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Revelations by byebye
Chapter 4 : You'll Find Out
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Author's Note: I hope everyone likes this chapter, and will continue to read the rest of the story. =]

            “Bloody hell, Granger! I didn’t think you had it in you. Any sort of cursing. And at Potter, well, I just, I never expected that one. Didn’t even see it coming. Like when a deer jumps out in front of one of those Muggle contraptions. Cans? Capes? No, no what are those things called? With the wheel and the pedals and all those sorts of things?”


            “Yes, yes those things!”

            “Why are you so hyped up Malfoy? So I cursed, I yelled at my best friend, and I stood  up for the man whose been pretty horrible to me over these years? You know what? I really don’t care in the slightest. We have to meet McGonagall right now anyways.”

            “I still can't believe it Granger. I really can't.”

            “Can't believe what about Miss Granger, Malfoy?” He whipped around upon hearing his Headmistress’ voice.

            “Oh, I really can't believe that she likes tuna. Personally I'm not all that big a fan of any sort of fish. What about you, Professor?”

            “My preferences are really not important. I assume you were on your way to meet me for the meeting?”

            “What else would we be meeting you for ma’am?”

            “Don’t get smart with me Malfoy.” Hermione looked over at the man she had considered her enemy for the greater part of six years. What in the world had changed so that he now seemed so free and fun loving? And since when was he so, so smart alec-y around the professors? He was usually sucking up to them and trying to get away with practically anything and yet here he was, lying and nearly making fun of the Headmistress to her face.

            It just didn’t make any sense at all, that was for sure.

            “Miss Granger?”

            “Oh! Yes Professor?” she said, startled out of her thoughts as they sat in McGonagall’s office.

            “There is something very important I want to ask the both of you.” She paused as Draco leaned forward in his seat, arms on his knees, eyes intent.

            “There are some old students of mine that I have been searching out. You see, they were in the Order before and I have been seeking them because they were the best of their year. The best in the Order nearly, but after Sirius Black was arrested for well, you know. After he was arrested, we found that the only remaining person of this skilled group was Remus Lupin. James and Lily Potter had been killed, we believed that Peter Pettigrew was killed, the woman Sirius was to marry up and disappeared, and their friends from the States. Well, the woman died during childbirth, and the poor man took it so hard, especially since the child didn’t survive either.”

            “Excuse me, ma’am.”


            “What exactly does this have to do with anything? I mean I figure that these two people, Black’s fiancé and the other guy, are the ones you're trying to find. But of what significance is that to us?”

            “I'm getting there. I'm still searching for the two of them. They always were extremely good at disappearing. Well before all the bad things happened, they were part of the Order. They were nearly spies, without actually being spies. The man,”

            “How about some names, Professor?”

            “The man, let’s call him John,”

            “Why not use his real name?”

            “Maybe, eventually you’ll understand that part. John and his wife were friends, of a sort, with your parents, Draco.”

            “Wait, what? They had friends that were part of the Order? That’s not possible. I mean, they only talked to people in His circle after He came back.”

            “Well, John’s wife was friends with your father’s sister. When she died your father and Johns’ wife grew some bond that we could never quite figure out.”

            “My father had a sister? How come I've never heard of her?”

            “That, I do not know. Her death was hushed up as well as her relation to your family when she was killed.”

            “She was murdered? Well that explains it.” He sighed as he sat back in his chair.

            “Mr. Malfoy! Will you hold your tongue for five minutes? I must explain this to you.” When he nodded she continued.

            “Well, while I'm searching for John and the woman, we’ll call her Jane, I have something very important for you two to do. I trust you the most.” She didn’t elaborate as to why, not wanting to share too much, they assumed.

            “I'm going to trust you two to keep the school safe. I'm going to be leaving the Grounds frequently and I need someone to make sure the school runs accordingly. Yes, yes I could ask the teachers but then they would require an explanation and that I just can't give. Severus atleast would know whom I'm searching for, if he found out I was searching for anyone, and I can't let that happen. I need to keep them, well, atleast try to protect them anyways.”

            “So what are you going to tell them then? Because obviously they're going to notice your frequent absences.”

            “Mr. Malfoy, I need them to believe I'm assisting Mr. Potter in his search.”

            “What search? Is that what he’s been having you help him with Granger? Why does everyone but me know what is going on?”

            McGonagall turned swiftly to face Hermione, her eyes confused, “You haven’t told him?”

            “Of course not! No one is supposed to know but a select few. I'm not ruining anything we could have going for us just so I can tell someone I don’t even trust all that much!”

            “So that means you haven’t told her then, have you Mr. Malfoy?”

            He shook his head as he looked down at the floor beneath his chair.

            “Well then, now that I have entrusted you with my secrets, I should hope you will entrust each other with your own. She must know, Draco, if you are to ever gain her trust and he must know Hermione so that he can help.”

