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(Okay, okay, okay I know people who read my other stories are giving their computer that "What the hell?" look but I promise I'm working on updates for all of them too! I just wanted to get this and Return of Egraina Emerson off the ground a bit- as I'm hoping to post the second chapter of Egraina today too =D.... Do you know that stories about Seers are actually almost as common as Sirius/OCs? Well, okay maybe not THAT common but they are more common than I would've thought before I actually thought serious about writing one! For those of you who like this story, you should go check out "Love Story" by Pangwin91 ... I knew I'd actually read a story before with the same general description "girl is seer and knows who she's going to marry" but I stopped reading it in December- when Avaira popped into my head. I just jotted down "Girl is seer, muggleborn, knew she'd fall in love with James Potter II before she knew who he was" in a blank document and left it for a few months so that- if I ever did get the story down, it wouldn't be too similar to Pangwin's beyond the whole "girl is seer and knows who she's going to marry" thing. But after I posted the first chapter of this, I went searching for her story again so I could reccommend you guys to her - cause you all really seem to like the general idea-and favorite it myself so that once I finish this I can read it =P ... Another one that follows the "girl is seer and knows who she's going to marry" pattern is "Coffee Cups" by Story... I've never read any chapters of this one so if you do tell me if it's good or not. I think I'm going to scribble it down with other- stories- about- Seers- I- must- read- once- I- finish- my- own. Other not-so-similar Seer stories on here that I've come by are.... well, "The Seer" by Molinari, "Seer; No good or evil just love" by Marauder Chick, "The Seer" by LilyJames Fan, (boy am I glad I didn't go with my original name for this "The Seer" by Ginny_RED_Potter ha ha ha!) "The Watchers" by Craigers, "Fire and Ice" by Dallas  (I know another title I found was very common, damn.), "And the Seer Dreamed" by crisp linen... basically all you've got to do is type in 'Seer' in the Title part of Find A Story and you'll get like five pages worth of stuff. I stopped looking around pages three because I didn't want to find that my story was even more cliche than any of us had realized. So, if you find any good ones for me to add to my list tell me! For now, enjoy my seer story! 

Chapter 2~ The Year


I was suddenly blinded by a mess of strawberry blonde curls. Dominique squealed in my ear, unconcerned about blowing my eardrums out or squeezing me to death. I guess when you're forced to spend almost the entirety of your summer in France with all your mum's relatives, you appreciate being back with your friends(even if it does mean school again) because this was how Dee always was on the first day back. I knew that by tomorrow afternoon- halfway through our first day of classes- she'd settle back into her normal self and be knackered from all the hyper-activity.

"Dee," I choked. She was seriously cutting off my air supply with this hug, arms wrapped around my neck like a cobra. "Dee...can't....breathe!"

"Oh, sorry," she let go of my neck, grinning sheepishly. "I'm just so happy to see you! It's our seventh year! Aaah!" She squealed again, in a manner that would have disgusted her, were it any other day.

My stomach rolled.

Yeah. Seventh year. Aaaaahh.

The year I'd dreaded since the first month of my very first year. Hearing it said, being here at the station- the oldest students boarding the train- made me want to vomit.

You didn't eat anything this morning, remember? So, you can't possibly throw up. A very unhelpful voice in my head reminded me.

My stomach growled resentfully, as I'd suspected it would. But there was no way I'd've been able to force myself to chew, much less swallow. I'd managed all week- as my nerves steadily built a Tower of Babel- to sporadically gulp down the various slimey substances my mother put on the table but I didn't taste anything. I ate only to make sure my parents didn't freak out and make me sit through a four hour lecture on eating disorders. And then last night and this morning I just didn't bother trying to force it down at all anymore.

I'd been too much of a wreck to think of anything but what I'd seen so many years ago, what I still saw whenever James Potter was around.

...My elegant white gown flowing around me, the giddy grins on every face around, the deep breaths I had to force myself to take so I didn't completely freak out and my groom waiting at the end of the isle beaming like he was the happiest man alive. Fred was on his left, his hand clapped on Potter's shoulder, grinning that familiarly wicked grin of his. Leo, a tall bloke with violently violet hair (that happened to match the bridesmaids' dresses) my brother and my future-brother-in-law, Albus Potter, were next to him, faces mirroring everyone else around.

Alice stood acrossed from them, in what I must say was about the least-obnoxious bridesmaid gown I'd ever seen, looking as if her dreams had all come true. My sister was holding a very small flower girl I recognized as my brother's (as of yet unborn) daughter; Dee, Layla and my future-sister-in-law, Lily Potter, were next to her all looking even more stunning than usual (if that were even possible). The atmosphere glowed with nothing but perfect happiness, yet my stomach still did this sickening flip everytime I thought about it....

