only blinked.  “You have no reason to be here now, scoot.” 


Noticing the way that she dropped her voice, so that James couldn’t hear, I pretended that I hadn’t. “James and I were talking Evie, you interrupted us.” 


“What is going on here?”  She asked curtly, twigging. I thought that I heard James sigh as he took the open chair at the table. 


“You don’t know?” Drew interrupted, emerging from the portrait hole with Fred by his side. “They were in the stock cupboard making babies.” 


“Very mature Andrew.” I said, attempting and failing to hide my smile; the look on Evie’s face was priceless. 


After watching James reassure Evie that we were just infact talking, they wondered off, James sending a very dirty look to his roommates, and an apologetic one to me. 


“Love you too, Jimmy!” Fred called after him. 


I waited for a moment before voicing that Evie Lewis’ expression was one that I was never going to forget. 


Drew laughed. “Now that James is taken, will you marry me, Charisma?”


“I highly doubt that she wants to marry you, dude.” Fred leered.


“Yeah, I better wait until my last divorce comes through anyways.” I bid them both a due and naively hoped that Dixie would be waiting for me in my dorm, with a large tub of ice-cream. 


AN, I hope that you enjoyed this chapter! I would appreciate a review of what you thought; I had a bit of a hard time writing this one. What did you think of the inner workings of Scorpius' mind? Or of Charisma's wake-up after the moon.
Thank you for reading, especially if you've got this far!

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