The clock on the night stand read 7:52. Piper stared at it, unseeing the time; lost in her own little world. A world filled with visions of strong Scottish boys pulling her close, cupping her face and looking deeply into her eyes, before leaning in and snogging her brains out.

7: 53.

Did I really kiss Oliver Wood last night? She felt a thrill run through her body at the thought. Yes, yes I did. Smiling ruefully at the memory, Piper rolled out of bed to get dressed.  Making her way to her closet, she pondered the intelligence of that action.

Real smart, PJ. Kiss, admittedly drunkenly, the one boy I cannot. And should not. She pulled on a yellow t-shirt and some old Puddy sweats, smirking. Because I already did. And it was…bloody wonderful.

7:55. She flopped back onto her bed, berating her crazy thoughts. Go ahead Piper; endanger the new found respect your dad has given you and the chance for Oliver Wood to be on the team.
7:56. Glancing at the clock, she cursed before apparating to the dining room. My dad is going to tear me a new one.

Oliver Wood sat at the dining room table, tormented by his own thoughts.

I kissed Piper James. I kissed Piper Prewett. I kissed the daughter of the one man whose opinion of me matters more than life itself. The man who holds my future as a Quidditch player in his hands. The very same man who also said that his daughter is off-limits…and I’m to watch over her at school! Bloody hell. Could my life suck anymore?
Oliver sighed wearily, running a hand through his hair, tugging on the ends. A sign he was truly frustrated. When did I become such a rule breaker? My bloody rulebook is my most prized possession! Why did I just cast that all away for some girl? Oliver would be the first to admit, he never lacked for female company. Usually whatever tittering groupie was near by, but when one was Captain, it came with the job. Kissing PJ?! Probably not the smartest thing ever.

Oliver watched Piper walk through the doorway, noticing things he never would have when she was ‘Prewett’. Her athletic body was encased in a yellow shirt, highlighting her tan and deepening the blue of her eyes. Her blonde hair was skewed wildly about her head, flattened on one side and curling madly on the other. Shaking his head, Oliver turned to his toast and juice. I should stop this madness. Perving on the coach’s daughter is not the way to get what I want.
Piper plopped into the only remaining chair, conveniently next to Oliver, and yawned. “I hate waking up.” She grabbed a lemon muffin and some coffee. “Bleeding hate it.” Pouring milk into her coffee, she turned to greet her mum. “Mum, why can’t we just sleep all day? Just today anyways. I would love a lie-in. A really long one. Wouldn’t you, Oliver?” She turned her head towards him, expecting a dirty comment or an invitation in the slightest.

Not the awkward silence that ensued.

Shifting her eyes to her mum, Piper quirked a brow, seemingly saying, what the hell? Joanna chuckled and shrugged, letting Piper know that she had no idea what was up Oliver Wood’s arse. Johanna had noticed Wood’s perusal of her daughter as well as their drunkenly passionate kiss the evening before, but knew that nothing would be able to come of the attraction there. So she said nothing.

As did Oliver.

Piper ground her teeth. This is so uncomfortable…can we say ‘awkward’?
Oliver cleared his throat nervously, peeking at Coach Thomas from under his eyelashes. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, Oliver decided to put some things to rights. Like reminding himself she was Prewett and off-limits. “Listen PJ, about last-“

Piper interrupted him quickly with a terse, “Not the best place to do this Oliver.” Tilting her head towards her family, she whispered, “Jason and Jensen have inhumane hearing capabilities. Its nuts. Really.” She chewed thoughtfully. “Let’s talk on the train, alright? Plenty of privacy there.” With that, she stood and started out the door. “See you on the Express.”

Oliver sat dumbfounded for a short while. He was going to have to wait two days to put an end to his pervy fancy of PJ? Damn. 

A couple hours later, Piper stood against the counter in the kitchen, thinking about Oliver. His eyes, his smile, his intensity…WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?! I CANNOT like Oliver Wood. My father will never let him be on the team if we were to get together…stupid no-fraternization between team members and coaching staff. Though, isn’t it a conflict of interest that my brothers are on the team and my father is the coach? Piper smacked her hand onto the counter in outrage. Of course, it doesn’t matter there, he’s the coach. Better nip that in the butt, PJ. For you and Oliver to get together, there has to be a want for it on both sides.
She straightened as Bompski strutted through the door, banging said door into the cabinet behind it. The house elf stopped a few paces away from Piper, examining her with a discerning eye. “What’s got your goblet of orange juice?”

Piper clenched her jaw. “Boys.” Scratching the side of her nose, she scoffed. “Just. Dumb. Pratty. Boys.”

Bompski nodded; seemingly in agreement to Piper’s overly annoyed statement. “I’ve learned something in all my years of serving your family, Mistress Piper.” She puffed up a bit at Piper’s enraptured look. “Men; you can’t live with them, can’t live without them.”

AN: Okay, so I am the world’s worst author. Over one year with no new updates? And then a 700+ word chapter? I’m so sorry...*ducking behind her laptop* I would like to hear from some people (please!) about this short, semi transitional chapter. Did you like it? Or should I just pack it all in and abandon it? I’m leaning a bit more towards really getting into it again...Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading! -Skittery

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