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Officially Insane by dream_BIG
Chapter 1 : Officially Insane
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Heyy, everyone! I edited this...again. 
Just a little, though. Not as obsessively as last time :)
But, yeah. It's sort of different. Just a little.
You know what? Never mind. 
Just read... (drumrolls...)
MY FIRST EVER ONE-SHOT (yes, all caps are
Thankeee :))
By the way...I've got nothing against peaches. Promise. So don't get offended or anything :)

I sighed happily as I looked at the bustling crowd at Platform 9 ¾. This was my last year at Hogwarts. The last year I would go on the Hogwarts Express, with its scarlet steam and memory – filled compartments. The last year I would walk through the halls of the most amazing place on earth.

Man. Life sucks.

“Lily!” My best friend Alice McKimmons nearly knocked me flat with her hug.

“Hey Alice,” I laughed, hugging her back.

“So, how’s our new Head Girl doing?”

“Very well, thank you.” I giggled. “I wonder who Head Boy is.” I added.

Alice shrugged and looped her arm through mine, steering me towards the train. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

“I just hope it’s not…” I muttered. I didn’t get to finish my sentence, thanks to someone’s very loud dulcet tones squealing my name. I had about three seconds to cower before I was jumped on by Amy Gibbons, my other best friend.


 “OI! GEROFF ME, YOU FREAKISH CHILD!!” I yelled, staggering under her added weight.

“LILY, LILY, LILY, LILEEEEE!!” She sang. Right in my ear, might I add. My poor, poor hearing. I guess this is time to say goodbye to my fifth sense. Bye-bye.

Finally, she allowed me access to my lungs (thank you, God!), and I gulped in some grateful breaths of sweet, fresh air.

“Missed you.” I managed to smile at her. “How was France?”

“Oh, my God, it was amazing. Paris is so beautiful! I brought you presents.” Amy said excitedly, looking around for her trunk. “Oh, it’s on the train.”

“Speaking of which, it’s going to leave without us unless we get on right now. I don’t know about you, but I’m not too keen on missing my last year at Hogwarts.” Alice said. Sure enough, the train started moving. Screaming and laughing, the three of us jumped onto it. We were still laughing as we made our way towards a compartment. I flopped into my seat.

“Don’t you have to go meet Head Boy?” Amy asked, breathless.

“Not yet.” I gasped.

“Well, hello there, ladies.” I heard a voice say. I turned around, my features immediately morphing into an expression of extreme dislike.

“Go away.” I snarled, glaring at Sirius Black. He was the most annoying, conceited, arrogant prat at the school. Right after bighead Potter, of course. I couldn’t stand the two.

“Whoa there, Evans. Don’t get your knickers in a twist.” He smirked at my outraged expression.

“Funny you should bring up knickers.” I growled, pulling out my wand. Due to some unfortunate events, my knickers had ended up in the boy’s dormitories last year. Just the thought of Potter snogging my lacy black underwear gives me nightmares.“I still owe you a good hexing for the last time you stole mine.”

Sirius, yawned, checking his watch like he really couldn’t be concerned about such a trivial matter. He won’t be feeling the same way once his face gets hexed off! “Yes, and you can turn me into a slug later, but you have to go meet Head Boy.”

My eyes narrowed. “Since when have you started caring about being on time?” For the first time, I noticed that only three out of four Marauders were in the compartment. “And where’s Potter?”

“Well, it’s very heartwarming to know that you care about where he is. I’ll be sure to let him know that you missed him terribly next time I see him.” Sirius smirked. Again.

“Do you ever actually smile?” I muttered angrily, putting my wand back into my pocket.

“As a matter of fact, Lily flower, I do.” He smiled widely at me, flashing a set of white teeth. I burst out laughing.

“You look constipated!” I choked. Everyone joined in, even Sirius. If there was one redeeming quality about Sirius Black, it was that he was the most easygoing person I had ever met. He loved a good laugh, even when the joke was on him. In that way, he was a lot like Potter.

“Oh, crap, I gotta go.” I sighed, checking my watch. “Bye, see you later!” I called over my shoulder as I ran out of the compartment…right into someone’s chest.

Holy crap! Why are chests so hard? Oww, that hurt!

I started to fall backwards, but two, strong, steady hands caught the tops of my arms.

“Be careful there, Lily,” said a pleasant voice. My eyes narrowed again.

“Potter.” I snarled. “What are you doing here?” I wrenched my arms away from his hands.

“I was looking for you. We’re missing our Head Girl over at the Head’s compartment.” He smiled at me.

He smiled.

Oh, my god! Someone, call the presses! James Potter actually, genuinely smiled!

I must be dreaming.

