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Author's Note: first.  kill me later (although I swear I have really good reason for taking so long with this update)

Hope you enjoy it!

Alex sat by the remains of the bonfire from the night before, the cold morning air biting into her. But the slowly rising sun compensated, already basking her face in warm light. A small smile crept across her lips as she looked out towards the ocean, watching the waves beat again the rocky shore, lulling her back to a semi-conscious sleeping state. She had woken up early that morning with a strange feeling, left Sirius’ side (rather reluctantly) and came outside to walk it off, which she had. The complete silence, except for the sounds of the earth around her, was peaceful, and though she had already calmed herself down since she woke up an hour ago, she couldn’t shake the eeriness of her feeling, and the silence which she usually welcomed. Closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths, she instead decided to think about the past two days she had spent here with Sirius. They had been absolutely perfect.  Dreamlike, even, except that she had known she was, in fact, awake.

She had shown him around town and around the outside property of her cottage, and they had spent hours just sitting and talking and laughing. In the evenings they had sat by a bonfire, snuggled close together. Not to mention all the snogging at random points throughout the day and night.

Over the past two days, Alex had calmed down again, forgetting about stupid Buckingham Palace and all those affairs. Sometimes she would sink into deeper thought, momentarily feeling sorrowful, and as if she had made a terrible error; just lost something that apparently had held much more importance and meaning to her than she had thought. And now it seemed irretrievable. But one look at Sirius, who always gently shook her out of her own thoughts, and she knew she had done the right thing. It would all be nothing without him.

She missed Dev and Adrian. She missed Darcy. But she knew that they would always be there and giving up Buckingham didn't mean giving them up too, even if sometimes it felt like that. She wouldn't let them slip away.

Yet for as much as she had relaxed and became herself again, this morning she felt strange. Unexpectedly and unreasonably anxious, if not slightly paranoid as well. Something just didn't feel right. In fact, it didn't just feel 'not right'—it felt completely wrong. It was more than just a bad feeling, although she wasn't sure why. Maybe the orb was behind it, or maybe it was just her unstable emotions and thoughts breaking through again.

Alex sighed, and opened her eyes again, and taking one last glance at the shimmering ocean, she stood to return to Sirius. Turning around, she just managed to hold back her scream: before her stood five cloaked figures, all brandishing wands pointed directed at her.

“Goodmorning Ms. Edwards,” a voice said from behind a dark mask. “Would you care to join us?”

Before she could reply, she felt a spell hit her, and she fell to the ground, her eyes drifting slowly shut as she cursed herself for foolishly leaving her wand on the bedside table. She hoped they hadn’t…won’t go to the cottage…that they would just take her and leave instead of looking around…


She woke up feeling very sore and cold. As she stood and tried to walk around the small stone room, a figure entered and in a second her hands were bound with thick ropes behind her back. She was prodded to walk forward, and decided to oblige…at least for the moment. They walked for a short distance through a corridor not unlike the room she had been held in—stone, cold, damp, and colourless. A door to the left suddenly opened and she was pushed inside. The bright lights in the room shocked her, and it took a good couple of seconds for her eyes to adjust. But even before she could see the figure in front of her, she heard the thin, cold voice hiss, “Ah, Alexandria Edwards, a pleasure for you to join us at last.”

“Pleasure is all yours, I assure you,” she said, her voice sickly sweet. Her eyes adjusted from the dark to bright right in time to see a twisted look of amusement cross the snakelike face.

“We shall see,” he replied. “Now tell me, how are you feeling?”

She shrugged.

“Then tell me this, do you know why you’re here?”

“Is there a point in answering when you will undoubtedly tell me yourself?” she snapped back.

“Very well, then let’s get straight to it—Avada Kedavra!

Whatever she had been expecting, that was not it, though she barely registered what he had just yelled, when a jet of green light shot out of his wand and hit her square in the chest, sending her flying backwards. She felt her body side twirl and fall onto the ground with a sickening thud and crack, quite sure she had broken more than one bone. Such immense pain radiated throughout her entire body that she was afraid to move. In fact, she wasn’t even sure she was breathing, but she did know she was alive when she heard that voice command, “Go check her.”

In an instant she felt somebody by her side, and she writhed in pain as they lifted her up from the floor, exclaiming, “She’s alive!”

