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    Prologue: Quidditch and Maraudadorks

    15 minutes.
    15 minutes.
    15 minutes.

    I could have thought of a million things I could have done with the fifteen minutes I always ended up putting in at the hospital wing. For instance, I could have actually written my potions essay without having to bribe my best mate Jayne (who only goes by Jay), to do it the day its due. Or I could have read the first chapter of a novel, I mean, I don’t read, but it’s got to be better then the hospital wing. I could have Lily Evans give me a lecture on something totally useless, don’t get me wrong, we’re mates, but she’s still Head Girl.

    All were the options of what I would have rather been doing with my time then spending it in the hospital wing listening to Madam Pomfrey lecture me on safety. It wasn’t my fault I had been prone to Quidditch related injuries on a monthly base.

    It wasn’t my fault- Quidditch just wasn’t my friend. It had started back when I was a secound year. I had been a pretty brilliant flyer, but when I tired out for the house team, James Potter (known as the Potter Plant by Jay ‘cause hearing “POTTER!” for seven years only made Jay think of her mum planting plants in her potters) threw a quaffle at me by accident and broke my nose.

    It wasn’t a big deal, but then the snitch (yes the uncatchable snitch) ran into me. I didn’t know anyone who been hit with a snitch once in history. I would be the only one- and the snitch going as fast it was, left a nasty scar on my arm that’s still there until this day. Then I fell off my broom, and you know, after that one tryout with five injuries, they thought it was best I’d stay off the team.

    It would have been nice if my curse with quidditch ended there, but it just followed me around after that. Things like rouge quaffles, bludgers flying into me at games (Madam Pomfrey banned me from attending the games pretty quickly), or dumb things like the time I got detention from Slughorn and had to polish the quidditch trophies in the Great Hall, I must have hit the a shelves because they all fell on my head and gave me a concussion.

    This particle day the quidditch injury was a book that had been accidently dropped by Sam Cartwright (who was too busy worrying about if the guys where looking up her skirt) on my foot. If she had only dropped it from a few feet it would have been all right, but since she was up at the top of one of the sacks, the book broke several of my toes.

    “Cadillac, it might have been nice if you didn’t show up again this term. For once,” Madame Pomfrey muttered, as she wrapped up my foot. “The bones won’t heal until tomorrow- so you’ll have to hobble around a bit. Don’t get yourself hurt!”

    “I wish,” I muttered back, she always made it sound as if I wanted to be here. What I really wanted was to be rid of my quidditch curse.

    Luckily for me a group of boys had charged into the room, distracting her from continuing her lecturing. Unfortunately it was Maraudadorks (another Jay nickname). The Maraudadorks were actually the Marauders, who thought they were the coolest guys at Hogwarts because they were always getting into trouble and always had girls flocking after them. Jay added the dork bit because they all had the highest marks in our classes, and we had caught them a few times flipping out about getting an essay done, so in reality as cool as they were- they were still dorks. Lily, Jay and I had come up with nicknames for the lot of them.

    First there was James Potter (aforementioned as the Potter Plant). He was the leader of the group, and was always playing with his hair, or throwing around a snitch. I used to think he was an arrogant little bugger, but after the true he made with Lily I realized he really wasn’t that bad.

    He was Jay’s least favourite, but I only thought that because she secretly had a crush on him. (She had this habit of bringing him up totally out of context ALL THE TIME and then denying it). I had no desire for her to admit this ‘cause James was so in love with Lily Evans it didn’t matter (and Lily fancied him too, but wasn’t ready to admit that to him, probably because she was still afraid to admit it to herself).

    Thankfully that year James had decided to cut back on the flirting with Lily and was doing his best to try to be her friend. It was amusing to the rest of the school because he was always in a state of red face.

    Then there was Moody Boy, also known as Remus Lupin. I actually agreed with this nickname, because Remus always looked as if he had to fix all the problems in the Wizarding-verse. When we were fourteen Jay tried to get him to tell her his problems, via snogging, but he was too much of a gentleman to take advantage of it.

    Jay has a million theories about Mr. Lupin’s problems. Her favourite is that he is has a bastard child he conceived when he was ten. Jays was a little bit of nutter, so much that his real problems were far from the ones she imaged.

    Of course, we had all heard about his “dying mum” when the Maraudadorks were whispering in the halls. At the time this seemed like a dumb thing to keep a secret. So what his mum was dying? I thought it was all the more impressive that he was so dedicated you could tell by his face when he came back. I used to tell myself if there was one Marauder you would date it would be Remus Lupin. However, he never dated, although you could tell he wanted to.

    Of course the blob had always been with them, the Marauders, but that was being mean. It hadn’t been Peter Pettigrew’s fault that he was really just sort of dull. He wasn’t as exciting as the rest of his mates. He wasn’t a charmer but he was a complete twat. He was the type of gent you think, “Oh, its Pettigrew, yea he’s alright.” Jay never had anything to say about him, and pretended he didn’t exists, but I mostly thing that’s cause he asked her out once. In a strange twist of things, Peter was always the Marauder with a serious girlfriend, but I guess that was because James didn’t have any eyes for anyone but Lily, and Sirius couldn’t stay with anyone for more then a day.

    And then there’s the puppy- personally the puppy was my least favourite Marauader. Sirius Black had this habit of having a new girlfriend everyday, and he was always hanging over some other at the same time. Either that or he was tormenting a Slytherin or whining to his mates to do his homework because he was too lazy. He was like a puppy that wandered around lost, and if he was getting love from someone all the time would cry until you feed him a bone.

    True, before New Years I don’t think the two of us had ever had a conversion, but he was the type of bloke that was either loved by half the school, or loathed by them. Before that night I was one of the very few in the middle. I didn’t give a damn about him either way, but that day in the Hospital Wing, I wanted to hate him. Maybe it was his fault maybe it had been mine we would never find out, but I wanted to hate him because he hadn’t noticed, and I would have to tell him. It was embarrassing and I wished I could have ignored the whole thing but it was impossible.

    He had been the last person I wanted to see that day, but I figured I had been avoiding it (meaning him) enough for the past couple days, and if anything was going to be done I was going to have to talk to him some time this century. Luckily the usual Black cloud of girls hadn’t been with him, it was just the dorks so I just hobbled over to him, and tried to be as nice as I could about it.

    “Hey Sirius, I was wondering if I talk to you about something…”

    He looked at me, and blinked those dark eyes that any other girl would fall for, “Do I know you?”

    We had gone to school together for seven years, and he didn’t know who the hell I was? I did what any girl would do if she had accidently married that fool a month ago when she was drunk on New Years, slapped him, and then hobbled out of the hospital wing.

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