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    CHP 4 A/N: I have rewritten the whole story to make it more interesting and dirtier; I will pair up Hermione with George Weasley and bash this pair because they suck. I read a fic named ‘Unexpected’ and they have this pair and I hate it because Harry was soft yet again. I dedicated to those people out there who like the idea of Hr/Gr pairing, a bashing of a lifetime. CHP 4 ~Rich’s P.O.V~ Life seemed to flow smoothly when you lived with your love ones. Not when you were with two stubborn teenagers and two never gave up red heads. For three weeks, neither Harry nor Hermione talked to each other, both of them just ignored the presence of each other. Ron and Gin were worried and sought every way of help, from Aunt Molly to Unc, to Bill, to the notorious Charlie and me. Those two needed my help because yours truly have established himself as the middle man to Harry and Hermione. A position that could brought wonders for me. Plan after plan by Ron and Gin were foiled, secretly thanks to me. I have contorted every plan they came up with and ruined their chances every now and then. All of those plans only made our two beloved couple, entangled in arguments. Harry had called Hermione, pompous, self-centred, prissy, and callous but none one of them was neither her last name nor the female dog breed. Hermione called him the usual taunts but with a little bit of extra words, bullock boy, snake mouth, wussy, nuisance and some other words that were not in my dictionary. Yes, life went on for my entertainment, Quidditch, pranks, girls, books, comics, lessons, more girls, my plan and Harry and Hermione. But every fun came with a disturbance, every girl came with a former and every road came with an obstacles. For me, my plan for a good couple height took a flaw. A flaw that none would expect, and it came from an unexpected person, one who you may never heard of for weeks in your daily conversation. George ‘The Pain in the Ass’ Weasley. I would damn the day I met my nuisance of a cousin. He wasn’t the kind to be around the girls but all of a sudden, that changed. Everyday of my life at the Burrow, he and Fred seemed to come non-stop. The reason why, Fred wanted to test his creations on moi, Ron, Gin and Harry while the other gorilla seemed too preoccupied with, surprise, surprise, Hermione Jane Granger. This happened days after the Truth or Dare game. It was all of a sudden, he was the disease in my plan, why he wanted to hang with Hermione more than experimenting his new inventions with his caring twin, Fred. He fancied her a lot. Hermione, I’m not so sure but the other Weasley seemed happy of the idea of them together. Fred was the most supporting one, Aunt was delighted of her son’s bravery, Ron and Gin seemed to liking the idea of George with Hermione. Those who opposed the relationship were myself, Charlie who had the same idea as me, and the most opposing one, the dreadfully regret Harry with a full pang of jealousy. Don’t get him wrong though, he locked himself in Ron’s room every time George came. I, by persuasion of the Adult Weasleys and Ron and Gin, kept him company by all means necessary. It somehow ended up that we talked a lot, we didn’t have anything in common, and just we talked a lot. Ron joined in and we talked a lot some more. All those problems and stresses were ebbed away, liked it didn’t exist in the first place. But slowly, I slipped the Hermione issue to Harry and he confessed the love for her. Too bad Ron was knocked out at that time. That’s how closed I am with Harry, a new friend, a new buddy and a new mate. Hermione, I reckoned she was mysterious but I figured her out in just a day, she was utterly confused. She was the know-it-all to others but to me, she didn’t know anything at all. What I meant was that she can’t figure out her own feelings, she can figure out others except Harry. She told me everything when I went fishing; she talked about N.E.W.Ts, teachers, boys, her parents and others. She already confessed her love for Harry, but arguments between the two wasn’t going anywhere. The little mistake would make them hated each other for a short amount of time. That’s how closed I am with Hermione, a new friend, a new buddy, and a new mate. That’s how I was the middle man. But George had to ruin it; Harry wasn’t the only jealous type in the house. One day, Hermione and I walked back to the house with a pail full of shrimps and lobsters. He was waiting by the door for Hermione and wore this silly angry face. It was a rare scene to see him angry. Hermione was plain oblivious to his feelings about her, he was looking at me with that jealous face. After Hermione went in the house with the pail after greeting George, the yang of the twin pulled me aside. “What’s wrong?” I asked, I already knew he was jealous but I’m starting a conversation. “Hermione seemed to be around with you a lot,” he said in a smug manner. Weasley and smug, not a good combination. “That’s because we have a lot in common,” “Oh,” he said, clearly disgusted by my answer. “Well, we’re cousins and all I’m asking is….” “Is what?” I bet that he wanted to say stay out of Hermione’s life. “Don’t talk a lot with Hermione, just chat less with her,” the tone of voice was a warning sign, not an advice. “That’s all, okay then,” I said simply. “Thanks cousin,” he thanked me, in a nonchalant and uncaring way. He went inside the house, to talk to Hermione but not before I gave my own warning. “Hey George,” I called him back; he turned his head where I can see his corner of his eyes. “You can’t have her all by yourself,” I warned him with a sly grinned; his eyes were wide and went in without a retort or remark, a not so typical Weasley to me. