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A/N: Here is another installment for all my loyal fans! After this chapter the story will progress further and move on to other fun things like quidditch, dragon's blood, and long lost friends. I hope you enjoy it!

Even though most of his questions had been answered, Harry still had a few things he needed to know about William. He had to admit the thought of this young man hunting werewolves disturbed him to some degree. He could not help but think he received some amount of pleasure from taking revenge on the creatures that scarred him.

Before he could consider this notion any further, he returned his attention to the book in his hands. William seemed very confident in its ability to show him just what his job as a Phantom entailed. Rather than look at it now, he needed to take a break from the overload of information. All he needed now was time with his friends.

“So what happens now?” asked Harry as he returned to the conversation with Kingsley and McGonagall. “Where do we go from here?”

“Nearest I can tell,” began Kingsley. “I’ll head back to the Ministry and start the necessary steps with the American Registry. Then I’m going to see what progress the Auror Department has made with the cargo container.”

“Is there anything that we can do to help you?” asked Ron.

“Just keep an eye on William for me. He’s been through a lot for one day.” said Kingsley who was genuinely concerned about his young friend. Even though this was all part of some master plan 25 years in the making, he could not help but feel guilty for tricking him into thinking his friends were dead.

“We’ll make sure he’s fine.” added Hermione who was also worried about her friend.

“That’s good to know.” If there were people he could trust to get something done, it was them. “As for the other matter concerning the cargo ship I’ll keep you posted. Besides, I think there is someone in the castle who could enlighten us on Death Eater affairs.”

By the looks on their faces, Kingsley could see that they knew just who he was talking about. “I think I’ll take my leave now. I should see you all again sometime in the next week.”

“I’ll walk you out Kingsley.” replied McGonagall who then took her leave as well.

The only ones left in the room were Harry, Hermione, and the 3 Weasleys. After learning of Bill’s secret career, Harry thought that it was probably best to leave him alone with his siblings.

“We’ll just wait outside while the three of you talk, okay?” asked Harry as he and Hermione motioned toward the door.

“Sure Harry.” answered Ginny smiling that wonderful smile he loved so much. “We’ll be along shortly.”

Harry and Hermione had only been waiting two minutes before asking the question that had been on his mind for the past few hours. “So do you think he’s dangerous?”

“Anyone with a wand can be dangerous Harry!” replied Hermione knowing just who he was talking about.

“You know that’s not what I mean.”

Hermione had been having the same thoughts, but her conclusions were slightly more grounded than his. “I wouldn’t go as far as calling him dangerous but I would definitely say he could easily defend himself. I’m sure it takes a different kind of wizard to do what he does.”

“What do you mean?” asked Harry.

“Think about it Harry! Remember that night we saw Lupin transform for the first time?”Many aspects about that night had happened very fast but Harry would never forget seeing one of his favorite professors turn into a werewolf.

“All I remember was adrenaline flowing like a waterfall and running for my life. I’m sure you felt that same feeling; being hunted by something that could easily kill you.”

“Now imagine making a career out of that but instead you’re the hunter.”

“I’d be scared out of my mind if that was my job.” exclaimed Harry trying to imagine himself hunting werewolves. “Why does he do it?”
“Why don’t you open that book he gave you and find out?”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” whispered Harry sinking down to sit next to Hermione. “I keep trying to figure out a reason and all I keep coming back to is revenge. You’ve come to think of William as a friend, right?”

“You know I have Harry.”

“Well so have I and it destroys me to think of someone like him as a killer.” exclaimed Harry. “He’s one of the few truly good people I’ve met in this world and I’m afraid this book is going to confirm the worst thoughts I have about him. I don’t know if I can face that by myself.”

“Then we’ll face it together!” exclaimed Ron proudly. He, Ginny and Bill had been out of the Room of Requirement long enough to hear Harry’s reasoning for not looking at the book.

“You’ve faced a lot on your own Harry.” added Ginny who knelt down next to him. “It’s time you let us help you.”

“I think you’re right!” exclaimed Harry proudly. If there one thing he was grateful for in life it had to be friends. “I don’t need to go it alone this time.”

“Do you think we could do this over dinner in the Great Hall?” asked Ron knowing full well Hermione would scold him for thinking with his stomach again.

Before she could Harry said, “That sounds good! I feel like I haven’t eaten all day.” They had been in the Room of Requirement longer than they thought and found dinner was being served as they spoke.

