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a/n: Again, it's all JKR's.

                                                         Chapter Two
                                                  A Mysterious Tardiness

“Hey! Where’s Phil?” Rose looked up from the game of Exploding Snap she was playing with Darcy Sullivan. The girl jumped at Rose’s abrupt question, bumping into the cards and setting her dark curly hair on fire.

Owen Walters, who had been examining a Chocolate Frog card, immediately put out the flames that were consuming Darcy’s long hair, and then snapped “Clumsy much, Sullivan?”

“Well, it’s not my fault you don’t keep better track of your sister! If you knew where she was, then Rose wouldn’t have startled me,” she responded with equal venom.

“Oh, so you’re saying that I’m supposed to keep track of Phyllis now?” The argument quickly degenerated into a minor duel.

A new voice shouted above the noise of the hexes that Darcy and Owen were hurling at each other. “Guys. We don’t want to harm our chances in the Gryffindor match, do we?”

“Oh hey, Scorpius!” Rose said brightly to the newest member of their compartment. “Do you know where Phil is?”

“Well, she was in the prefect meeting with me; she should be here by now,” he responded.

“I wonder where she’s got to. Congrats again, by the way,” Rose shouted over the noise that the jinxes Owen and Darcy were still throwing at each other were making.

“Thanks,” he smiled. “Funny thing, though, Phil was late to the meeting.”

Darcy and Owen abruptly looked up from their duel.

“Wait. What!? Phil was late? Phyllis Walters, my twin sister, was late?” Owen looked dumbfounded. 

“Seemed a bit odd to me, too. ‘S why I mentioned it,” Scorpius said.

A bit odd? You think it’s A BIT ODD that PHIL was LATE?” Darcy practically shouted. “Bloody hell! What could have happened to her? She must be sick or something!” She turned to Owen and grabbed his shirtfront.

“Your sister is DYING!!!” she screamed.

“She seemed fine this morning,” Owen said. “Maybe she was cursed.”

“Guys, I don’t think she was cursed –” Scorpius was cut off by Rose screaming “JAMES! HUGO! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!” and flinging open the compartment door, only to reveal a startled-looking Phil.

“OH MY GOD YOU’RE ALL RIGHT!” Rose screeched as she threw herself at her friend.

“Uh, Rose?” Phil asked. “What’s going on?”

“Don’t worry, Phil. I’m going to get them back for what they did to you.” Rose released her, sat down, and began to mutter menacingly. Only the words “James”, “Al”, “Hugo”, “lion”, “bloody Gryffindors”, and “castrate” were distinguishable.

“She thinks the Gryffindors cursed you in an elaborate attempt to sabotage our chances for the Quidditch Cup,” Scorpius explained helpfully.

“But why did she think I was cursed?” asked Phyllis, very confused.

“You were late,” Darcy said flatly.

Phyllis patted her slightly mussed hair and said “So? I can be late, just like the next person.”

They all looked at her incredulously.

“Phil. You have never been late in your life. I should know,” said Owen.

“Oh, please. I’ve been late before,” she said, waving her hand dismissively. “Oooh, is that Exploding Snap? Let me play!”

“Phil. You’re NEVER late.”

Luckily for Phyllis, however, James Potter decided to make an appearance just then.

“Well, hello, dear cousin Rosie. How are you doing? Pity about Grant graduating, now Ravenclaw really has no chance for the Cup.”

“As if, James. I mean, you’re Gryffindor’s Captain, aren’t you?” Rose responded.

“Excuse me, I’ve led us to victory the past three years, haven’t, I?” James boasted.

“Actually, I thought you’ve only been Captain for two years,” Scorpius interjected.

Fred Weasley popped his head into the compartment. “True, but Gryffindor hasn’t lost all six years he’s been on the team. Coincidence? I think not.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, Freddie,” James said. “You’ve been on the team as long as I have.”

“Know what I just realized, James?” Fred asked. “WILKINS is their Captain now.” They both guffawed loudly at this.

“That’s not true, Ro – ” Darcy was cut off as Owen clasped his hand over her mouth. Rose glared at her. Fortunately James and Fred were too busy preening themselves to notice Darcy’s slip.

After the 7th Year Gryffindors left, Rose turned on Darcy. “You nearly gave one of our greatest tactical advantages away!”

“Well, I’m sorry that I missed the memo,” Darcy said indignantly. “No one told me we were keeping it a secret that you’re Captain.” She glared pointedly at Owen.

“What are you looking at me for?” he asked. “I’m the one that stopped you from spilling your guts to our rivals’ Captain.”

Hexes filled the compartment once more, while Rose, Scorpius, and Phyllis sat down to a nice game of Exploding Snap.

The witch pushing the treat trolley shook her head as she walked by. “It’ll be a wonder if they all make it to the castle in one piece,” she said sadly to a chocolate frog. 

So, hopefully chapter two was a bit more exciting. As always, I'd simply adore a review. Thanks for reading!

EDIT: well, there's Scorpius. pretty, right? :D

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