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Early August arrived and I got my letters of admission to Hogwarts. So did Harry, Ron, Gin and Hermione. I needed a new school robe and books. Ron and Gin, due to their sudden rich state, got their first hand experience of having everything new, Harry was evidently happy for them. Hermione was preoccupied with George, now I’m starting to worry that she might liked him. Aunt Molly suggested that we go to Diagon Alley alone without her because we were responsible grown-ups and we have Fred and George to take care of us. She told us to take the Floo network due to Deatheaters roaming the Wizarding World for Harry but Fred insisted to go there by car, correction, their brand new car. Bigger than the Ford Anglia, fit only six people. Aunt was against it but couldn’t help to see on Ron and Gin excited face. She allowed it just once. All of us were outside, waiting for the driver, Fred. He was getting a safety precaution from Aunt, something about Harry and that. Ron was impatient and whined when waiting for ten minutes. Finally, Fred came out. “Alright guys, sorry for the waiting,” he said coolly, that’s why I liked him better than George. “C’mon, we don’t have all day,” Ron whined again, clear example of the pathetic Weasley. “Wait my dear brother, the car can only fit six, we have seven people here,” reality hit the five of us hard; George has a sly smile on his face. “One of us need to floo to Diagon Alley,” said Fred, nobody responded, every one of us wanted to experience the car. I looked at everyone’s not wanting to surrender look, but there was one person I knew would not liked to see someone and that person raised his hand whilst looking at the ground like it was fascinating. “I’ll go to Diagon Alley alone,” said Harry volunteering in a sad tone, everyone had an utter puzzled face and pity too even Hermione. “You guys can go there -- I’ll wait for you there,” he said, still looking down. “Oh!” said George, “Too bad Harry, we’ll see you there, everyone get in the car.” Nobody responded to him, all of us were looking at Harry in a mix of pity and vague. Fred ushered us to get into the car whilst looking at Harry. I was at the door already, ready to open it and so did the others. I was evil when I wanted Harry and Hermione to fight each other but I do have recognition of the meaning of friendship. Looking at Harry, I made my decision. I walked away from the car to Harry. “Where you’re going Rich?” Gin asked. “I’m going with Harry,” I said proudly, my cousins were shocked, Harry felt lit up after hearing me. Harry couldn’t believe his ears; someone who he scarcely recognized would rather accompany him than riding a Wizarding car. “Don’t you want a ride?” Fred was flabbergasted, no one turned down an offer from the twins. I turned around and gave a lop-sided smile. “Maybe another time,” I replied, they were impressed with me, Fred knew well ever since we were little. I was the type that would be the company of a lonely person. George grimaced for some reason; probably showing off to me what ever was in that car. Gin gave me approving smile along with Hermione…. Wait a minute… she wasn’t smiling at me, Hermione gave a shy smile at – Harry. Harry gave one back, a turn of an event I thought. If you were standing to my left side and pictured the scene like it was in a photo, you could see a tearing line in the middle. Clearly the game has begun. “C’mon, we better get a move on,” said George, with a face full of discontent and gritting his teeth. He got inside the car first and shut the door a bit hard. Followed by Fred, who was confused by his twin brother’s act, getting into the car along with the others. Ron had a troubled face, something was on his mind. The car flew off to the south, not for winter. I turned to Harry and I gave him a reassuring smile. He gave me an apologetic look, “Sorry that you didn’t get a ride because of me.” “Nonsense,” I said. “Shall we go,” I suggested. !