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Chapter 3 Later that night, while sitting in the dungeons, Avalon could have sworn that he heard laughing in the rooms up stairs. But as hard as he strained his ears he couldn’t hear a thing. Earlier that night, Draco had once again pleaded his innocence to Voldemort and to be taken into the Death Eaters Regiment again. Only this time he was at the bottom and had to make his way back up the top. But that wouldn’t be hard for him. He had made it to Voldemort’s Second Hand Man in the few months he was a Death Eater. Of course, that’s how Uncle Malfoy has always been. Always been either the head or co-head of anything that will make him rich, or the most respected, or the most feared bighead in the entire muggle or wizarding world, Avalon thought darkly. Always so dark and mysterious, just like all the Slytherin’s he hangs out with. But I suppose that’s why he hangs out with me, because I’m a Slytherin. Avalon shook himself mentally. But he’s my uncle! He wouldn’t just like me because I’m a Slytherin! He likes me because I’m his nephew! But he knew this wasn’t true. He had other nieces and nephews who he didn’t like as much just because they were Gryffindors or Hufflepuffs. His oldest children were Gryffindors, and he didn’t like them as much as Avalon. He didn’t seem to have a problem with Ravenclaws, or Slytherin’s for that matter. Maybe because his wife, Ginny Weasley, in her 5th year she got transferred to Ravenclaw. The 1st, and only, person in the History of Hogwarts to do so. Then they had started going out. And it was all chaos from there. So, I’m just someone to be liked because of my place among people. A Slytherin and nothing else. And only a Slytherin because my mother was from a family of one, and because of my father was about to be put in that house, Avalon thought sadly. But alas, he too knew that the only reason he was put into the house was because he chose to. Avalon leaned back in his chains and thought back to the ironic day of his sorting.
*+*+*+*+*+* FLASHBACK *+*+*+*+*+*
It was a stormy night when Avalon, Basil, and other 1st years crossed the lake towards the Hogwarts castle. The man that was taking them was a man by the name of Rubeus Hagrid. As they made their way, many of the 1st years glanced nervously, while some just looked at it with wonder and anticipation. But Avalon and Basil were talking hurriedly. And not about the castle. They had their attention focused elsewhere. At the foot of the stairs stood their “step-parents”, as they liked to call them. Harry Potter and Verandah Potter stood there looking at the to-be students like they were in so much trouble. When Hagrid and all of the First Years came to the Entrance Hall doors, an old lady who Basil and Avalon knew as Minerva McGonagall came to stand next to the step-parents. “Welcome First Years to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am Professor McGonagall, head of Gryffindor House. In a few moments we will join your peers and friends in the Great Hall for the opening feast. In the mean time, try and get to know you fellow classrmates,” McGonagall said as she led them into a room by the Great Hall. Then she left with the step-parents. And they looked even unhappier. Basil really didn’t want to interact, and Avalon was fine with that. But sadly, others were not as antisocial. “Hello!” said an African European. He had dreadlocks and azure eyes. “I’m Leonardo Kabala. What’s your name?” Basil was about to say something, but Avalon kicked her in the leg, and sent a glare her way. She looked at him icily, and when they didn’t reply Leonardo shrugged and walked away. “Wha’d’ou do that for?” Basil hissed. “I didn’t want to talk to him.” “Why? He was just trying to be nice! For Pete’s sake, can’t you just try and be a little social? Could it hurt?” Avalon appeared to space out, a thing once only done to his parents. His face went emotionless, and his gray eyes went blank. Basil looked like she was about to slap him. She shook her head in frustration and went in search of Leonardo. Then and there, Avalon truly felt alone, and not for the first time in his life. When Professor McGonagall came back a few minutes later when everybody in the Great Hall had been settled, she was surprised to see both of the oldest Potter twins across the room from each other. She had known Avalon and Basil since the wedding. When McGonagall had seen them going together everywhere, she assumed they were twins, but they had squashed the idea. “Just because we look alike and act alike, doesn’t mean we’re twins. We’re not even hardly related!” they had said. And now they were just standing apart, like they didn’t even know each other. “Come on, let’s go,” Professor McGonagall said sharply when she regained her sense. They slowly filed out of the room with Basil in front with her new friends, and Avalon, the loner, in back. When they reached the Great Hall, all eyes were focused on the First Years. The song must have already ended when we came, Basil thought. “ When I call your name, please come up here so I may put the hat on your head. When the hat calls your house, please go and sit at the respectable table. Jamie Carson!” McGonagall called. A witch with white hair and amber eyes walked up to the hat, and she put it on her head. After a moments decision the hat shouted, “Ravenclaw!” “Raquel Honduras!” “Ravenclaw!” “Ashley Iron!” “Slytherin!” “Marne Lim!” “Hufflepuff!” “Casey Jerkin!” “Hufflepuff!” “Hey!” someone from the Gryffindor table shouted, “Where are all of the Gryffindors?” McGonagall went on as if she hadn’t heard him, but she had heard him because her eyes were questionable also. “Leonard Kabala!” He sat there for a few minutes, then the hat