As Hermione awoke the next morning and remembered what had happened, she angrily threw the Slytherin cloak on the ground and stomped over it before walking over to the pool. What was with her? Wearing such a skimpy swimsuit around the git, asking him for help, calling him Draco, and the worst, giving him a kiss on the cheek. She shook her head with disgust, how could she have been so stupid? Being alone with him he actually seemed, human. She needed someone else, she needed to get away from him, what she needed was Hogwarts. Draco woke with the dawn and as he saw the Slytherin Emblem lying on the rising and falling chest of the Gryfindor he scoffed in revulsion. How could he have done that, twice letting her borrow his cloak, and save her life, give her something to eat? Merlin, what had gotten into him? No more Mr. Nice Guy, she was a mudblood! She spotted him sitting over in the meadow thoughtfully pulling petals off a daisy. Abruptly she walked over, but shyness overcame her and she stuttered on her words. “I, uh, I think we should get going,” she said, shifting her wait from one foot to another. “And why do you think that?” he said sharply. “Because I want to get back to Hogwarts, and we’re not getting any closer just sitting here,” she said just as sharply. “I thought even you weren’t that thick.” “Oh shut it Granger,” he replied bitterly. “I wouldn’t be calling someone who saved your own worthless life thick if I were you.” “My life is worthless?” she said angrily. “I’m not following in the footsteps of a deatheater.” “At least I’m not some mudblood sidekick!” he roared back. “I’m leaving.” “I’m leaving too,” she said crossing her arms. “And how dare you call me by such a disgraceful name.” “I don’t follow in the footsteps of anyone,” he said as they left the beautiful paradise. “That’s certainly not the way it seems to me,” she replied. “All you ever talk about around your little Slytherin groupies is how your father did this and that.” “That’s just talk,” he said reproachfully. “I’ve got to tell them what they want to hear. Of course you never worried about that, always got to do exactly what you want to don’t you? I call it being pigheaded.” “I can’t stand you,” she said stopping to face him head on. Her cinnamon eyes were ablaze as his grey ones flashed like an angry storm. “I really can’t stand you.” “Trust me,” he said, his voice cool with dislike, “the feeling is mutual.” “I don’t trust gits,” she said having to tilt her chin up to meet him. “Especially snotty little Slytherin ones.” “If I had any sense I’d just leave you here to go hungry,” he said shaking his head in his anger. “Of course you don’t have any sense, I learned that the first day we met.” “I have more sense than you, I don’t converse with the fricken boy who lived and his worthless sidekick.” “At least I have friends, not admirers who would turn on you on a dime,” “I don’t flaunt my intelligence like a know it all though do I?” “No, you flaunt your supposedly good looks, but I just don’t see what everyone else does. All I see is a cruel, mean, little boy that always got what he want and grew up into a cruel, mean selfish young man.” “All I see is a little girl who was always right who grew up into a young woman who can’t take it when she gets beat.” “Oh this is far from over,” she said, both their eyes narrowing into slits. There argument was interrupted however by Jinx and Crookshanks meowing in a distressed tone. “Shut up Jinx!” he yelled angrily to the cowering cat. “Can’t you see we’re a bit busy right now?” “Malfoy,” she said, spotting something in the far distance. By now the cats were hidden way up in the canopy of the tree and the Slytherin was losing his temper with everyone and everything. “What?” he said. “Shush,” she said a bit nervously. “I will not have you shush me,” he rebuked loudly. “I really think,” she said nervously as the shape grew larger, “that we should be quiet right now.” “I really don’t give a damn what you think,” he said loudly. Suddenly the great brown blob that Hermione had seen from a distance turned around, and she could just make out two of its three heads. Her stomach jolted, Fluffy did not like visitors, and she had learned that the hard way. “Oh Merlin,” Malfoy said when he saw the creature. “Run,” she said back. “What is that thing?” he asked in disgust as they ran at a sprint. “Three-headed dog,” she panted. “Fluffy.” “That thing has a name?” he managed to puff out before they were too out of breath for speech. Hermione made the mistake of looking back. And she saw that the canine was gaining fast, and they had no place to run. She gulped in deep breaths of air, but she could tell her legs were starting to cramp and she couldn’t run this fast forever. They were both stumbling over roots and stones, and Malfoy almost took a fall after tripping over a large root, which oddly seemed to raise itself up for that very task. Her breath was now coming in short, shallow intakes and in her heart she realized she couldn’t run much farther. Fluffy was about 7 feet away from them and was still gaining. Their only chance was to find some kind of escape. She looked desperately about for someone, something to help them. Hermione spotted a tree branch, just reachable if she were to jump. “Malfoy,” she screamed making him look up from the ground to face her. He had been trying to find any places that would make him slip up. “We’ve got to jump on that branch. It’s the only