Gasps echoed throughout the entire hall, and Voldemort himself descended from his throne to come closer to her. The Death Eater who had examined her mentioned a broken wrist and ribs from the impact as Voldemort came nearer. He crouched down to be face to face with her, and she all of the sudden felt her throbbing wrist and burning side fade away in numbness, the pain gone. She looked into his red eyes and realized he must have healed her. Why, though? She barely managed to form thoughts in her aching head.

“Now, it just wouldn’t be logical for me to keep you in pieces when you’re supposed to brew the potion to get me that wonderful orb inside your delicate soul,” he whispered, his voice snide and full of mocking.

Anger consumed her, and even Voldemort took a stop back, a look of scared excitement in his eye. “Who says I’ll brew anything for you?”

"I do, of course.” His lips drew back into an evil smile at thoughts of her defiance. “I really wonder…how does it feel to be in so much pain without even the comforting thought of death to ease it and end your misery? Shall we find out?”

Before she could answer, she heard him whisper with a hard tone Crucio, and intense pain shot throughout her entire, already sore body, cutting through her like a million knives and burning like salt on a fresh wound. And then just as suddenly as it had hit her, it ended, and left her crumpled on the floor before him.

“There’s no difference…” she managed to say, her breath hitched. “Nobody knows when I’ll die, including me…so hope still remains.”

“Hope,” he spat. “A useless, pathetic muggle invention. What can you hope for? For your rescue? For your death? Well I assure you my dear—you won’t be rescued, though your death is inevitable."

Voldemort paused, examing her thoughts which were still defiant and angry. Then he continued, his tone altered, "But how lucky for me that you are such a celebrity. I know your weaknesses, your friends and family…I know exactly who to hurt to get what I want from you.”

Alex paled.

“Ah, I see you understand exactly what is at stake here,” he hissed amusedly. “Then I expect to see you at work in no time.”

“I have no idea how…what I’m supposed to brew,” she said, her voice low and cracking.

“Trial and error, Alexandria. Though I suggest you put your heart into it and procure as few errors as possible, for the sake of your friends.”

“I want a deal,” Alex said after a pause. “That you won’t touch any of my friends or family, or you can forget about getting anything from me.”

Voldemort scowled. “You are in no position to bargain.”

“On the contrary, I believe I am.” She felt stronger now, more confident. She assumed the orb was once again amplifying her feelings and determination. “You are the one who wants something from me in the first place, so I think you should be offering treaties instead of hurling threats.”

Though she knew she wouldn’t be able to trust his word, any type of reassurance would help. Not to mention give her at least a little extra time to stall and figure something out.

Voldemort did not answer until a few minutes had silently passed by. “Very well.”

With a nod of his head, Alex was pulled to her feet by two death eaters and slowly dragged out of the room. 

Sirius stirred in his sleep, and his eyes suddenly snapped wide awake. Breathing heavily, and sitting up, he looked around and a good minute had passed before he recognized where he was. Looking to his side, he was quite discontent to find Alex was not there. What he saw in her a place was a small note in her writing:

Gone for a walk. Be back soon.

He put the note down, and glanced at the clock. It was already past 11 in the morning. When had she left? Was she already back?

He got up and walked over to the railing across the bed. Looking down, he did not see her there.

“Alex?” he called.

No answer. He shrugged to himself and decided she simply hadn’t yet returned. Walking down the stairs and checking all the rooms anyways, he finally settled in the kitchen to eat brunch. But even when he finished a half hour later, she was still not back. He started to get a little bit worried. Getting dressed, he headed outside to take a look around the house. Though he made a wide circle—twice—there was no trace of her anywhere. Returning to the house, he thought perhaps they missed each other on the way and he was hopeful once more. But he was disappointed when she wasn’t inside.

He let the time pass, trying to reassure himself that she was alright, and just out in the town not to far away; that she would be back soon with a bag of groceries. But when hours passed, and she had still not returned, he couldn’t shake the suspicion that perhaps things had really not gone so well when she had went for her walk. And why would she have left her wand behind? Bundling up, he once again went outside and walked around the property before apparating to the town, in the spot she had shown him the day before. He made a quick round through the town but did not notice anything particularly strange, nor did he find Alex.