shouted, “Gryffindor!” The Gryffindor house exploded in sound as the first Gryffindor that night came to sit at their table. “Zenon Iron!” “Gryffindor!” “Leo Malfoy!” “Gryffindor!” Most of the people in the Great Hall gasped. Never at all in the history of Hogwarts had a Malfoy not been put into Slytherin. The school still cheered, though awfully bemused. “Kaleen Malfoy!” “Gryffindor!” Another shock. “Neal Weasley!” “Gryffindor!” When he reached the cheering table, he hugged Kaleen when she stood up. He also hugged Leo, who looked embarrassed. Now they understood, they were cousins. Of course they Weasley hair and Malfoy eyes and vise-versa. “Basil Potter!” McGonagall called. Everybody craned his or her neck to get a better view of her. She had long dark hair and light blue eyes that looked kind of gray. They thought that if she has green eyes, she would look just like Harry Potter. She walked past Avalon without giving him a backwards glace. The hat sat on her head for a moment and then smiled and said, “Gryffindor!” They cheered, and someone shouted, “We got Potter! We got Potter!” When the cheering died away, and the last boy was done talking to a bewildered Professor McGonagall, she shouted the last name, “Avalon!” Some people gawked at the boy with no last name, but Basil gawked at him like he was from another planet. Avalon is going back on his word to never renounce the Potter name! Thought bewildered Basil. The others looked at her strangely for her gasp, but then turned to the boy with no last name. Well he certainly looks mysterious. He walked calmly on the stage, and completely ignored the looks he was getting. “Ah, Avalon potter, I was wondering when I’d be seeing you,” the hat whispered in his ear. “Well, lets see, knowledge, much knowledge. Plenty of smarts, though not eager to study for them. Hufflepuff is defiantly out of the question. Lets see, Ravenclaw?” “RAVE…” the hat trailed off, as Avalon shook his head. “No,” he thought. “Try again.” The Ravenclaws were on the verge of clapping and cheering, when the hat shook its hat head. “GRY…” the hat trailed off again when Avalon thought, “No.” Then the Sorting Hat spotted something else in Avalon’s mind that he didn’t see before. The Slytherin side. It was full of everything that he did that would count as being a Slytherin. Cunningness, ambition, anything to achieve his ends, and more then enough willing to prove himself. “So you wish to be in Slytherin? I should’ve known… All that Slytherin in you, you would belong no place except for there. But maybe Gryffindor would be the next choice.” “SLYTHERIN!” the hat said finally, after the long wait. Avalon turned to the Gryffindor table and smirked. Revenge, he thought, against the family that deserted me. When he looked that way he saw Basil’s wide eyes, and so did everybody else. Then he turned to the Slytherin table and sat down. Now what does this last nameless kid have anything to do with Harry Potter’s daughter? Oh, if they would have known. After the feast, Basil and Avalon were expected at their dad’s office. He had a part time job at Hogwarts as the DADA teacher, was the announcement at dinner. Basil knocked, and a voice said, “Enter.” They walked into the room. It was a circular office and had a large mahogany desk in the center of the room. Verandah Potter sat on the desk, while their father sat in the high-backed chair. “Avalon, will you please go with your mother while I discuss something with Basil,” Harry said callously. He did so, and followed his mom into the adjoining office. His mother sat on the desk and motioned him to sit next to her. “Avalon, you know I’m proud of you. You took the sorting bravely, as I heard. You know, anything that your father says, I am still proud of you, and I’ll always love you. Come here,” Verandah said, enveloping Avalon into her outstretched arms. Avalon was surprised. His step-mother never hugged him unless it was something dire. Then Basil came in looking very happy, but once she took a look at her stepbrother her face turned grave. “Avalon, father would like to see you.” He unwrapped himself from his stepmothers arms and gave his stepsister the blank face, and went bravely into the soundproof room. “Shut the door behind you,” Harry said sternly. Avalon did so, and went to stand in front of his father’s desk. They sat there for a few seconds before Harry turned around. His face was hard-set, and his eyes were icy. “Avalon, I have heard of tonight’s sorting. It seems you have been sorted into Slytherin. I am told though, that it gave you a choice when it was about to call out. And because of this,” here he paused, “you are disowned from the family, permanently. You are not allowed home during the holidays, except for summer ones. When you do come home, you will live on the 5 upper floors, with house-elves, and only come down for social gatherings. You will not be allowed to talk to any of your siblings. You will also not be allowed to go outside at all, and Quidditch is strictly .” Harry stopped and looked up. And he was amazed. He knew Avalon was hard, but not this hard. Avalon’s eyes were sub-zero, and his face was bitter and hard, but no hatred at all. At least none that he could see. And then there was something else. Pity…maybe. “Go to bed boy. I expect to see you in the morning at 7 o’clock sharp in the Great Hall. And one more thing, Avalon,” Harry said, just as Avalon was about to leave. “You know Basil, your sister, is going to inherit all of Snake Showdown Castle. And she’s the one I love the most. And that’s the truth. Slytherin is a disgrace to the family name and me, foremost. Goodnight.”
--------------------- END FLASHBACK------------------------
End of Chapter 3

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