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Beauty's Only Skin Deep by explosion
Chapter 1 : Prologue: How it all Began
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Disclaimer: This story would not exist if it weren't for the talented JK Rowling who owns every character and everything, that you recognize from her story.

Where it all Begins.

I was thought of as a bitch. I didn’t care what people thought. I never considered anyone else’s feelings. I did what I wanted, when I wanted, without thinking of consequences. And everyone else followed my example. If I shunned someone, everyone else shunned the same person. If I spread a rumor about someone everyone else said it was true. So, The Bitch was my label. And I was proud of it. Or, so I thought.

The only reasons I was able to get away with it were the two things everyone wanted to be: powerful and beautiful. My family was one of the most prominent families in France. So, having the last name Somers made me able to get away with a lot. Many people were scared to be mean to me because of the power my mother and father had over the wizarding world. If they picked on me, Merlin only knew what would happen to them. I had also earned the nickname “The Veela” in school. Even though I was not related to veelas in any way. I had long, silvery blonde hair that reached halfway down my back, and shimmered no matter how dark it was. My eyes were a dark shade of purple, with aqua flecks throughout them. My body was long and lanky, with curves in the right places. So, I was able to do what I wanted, without having to worry about it. I mean who would dare mess with me?

Before my first day of school at Beauxbatons, my mum and dad had been so proud of me, they had bought me an all white baby kitten, with blue eyes. My parents had known I loved white animals, so this gift had been perfect. I would brush her hair everyday, and bought her the best kitty toys money could buy. My parents had also bought me the best robes in Paris, to make sure I looked my very best. As if I wasn’t already one of the most beautiful girls of my age. Even at the age of 11, many muggles and wizards had asked me to sign up for modeling agencies, and many boys my age were always flocking me hoping I would like the valentines cards they’d hand make or the flowers they’d pick. This made me become stuck up, even at my young age.

When I attended Beauxbatons I became popular instantly, without a surprise in my opinion. All the girls wanted to be friends with me, and all the boys wanted to date me. So I didn’t think anything of it when I made fun of people. Everyone would laugh along with me, so why should I feel bad? It wasn’t like anything bad was happening to me.

During my sixth year at Beauxbatons my mother had been brutally murdered by this upcoming group of people called Deatheaters. They had asked her to join their clan and help support a new darker lord that had been rising in power. She had said no, not knowing the consequences. She was my best friend. And I never really got over it. I shunned all of my “friends” at Beauxbatons and was mean to everyone, turning my ridicule up to a whole new level. This caused everything I had done over the past years to backfire. Everyone I had been mean to, was mean back to me. Every night I would lock myself in my room and cry myself to sleep. Not knowing how I was going to get up every morning and face the people who had once cared so much about what I thought. The Bitch was my label, something I so desperately tried to escape from.

The worst part of all the rumors at Beauxbatons, was that everything they said about me wasn’t even true. And I found no point to try and defend myself. I didn’t see a reason. Who would believe me and who would even care? I had literally no one. Not even my father. He had drifted away from me since the death of mum. He would lock himself in my mum’s study for hours, sometimes I’d lean against the side and hear him crying.

A year after my mother died, my dad had gotten a better job offer to work in London for the Minister of Magic. He told me he thought we’d be better off getting away from all the old memories of my mother that haunted our house. Unlike most girls my age, I didn’t kick or scream. I welcomed the change and the move. Hoping I could finally redo my life. I was going to be going to Hogwarts for my last year. So, I had to make it count for something. Right?

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't let myself get walked all over. I wouldn't let myself cry every night wishing i could change everything. I would make no mistakes. No room for error. I didn't need friends this year. I just needed respect.

I was standing on platform 9 ¾ ready to do whatever I needed to, to make sure I fulfilled my promise. I had been planning to use my looks in order to make something of myself this year. Little did I know what was in store for me, and everything that would happen that year.

Because beauty is only skin deep...

A/N: Okay, so this story used to be called Be My Everything, and I had a similar plot to what it's going to be about now. I had just read my other story and found it so poorly written it needed to be redone.

So If you read this THANK YOU! I would love your opinion and reviews are greatly appreciated! Oh and i know this chapter is VERY short but i felt this needed a little intro. The other Chapter's will be longer i promise!

R&R pleasee :)

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Beauty's Only Skin Deep: Prologue: How it all Began


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