I didn’t know he was capable of smiling.

“Don’t tell me you’re Head Boy.” I groaned, turned around and marching towards the Head’s compartment. Potter fell in step with me.

“I would, but I’d be lying.” He said, chuckling.

“How did you become Head Boy? You’ve gotten more detentions than half the student body!” I fumed, stomping into the Head’s compartment and sitting down with my arms folded across my chest. Potter sat down across from me.

This was weird. He wasn’t totally trying to intrude on my personal space, and we were having an actual conversation that did not include him asking me out, and me hexing him.


He grinned. “Well, Dumbledore is partly crazy, they say.”

“But why you? You’re not even Head Boy material.” I moaned.

“Hey. I’m not a total idiot. I get good grades. I’ve done some good things.” He said, not smiling anymore.

I snorted. “Yeah, right.”

“Lily, when will you take the time to forget what I did before and get to actually know me?” He asked in a low voice. I looked at him. His hazel eyes were piercing as they stared into my own.

Whoa, wait. His eyes – they’re hazel?

Wow. They’re pretty.

HOLY CRAP. I didn’t just think that! I DID NOT.

…okay, maybe I did.

Don’t tell anyone!

Aww, man! I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that peach this morning! It tasted weird. And now it’s affecting my brain! AUGH!!

“I do know you. And that’s why I don’t like you.”I looked away, slightly breathless. His eyes seemed as if they could stare right into my soul. It was a little disconcerting.

…no. Don’t say a word.

“People change.” He replied.

“Right.” I said sarcastically. “So, tell me, how many unsuspecting first years are you going to freak out this year?”

“I’m not fifteen anymore, Lily.” He said calmly.

“Whatever.” I stared out the window.

“Just give me a chance, Lily. You never know, you may even end up not hating me.” His voice got bitter at the end.

“NO, I WILL NOT GO OUT WITH YOU!” I screamed, pulling out my wand and flicking it upwards. He yelled in surprise as he got hoisted up by his ankle.

Aaah. This feels so much better.

“Calm down! I didn’t even ask you out!” He shouted, still suspended upside down by his ankle. He looked nervously at my wand, which was pointed at his face. I paused, rewinding a little. In my moment of confusion, he got out his wand, flicked it downwards, and managed to land gracefully on his feet.

No. Not gracefully. Just…he landed on his feet, okay? Instead of on his head, which I probably would have done.

“‘Just give me a chance, Lily?’” I quoted sourly.

“I meant, maybe we could be friends.” He elaborated, fixing his glasses and running his fingers through his hair. My teeth clenched. I hated when he did that.

“Stop doing that!” I cried. Potter looked at me warily, his hand frozen on his head.

“Doing what?”

“Messing up your hair to make it look all windswept, like you just came off your broom! Do you think it looks good, sticking up in fifty different directions?! Well, it doesn’t! You look like you’ve just been struck by lightning!” I cried.

“Erm, actually, it’s more of a nervous habit, really.” He muttered, looking scared. His hand jumped to his hair again as I looked at him. He meekly lowered it.

“Oh.” I said, sitting down again. I really didn’t have another response. All these years, and I had never known that Potter messed up his hair when he was nervous. He was right; maybe I didn’t know him.

“I didn’t know it annoyed you so much. I’ll try to stop.” His voice was quiet.

“No, it’s alright. I’m sorry I exploded at you.” I tried saying as politely as I could.

He stared at me. “Are you apologizing? To me?” He looked awestruck.

“Uh, yeah. What’s the big deal?”

“Well, you’ve never done that before. Mostly it’s just ‘No, Potter, I won’t go out with you, leave me alone, I HATE you!’ Then you jinx me.” He still looked awestruck.

“Um, yeah.” I said awkwardly, nervously tucking my hair behind my ear. Well, this was a first. I felt bad for doing all that to Potter. He sensed my discomfort.

“It’s alright, I didn’t mind. Though I must say, I like this Lily so much better.” He smiled at me, his gold – tinted hazel eyes sparkling behind the frames of his glasses. He looked so cheerful; I couldn’t help but smile back, a tiny one. He stared.

“You smiled at me.” He breathed, still staring at my face. He sat back, looking dazed. “Lily Evans smiled at me.” He said to himself.

My brow furrowed. Was I really that mean to him? He didn’t seem so bad…


Stupid peach! I’m never eating them again! Next, I’ll be ‘lost in his eyes’, or whatever. Ha. Like that would ever happen.

“Oh, no!” He suddenly sat up, looking at his watch. “The prefects will be here in ten minutes. I have no idea what to tell them!”

“Don’t worry, I got it covered.” I pulled out a stack of schedules I had made over the summer and handed them to James. Wait. Potter. Not James.

