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At this, Alice jumped forward.

“Jamie, what do all racing car drivers need? Well except for a car.” asked Alice

“A helmet and racing suit” whispered Jamie

“That’s correct. And guess what” with that jasper walked from behind Alice holing a small race suit and helmet both matching my own.

“Is that for me?” asked Jamie his face once more lighting up

“Yes it is” said Jasper handing then to the small boy. At this Jamie straight away, with help from his mother put the clothes on.

Chapter 14

*** Hermione’s’ pov

I was ready sitting in my car. Jacob stood outside with Jamie in his arms.

“Are you ready Jamie?” I ask him

”yep” he said happily. I could hear his heart racing with excitement. In the background the commentator was tell the crowed that I had chosen Jamie to drive my car, a first to ever happen.

Jacob, slowly lowered Jamie onto my lap. I put the straps on us, loosening them slightly to fit round us both.

Carlisle come over to the window, he checks that the straps are fine before speaking.

“Right, everything is all set. Not too fast and if anything happens stop straight away ok!”

“Yes uncle, I know. Esme had already beaten you to that lecture. Oh and can you tell Ginny I will tell her everything tonight. She will understand.”

Carlisle nods his head then steps away from the car.
“Jamie ready to driver the car for me?” I ask the little boy on y lap
I feel him nod his head.
“Okay then, put your hands n the steering wheel. And I’ll start the car.”

I watch as the car starts to move. Maya is only going slow, for now. Little Jamie must be enjoying it; all I can hear is his soft giggling.


We drove around the track a few times, each time getting a little faster. It was amazing, the strong feelings of happiness and joy coming from him. This is one of the joys of being part empathy.

Not only that I could hear his thoughts, all full of happiness, and praise.

This is the best thing that I had ever done.

************* Hogwarts, great hall

It had only been twelve hours since Alice, Bella and Ginny left but everyone was already feeling it

“I’m board,” cried Emmett

“You always are” replied Edward

“When are they getting back?” asked Harry

“Don’t have a clue,” answered Ron

“Rose, why did you not go to? Asked Harry

“Dumbledore had something for the three of them to do. We are to do something while they are away. Dumbledore told me that they should be back in a few days,” replied rose sitting down on the bench next to the others.

“Let’s pull…” started Fred

“… Some pranks” finished George

“On who?” then replied Emmett and Ron?

“We have no-one to pull them on,” said Harry after a long pause.

“It’s too, quite without the pixie” said Ron, “and Gin as well”

“Tell me about it, I miss Bella,” said Edward laying his head on his arms.

“Me too, I want my little sister back” said Emmett


Is that my precious niece? My little princess.

Is that the little girl whom we all loved? I hope it is.

“She is!” said a voice from behind me.

I looked around to see the small pixie like girl, Alice I think her name is.

“How do you know what I’m thinking?” I ask

“I can see the future, well parts of him. Hermione came to my family at the age of six. She somehow never questioned why we never eat or slept. She also never flinch away from our cold hands. She told us, once she was informed of her fathers’ death, that her mother was death. ‘Up with the angels’ she said.”

The girl never takes her eyes off mine, “what was his name? Your brother. Me and my family cannot think of one of our kind called Greg”

“I still don’t understand how you know” I replay as the blond male, jasper came over.

“The day after Maya’s transformation, Carlisle, Esme and myself sat with her. We asked to think about hr past. You are exactly like one of the people she described. She said she recognised three people from her memories, two which she goes to school with and one being a father of one of the boys,” said jasper

“May I ask who she recognised?” I ask now starting to believe what Alice was saying.

“She said one of the boys was called Blaise Zabini” he starts

“That’s my eldest son!” I gasp

“The other was Draco Malfoy and his father Lucius Malfoy” he finishes

“My brother’s name was Greg Caius. He was turned in the year 1783. He was 22. He was attacked when he went out for a walk. His power was unique. He could change his appearance, but with us, he showed his true looks. In his true look, he had long brown hair, and was around 6 foot 5. He had the face of a god. My sister fell in love with him, meeting him in her last year of school. He told us that his job was to help keep his kind under control but he never went too deep into it. When Mari fell pregnant with Hermione, Greg panicked. But five months later Hermione was born, she was tiny four months premature.”

“Wait did you say that…?” butted in Alice

“Fell pregnant. Yes. Somehow she lived. By then my wife had had blasine and Cissy had had Draco. Mari asked Cissy and Lucius to be Hermione’s godparents. We all loved her. The only girl to be born. She was our little princess.”

“So what happed after that, we found out that Mari died when Maya was four” said Jacob walking over to join the group

“And that she did. The three had been in their small hone. When an unwelcome guest came. Mari had him Hermione in a cupboard. Then went to join Greg. The girl, Jane torched my sister to death. After that day, Greg was never the same. He lost the woman he loved, but he carried on for Hermione. The last time we saw her was a week before her sixth birthday. Greg was taking her climbing in the US. We never heard from either again. Well until today.”

Alice and jasper told Antonio about how the came to know Hermione, and then what happened to her after that. (A/NThe story of how the Cullen’s have gotten to know Hermione is in passed chapters, in the first few I think)

“I’m glad she has you and your family. You have shown her the right track. Greg was also a vegetarian, but he said while he worked he had to feed in privet, it was not acceptable for him. He told us that he made his eyes red.”

“Thank you for this information. It will help us a lot. We may know this man.,” said Alice before walking away to tell the others about the information she had fount out.

Antonio watched as Hermione drove the car back to where they all stood the stands where now almost empty.

Jacob had gone over to the car to help them both out.

Before long, Jamie was running to me.

“Daddy, that was amazing. I went really fast,” he said still hyped up

“I saw you Jamie. Go and tell your mother about it, while I talk to mss granger.” with that I watched as Jamie ran over to my wife.

“I heard everything uncle” came Hermione’s soft voice.

“We looked for you for years. I cannot believe we where so blind. No as I look at you, I see my little sister. You have her curls, and facial structure.” I say studying the girls’ facial structure. Her eyes hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses she had had on from the being of the race.

“Thank you, I am glad to now have a proper name. To know where my magic came from,” she says smiling

“Of course. I’m sorry for the way my son…”

“He never did, he was always kind to me. Maybe deep down we both knew. We just could not figure out what brought us together.” She replied quickly,

“Maybe so.” I agreed

“What is wrong with Jamie? I cannot think of anything. He is a wonderful little boy.” I looked at the young woman in front of me; I knew she already loved her little cousin

“We do not know. Saint Mungos and muggle hospitals cannot figure it out. We can only hope his body will heal. I was wondering…” I started before she cut me off

“I would love too… I can read minds,” she laughed

A/N I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I done my best on it. Next chapter will be the res of the holidays and the trip Hermione has getting to Hogwarts the chapter after will be seeing everyone again. Then that will be the end of this story. Please review

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