It was then that Alice and Layla found us. And if I was hoping for support and subject changes from my friend it was all swiped away the second I saw her face. She radiated that pent up excitement. The wild anticipation she'd bottled up was ready to blow. It had been building since she'd found out when James and I were supposed (yes, I was still hoping it wouldn't come true) to be falling for each other. Everything about her body language said that she was going to do everything in her power to throw us together this year.

I shuddered to even think about what she was probably planning in that diabolical mind of hers. I could almost see her unfolding mental blue prints for elaborate schemes involving tweezers and Weasley products (which, admittedly, are banned, but- believe me- Alice would find a way). She'd had years to plan already and now she was going to dust off every option.

"Allieee! Laylieeee!" Dee exclaimed in that same sickeningly sweet voice.

Oh yes, tomorrow she would be exhausted from all this cheerfulness.

"I'm so glad to see you! I can't believe it's been two months! I have so much to tell you all! Can you believe that I..."

I didn't hear her words after that. I was too focused on my impending doom. Alice met my gaze with the widest grin I'd ever seen on her pixie-like face and quickly moved to link her arm with mine.

"Have you seen him yet?" she whispered excitedly with the mannerisms of a coconspirator.

"No," I bristled. I was not going to be a party to any of her schemes if I could possibly help it.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" She nudged her elbow painfully into my ribcage.

"Ouch!" I glared at her shortly, "Alice, it isn't going to happen by just seeing the sod." At least, I hoped not anyway.

"Well, it's a start!" she argued.

Ladies and gentlemen, my best friend, the eternal optimist. How a cynical, pessimistic realist like me and an always-look-for-the-silver-lining, never-stop-believing-in-fairytales, love-conquers-all sap like Alice Longbottom ever became best friends I will never know.

I was going to inform her for the eight-millionth time that I didn't want the horrible mutation to begin. That, if seeing him was going to get the ball rolling, I would rather poke my eyes out with my wand or have one of the many owls on the platform peck me blind before I let that ball deviate an inch.

But before I could spout a retort Layla said from behind us, "Let's go get compartment, yeah?"

"That sounds like a fantastic idea," I agreed hastily, relieved we'd soon be in close quarters for hours on end.

Alice glowered at me. She wouldn't dare discuss my affliction in earshot of Layla and Dominique for fear that I'd literally throttle her. Which I would.

We loaded our things onto the train and found a compartment with ease, changing into our robes and settling into comfortable positions. I curled into the seat by the window and took out a book I'd picked up in Diagon Alley the day before while shoping for supplies, Dee sat on the floor beside me (with her tie already loosened and her skirt rolled up to a border-line scandlous length) and leaned on Alice's legs as my persistant best mate kept busy by braiding her long blond hair and Layla sprawled on the empty bench acrossed from us- appearantly she'd had a late night last night.

"My stupid sister," she grumbled. "You'd think she'd at least try to be quiet or put a silencing charm on her bedroom after going through all that trouble to sneak her smarmy boy toy into the house. She's lucky our parents are deep sleepers otherwise they'd know that she's a screamer, too."

"Uaagh!" We all burst into half-disgusted giggles at the latest story of Lana Wood's sexual escapades.

"And then," she continued, "she had the nerve to come in and wake me up this morning before she went to work, bloody slag. I told her I'd come later because I had to catch up on the sleep I'd missed. And do you know what she asked me?" The pitch of her voice was rising with her outrage. She didn't wait for an answer, "That stupid bint actually asked me why I hadn't slept last night! As if I could with her and her sleeze ball shagging the living daylights out of each other IN THE NEXT ROOM!"

We laughed at her intensity. Layla put on a constatly annoyed front when it came to her sister but we knew the real reason Lana's escapades got her so worked up was because she loved her so fiercely and therefore felt protective. Even though Lana was a year older than us.

"Merlin! And I thought my brother was bad," I laughed.

"What did Will do?"

"You he's got that thing for blondes," I grimaced.

"Hey! What's wrong with blondes?" Dee exclaimed indignantly.

"Nothing." Except for the fact that he's supposed to marry a brunette. "It's just that all of these ones are real idiots." I explained, "I swear to you one of them didn't know how to tell time. I honestly don't think he's dated one girl who got into his university because of her brain. They all got in because daddy wrote the school a big check."

"Careful," Layla grinned. "One of them could be your future sister-in-law."

"Bite your tongue!" I exclaimed as Alice not-so-subtly sniggered.