Oh, my god, what’s going on?! I’m being civil to James Potter, I just smiled at him, and I think his eyes sparkle when he smiles. I HATE PEACHES!

“Lily Evans, you are really the most amazing person I know.” He breathed, looking through the papers. He glanced up and beamed at me, making me blush. Wait. I BLUSHED? I never, EVER blush in front of James Potter! Not unless I’m turning red with anger!! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?!

“Um, Lily?” He asked cautiously.

“I’M NEVER EATING PEACHES AGAIN!” I yelled. He stared at me.

“O-okay. Er, you were muttering to yourself earlier.” He looked at me with concern. I turned an even deeper shade of red.

“You know, Lily, talking to yourself is the first stage of madness.” Ja – POTTER! Potter said matter – of – factly.

“Shut up!” I laughed, slapping his arm. He grinned back, looking partly shocked. He ducked his head and looked at the schedules again. Did I just flirt with James effing Potter? No. I DID NOT just flirt with him. No, no, no! That’s not allowed! I’m not supposed to be flirting with him, I HATE him! Oh, my GAWD! Get me to a mental hospital at once! I need medical help, right now! That peach is doing things to my brain! Next, it’ll be affecting my nerves!! AUGH!! PEACHES ARE EEEEEEEEEEVIL!

“You’re doing it again.” He murmured, still looking through the papers.

“Every day, I get closer and closer to madness.” I sighed, shaking my head.

“I don’t know. I think you’re already there.” He grinned at me.

“OI! I resent that!” I crossed my arms and glared at him. But I really wasn’t mad. Potter was actually pretty nice and funny. He wasn’t too bad.

You know what? Just pretend I didn’t say that.

He chuckled. “Joking, Lily. We all know you’re the brightest witch in Hogwarts.”

“Thanks.” I smiled at him. Oh, my god, that’s twice now. Merlin, help me.

That’s it. I am officially swearing off of peaches. For good.

“So, do you think we could be friends?” James asked hopefully, after he had recovered from his shock.

“Yeah.” I said thoughtfully. “I think we can manage.” As soon as I said that, Potter’s whole face lit up in a blinding smile. I stared, an answering smile spreading across my own face. I had never noticed before, but Potter was actually really, REALLY good – looking. Heck, who am I kidding? I had noticed before. But I had never really appreciated that.

I think James Potter is good – looking. This is not going to turn out well.

We were still smiling goofily at each other when there was a knock on the door. I jumped, breaking eye contact with Potter. I then realized that I had been staring into his eyes. STARING INTO HIS EYES!! Like, I liked him or something! What’s wrong with me?!

“Come in!” I called, trying to ignore the fact that my cheeks were now tinged with pink.

Prefects filed in, filling up the carriage. James got up from his seat and sat down next to me. I mean, Potter got up from his seat and sat down next to me. They looked expectantly at us.

“Hello. I’m Lily Evans, your new Head Girl, and this is Potter, our new Head Boy.” I smiled at them.

“James Potter.” He added.

“Right. So, this year, we’ve decided that we’re going to split up the prefect duties a little differently. We’ve assigned partners from different houses together that can patrol the corridors.”

“We can all do with a little House unity.” James interrupted, smiling at everyone. I few girls smiled back dopily, sighing and staring at him with dazed expressions. I glared at them before talking again.

“Exactly. So, one day every week, you have to patrol from seven to ten. We’ll do midnight patrols and Fridays.”

“Really?” James asked me, looking horrified.

“Yes, really.” I smiled tightly at him, glaring. He sighed.

“So, here are your schedules. After this, you’re free to go.” I smiled at everyone.

“And if you have a problem with your partner, well, suck it up.” James added, handing out papers.

“Right. We’re not making any changes, so behave.” I looked at them sternly. There was much angry muttering as papers were handed out, but the prefects left without a single complaint.

Friday patrols?” Potter turned to me as soon as the last person left.

“Yes, Potter, Friday patrols. Deal with it.”

“When can I have fun?” He pouted, looking very much like a small child.

“You’ll manage.” I rolled my eyes at him. There was a knock on the door, and Professor McGonagall stepped in warily. She seemed completely blown away by the fact that I wasn’t standing over a severely hexed James Potter with my wand drawn out and an angry expression on my face.

“Potter? You’re still alive?” She asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Yep!” He answered cheerfully. “She only hexed me once, smiled at me twice, and even flirted a little.” He beamed, and I scowled.

“It was the evil peach.” I muttered, though not loud enough for anyone to hear. Don’t want them worrying too much about my mental health.

