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Bangs and shouts shook Harry from his sleep. He sat up quickly, this time hitting his head on the Ron’s bunk. Fumbling in the dark, he pushed his glasses onto his face and stuck his head out the tent.

“Damn those Irish, other people are tryin to sleep” Sirius had clambered out his tent. He suddenly stopped his rant against the Irish supporters. His eyes widened as he stared at the night sky. Harry turned, and was shocked at what he saw. Hundreds of bodies floated in the air, spinning and flying through the sky. Some danced like sick marionettes with no strings. Fires blazed all over the forest. Curses lit up Harry's face. Some wizards were emerging from their tents, trying to stop the oncoming attackers. They were blasted out of the way. Ron appeared at Harry’s side, gasping at what he saw. Hermione’s mouth was open, screaming silently. Dozens of men, cloaked in black with masks on marched through the campsite, reeking havoc. Sirius quickly turned into a large black dog, and charged the men.

“SIRIUS” Harry screamed. Suddenly James appeared, beckoning for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to follow him.

“We need to move. Now!” Harry nodded as Sirius was pushed back by an invisible barrier created by one of the men. Hermione grabbed a hold of Harry, and they raced into the woods, following James. They dodged panic-stricken people, gathering their belongings and loved ones and dashing into the woods. Some wizards and witches grabbed their wands and went to help Sirius battle the men. Once or twice, Harry almost lost sight of his father in the mob of people. Then, miraculously, he would reappear, nearly begging for Harry to move faster. Once they reached the woods, they became part of a stampede of people scuttling to escape. Harry caught an elbow to the face, cracking his glasses. Now with impaired vision, it became harder to see his father. Suddenly, an invisible wire caught his ankle, sending him to the ground. Hermione and Ron followed.
Ron grabbed his ankle. It had obviously been twisted a wrong way. People leapt out of the way as they fled deeper into the woods. James continued running, obviously unaware his son had been downed. Harry saw, through his cracked glasses, a skinny, pale boy with a pointed chin and blonde hair approach them, sneering.

“Tripping Jinx. Pretty handy, eh Potter?” said Draco Malfoy. Malfoy was Harry’s greatest enemy at Hogwarts, ever since they had met on the train the first day of school. “You better keep running. Their after her type” he nodded towards Hermione, who was not of completely wizard descent. “But I’m sure they’d have some fun with you. Actually, seeing as their a bit busy, I think I’ll soften you up for them” he drew his wand, aiming it at Harry’s scar. A blur of black whipped out of the trees, hitting Malfoy on the back. He yelped, and whipped around to see a large black beast baring it’s blood-covered fangs at him. “It’s t-the G-Grim” he cried, and fled into the night.

“Git” Ron murmured, massaging his ankle. Sirius emerged from where the dog had once been. He had specks of blood on his face, and seemed to be recovering from a bad curse.

“Grab hold of me” Sirius said. Harry grabbed his left arm. Sirius grimaced in pain. “Hold on” He shut his eyes. Then suddenly, Harry felt as though he was being sucked up a large vacuum. There was a brief moment of darkness and pain, and then he crashed into the living room of the Potter mansion. Sirius was lying on the table, breathing heavily. James came rushing down the stairs, a look of panic Harry had never seen of his face.

“I grabbed a Portkey. By the time I realized you had fallen behind, it was too late. I-I thought…”

“I’m fine Dad” Harry reassured his father. Hermione was helping Ron stand. James eyes fell upon Sirius. He suddenly panicked and cried “Remus! Remus, come quickly!” Lupin rushed down the stairs. Harry looked at Sirius, and then saw what caused his dad’s panic. There was a gash, about an inch wide, running all the way down his left forearm. Harry looked down at the hand that had grabbed Sirius’s arm, and saw blood. He wiped it off on his jeans. Lupin inspected the gash, then took out his wand, and muttered an incantation that sounded like a song to Harry. Sirius screamed in pain as the wound began to stitch itself. Harry wanted to stop him, but he had to trust what Lupin was doing. After all, he was the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Lupin was going to come to the World Cup, but had been recovering from a particularly rough full moon, and decided to stay home.

“He should be alright, James. He just needs bed rest” he pointed his wand at him again and said “Mobilicorpus” Sirius rose, floating in the air like the people had at the World Cup, except an inch or two in the air. Lupin lead him upstairs. James, obviously distressed, sat down in an armchair, rubbing his temple with his thumb. Harry beckoned for Hermione and Ron to leave. They obliged, slowly exiting. Harry sat down on the couch across from his father.

“Who were those people, Dad?” Harry asked. James looked up. He took a slow breath, and then said

“They call themselves Death Eaters. They are the followers of Lord Voldemort. Dark wizards who obey his command. Even after his defeat” his eyes flicked momentarily to Harry’s scar “they continued to do what they believed he would have them do. You saw the people in the sky?” Harry shuddered at the memory of them, but nodded. “They were Muggle-borns. Voldemort believed in a pure-blooded world, Harry. He made it a sport to torture and kill Muggle-borns and Squibs. That’s why we needed to run. Your girlfr-friend, then, has Muggle parents.” He sighed. “I feared, Harry that they would return in your lifetime. Now that they have made their presence known, these attacks will become more…customary.” He gave Harry a famous Potter grin, though harry could tell it was fake “All you need to worry about is this coming year. I expect top grades, y’understand” Harry grinned quickly.

“G’night Dad” he said to his father as he left the room. He walked upstairs, opened the door to his room, and found Ron and Hermione waiting for him. Ron was sitting on his bed, his foot propped up on several pillows. Hermione rose from the chair she was sitting in, pointed her wand at Harry, and said “Reparo” Harry’s cracked glasses instantly were fixed. Harry closed the door, sat down next to Ron, and revealed what he had learned from his father to his two best friends.

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