She knew very well that my future sister-in-law was a very lovely, smart, curly haired brunette named Jessica Holloway. I'd already seen her in my head millions of times, only I didn't know when Will was going to meet and marry her. That's why my brother's promiscuous activities irritated me to no end. How was he ever going to get Jess if he was too busy with slags who didn't know how to tie their own shoelaces? I wanted my favorite sibling to find that mindless happiness he was destined for and give me those adorable nieces and nephews I would spoil to pieces. But he was taking FOREVER!

Maybe this is sort of how Alice feels sometimes. A curious voice in my mind mused.

Probably. Another one, that sounded considerably more like me, answered. 'Cept for the fact that Alice is waiting for something ridiculous and completely illogical to happen.
"You know, I never saw Will going for a bimbo bottle-blonde," Dee mused. She has this theory that the only reason blondes have the reputation of stupidity is because of all the bottle-blondes out there. "I always saw him as the kind of guy who would overrule his prick and go for a girl who had more than two good qualities."

"Three if you count down below," Lay corrected.

"Ew," I intervened. "Not a subject I want to go into!"

"Such a prude, Riley."

Every muscle in my body tensed at that familiar voice. 

Did I forget to mention that, despite my best efforts to ignore his existance, he seems to get a perverse thrill out of teasing me?

Alice instantly perked up next to me (causing Dominique to smirk), grinning madly in his direction but I didn't dare look.

Maybe because I was afraid, contrary to my earlier statement, that looking at him really would set the ball rolling. That when I locked eyes with the spoiled little prince of the wizarding world something in me might change and I'd lose my senses. That I'd see him in some collosally different way. I was terrified that some sort of heavenly light would envelope him and rather than seeing him as the irritating ego-centric asshole that's driven me mad for six years I'd look and see Adonis or something. That, in my delusional fog, I'd mistake every gesture he made as caring and every word for intelligent. Every smile would be tender rather than mocking. When he hexed poor first and second years, instead of satanic, I might somehow conclude that he was simply misunderstood or worse, I might actually find it funny.

The mere thought horrified me.

So I didn't look up. Instead, my eyes returned to my book, I arranged my facial features to look horribly bored and replied in a flat tone. "Better a prude than a whore like you, Potter."

"Ouch," I could practically hear the idiot grinning.

This happened literally every time I spoke to him. And, though that was rare, it was almost always some arguement or other. He enjoyed getting a rise out of me, my sharp remarks entertained him. It was like, whenever he thought his witty one liners were fading or his ability to think quick on his feet was slipping, he'd come argue with me to get back on top of his game.

"That hurt." He laughed. Yes, laughed after I'd just called him a whore. Not the brightest Snitch on the Pitch, my future hubby. "But not as much as it will when you finally pop your bloody-"

It was as he cut acrossed his cousin that I noticed the ever-cheerful Fred Weasley next to Potter (who I had yet actually look at). "Anyway, every other compartment is full or plagued with second years." He said (possibly saving his cousin from finishing a sentence that would force me to commit homicide) with a grimace.

No one in the school could stand second years (sometimes not even fellow second years) because every year without fail they all thought they were the shit. Seeing as they were no longer in first year and at the very bottom of the Hogwarts food chain. Morons.

"You girls mind if we share yours?"

Alice was the first to answer, as my cool expression froze in place and my stomach convulsed with horror. 

Yes, I minded! I minded VERY much!

"That'd be fantastic!" She replied a bit too eagerly to be subtle.

At Fred's answering grin my intuition flickered -I suddenly knew that, while I'd been so wrapped up in my own drama, something had occured- and it wasn't because of a vision. No, I knew this because boys don't grin at a girl that way unless something else is there. I suddenly wondered if throwing Potter and me together wasn't the only reason for her enthusiastic ascent. And then I wondered, as Dee smirked to herself smugly, if the reason I hadn't noticed before was because Dominique was normally more romance savvy and she didn't pay attention because she was still convinced Alice had a thing for James.

"Cool," Leo said and he very quickly lifted Layla's feet and sat them on his lap. She didn't seem to have enough energy to care at the moment, however, having already put so much effort into the Lana-rant. Fred sat between myself and Alice and, as my legs were crossed on the seat, James sat right below me on the floor next to Dominique, leaning against the bench.

I glowered down at the back of his head wondering- between the homicidal thoughts- how on Earth I was possibly going to fall for this constant annoyance in front of me.

I was intensly glad that Alice could not see me over Fred because I'm positive her grin would have widened substantially and I wasn't sure I could handle that. My stomach was in a horrid jumble of knots, my heart was pumping so fast you'd think I was running a bloody marathon and I was so close to throwing up I almost felt bad for the oblivious boy sitting directly in the line of would-be fire.