“Really?” Professor McGonagall turned to me. “Are you sure you’re Lily Evans?” She asked.

“Of course I am!” I said indignantly.

“Really? What form does your patronus take?”She looked at me suspiciously.

“A doe.” I answered right away.

“Well, you are Lily Evans. What’s this Potter’s telling me? You smiled at him? And flirted?” She asked disbelievingly.

“It was an accident.” I scowled, crossing my arms.

“Anyway, Professor, what’s up?” James asked before she could grill me further. I sent him a grateful look and he half – smiled back.

“Well, I just came to talk about your new Head’s dormitory.” She was met with complete silence.

“I have to live with him?!” I shrieked, standing up.

“I get to live with her?” James asked at the same time, looking excited.

“Yes. The Heads share a dormitory. It includes a common room, a small kitchen, two rooms, one for each, and a bathroom.” She prattled.


“Are you honestly going to make two teenagers, with teenage hormones, live alone in a dorm without adult supervision?” I asked incredulously.

“We expect you to be responsible. As I already mentioned, you have two separate rooms, although there is one bathroom.”

“Wait. A bathroom? As in like, one bathroom for the two of us to share?” I asked slowly.

“Brilliant deduction, Evans.” Professor said dryly.

“Uh-oh.” James muttered.

“But – Professor – I mean – I can’t SHARE a bathroom…I don’t want to live...UGH!” I spluttered.

She smiled at me as I sat down, looking livid. “You guys will learn to deal. Anyway, I don’t care what you do in there, I just don’t want to hear about it, okay?” She asked, looked at us sternly. We both blushed.

“Trust me, professor, all you’ll hear is horror stories.” James joked weakly.

“I don’t know about that.” Her eyes sparkled. “The room is behind the painting of the dancing witch and wizard, and the password is Amour. Good day to you two.” She smiled at the pair of us and left.

“Amour? Where are they coming up with that stuff?” James asked, shaking his head.

“It means love in French.” I said quietly, sitting down.

“I know.” James replied. “I speak it.”

“You speak French?” I asked in disbelief.

“Oui, je parle francais.” James, I mean, Potter replied. I stared at him utter astonishment.

Really?” I asked.

“Yes, Lily, there’s no need to look so shocked.” He laughed.

“You’re serious?” I asked, barking out a dazed sort of laugh.

“No, Lily, that’s my best friend. You really should learn to tell us apart. I mean, you’ve only known us for seven years now.” He shook his head in mock disappointment at my stupidity.

I laughed, relaxing in my seat. Potter smiled back in a stunned sort of way.

“You really should laugh more.” He said, after my giggles had subsided.

“What?” I cocked my head to one side.

“You should laugh more. When you laugh, your whole face glows and your eyes dance. It’s beautiful.” James smiled at me again, looking a tad bit nervous. Usually, when he complimented me, I hexed him. This time, however, I blushed and looked down, my heart hammering in my chest.


And stop smirking at me, god damn it!

“And if you’re going to be friends with me, you have to learn how to deal with compliments.” He added, lifting up my chin with a gentle finger. I slapped his hand away, causing him to chuckle.

“There’s the Lily I’ve grown up knowing.” He leaned back and put his hands behind his head.


Have you ever noticed that when you’re totally NOT looking forward to something, the time flies even faster? Like, the whole universe and time spectrum or whatever is out to get you or something? Well, that happens to me all the time. Take now, for example. The sorting finished with indecent haste, and even the feast was faster than usual. Before I knew it, we were told to head back to our dormitories.

Our dormitory. As in, mine and Potter’s.

Someone, help me.


We walked to the portrait together, and I couldn’t help but smile at the dancing witch and wizard who stopped dancing when they saw us and waved energetically.

“Amour,” James said in a perfect French accent. The door swung open, revealing the most beautiful common room I had seen. It looked a lot like the Gryffindor common room, but there were more colors, used together to make the room look fabulous. There were two armchairs by the fire, two sofas, and a table with two chairs for us to work together. There was also a bookshelf, which I was surprised to see Potter walking towards as soon as he spotted it. I didn’t know the bloke liked to read. Heck, I didn’t even know he could read.

“You read?” I asked jokingly as he slid a book out of the shelf and started flipping through the pages.

“Come on, Lily, I’m not only second in the class because of my outrageously good looks, you know.” He looked up and flashed me a smile.

“Right. I’m guessing that you’re hiding those outrageously good looks behind that ugly mask of yours, because I can’t seem to see what you’re talking about.” I said sarcastically.

“Har, har.” He rolled his eyes.

“Really, I mean, I have no idea why girls follow you around. You’re funny, yes, but Black looks much better than you. Don’t tell him that, it’ll get to his already over – inflated head, but it’s true.” I stated.