This time when he returned to the cottage, he ignored all his reassuring voices telling him she was just probably at Dev and Adrian’s, and headed straight for the fireplace, hoping it was connected to the floo network. Finding some spare floo powder, he threw it in and yelled, “Dumbledore’s office!” before sticking his head in, on his knees before the grate.

His head materialized in the fireplace of Dumbledore’s office amidst green flames.

“Mr. Black,” Dumbledore greeted warmly, though a trifle surprised to see him there. Sirius thanked his lucky stars that Dumbledore hadn’t decided to go away for the holidays. “What can I do for you?”

“Sorry for the intrusion, Professor,” Sirius started, but Dumbledore just waved a hand dismissively as if to say it was quite alright. “Er…I’m not sure, but I think Alex is missing.”

A pause.

“Missing?” Dumbledore repeated. “From where?”

“From her cottage—we spent the last three days there after a little dispute between herself and her father,” Sirius explained, Dumbledore nodding along. “Then this morning I woke up to find a note in her bed, saying she went for a walk. And she hasn’t yet returned. I checked around town and around the property, but nothing.”

“Please return, Sirius. I will be there shortly.”

Sirius obliged with a nod and withdrew his head from the fire. Settling down on the couch, he stared in exchange at the fire, and at the door, waiting for the familiar faces to show up.

A few minutes later, the fire blazed green and Dumbledore emerged from the fireplace. His face was grave, though upon seeing Sirius his eyebrow’s lifted and his eyes twinkled for a brief moment, before the other expression returned once more.

“I have checked her usual hideouts but unfortunately she was not there,” the professor said, walking towards the door. “I’m very sorry Sirius, but unless I am mistaken, she has been taken by Death Eaters.”

“I think so too,” he said, his voice barely audible as he followed Dumbledore outside, who began a thorough inspection of the property. They were silent as Sirius watched Dumbledore stare at particularly nothing in front of him, much as he had done when the bond between Alex and himself had not broken, and used his other hand as if touching something. “Professor, how would they find her here? I mean, she said barely anybody knows about this place.”

“While that is true, magic always leaves its mark,” Dumbledore replied. “Especially Alex’s magic, since you probably know by now about the orb.”

Sirius nodded, “And something that dark doesn’t go unnoticed, right?”

This time Dumbledore nodded, “That is, doesn't go unnoticed once it's been set in motion. And am I right to assume she wasn’t exactly herself lately?”

Sirius nodded once more, and stayed silent while Dumbledore kept looking around for any clues to Alex’s whereabouts. But he couldn’t stay silent for very long. “If Death Eaters were here, why didn’t they look inside the cottage…? Why am I still here?”

“Perhaps they didn’t see the need to look inside when she was outside already, or perhaps they weren’t aware you were here with her.” Dumbledore stopped and looked at Sirius with bright blue eyes. “I wonder if Alex suspected something was going to happen, for it seems she did her utmost best to hide you.”

“Sir?” he asked, not quite understanding and silently cursing the old man for always speaking so eloquently and full of knowing—making the listener writhe in anxiousness—instead of just coming out with it.

“There is no trace of you on this property at all,” the professor replied with a smile. “And even if you didn’t do any magic here, you still walked around and left your mark in some form or other. But, there are no footprints other than her own, and you...well I can actually see you completely now, to be quite frank.”

He blinked, and didn’t bother with any formalities this time. “What?”

“It is amusing that she has no mirrors around this place…” Dumbledore started, and upon seeing the look on Sirius’ face decided to be more direct. “You were invisible for the greater part of the day, I believe.”

“Invisible…How…?” was all that Sirius managed to say.

“That I’m not sure of, because I do not see any traces of disillusionment charms or such. This in turn makes me think that it has something to do with the connection between Alex and yourself—never quite broken and in fact strengthened by the Animus Dixere, and the power of the orb.” He paused for a moment as if to catch his breath, checking the surrounding area once more before walking forward. “I suspect when Alex was captured, her thoughts went to you and that they wouldn’t find you. Hence, you became nothing more than the air, a part of the surroundings, almost like the mishap with the Ani—“

Animus Dixere,” Sirius finished, vividly recalling the few moments where his (and Alex’s) life had flashed before his eyes, and nothingness threatened to engulf him whole.

“Exactly. Though it is very strange magic, we shall have to look into it when we find some time. But for now, let us continue our search—“

“Professor, if I just became visible again…if the spell just recently broke…” Sirius trailed off, unable to voice the horrendous thoughts flying about his mind.

