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Chapter Five

The One with the New Boyfriend

The One with the New Boyfriend


“YOU’RE LATE!” a booming voice broke through from the back of the change room. I walked into the change rooms to see four half naked boys staring back at me, one of them being my brother.

“Geez, James put on some clothes,” I grinned, “I just came to pick up my new uniform; you said you ordered me one?”

“Yes, you were supposed to come early,” he scolded, “Where have you been?”

“I was-” I started, my breath hitched as I saw Sirius coming out of the store room, with just his pants on, my eyes gazed at his perfectly toned, upper body.

“It’s rude to stare, Potter,” Sirius grinned, he set down the trunk he was carrying on the floor, “And you’re drooling.”

“Am not,” I defended, finally finding my voice, I turned back to face James who was also frowning at me, “What?”

“Stop checking him out,” James ordered, he picked up my new uniform from the bench and threw it over to me. I was still too astounded by Sirius’ body to do anything productive; I had forgotten to extend my hands to catch the uniform. It hit my chest and fell on the floor.

“Oh,” I stuttered, before I had the chance to pick it up, Sirius walked over to me and picked up my uniform, and handed it over.

“Here,” he smiled. My eyes wandered again down his body, I could feel myself going red. His body was barely an inch away from mine –

James grabbed me roughly by the shoulder and pulled me away from him, “Get that close to her again, and I’ll knock you out,” he snapped at Sirius. Sirius grinned and walked away, James looked at me, “Are you okay?”

“Uh – yeah,” I nodded, “I’ll meet you out on the field,” I said quickly. I ran out of the boys change room and headed into the girls, “Hey,” I said to Aggie, a fourth year chaser. She smiled at me and continued to get changed. I quickly changed into my Quidditch robes and headed out onto the field. James stood there waiting for me. I ran over and stood next to Fabian. I felt someone come and brush up against me.

“So why were you late?” Sirius whispered, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I ignored him, and pulled my hair into a ponytail, “Oh, you can’t be angry at me, I wasn’t the one staring.”

“I wasn’t staring,” I hissed, stepping on his foot.

 “That didn’t hurt,” he chuckled, I could feel his warm breath against my cheek, I was scarcely aware of how close he was to me. I turned to face him, my face brushed against his chest. Yeah, I wasn’t that tall. He looked down at me with a smile playing on his face.

 “BLACK!” James yelled, as the entire team turned to face us, “ARE YOU LISTENING?”

 “James, would you calm down- we’re going to win,” Sirius said, ignoring his death stare, “We always win.”

 “Well, this year I’m captain-” James started angrily.

 “You were captain last year,” Sirius reminded him, the team chuckled, with James looking more infuriated by the minute, “And we won last year.”

 “By the skin of our teeth,” James snapped, he was growing red.

 “By six hundred points!” Sirius grinned, he let go of me. James seemed to have calmed down a bit. Sirius walked over next to him, “Team,” he said trying to keep a straight face, “Our captain… James Potter… has clearly lost his mind-”

 “Sirius!” James growled, Sirius laughed and mounted his broom, and soared off. The rest of the team followed, leaving James on the ground. I could see the scowl on James’ face as I lifted off. James released the balls and then mounted his own broom.

By the end of the practice, with dinnertime approaching, James’ face had turned completely red from all the yelling. Everyone landed on the ground and huffed as they entered the change rooms. I stayed behind to help James pack up the balls.

He looked at me, his face turning sour, “You pull any more of those dives again-”

 “I wasn’t hurt,” I reasoned, “I caught the snitch.”

He sighed. “I’ve noticed you don’t hang around Kate anymore, something happen?” he asked, closing the trunk.

 “Nothing you should know about,” I shrugged, “If you don’t like me doing the dives, how about I jump off the broom-”

James gave me a death stare; I smiled sweetly at him, “What’s going on between you and Sirius?” he asked.

 “Nothing,” I shrugged, “Nothing.”

ames seemed to have believed me, “Good, make sure it stays that way.” He picked up the trunk and walked away.


It was Friday. The end of the first week. Sheldon and I had already been out a couple of times. James made a huge fuss about it, how I was moving too fast. I was moving fine. We sat at breakfast and I watched as James and Sirius were in a sulky mood. Lovers’ quarrel, probably. I sat across from them and Sheldon sat beside me. He whispered into my ear, I laughed and ruffled his blonde hair.

James exchanged glances with Remus, who smiled.

 “I’m ready puke,” Sirius said, looking over at me and Sheldon.

I stuck my tongue out at him and continued eating my breakfast.

 “That’s not very lady-like,” Sirius scolded.

 “Well maybe I’ll tell everyone what you did last night – that wasn’t very lady-like either?” I snapped at him. I didn’t know why, but he was really starting to get on my nerves lately.

have to be lady-like,” Sirius burped, “I’m not a lady.”