He frowned. “Girls follow him around too. And I’m not that ugly, alright?” He sounded a teensy bit hurt, so I backtracked a little.

“Well, duh, you have to look at least halfway decent to have that many girls after you.” I waved my hand vaguely.

He looked cheerful again. “Exactly. It’s not all popularity you know. Otherwise Peter would also have giggling chicks stalking him.”

I laughed. “Doesn’t that get annoying?”

“Doesn’t what get annoying?” He asked absently, sitting down on one of the armchairs and flipping through the pages of his book again.

“Girls. Stalking you.” I sat down on the other armchair with a book of my own. It was a muggle book, Romeo and Juliet. You’ve probably never heard of.

“Hmm, a little. Especially when they all giggle at your least funny comments, like ‘Pass the butter, Sirius.’”

“That’s not even mildly entertaining. Those wierdos.” I wrinkled my nose at their weirdness.

He nodded. “Exactly. I tell him to pass the butter and they fall all over themselves shrieking madly. I don’t know how they think that’s attractive.”

I cocked my head, looking up from the pages of my book. “What do you think is attractive?”

He smiled at me in a I – know – something –you – don’t look. “Red hair, green eyes, amazing body, Head Girl, feisty temper, and incredible personality.” He immediately rattled this off, not even the least bit abashed.

I blushed deeply, looking down at my book again. “Those are some pretty specific standards.” I murmured, glancing shyly up at him from underneath my eyelashes. I was still bright red.

I’m not doing any of this! It’s all because of the evil peach!

“Yeah well, the heart wants what it wants.” He shrugged. He gave me another heart – stopping smile, along with a long, piercing look.

Wait a second. Since when did I think he had a heart – stopping smile? Did someone slip some kind of potion into my pumpkin juice? WAS I CONFUNDED? Oh, my god, I needed to get some medical help, and immediately. What if I was imperiused? Accidentally swallowed a love potion?

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re falling for him.

I was speechless. Yeah, that phrase, the inconceivable one right above this sentence? That came from inside my head. Great. Now I’m hearing voices. I’m officially going insane. I’ll have to leave Hogwarts and get shut up in a loony bin for the rest of my life! I’M TOO YOUNG TO BE BARKING MAD, I TELL YOU!

“Lily? Earth to Lily? You’re muttering to yourself. Again. Are you feeling okay?” James face swam into view right in front of mine, and my gaze focused on his concerned/amused expression.

“NO, I AM NOT OKAY!” I shrieked, grabbing the front of his robes and making him jump in surprise. “I’M HEARING VOICES IN MY HEAD AND I’M OFFICIALLY GOING INSANE! I’M TOO YOUNG TO BE INSANE!” I was shaking him so hard that his glasses slipped off his nose.

“Lily, calm down. You’re not going crazy, I promise. Now, take deep breaths.” He instructed, looking downright terrified at my wild expression. I looked into his hazel eyes and took deep breaths. The deep breaths didn’t help, but gazing into his wide eyes did. They were so beautiful, calming, relaxing. I realized that our faces were just inches apart, and he was gazing right back into my eyes. My eyes widened and my lips fell slightly open. My heart started beating wildly in my chest and my grip loosened on his shirt. His eyes flitted down to my lips, which suddenly felt really dry. So my tongue darted out, moistening them, and he suppressed a groan and leaned closer. Closer, closer…closer. Our lips were nearly touching when he hesitated, not sure if this was what I wanted. My hands released his robes, resting lightly on his chest. I was completely lost in his simmering golden gaze. Without thinking, my eyes drifted shut as I closed the small distance between us.

Our lips barely brushed when there was a loud crack. I jumped away from James, my face immediately turning as bright red as my hair.

“Good evening, Mister Potter and Miss Evans,” said a house – elf in a very squeaky voice. “My name is Trinky, and I will be the house – elf at your service if you should need anything.” She tactfully ignored the fact that she had basically just walked in on us kissing. Me, kissing James Potter. The reality crashed down on me, and I blushed again.

“Er…uh – well…thanks, Trinky.” I stuttered, still embarrassed. James looked sideways at me, and my cheeks flamed again.

“If you ever need my services, please, don’t hesitate to call my name. I’ll be at your service.” She squeaked.

“Yeah, er, thanks. We’ll keep that in mind.” James responded, smiling at the house – elf. I smiled at her, too, and she bowed before vanishing with another loud crack.

“So, did the voices in your head drive you to doing that?” James teased, looking at me with an eyebrow cocked.

I blushed again. “No. It’s your fault for taking advantage of me in my moment of insanity. You know I’m not mentally stable right now.”