Dumbledore sighed. “She may not yet be dead, Sirius, though she may have been hit with the killing curse already. We must have faith in her. We will find her.”

The tone of finality in the old professor’s voice cut Sirius’ other questions off, and they searched the outside and inside grounds for three hours, but unable to find more than confirmation that she was indeed captured. Though Sirius wanted to stay behind at the cottage, Dumbledore persuaded him to return to the Potter residence until school resumed after the holidays, and to not say more about Alex until further details were known. 


Alex awoke the next day, or so she assumed it was the next day by the sunlight streaming into the room, feeling very sore and with a splitting headache. Glancing around the room she was in, she was taken aback by the elegance of the design and furnishings, and though she welcomed the change from the cold stone holding cell, she felt very ill at ease in this large room. Of course, Slytherin colours, she thought wryly, confirming that she was in fact still a prisoner of Lord Voldemort, but for whatever reason was granted luxury.

She took a few turns around the room, inspecting every desk, chair and window, looking for clues as to where she was and how to escape. But her search yielded no results except an entire wardrobe of potions ingredients, cauldrons and books, which she doubted had been there before she had taken up residence in the room, and therefore providing no insights. Curiosity got the better of her, however, and she picked up a tattered potions book, and scanned through it. She barely had gotten through scanning the third book from the closet when that voice erupted from beside her.

“Anxious to get started?”

She whipped around, dropping the book and staggering backwards until Voldemort’s entire body came into view rather than just his head, as it had been seconds ago. “What are you doing here?”

“You really are a silly girl,” he said mockingly. “You may have mere seconds to live and you ask me what I’m doing here?”

“Alright then, where am I?”

“But you haven’t yet answered my first question.”

She stared at him. How was she supposed to reply to a stupid question like that, that clearly did not have the answer he wanted? “Actually, yes, as you can see I already found the stock cupboard.”

Something resembling a smile appeared on his face, before he replied, “You are in the house of one of my followers. Is there anything you require to get started?”

“Food—Can’t brew on an empty stomach, you know,” she said with a partially disguised smirk. “Silver knives and daggers. A clock and calendar would be good too. Oh and some music…helps to get in the vibe.”

The Dark Lord did not reply and instead studied her with an intense gaze, but she did not back down. “Yeah, I’m not joking about those things…really do need them.”

He stared at her some more, and then gave a brief, stiff nod. “But perhaps before I start handing you knives and daggers, we should double check something.”

Alex’s eyes grew wide and she screamed as the green jet of light hit her a second time within the past 24 hours, having the same effect and sending her crashing into a wall.

“It seems you live to die another day,” Voldemort said after a pause, before disapparating in a wisp of black smoke, leaving Alex alone, crumpled on the floor…


“NO!” Sirius yelled, shooting out of bed into a sitting position. Breathing heavily, he shut his eyes tightly, trying to ban all images of Alex being hit with the killing curse from his mind. Resting his head on his knees, he felt like crying. It had been three days since Alex disappeared and no news from Dumbledore. He had avoided telling James what exactly had happened and only gave an excuse that Alex had some business to take care of by herself. But now, as he heard James getting up from the other side of the room and trudging towards him, he had a sinking feeling some more details would have to be spared.

“Are you alright?” James asked concernedly, though sleepily.

“Yeah…just…bad dream,” he said cautiously, hoping James wouldn’t ask more.

With a flick of James’ wand, the lights in the room dimmed up, and Sirius now saw concern splashed all across his friends’ face. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

He nodded, and James decided to try a different tactic. “It’s New Year’s Eve tonight. Is Alex coming to the party?”

Sirius cringed at her name and felt the need to cry and scream and yell again, but held it down. “I don't know…”

“Look, Sirius, what really happened between you guys? Are you avoiding her, or her you?” he asked. When Sirius only gave him a mournful look, he continued, “I don’t mean to pry or anything like that, but its killing me to see you all torn up about something and I can’t even help.”

Sirius sighed, and looking at James’ worried eyes, decided to be a bit more fair to his best friend. “Nothing happened between us, James. Nobody is avoiding anybody. The truth is…is that…she was…”

He trailed off, unable to finish as his voice started to crack and tears came dangerously close to spilling. Taking a few calming breaths, he tried to continue, “The truth is that she was taken by Death Eaters.”