way!” He nodded in reply and with a last ditch effort, and all the adrenaline coursing through their bodies they sprinted to the branch and jumped up to catch it. They both managed to hold on, and Malfoy easily swung himself up from the dangling position. With a little more effort, Hermione followed suit and they were both free from the giant dog’s wrath. Fluffy stopped when it saw them, sniffed with its three heads up in their direction and growled loudly. After a few seconds of growling it gave up and slowly stalked past them into the thick foliage. A huge sigh could be heard from both the students, it was a much closer call then they would have liked. “Well that was,” he said pausing for a word, “interesting.” “Quite,” she agreed as he jumped down. “Here let me help before you land on your head,” he said as he reached the ground. “I can do it myself,” she said loftily. As she climbed down however, she slipped and landed in his outstretched arms. She turned a bright cherry red as he set her down. “Uh, huh,” he said and they both started walking back towards their cats. “How exactly did you know that creature’s name?” he asked curiously as they walked along. “It was guarding the Sorcerer’s Stone, our first year,” she affirmed. “I’m guessing that it was that brute Hagrid’s idea,” he said rolling his eyes and chuckling. “Fluffy, ha!” “Don’t you dare insult Hagrid like that,” she said angrily, her face contorting to match her tone. “What’re you going to do?” he taunted. “Smack me like you did in 3rd year?” “Why yes I think I will,” she said coolly. Before he could react she brought her right hand smashing across his cheek and the loud smack seemed to echo and amplify in the forest. He held it and cringed while she walked along as though nothing had happened. “I was just kidding around,” he whined. “You don’t have to take everything so seriously.” “It wasn’t just for that,” she said loftily, “it was for calling me a mudblood, generally insulting me and my friends, and being an inconsiderate git too.” “You are so- “Want to try again Malfoy?” she interrupted raising her eyebrows. “I,” he said pausing, “never mind then.” She just shook her head in frustration. She spotted Crookshanks and Jinx up again and she felt relief in finding them safe and relatively unharmed. “You know,” he said smirking, “I know something that would be even worse to you then giving you the good smacking you deserve.” “And what would that be?” she said highly unimpressed. He grabbed her wrist and whirled her around to face him. She had no time to react as he tilted up her chin and placed his velvety lips against hers. The smell of peppermint and cologne was just barely detectable after being out in nowhere for so long. Her eyes widened in shock and disbelief, and it took her a few seconds for the results of what she was doing to kick in. She yanked herself away and viciously started spitting into the grass. “Ew, ew, ew,” she repeated over and over, wiping her mouth on her uniform. “You are so sick and disgusting, and ew!” All he did was give her his trademark smirk as she cursed and spit all the while they were walking. “You vile, disgusting, repulsive, sickening, revolting, awful, foul, stinking, sordid idiot!” she said as she narrowed her eyes at him. “Thank you,” he said bowing. “I hate you,” she screamed, making everyone, including herself, jump at the volume of her voice. “Well I hate you too,” he said back, though without such intensity. She just crossed her arms and stalked ahead of him. They walked in silence until an empty spot. “We’d better stop here,” he pointed out, “we don’t want to be out walking this late at night.” “If you’re trying to scare me so I’ll run into your arms you’re wrong,” she said flatly, “but I agree, goodnight.” “Sweet dreams,” he said sarcastically, throwing his cloak aside. She tried to fall asleep, but the nipping cold had gone straight through her thin uniform. No matter how much it made her cringe, she decided to take the cloak he had thrown aside, and fell asleep under a waxing moon.
Whatcha think? Kinda took a step backwards, but that's the way it would be now wouldn't it? I got bored so's I put in a kiss, but it's not the typical reaction. As you can see Draco gets much pleasure in Hermione's squirming... Anyway, hope you enjoy and leave me a review tellin me what you think!
Thank you reviewers, I LUV ya all! Mrningglory: Glad you liked my special touches, since this story is so way out there with extra choices for an author, I wanted to go the extra mile and do some research, my B-Day is June 6th, so I'm so excited! and Happy Early B-Day 2 u! TwinkleToes: Yes, Draco's a lot like in my F,T+PD story, but I've always imagined him a very suave, sarcastic, devonaire, though rather rude, lady's man... at least when he's alone with Hermione... Dream: You wanted 2 know who Blaise is, well I did a little researching before your review, he[she] was sorted into Slytherin in the first book [same year as Harry then] but she did not specify a gender. I have seen many stories with him/her of both genders, but I read on a forum that on a TV special she had a list of characters and Blaise was under the guy's section. I don't have confirmation on that however. The reason he seems prevalent on this site, I think, is because you get a lot of free rein on molding him/her into whatever you want. Anyway, glad u enjoyed and hope I've helped!

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