“Hey! You kissed me.”

Almost kissed you. Thank god for that house – elf.” I shuddered dramatically.

“Right. So, anyway, before you kissed me, which by the way, I would love to do again, what did your voice say that made you freak out like that?” He asked.

I blushed. “You don’t want to know.”

He grinned evilly at me, coming closer. “Oh, yes I do.”

I backed away, glaring. “No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I do.”

“No, you don’t.” My back hit the wall and James stepped right in front of me, effectively blocking any means of escape. His hands came to rest on either side of my face, boxing me in.


“Yes, I do.” He pressed me up against the wall and breathed the words seductively.

I glowered at him, pretending like his expression and his voice weren’t completely driving me insane. “Don’t make me hex you, Potter.”

“You can’t, your wand is lying on the table.” He whispered in my ear, sending goosebumps all down my back.

“Dammit.” I growled. Then, I took a sharp intake of breath as his lips brushed against my neck. His hands rested lightly on my hips. His mouth moved down, moving lightly across my skin but leaving my skin burning wherever he touched it. He left a trail of kisses all along my collarbones, making my breath turn to gasps.

I pushed him away. “Stop it.” I puffed. “I’ll tell you.”

He grinned, although there was a little bit of disappointment in his eyes. “So, what did the voice say?” He prompted, still pressed up against me.

“The voice thinks I’m falling for you.” I said tightly, glaring at him and crossing my arms.

His eyes got huge and he momentarily looked absolutely shocked. “What?” He asked.

“Are you deaf?” I muttered irritably.

“Well, are you?” He asked, recovering slightly but still blown away.

“Am I what?” I snapped.

“Falling for me.”

“NO!” I said defiantly. “Definitely NOT! The voice is bloody stupid, doesn’t know anything.”

Potter gave me a long, searching look with his amazing hazel eyes and finally smiled at me. “One day you’re realize that the voice is your heart, trying to reason with your brain.” He said quietly, still surveying me in a way that reminded me of Dumbledore.

I stared. “Did you just say something deep?” I whispered. Seriously, I had no idea what he meant, but I could tell it was deep.

See, I told you I’m smart.

“Yes. But you’re not listening to what I said.” He said seriously.

“Yeah, I heard. You said ‘One day you’re realize that the voice is your heart, trying to reason with your brain.’” I said, unnerved a bit.

“Yes, you heard me, but you didn’t listen.” He insisted.

I frowned. “What’s the difference?”

He sighed, shaking his head. “The same difference between looking and seeing, Lily. Honestly, and I thought you were smart.”

“Hey! I’m not having a great, day, alright?” I defended myself.  

“Fine. Sleep on it. Figure it out.” He smiled at me again and started walking towards the door labeled with his name. “Good night.” I stared after him as he vanished into his room, absolutely mystified.


I figured out what he was talking about.

I think he’s right.

Merlin, help me.


 “ALICE! AMY! HELP!!” I screeched, flying into my old dormitory. Alice looked up from her toes, which she was painting, and Amy came running out of the bathroom in her facial mask, wand drawn.

“What, what’s wrong?” Amy cried, brandishing her wand. I chuckled for a moment at the sight of her, but then realized my predicament and stopped laughing.

“I need your help. I am in serious shit.” I said solemnly, looking at my two best friends.

“OH MY GOD! You’re pregnant, aren’t you?” Alice screeched, upending her bottle of nail polish.

“No, I am NOT pregnant!” My cheeks flamed as I cleaned up her mess.

“Thank Merlin. What is it, then?” Amy asked, looking immensely relieved.

“Well…well – I…uh…I think…” I stammered, not wanting to say it out loud. That would just make it too real.

“Spit it out, Lils.” Alice looked worried.

“You guys are not going to believe it.” I hedged.

“Lily, seriously, tell us.” Amy looked even more worried than Alice.

“Fine.” I sighed heavily. “I think that…maybe….possibly…I might just….a little….um…. IthinkIfancyJamesPotter.” I said the last part extremely fast, and the words blended together a bit.

“Bless you.” Alice said, looking anxious, while Amy wrinkled her nose and said “Come again?”

“I…I…” I took a deep breath. “I like James Potter.”

Dead. Silence.

Oh, god, get ready for the explosion…three…two…

“WHAT?!” They both screeched, looking positively alarmed. I cringed and bowed my head a little.

“Um…I like James Potter?” I repeated meekly.

“WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO LILY EVANS?!” Amy sat down in front of me and grabbed my shoulders, shaking them madly.

“Jeez, Amy, cut the drama.” I muttered, pushing her arms away.