James gasped, horror etched into his face. “What?”

“They took her, James. Right from under my nose, when I was with her, and had told her that I wouldn’t let them take her,” he whispered, recalling the night before she was taken. “They didn’t even find me, just her.”

“How…? When? Why…?” James asked, his voice a mere ghost of its usual booming cheeriness.

“Dumbledore says they probably tracked her all the way from Buckingham when we left on the 26th…they found us and took her on the 29th in the morning, we assume,” he stopped for a moment to think about the ‘why’. “We don’t know why, but Dumbledore suspects it’s something to do with potions.”

James nodded slowly, also remembering the recent disappearances of some of the most celebrated potions masters.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” James asked. “All this time…”

“Sorry, James, but Dumbledore had said it’s best if as few people know about it as possible,” Sirius said sadly, letting a pause fill the room, before he decided to voice his fears. “She…what if she’s already…d-dead…”

“She’s not. I just know it. Alex is smart and she’ll survive. We’ll find her, Sirius, we will. And everything will be alright in the end,” James tried to comfort Sirius who was slowly breaking down.

“I feel so…empty and dead without her. It’s like when we were listening to the apothecarian all over again, thinking she might be dead, except a million times worse and across a three day span already,” he said, staring at the wall in front of him, willing the tears to stop and not fall. “I don’t know how long I can take it.”

James was lost for words. He truly did not know what he could do or say to ease some of his friend’s pain. “You really love her, don’t you?”

Sirius nodded. “I really didn’t think this kind of love was possible, and if this is anything like what you feel for Evans, than I’m sorry for making fun all these years.”

James smiled, “Nothing to be sorry for, mate. You were just skeptical and cynical, is all.”

Sirius tried to smile, but barely managed to get half way there, before he sighed again. “Go to bed, James. I don't want to keep you up, and in fact, I think I should get some rest too.”

He nodded, and gave his friend a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder, before making his way back to his side of the room, the light dimming down as he walked, leaving Sirius alone to his overactive imagination and grueling thoughts once more. 


Alex's life, as dreamlike as it had been, had taken a vicious turn into the nightmare zone.  And if she hadn't been constantly reminded just how real it actually was, she'd be convinced it actually was a nightmare.  

The next few days passed in a blur, and Alex fell into a sort of routine—eat and brew. She barely had any sleep and was very edgy. She didn’t need any disturbances and yet they persisted on checking up on her every so often, through the door albeit, unlike—

“How’s it coming?” the voice sliced through the air, making Alex jump again, no matter how many times it happened throughout the past few days. Voldemort deemed it of utmost importance that not only his masked soldiers of death come to check on her every hour or two, but that he himself supervise the potion making every so often.

“Maybe you should use the door,” she retorted. “With every pop of apparition I could make a fatal mistake.”

“You talk too much for your own good, Alexandria,” he hissed sardonically, starting to circle around her and the bubbling cauldron. “A simple answer would have sufficed.”

“As far as I know, it’s going well,” Alex replied, not lying, for indeed she was trying her best (though procrastinating as much as possible) and starting to feel the familiar drowsiness she had experienced before. “No need to kill me today.”

“And why would that be?” he asked, his red eyes boring into her.

“Two reasons, actually,” she started, still stirring the thick simmering potion before her. “One, I don’t think being away from the cauldron at this point is the best idea. And two, I’m quite sure the orb hasn’t…er…relocated.”

He was silent for a moment, as if considering her words, before asking, “How much longer?”

“I honestly don’t know,” she replied warily, glancing at his towering form from the corners of her eyes. “But soon, I think.”

“You had better hope so,” he said threatingly, before disapparating once again. Alex heaved a sigh of relief at not being avada-d yet another time. Each time the curse hit her, she felt her body and mind take the toll. She was exhausted, and extremely sore. Bruises spotted her body here and there, and dark bags were starting to form under her red, puffy eyes. It hurt to move, she was hungry, tired, and thinking was impossible. Yet here she was expected to brew the most brilliant potion of the millenia from her own intuition, which seemed to have died completely.

She needed sleep. 