            She waved her hand in a dismissal movement. They nearly stumbled out of the door at the abrupt ending of their information packed meeting. 

            “So what search are you heading with Potter?”

            “I’ll tell you if you tell me why I should trust you with that sort of top secret information that only,” she paused for a moment, “Eight other people in the whole of England, no the entire world, know about!”

            “Fine. Well, I suppose that this also explains why all the teachers trust me, sort of, and how they know it wasn’t me up there who was supposed to kill Dumbledore. I was with McGonagall. I was telling her everything I know about the Dark Lord, which mind you isn’t all that much. All I wanted was for her to know that I was never part of his circle. Father tried to get me in, and I, I just couldn’t do it. The initiation, you see, is to kill someone. And just because I'm my father’s son, doesn’t mean I'm my father’s son. Does that make sense?”

            “Not in any way shape or form.”

             “Ok, just because he is my father, doesn’t mean I'm going to be like him, doesn’t mean I'm going to follow in his footsteps. Does it make sense now?”

            “Yes. Sort of. But anyways, continue.” She waved her hand as she spoke.

            “I couldn’t kill the Muggle that I was ordered to kill, I couldn’t kill the Muggle-born, hell, I couldn’t even kill the damn cat.”

            “Since when have you called us Muggle-borns? It’s always been Mudblood this, Mudblood that!”

            “Since I'm no longer living with my father. Every thing I did and said was because he told me to.” He shook his head as he looked down at the ground beneath his feet, “I was too scared to do what I wanted to do, too willing to please him, too obedient. Until I wouldn’t kill anything. Then he tried to get me to Crucio something.  Couldn’t do that either. So finally he brought me before the Dark Lord. He is one scary thing, let me tell you!”

            “I don’t want to hear that. Harry’s told me a million times already.”

            “Oh, well I was standing there. Apparently he thought that if the Dark Lord told me to do it I would. Or I’d be scared into doing it at the very least. He didn’t expect my continued defiance. Well the Dark Lord,”      

            “Just call him Voldemort already. Calling him the Dark Lord makes it seem as though you really are a Death Eater, because well, we’ve only ever heard Death Eaters call him that.”

            He was staring wide eyed at her, as if she were some lunatic.

            “Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself. Dumbledore told me that.”

            “Fine,” he gulped be fore continuing, “Voldemort decided to take it out on my father. Crucioed him I don’t know how many times. This was at the end of fifth year.

            “Then Voldemort, he decided to ‘put me to the test’ see if I really would do what he told me to, given the right motivation. So we planned everything out. How to kill Dumbledore, where to do it, how to get everyone into the castle. And I did, I fixed that cabinet. I made it so everyone could get in. But I was talking to McGonagall when they came through. If anyone had seen them, they saw Nott, already in his polyjuice potion of me. I had told them I would do it, I could do it. Only, I told them, only if someone posed as me in the beginning. I would be waiting, I told them, at the tower.

            “But I couldn’t do it. I sent the message to Snape, and went to tell McGonagall. I was still talking to her when we heard the fighting. I would have helped, I really would have. But she locked me in her office and I couldn’t break the lock.” They were approaching their dorms now and she was so captivated by his story that when he stopped, she nearly kept on walking.

            He taped the bricks that opened the doorway before punching in the little extra security pad he had asked McGonagall if he could install.

            “Anyways, it felt like hours before she came back, told me Dumbledore was dead and apparently Snape had killed him. And went on with the whole story. Honestly, I was devastated. He was the only one who could have stopped Voldemort from taking the school. I'm really surprised he hasn’t yet. But maybe he’s still convinced that because the cabinet was destroyed he has no possible way in, that this place is still a fortress.”

            “It is, Malfoy. We’ve found new defense spells and this one that the ministry was working on, well, we’ve got that protecting us now.”


            “Is that the end of your story?” she asked as she set her things on the table.

            “Besides telling you that I am now a part of the Order, yeah. That’s it. Your turn.”

            She sighed and he smiled gently at her. Then he waved his wand and two bottles came flying from his room. One landed in front of her.

            “Alright. Do you know what Horcruxes are?”

            “Yeah,” he lifted the bottle to his mouth and she watched a small sip slide into his mouth.

            “We’ve been looking for Voldemort’s.”

            “How did you find out about those?” he exclaimed as he shot forward in his chair.

            “How did you know about them?” she said, completely intrigued.

            “So that’s what Potter’s been having you search for,” he whispered, and she knew he was speaking to himself as she answered, “Yes.”

            “Dammit! Granger, you can't keep looking for those damn things!”

            “Why not Malfoy? I don’t even understand how you now about them, you better explain that first.” She threw herself back in her chair.

            “He told me where they are.”


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Revelations: You'll Find Out


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