I aggressively shoved all thoughts of my wedding and nonexistant love out of my mind and forced it into my book. I wasn't going to let James Potter get to me, I wasn't going to let Alice pressure me into talking to him and I certainly wasn't going to fall in love with him of my own free will!

I was buried deep in the memoir of a pureblood witch who'd fallen in unrequited love with her muggleborn classmate during the war. She'd been forced to join the Death Eaters once she graduated from Hogwarts, while he went into hiding and became a part of the Order. Longing to be on the right side of the war and yearning for the man she'd loved since she was eleven (even though those feelings were as of yet unreturned), she escaped from her family and the marriage they were setting up for her and started life as a fugitive. Eventually she found the Order and joined the ranks of the good guys. I was just to the part where she was seeing her lost love for the first time since they'd graduated and-

"Anything from the trolley, dears?" The kindly old witch stuck her head in brandishing a trolley full of delicious wizarding candies and treats, as usual broke my concentration. The boys all stood up at once, as did Layla- who'd appearantly been using Leo as a pillow now rather than a footrest. Dee, Alice and I got up more slowly and joined them by the cart of delights.

A group of sixth year girls from the next compartment had joined us and were giggling and whispering to each other rather than looking at the sweets on the trolley. I highly doubted any of them would be willing to take in that many calories in a week much less a single day, judging from their borderline-anorexic figures. So why the hell were they even out here looking?
I realized, a second too late, that they were looking for another kind of candy. Eye candy.

The tallest bottle-blonde eyed James more boldly than the rest but it was still abundantly clear that each and every one of them was currently undressing my future husband with their eyes.


I saw Alice, unsurprisingly, glowering at these girls and Dee smirking amusedly from the corner of my eyes but I refused to look at any of them. Instead, though my nausea had returned, I bought the first thing I saw- a licorice wand- and returned to the compartment. Layla, Dominique and Alice returned after the trolley had disappeared but, much to their dismay, James, Fred and Leo stayed out in the corridor flirting with a steadily growing pack of girls.

I tried to get back into my book but my head felt too light and my eyes couldn't focus on the words in front of me. My brain refused to shove thoughts of my vision away again. Instead, the wedding I seriously doubted would ever take place played in my head once more- for the eight billionth time. Most little girls dreamed of their wedding day for years, but I didn't have to dream because I could play the whole bloody ordeal in my head already.

I supressed a groan, not wanting Alice to think I was upset over James flirting and kept pretending to be engrossed in my book. I stared at the page seeing nothing or reading the same sentence at least twenty times without an ounce of comprehension.

I have absolutely no idea when I fell asleep but it seemed like mere seconds later that Alice was shaking me awake while the others filed out of our compartment.

"We're here," she informed me unnessecarily.

"How long was I asleep for?" I croaked.

"About three and a half hours."

I groaned out loud this time.

"Nice drool spot, Riley." James mocked, nudging his head at my book. Sure enough, there was a big spot on the page.

I swore loudly and he chuckled.

I'm not sure if it was the freedom of a sleepy stupor or if I was just that fed up with thoughts and antics of James Potter but, without thinking, I stuck my tongue out at the bloke TeenWitch had just named 2021's Sexiest Young Wizard.

He blinked at me then laughed, winked cheekily and exited the compartment.

Alice sighed wearily. "You know, you could at least try to be nice to him."

"Why should I?" I challenged, futily wiping the drool off of my book.

"Oh, I don't know," she replied facetiously. "Maybe because you're going to have his son in a five and a half years."

"Sssshh! Don't say that out loud!"

"Why not? Not mentioning it doesn't make it any less true. You are going to have his son. And his daughters."

"Yes, but if someone were to hear you..."

She huffed in frustration. "Vee! C'mon! It's THE YEAR! Aren't you excited at all? Even a little?"

"No. Why should I be?"

"Because you have a garentee!" she stressed as we made our way off the train, trying to be reasonably quiet. "You're going to fall in love! You've already found the one! You know what's going to happen already!"

I shrugged with distaste. "Where's the fun in that?"

My best friend made a noise of frustration. "The fun is, you don't have to worry about the future!"

"Like hell I don't!" I exclaimed, "I'm going to suffer a major brain injury!"

Alice's face changed from frustrated to confused."When did you see that?"

"I didn't."

She looked even more baffled. "Than how do you know?"

"Well, if I'm going to be falling in love with that idiot," I nudged my head in the direction James Potter had just gone, "then I must be in for some major head trauma."

Alice rolled her eyes at this. But I was impressed that she refrained from scoffing and going into yet another rampage about the whole discombobulated situation. Instead she gave me one last disparaging look before saying, "You forgot to put your badge on."