Looking at the bed across the room, she longed for a night’s rest, cuddled safely and warmly in Sirius’ arms. She turned to face the cupboard of potions ingredients, her eyes scanning all the labels, until finally they rested on the one she was looking for. The one that would let her get some rest. Cursing under her breath for being denied a wand to summon the ingredient to her, she quickly jumped up and let the potion bubble while she ran to get the silvery and colourful flaky substance: rainbow fish scales—one of the most rare and sought after ingredients. Among its many uses and effects, it primarily allowed the potion to remain exactly the way it was for as long as was needed, as if freezing it in time until the potion-maker returned to tend to it. Taking a moment to properly admire it, she quickly ran back and sprinkled a bit on top, watching as the rainbow spread across the surface and slowly started to sink. Slightly smiling in satisfaction, she wandered over to the bed before promptly collapsing upon it, as the potion simmered away.

As her eyes drifted shut, she got a glance at the calendar. It was January already. She had been a prisoner for more than a week, and all her friends would be returning to Hogwarts in a few days. Without her. Her thoughts meandered as she wondered if anybody was looking for her, how they would explain her absence from school, if anybody would tell her parents she’s missing…Tears welled up in her eyes, partly from fear, sadness, frustration and exhaustion, but she didn’t have a chance to spill them as she fell asleep.

“Alex…Alex wakeup,” a familiar voice gently called.

Stirring from her sleep, she drearily opened her eyes and immediately did not believe them as a pair of silvery blue ones met her gaze. What could he be doing here…?

"Sirius?” she asked, her voice cracking as she sat up.

"No,” he replied sadly.


Alex thought she registered a subtle nod of his head. She blinked. So she wasn’t dreaming. “What are you doing here?”

His smile was very faint, and his voice wry, “It’s my house.”

“Your house?” she repeated, blinking dumbly again, unable to understand.

“Well…my parents house,” Regulus slowly corrected, and after a few moments it finally clicked. Voldemort had said she was in the house of one of his followers…the Black family was notorious for its support of the Dark Lord…is that why Sirius ran away? She found herself asking. Sirius lived in this house?!

“Oh,” was all that she could say for the moment as her tired mind worked furiously. “And they let you come in here?”

“No,” he said with a smirk, “but I’m leaving back for Hogwarts tomorrow and I wanted to see you before I left.”

She smiled, though it hurt to.

“And I just wanted to tell you that Sirius and all your friends, muggle and wizard alike, are so far alright,” he whispered quickly.

Her heart sped up at the mention of Sirius, “Regulus, I know you’re putting yourself in a lot of risk coming here, so thank you. And I know you probably can’t tell anybody about me being here, but please…if you somehow can…find a way to tell Sirius I’m…well, alive still.”

For a moment he looked uncertain, but seeing Alex’s pleading eyes he nodded. “I’ll do it somehow, Alex, I promise I will.”

“Thank you,” she replied, giving him a hug.

“Alex…I…” Regulus started hesitantly, then taking a breath continued, “I didn’t have anything to do with this, but I should have warned you somehow…about this and…I’m so really sorry but I…being Slytherin isn’t—“

“It’s alright, Reg,” Alex interrupted.

He tried to smile but instead said, “I could have stopped this, if only I was braver like Sirius and didn’t care about Slytherin or Mother and the stupid Dark Lor—“

“Regulus I don’t want to hear you saying that,” she interrupted once more. “You are just as brave as Sirius, and you coming here right now proves that. Don’t blame yourself for anything. Odds are I probably would have ended up here either way...I am a bit accident prone, you know…”

“But you could die…”

She gave a weak laugh, “Me, die? Don’t you know I’m immortal?”

“You won’t be forever,” he whispered morosely, eyes downcast.

“Well we don’t have very much to worry about at the moment,” Alex said after a pause. “Keep an eye out for all my friends if you can though, alright?”

He nodded. After a pause, Regulus said, “I should probably go.”

“Yeah. Thanks for this,” Alex said softly. “Good luck at school.”

He nodded once more before tiptoeing out of the dark room, closing the door silently behind him and leaving Alex alone once again. 

Author's Note: was it?  Was the switching of perspectives alright?  Did it make sense, or was it confusing?  Please let me know so that I can either fix this chapter and/or not make the same mistakes in the next chapter.

Sorry for the horrendous wait.  I know I'm not a very good updater. But now that school is over for about a month, I will try to put up one more chapter before September.

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