“Seriously, Lily. Are you feeling alright? Like, in the brain area?” Alice shoved Amy out of the way and took her spot, assuming a very motherly expression.

“I’m perfectly sane, thank you very much.” I sniffed. I decided to leave out the voice in my head. Don’t want to worry them too much.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Amy asked, scrunching down next to Alice and also peering at my face. That’s when I broke down.

“N-no, I’m n-not okay!” I blubbered, tears streaming down my face. “I c-come to Hogwarts, expecting another n-normal year, and e-everything changes! S-suddenly, James is all n-n-nice to me, and I realize he’s g-got bloody g-g-gorgeous eyes and a b-bloody gorgeous body and h-he’s bloody g-g-gorgeous, and he’s n-not too much of a p-p-prat, and t-then I almost k-kissed him and then he was k-k-kissing my n-neck and I d-didn’t want h-him to s-stop! And – and then, I heard s-something in m-my h-h-h-head telling me t-that I was f-f-falling f-for h-h-him! A-and he m-made m-me tell h-him, he was k-kissing m-my neck and h-he basically told me I-it was my h-heart telling my mind that I l-liked him, and then I sl-slept on it, and I r-realized t-that I do l-like him, and W-WHAT AM I G-GOING TO D-DO?!?” I wailed, still spouting tears. Merlin, I am a mess. I’m going to need some major mental help after all this is over.

“Shh, shh, Lily, it’s okay. Hush, stop crying.” Alice pulled me into a hug and patted my back consolingly. I bawled into her shoulder, effectively ruining her shirt. Oops.

“B-but I…I l-like him! I’m not s-supposed to!” I sobbed.

“It’s not a bloody crime for a girl to fall for a guy! Now, stop crying, Lily, there’s nothing wrong with liking James Potter.” Amy said, leaping up. That girl really should cut back on the melodramatic.

“I – I guess not.” I mopped up my eyes while Alice went on patting my back. “I just…never thought it would be him, you know? That was one thing that I was absolutely sure of, and now that’s gone and changed.”

“You know, Lily, I always thought you and James would be perfect together. And now that he’s changed…well now I know that you guys would be perfect together.” Alice smiled at me.

“Thanks.” I smiled back. “But what am I going to do?”

“Do about what?” Amy asked blankly.

“Hello? Have I not just told you I fancy the pants off of James Potter? What am I supposed to do?” I asked frantically.

“I’ll TELL you what you should do! You march right over there, shaking that little arse of yours, and say –” Amy began heatedly.

“You will do what’s right, Lily. Just remember, you’re in Gryffindor because you have nerve.” Alice cut across.

I nodded slowly. I knew what I was going to do. “Thanks, guys. You’re the best! I love you!” I leaped up and started bounding towards the door….but no, Amy grabbed my arm and I bounded right into the bedpost.

“OW! Bloody hell!” I kneaded my forehead with my fist.

“Oh, no, you don’t! You can’t just run into James Potter’s arms looking like that!” Amy said, steering me into the bathroom and making me sit in front of her wide array of make – up.

“What?” I asked. Then I looked in the mirror. My eyes were still red and puffy from my waterworks display, and my hair…well let’s just say that I had a strong resemblance to Medusa. Oh, yeah. That bad.

“Exactly.” Amy said, taking in my horrified expression. “So I’m making you over!”

“NO!” I said loudly, getting up. “I’m not going there dressed like I just came off a runway!”

“Fine.” She pouted, folding her arms.

“But, if this works out, you can get me ready for my first date.” I said, immediately cheering her up.

“Yay!” She squealed. “Let me go pick out an outfit!” She pranced out of the bathroom.

“IF this works out!” I yelled after her. “IF!”

Sighing, I picked up my wand and performed a few spells, making myself look more like Lily Evans and less like Medusa.

I love being magical.

I then brushed my hair, put on some mascara, waved kisses to my girlfriends, and made my way back to my room.

Funny, my stomach was absolutely empty when I got here. Why is it suddenly full of butterflies?



I jumped and turned around, losing my balance and tripping over my feet. James caught me before I fell.

“Who trips over their own feet?” I fumed as he set me upright. “Seriously, it’s like even I’m out to get me, along with the rest of the world.”

James chuckled and said the password, making the portrait door swing open.

“So, where were you all day?” He asked, helping me through the door before I fell again.

“James, it’s only three o’clock.” I said lightly.

He stared at me. “What?” I asked self – consciously.

“You – you called me James.” He breathed.

“Um, yes, isn’t that your name?” I asked, perturbed.

“No, no you always call me Potter. This is the first time you’ve called me James.”

“Oh.” I cocked my head to one side. “Well, since I no longer hate you, I thought I might as well call you by your first name.”