^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^! We ended up appearing in The Leaky Cauldron, laughing wildly after we did an idiotic stunt. Aunt Molly shrieked when Harry and I stepped into the fireplace together. We got one heck of a ride in the Floo Network. Standing up, dusting away the dirt from our clothes, we went to Diagon Alley, half an hour earlier than the others. First stop, Madam Malkin’s Robes for Wizards and Witches to get my school robe. Harry didn’t need one and waited for me. After that, we went off to the Quidditch Supply Shop. Ron would be mad if we were here not waiting for him. Harry bought a book called ‘Dangerous Quidditch Moves’. The book was kind of scary to me; it was kind of black, dusty and old, looked like one of those Dark Arts books. We sat at the ice cream shop and waited for four mates and one dolt. Harry and I talked about Hogwarts; he told me who to be careful of and watched out for certain jerks. A greasy haired teacher, a bitchy Slytherin, a man obsessed with his cat and a certain blonde who I’m looking forward for. Then after two ice creams sundaes, Fred, Hermione, Ron, Gin and dolt came. We exchanged unnecessary greetings, and went off to buy some books and stuffs; Ron and Gin got themselves new wands. George followed Hermione everywhere to the dismay of Harry and Fred. Fred wanted his help at the store but he was no help today. Harry and I volunteered while the others ate ice creams. Then after finished helping, we joined them again. Ron whined to go to the Quidditch shop, so the seven of us went there. Everyone went in there except Hermione who stayed outside. I took this chance of having a nice chat with her with George not around. “Hey having a nice time here,” she greeted, giving a nice warm smile that would make Harry melt. “You too seemed to be having a nice time,” I said. “Yeah, George been a lot nice lately, to think he was the prankster that he was famous for, and he’s been…..” she rambled for a period of time, I gave her a suspicious look. She was telling me something, maybe in a secret code, about what she wanted. Poor confused girl, can’t have Harry so settle for the wrong guy. “What’re you looking at? Do I have something on my face,” she rubbed her face thoroughly, afraid of some form of embarrassment. I slightly chuckled, looking at how funny she was. “There’s nothing wrong with you,” I told her and she sighed. “That’s a relief…… by the way,” I looked at her with utmost attention. “That’s mighty of – nice – of you – to accompany – H-Harry.” “I did what I have to do….. no one was making the situation better so I accompanied him.” She was quiet for a moment, her mind was working on something, smart people tend to do that. There was an awkward silence between the two of us when she was thinking even with the bustling sounds of Diagon Alley. Then she looked at me with a pleading look and sad puppy eyes. “Tell me….something Rich,” she said in quavering tone, I gave her a ready-to-answer face. “Does Harry talk about me?” a very simple question, just one word to answer her question. But before I could opened my mouth to reply, George, the new wrong timing guy, Weasley intervene our conversation. He got out of the shop, very quick I might say, along with the others. I was exasperated with this gorilla. “Hey Hermione, want to go to the shop,” he invited her; she too was frustrated but didn’t show it to George. “Okay,” she murmured, as she followed Ginny and Ron to the shop. George gave me a stop-talking-to-her-or-something-bad-will-happen look….lame. I gave him back she’s-not-yours look. He looked at me in disgust and we along with Fred and Harry walked to the WWW. ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^ “Alright, time to go home,” said Ron. “Yup – do you want to ride the car now, Harry?” Fred, the good hearted cousin, offered Harry a ride. Harry felt excitement in his stomach; I don’t know how I knew about the inside of his tummy. Harry quickly decline, I guessed he wanted to take the two people Floo ride again. “Aw, come on Harry,” Fred felt slightly hurt. “I’m sure one of the girls wouldn’t mind giving up,” he added. Hermione and Ginny really didn’t mind from the looks of their faces. “It’s okay, c’mon Rich - we better give them a thirty minute head start,” he said jovially. “Wait! I’m coming,” that line made me want to puke, of all people, it came from Ronnie. We all made our way back separately. Being told of the fun of using the Floo with two people, Ronnie was scared to death. Aunt used to held Gin and Ronnie when they were little babies, that was eight years old and above for me. After countless of persuasion, Ronnie gave in and us three travelled through the Floo passage like a rollercoaster ride out of control. Once we arrived safely at the Burrow, we laughed our hearts out, Ronnie seemed want to try it again. Eventually, the three of us got scolded by Aunt Molly for disrupting the Floo Network, and we got ourselves a work at the garden. ^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^(o)^ The next day was an unexpected event for me. Other than Harry and Hermione stopped talking to each other, George gave a death glare and Ron and Gin still plotting to get Harry and Hermione friends again, other than that life took a step higher, a very huge step. George didn’t come to the Burrow because Fred needed him to test their new creations. I swore, they always came up with a new one ever day. So that left Hermione alone, all alone, really alone. Charlie got a letter to go back to Romania. I don’t know why I mentioned him. I went fishing; Hermione accompanied me as always, this time I wanted a big catch. During this time, we talked about Hogwarts, the difference between muggles and wizards in anatomy, great vacation places and George, the boring