"Oh right," I rifled through my magically deep pocket, as we caught up to Layla and Dominique at the carriages, until I found my shiny silver Prefect badge.

"I can't believe you weren't made Head Girl," my part veela friend scoffed shaking her head as we got into the horseless carriage in front of us. All of my friends had been utterly outraged to know that I was still just a lowly Prefect.

I shrugged noncommitally, "I'm not cut up about it."

"You should be," Layla snorted. "Bloody robbed, you were."

"She's right. Minnie must be off her bloody rocker," Alice added. Alice, as daughter to the Herbology Professor is a member of the very elite group at Hogwarts that call the Headmistress and Professors by their first names outside of school, and get away with it. Among her in this little club are Dominique, all of her many cousins (yes, Potter included), Leo Jordan, the Scamander twins and Layla. I, however, have never been brave enough to try it, especially not with our no-nonsense Headmistress. Even though, while at all of their houses, I've seen my teachers loads of time outside of school.

"She is not. She just reckoned there was someone better for the job." 

Someone who probably could tolerate the Head Boy better most likely,
I thought with a mental snort.
There was not a doubt in my mind that that goody-goody Gregory Smith was Head Boy this year. He had no life so it left him more time to kiss every single professor's ass around the castle. It was sickening really. I was kind of happy that I wouldn't have to listen to his arrogant droning speeches about what to do all this year. What I was curious about was why our Prefect meeting had been scheduled for tomorrow night rather than on the train like usually. Stupid Smith, already thinking he's above tradition.

"Like who?" Layla sniffed skeptically

"Missy Corner."

"Slut," Dom shook her head. "And she's not even a Prefect."

"Yes, but she's a Ravenclaw. And you don't have to be a Prefect to make Head Girl."

"She'd never be Head Girl in a million years, " Alice laughed.

"What about Kaitlin Bones? Or Shelly Pomroy? Or Jenna Quicksilver? And Cecilia Harrington?" I ticked off on my fingers, "Oh and there's Mauree Lo-"

"You're still the most qualified," Layla insisted.

I rolled my eyes and chose to change the subject. "So, Dominique, how many times did your cousin, Gable's friend Henri try to hit on you this summer?"

My devastatingly beautiful friend had been crushing hearts (as I'd seen in my vision so many years ago) since we hit puberty. But one heart that absolutely refused to be crushed was Henri Benoit's. He'd been persistantly persuing her since we were twelve and she'd been rejecting him for just as long. But the bloke refused to give up and it had become a perverse game we -as her best friends- had been enjoying since the summer after third year when we all got to visit her in France and met her unwanted suitor.

"Fifty-two," she answered dryly.

"Disappointing," Layla sighed.

"Yeah, what's the deal?" I agreed quickly. Glad we'd moved on successfully to a new topic that had nothing to do with me. "He's been lagging behind lately."

Dominique shrugged indifferently. "Whatever it is I hope things stay that way."

Layla scoffed, "I doubt it."

... "Oh c'mon, Vee! You know you'll always be the girl for me," James Potter grinned at me, his face entirely too close for my liking.

It was dark and I could feel the cold stone wall against my back. His had rested next to my head and was pinning a small strand or two of my hair to it. I didn't want to side step him because I knew it would pull out those hairs and that would hurt. My scalp had always been sensitive.

James started to lean in dark eyes very serious, the light of the torches flickering acrossed his face and I held my breath as I felt his on my own face. His hand touched my arm sending a spasm of electricty through my veins. He kept getting closer and closer but I wasn't pushing him away. I couldn't. It was like I was paralyzed. My muscles were tense and frozen in his wake. I was helpless, a deer caught in extra bright headlights...

I was snapped back into the present by and eager looking Alice. The carriage had stopped and Dominique and Layla no longer occupied it. No doubt, Alice had told them to go ahead before bringing me back down to Earth.

"What did you see?" she asked instantly. Appearantly, over the years, Alice had come to recognize what she liked to call my "star-gazing" look (because Astrologers look at the stars to tell them the future). So it was no surprise that this was the first thing out of her mouth. It always was.

I contemplated my vision for a moment, feeling more sick to my stomach than before, and quickly concluded that telling the truth in this case would be a mistake. Sometime the best course of action was to lie. And this was one such occasion. If I didn't lie Alice would get even more smug and giddy about this whole marrying-James-Potter thing and she was already bad enough as it was.

So instead of describing that dark corridor for her, I shrugged and told her another less significant vision I'd had last week. "Nothing. Fred's just going to turn your hair purple on Thursday."



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