“You’re not a man either are you?” I said, looking disgusted.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he replied, narrowing his eyes at me.

 “That you’re an animal, doofus,” I grinned.

“That’s not what you said when we slept together,” Sirius smirked playfully.

“What?!” James exclaimed.

 “I’m joking,” Sirius, said looking alarmed at the response.

Sheldon grinned, “I have to go to the library to return some books; see you in Charms,” He kissed me lightly on the lips and left.

 “I don’t like him,” James said.

 Remus cleared his throat, “But you’re not going out with him Prongs,” he said.

 “He wishes he was, I told you he was gay,” Sirius sniggered. James whacked him on the head, “Ow!” he shrieked, rubbing the back of his head.

 “He’s in Hufflepuff – “

 “So?” Hayley asked.

 “They’re all pansies!” James shrieked, “They’re not brave or smart or even cunning!”

 “Would you rather me go out with Sheldon or Snape?”

  “Sheldon,” James muttered under his breath.

 “How about Sheldon or me?” Sirius asked, “Adding the fact that I’m all mature and into commitment.”

 “I suppose Sirius,” James shrugged.

Sirius grinned proudly.

 “Me or Sirius?” Remus asked, rounding up on James.

 “Remus,” James said without even thinking.

 “What?” Sirius cried, “Why him?”

James shrugged, “Because he wouldn’t be sleeping with someone else.”




Remus nodded in agreement.

 “Neither would I!” Sirius said, slightly hurt by the comments.

James tried to keep a straight face, “By me saying on the very slightest that you can sleep with my baby sister doesn’t mean you can, Padfoot; plus you know the rules.

 “Not very good ones,” Sirius muttered under his breath.

 “What was that Padfoot?” he asked.

Sirius shook his head.

James eyed Sirius, “We better head off to class, or it’ll look like we were late on purpose.”

 “Yeah cause we never do that…” Remus muttered.


Sirius’ POV

We walked nosily into Charms. James and Lily were arguing about goblins, with Remus telling them to be quiet, and me yelling at the top my lungs about my thumb.

 “Just shush!” Remus yelled.

 “We weren’t that loud,” James scoffed.

 “Not that loud? My ear drums just dropped out of my butt,” Remus snapped, he took a seat between me and James.

 “Really?” Hayley said in mock excitement. She sat in the table in front of us with Sheldon on one side and Kate on the other. Sheldon scowled at me. The guy was so jealous of me.

Remus stuck his tongue out at Hayley, “Yes, with these two with me all day anything could happen.”

 “Hi Sheldon,” I said batting my eyelashes at him.

He gave me a death stare; Hayley pulled him around to face the front, holding his hand tightly under the table.

 “Pssst,” I hissed, “Pssst… Hayley…”

She spun around to face me, “WHAT?” she hissed back.

 “I think your boyfriend’s cute,” I grinned, “But kind of a pansy.”

Sheldon spun around, “What’s your problem?”

 “I just like you too much,” I said giggling, I could see Remus and James holding back their laughs.

 “Well, just leave us alone,” he hissed venomously, “Black.”

 “Monk,” I snapped back.

 “Sirius,” Remus nudged me, “Leave them alone.”

I stuck my tongue out at him.

It was a Saturday morning; I had no work, no dates and best of all it was sunny outside. A perfect Hogwarts day. I sat up on my bed, dreaming about breakfast, to find Hayley sitting at my feet. I jumped a little.

She giggled, “Morning, sleepy head,” she grinned, she was already fully dressed, “Up so early?”

I grinned nervously, pulling my covers up to me chin, “You know? Saturdays…”

Hayley smiled and then looked back over at James who was trying to brush his hair, “I don’t know why you bother, it looks fine messy.”

 “Thanks,” James muttered throwing his comb onto the floor, he turned to me, “Get up, we’re going to Hogsmead, and guess who’s coming?”

“Me?” I guessed dully, he shook his head, “Hayley?” he shook his head again, “Remus-“

“No, you idiot, Evans!” he screeched.

I was slightly alarmed by James’ voice, “Alright, but why do I have to tag along?”

 “Because, it’s not really a date, they need to discuss the Christmas Ball,” Hayley said, chuckling.

“But it’s the next best thing,” James grinned.

Hayley rolled her eyes; she got off my bed and extended her hand out to me, I stared at it blankly. I noticed what she was wearing, a miniskirt which revealed her legs beautifully. I looked back at her face, my eyes lingering a bit too long on her chest, she grinned at me, I suppose she had gotten used to me checking her out, “Sirius? Are you okay?” I didn’t hear her or had pretended not to, “Sirius! You want me to help you up or not?”