topic, Weasley. “It kind of happened, after I stopped becoming friends with Harry - he came to save me,” she said in an unsure tone of voice. “What about Harry?” I blurted intentionally, whilst keeping my cool face which never escape my face. She looked at me with an appalling look. “What about him?” “Well… he was quite sad,” “Serves him right,” she snubbed me off nervously, I couldn’t help but chuckled. She looked back at me. “What’s so funny?” “You still think of him, like a very delicious food that you will remember for the rest of your life,” where I came from, food will be the comparison to our lives. She couldn’t help but giggled, she was missing Harry badly, yelling and cursing each other was the contact they ever did to each other but it showed they still cared about the other. I caught six fishes today; none of them were rare or big. Anyway, we went back to the Burrow, and talked about the new term. “Are you sure you can handle being the new bloke?” she asked slyly, what she took me for, a pussy. “Let me think….hmmm….. the pressure is high, I could take it, getting bullied by other students for being new, I could take it, lessons, not a problem –“ “Oh! and why is that?” she smirked. “I’m smart,” I said simply. “Really I haven’t seen you studying, even Ron studied thanks to me,” she said snobbishly, that tone, the same one Harry hated. “You should cut that out, you know,” I said pointedly. “W-What? What are you saying,” she suddenly stammered. “That behaviour,” “What behaviour,” she seemed irritated. “The one Harry hated you for….. snobbish,” “But I’m not snobbish,” she said reassuringly. “With that kind of tone, I’m afraid you are,” I said as a matter-of-factly. She was quiet for a moment and then asked something, “Does Harry think that way of me, snobbish?” We stepped through the threshold as I answered her question looking around the house. “Well, to him was a confu….. FLEUR!!!!!” I saw my senior, blonde, white, pretty and PINK! She was there sitting at the table. I was bewildered by her presence. Why was she here? “Helo Richard,” she greeted, I gaped that she could still remember me. “Fancy meeting you here,” and since when she spoke good English. People around me were confused; none of them knew that us two Beauxbaton go way back. “W-W-What are…. I mean…. Why are you here?” she didn’t answer my questions as someone grabbed me in an intense hugged. This excruciating hug was ten times worst than Aunt’s, and it came from Bill. “So good to see you, cousin,” Bill was always the one who was happy to see me. Alright, Fleur was here, Bill’s here, so who else was here, the King of Spain? “Um… Bill, I think Rich is having problem with breathing,” Hermione pointed out, seeing my queasiness. Bill let go of me quickly and said apologies. Where’s the pail I brought in with my catch? “Please sit down, Fleur want to speak to you about a few things,” said Bill, I was slightly shocked. But I did as I was told, sit down – opposite of Fleur- Hermione on my left and Ronnie on my right. “Long time no see, Richard,” okay, I take back the English part about her. Bill sat down be side her, was he with her or she with he? “What do you want to talk about? I’m out of Beauxbaton now,” I said anxiously, this was the first time that anyone had seen me nervous. Fleur giggled though the others didn’t get it. “I already know about that Richard… what I want to talk about is your transfer to Hogwarts?” I was quite puzzled, thinking clearly for a second, and then it hit me. “You’re going to teach us! NO!” I yelled, Gin and Hermione jumped at my voice, Fleur giggled yet again, she was mad and mental. “She’s not going to Hogwarts, Rich, don’t you worry about that,” Bill reassured me and I felt relief. “Really… Phew, I thought It’s going to be 1993 all over again,” I blurted. “So you still remember the third year,” Fleur smiled slyly. “Of course I remember,” I spat. “The way you selfishly controlled me like a servant instead of teaching us some important lessons, you made me a slave, cleaning your room, held your books, brought you foods and drinks and etc. You’re a slave driver.” “Oh! Am I,” she said, didn’t seem offended by me. “Yeah, you were a lazy Half-Veelan French Girl who still needed mummy to washed her back,” I mock-mourned, giving out all the frustration that she threw at me. She giggled again, expecting my answers to be what she thought. “Enough already, let’s talk about Hogwarts,” said Bill, clearly exasperated at our antics. All of the people nodded in agreement, and for the first time, I saw Harry sitting side by side with Hermione. Something odd was wrong here. “Listen carefully Rich,” Fleur ordered and I relented. “Do you know why you were sent to Hogwarts?” I obliged to answer because that was my proudest answer. “How could I forget, I shagged the Deputy’s daughter relentlessly, what a girl she was,” I replied, and all of them gasped at my answer. They sure didn’t expect something like this happened to me. “No, that’s not it,” Fleur shrieked all of a sudden. “It’s not?” I was stunned, Fleur shook her head vehemently. “No one knew about that,” she said quickly, now I was in utter confusion. “You are to transfer to Hogwarts