He smiled widely. “So, did you think about what I said yesterday?” He asked, changing the topic. I gulped. Great, the butterflies were back. Yippee.

I took a deep breath, mentally steeling myself. You’re a Gryffindor, for crying out loud! Prove that you’ve got nerve, Evans!

I took a step closer, smiling at him. “Yes.”


“And what?” I took another step towards him. He looked confused.

“Well, what are you going to do about it?” He asked, slightly impatiently. I was right in front of him.

“This.” I said, and before I could chicken out, put my hand lightly on the side of his face and pressed my lips to his. He was completely motionless. He didn’t kiss me back , he just stood there. What the hell?

I pulled back, looking at him confusedly. “James?” I asked timidly, just a tad bit hurt. His eyes were wide, and absentmindedly, like he didn’t know what he was doing, he touched his lips. Then, his eyes rolled back in his head and he fell to the floor in a dead faint.

“HOLD SHIT!” I yelled, scrambling down to my knees and looking at him. “HOLY MOTHER FU –”

“What’s going on here?” I heard a voice say at the doorway. I looked up to see Sirius, Remus, Alice, and Amy looking at me.

“HE FAINTED!” I shrieked. “JUST LIKE THAT!” I was so shocked, I didn’t even realize that they were right there, and that there was no need to yell.

“What?” Sirius bounded over immediately and knelt by James’ head, right across from me. The worried expression on his face showed me just exactly how strong the friendship between James and Sirius was.

“He fainted.” I explained unnecessarily. The others grouped around us.

“What did you do?” Sirius asked me, looking angry.

“N – nothing.” I said shakily. “I just kissed him.”

“YOU WHAT?!” Sirius and Remus both yelped, looking at me.

“I kissed him.” I repeated in a quivery voice. “And then he just fainted!” Tears started streaming down my face.

“Lily, don’t cry.” Remus looked shocked and amused, but he said it gently.

“H-he hates m-me.” I sobbed. Great, this was my second meltdown in one day. I have serious problems.

“No, he doesn’t hate you. He was just shocked.” Sirius also looked amused.

“Why?” I mopped up my eyes.

“Well, you went from severely hating him to kissing him in the span of two days. That’s a bit of a shock for a guy that’s been in love with you since first year.” Sirius explained.

“Think about me.” I muttered. “I went from hating him with every pore in my body to falling for him in just two days.”

“True. Lily’s had a couple of breakdowns.” Amy said regretfully, patting me on the back.

“Lily?” James mumbled. He started moving, and Sirius waved his wand over us and put his finger on his lips, a mischievous look in his eyes. I realized that we were invisible.

“Mate, get up. You fell asleep on the floor.” Sirius said in a perfectly normal voice. James’ eyes opened.

“Lily?” He asked more clearly, sitting up and looking around for me.

“No, it’s Sirius, you dimwit.” He rolled his eyes.

James groaned when he looked at his best friend and lay back down again.

“Hey! At least pretend that you’re excited to see me!” Sirius cried indignantly, looking hurt.

“No, you just woke me up from the most amazing dream. I hate you.” James pouted.

“What happened?”

“Lily kissed me.” He sighed dreamily. “She had the softest lips. And she smelled like roses.”

I sniffed my hair. Hmm, I did smell like roses. That’s weird, considering I don’t even use rose – scented products.

“Mate, that’s never going to happen.” Sirius scoffed, though I could see the hints of a smirk playing at his lips. He just can't resist smirking.

“I know.” He looked so miserable. He was adorable when he was miserable. Actually, he was adorable all the time.

Sirius let him wallow in self – pity for a little while, before yelling. “APRIL FOOL!”

“It’s not even April, Sirius.” James sounded exasperated.

“That’s not the point! I just September fooled you, happy?”

“Not particularly. Unless you mean Lily actually did kiss me, and you’re just playing with my emotions.”

“EXACTLY!” Sirius yelled again. He waved his wand and we became visible again. James looked stunned, but then the most dazzling smile I had ever seen spread across his face when he looked at me. I smiled back, breathless.

“Lily.” He mumbled tenderly, sitting up and touching my face. I gazed into his eyes, not caring about how sappy we looked right now.

“And that’s our cue to leave. See ya!” Alice and Amy towed the boys out of the room and the door swung shut. I stared at him for a little while, but then got impatient. When was he going to bloody kiss me?

As if he heard what I was thinking, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. I sighed happily and leaned into the kiss, sliding my hands around his neck to hold him there, hopefully, forever.

Man, I love peaches.

“If I let you love me
be the one I adore
Would you go all the way
Be the one I'm looking for?”
-Adore, by Paramore

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