 “Huh?” I said dumbfounded, I was to hold her hand as she was trying to pull me up, “Oh yeah.” I got up too quickly and bumped into her.

 “OW! Sirius!” She yelped, holding her toe and hopping around on the spot.

 “I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed. I’m so stupid!

 “It’s okay,” She said, “I’ll wait for you guys in downstairs- hurry up.”

I watched her leave. I reminisced back to the other night, the playful grin on her face as I pulled her closer to me. And then I remember James’ angry face behind her. Oh how I loved truth or dare.

Around half an hour later James and me were all set to go, we raced each other down the stairs, and I had won, as James hadn’t realised we were racing until I yelled “I win!”

 “Finally,” Lily huffed, “Can we get going now?”

James shrugged; I suppose he was trying to act cool. She rolled her eyes. We walked out of the common room, with James and Hayley in front and Lily, Remus and me tagging along behind them.

 “Which way are we going?” Remus asked. James shrugged again.

 “Maybe I should have asked Sheldon to come along,” Hayley said, a bit to herself than to anybody else. I bit back the urge to say something about Sheldon or to find him and punch him. But- wow, she looked nice today. Her black hair flowed down her back, she wore a light green top with a denim skirt. I looked dreamily at her legs as she walked alongside James, annoying him and occasionally getting him worked up. She barely reached his shoulders and had to walk a little faster to keep up with him. I chuckled when I heard James complaining she was too skinny and then hearing her complain that James was just too big.

 “I am perfectly fine,” James snapped as we entered the Three Broomsticks.

 “You’re head’s a bit big though,” Lily whispered. James pretended he hadn’t heard that. He did that to a lot of the things Lily said about him.

 “I don’t know why I’m here; I’m not a prefect or a head,” I said, deciding whether or not I were to take a seat, “I might go look around, I’ll meet you guys here in a hour?”

“Yeah, I might as well annoy Sirius for the day,” Hayley said.

 “If you can keep up,” I muttered.

 “I can too,” she said sticking out her tongue at me; she pushed me out of the store.

 “Where to?” I asked her.

 “I don’t know. What would you usually be doing now?” She asked.

 “Making out with some girl at school,” I replied casually. Stupid!

Hayley scrunched her nose in disgust, “Well since we’re not gonna make out – “

 “I want to ask you about something-”


I’m so stupid! She’s going out with someone!

 “Don’t worry,” I said. Probably wouldn’t be interested anyway.

 “Awww, c’mon Sirius, what is it?” Hayley begged.

Now what? God! Me and my stupid, big mouth! No, no - me and my stupid, beautiful big mouth.

 “It’s nothing,” I shrugged off.

 “I know it’s something! You can tell me, c’mon!” She smiled.

Stop being a wimp. Just do it!

I sighed, “I think I have feelings for you.”

She didn’t say anything for awhile, “Very funny Sirius – haha.”

“I’m being serious,” I said slightly annoyed.

“No, you’re being ridiculous, Sirius- trust me,” She snapped, “James would kill you.”

“If I like the girl, a lot, he would understand,” I said.

 “James doesn’t understand anything when it comes to me, if James didn’t mind I would love to go out with y– “ She stopped short, slightly panicked.

 “Really? You’d go out with me?” I asked, surprised, slightly relieved.

“Sirius, please, don’t make this any harder than it already is,” She said, “I can’t do this, I really can’t.”

I looked at her for a while, her hazel eyes bore into mine, before she could look away, I took a chance. I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. She didn’t move, after I few seconds - although it felt like hours - she pulled away. Her face was inches away from mine, our noses almost touching; I could feel her breathe on my cheek. Her hand suddenly whipped me across the face. I was startled, I stumbled backwards a few steps. I was sure that my face had betrayed me, and she could see my shock. I couldn’t tell if it was my eyes blurring or hers.

“Don’t you dare-” She whispered, her voice broke, “Don’t.”

 “I’m sorry,” I apologised, I reached for her hand.

 “Don’t touch me!” She snapped, snatching her hand away from me.

“Hayley, please!” I begged, she gave me one last look, and walked off, “HAYLEY!” I followed her down the street.

 “Don’t Sirius! Don’t follow me, don’t come near me,” She croaked, “Just… don’t.”



A/N: My story: i was sitting at starbucks, and i logged on to see if the chapter four had been validated. it had. i checked my reviews - usually i dont get alot, but i checked nonetheless.. the page uploaded - very slowly - i started grinning madly and laughing excitedly, as i answered the review, the guy sitting opposite me gave me a look as did most people in store - and as i write this i'm incredibily chipper, which is no doubt annoying the people im chatting to on msn... but anyway.. that is my story of how you reviewers made my sunday. So make my day again and please review :) love you guys <3

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