because there is a special group of people that need your help,” her words made a clinging sound in my brain, everything seemed to add up now, they wanted me to do something. “No – you don’t mean,” “I’m afraid it is Richard, don’t you learn anything from me in one year,” she said pointedly. “You mean, the slave driver meant something, but what did it help,” my words made her frowned, she was irritated that I said slave driver. The five other people didn’t understand what we were talking about. Ron was clearly irritated like Fleur. “I took in the six of you people –“ “Words, Fleur,” I corrected. “Whatever - and trained you to make sure who would put up the test to lead – and you Richard are the only one who can do it,” “Lead…. Slave driver…. Only one…. How do all this things that add up?” Right now, Fleur’s face flushed red of anger. “Don’t you see Rich, your powers are wanted there and it should be there to, stay there and to help Dumbledore for the Order.” “The Order? The Order of what? Hogs, Penguins, Blast-ended Shrewts, hinkypunks, boggarts, wait-wait-wait I know, The Order of British Men Wearing Skirts and Dresses, I bet Madam Maxine is in the club, I somehow knew she was a man,” I joked, the others didn’t laugh except Harry, who was laughing madly and it annoyed Hermione. “O, laughed at the people who gave you permission to stay here huh, Harry Potter,” she scowled. That made Harry stopped and mad as hell. “I have the right to laugh at anybody even myself,” he said, I have to give him credit for willingly to accept mockery out of himself. “But this is the people who saved us at Department of Mysteries, if you can’t remember since you were too busy moping!” she shot back with the same sarcasm. Harry stood up angry and looked sharply straight into her eyes. “I do remember, everyday,” and with that he left, leaving me happy, Hermione guilt-stricken and the others flabbergasted. “Alright,” Bill started. “What just happened?” “Short story, long to be told,” I answered simply. “Wait, what do you mean by Rich’s powers?” Gin asked. “You should ask him instead – Rich please?” Fleur said, rolling her eyes at me. I don’t want to answer this question; this was my secret and mine alone, I wanted to keep it that way. Everybody’s eyes were on me, piercing for answers, little do they know that I know what were they thinking but I didn’t dare to use it after what happened last year. So, to escape them, I ran off in search of Harry but not before Fleur told me one thing that made me shuddered. “There are Haters at Hogwarts too, Richard,” `’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’’`’`’`’’`’`’`’’`’`’`’’`’`’`’`’`’’`’`’`’’`’`’`’’`’`’`’`’’`’`’`’``’``’`’`’`’`’’`’`’`’`’`’’`’`’`’` “So you have special powers,” said Harry. “Yup, can make me eyes travel around the room and see what people are hiding,” I answered to him. Harry and I intentionally missed our lunch to escape the people downstairs. Harry was in deep thought when I interrupted him. He gladly enjoyed my company and we talked what just happened and I confessed to him first that I have special powers. “Eyes moving…. Like moving full three hundred and sixty degrees?” he asked, that was a funny question. “No, that can only be done with a magical eye…. Alright I test it on you,” “What?!” “Don’t worry, just show a number with your fingers behind your back and I will try to guess it, try change the number if I guess it correctly,” I informed him and he obliged. He sat on the chair with his hands behind his back, waiting for me. I sat on the bed, cross legged, and closed both of my eyes with both of my hands. “Ready?” Harry asked, and I nodded in response. I focused my mind on my eyes and let them free, my vision traveled sneakily behind Harry and saw his hands. “Three,” I answered, I could hear Harry gasped. “Now change it rapidly.” I saw the hands changed quickly but I can see those hands clearly, the numbers were evident only to my eyes. “Five, Eight, One, Four, Nine, Six, Two …” “Wow, you got it all right,” said Harry loudly. “You could cheat on any test you sit,” he added. “That would be the problem,” “Why?” “You think Hogwarts would let someone cheated and get away easily,” I replied coolly with a friendly smirk. “Oh! – But how did you do at Beauxbaton?” “They locked all alone in a room,” I said, faking a cry. “Full of food and drinks.” “Wow! You’re lucky,” “Hey, keep this between us okay, I don’t want anyone to leak my special powers to anyone, promise,” I said. “Promise,” “Or else, I would tell everyone that you wank yourself thinking of Hermione,” I gave a malicious sneer; he blanched, regretting to keep the promise. “And that goes for you Hermione, don’t just stand there at the door,” I said at the door, a gasped was heard, Harry frightened and lied on his bed, covering himself with blankets and covering from embarrassment. A door slammed was heard and that meant Hermione was angry or embarrassed that she spied on either me or Harry or heard about the masturbation part. End…… Next chapter….. Hogwarts….. train ride…..Rich and Draco, finally meet and expect their confrontation to be less friendly.

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