“Are you coming Bill?” Ron asked his older brother. Even though he had kept the secret of being a Shadow, it didn’t change the fact that he loved him. If anything, it made him proud to think of Bill fighting the war in his own way.

“Sorry little brother but I can’t. I promised Fleur we’d have dinner with mum and dad tonight.”

“Okay. Well send Fleur our love.” said Ron understanding his brother’s commitment to his wife.

“I’ll do just that. You two take care of yourselves.” Before he could, leave his wife’s request suddenly came to mind. “Oh right, before I forget. Fleur needs ideas for baby names. We have a few good ones but she needs some feedback before the baby comes in January.”

“We’ll give it some thought Bill.” exclaimed Ginny who could not wait to be an aunt. “Give mum and dad our love.”After saying goodbye to them he was off to catch his portkey to Shell Cottage.

Rather than diving right into William’s book, Harry decided to eat first and not rush into things. Throughout his first and second helpings he could not keep his eyes off of the book. Like pulling off a band aid, he decided to open it quickly rather than draw it out painfully.

The first idea Harry had of what was in the book was pictures of all William’s kills he made as a Phantom. After seeing the Daily Prophet clippings he realized how ridiculous this notion was.

Good Samaritans Save Hikers.” Ginny read over Harry’s shoulder.

Continuing on Harry read aloud, “In the morning hours of Saturday, Aurors investigating a series violent animal attacks in the English countryside made headway after finding a group of hikers that had been missing since Thursday night. The missing youths were believed to have been victims of the recent animal attacks and were feared dead after they failed to check in at their campground.”

Descriptions given by the eye witnesses have confirmed Auror’s suspicions of a wolf-like creature as the cause of these attacks. Unfortunately, the creature in question was nowhere to be found as reported by the hikers. They claim the wolf was dragged away by a group of people who appeared and subdued it. Due to the poor visibility of their surroundings, no clear image of these Good Samaritans could be attained. After investigating the supposed attack site, no trace of evidence has been found to identify these mysterious heroes.”

“Well what do you make of that?” asked Harry who was clearly bewildered by the article. “I think I have a good idea of what saved those hikers.”

“Look here!” exclaimed Hermione while pointing to the bottom of the page. “There’s more.”

Another article adorned the page with a title that read as, “Tourists Return to National Park after Animal Attacks Cease.” They did not bother reading the rest of the article as they already knew what had stopped the attacks.

“Look at all these!” exclaimed Harry flipping casually through the scrapbook. “There must be at least a hundred more clippings here!”

It was then that he stopped on a picture inserted about a quarter of the way through the book. It was the very same picture Virgil had handed to them that very same morning. Having heard William’s explanation of his job most of the picture made sense but the one aspect that still confused him was the man on the end with the multicolored hair. He could not help but feel some that he knew this man in some way. This was just another question to add to the mystery that was the Phantoms.

“Why don’t we go look at the rest of this book in a more private place?” suggested Harry. “I feel a little exposed looking at this in front of everyone.” Everyone else seemed to be feeling the same way and they quickly finished their meals and headed for the Gryffindor Common Room.

Upon entering the common room, the group found it to be deserted except for the commotion of several first year girls coming from the dormitories.

Taking a seat on the surprisingly warm couch, the group reopened the book and went back to where they had left off.

“So what do you make of all this Harry?” asked Ron after taking a sip from the butter beer bottle sitting on the table in front of the fireplace.

“Put that back Ronald!” exclaimed Hermione while looking at the bottle. “You don’t know whose that it.”

“True, but I do know that it’s cold and almost full. Whoever left it should’ve finished it.” said Ron taking another pull from the bottle.

Hermione, knowing it was a fruitless effort, relented and let him keep drinking. “So what do you think Harry?”

“I must admit I’m very impressed by how well they get around.” replied Harry while flipping through the pages. “There are articles from all over. There are places like France, China, Russia, Nigeria, Brazil; they’ve been everywhere it seems.”

Each article seemed to be accompanied by a photo of William and his friends. It seemed that everywhere they had hunted they had a convenient excuse for being there whether it was vacation, business, or to just plain travel. Harry showed them one article from a paper in Rio de Janeiro which was accompanied by a picture of William and his friends lounging on a white sandy beach.

“I guess you can have fun at work.” Ginny observed while looking at the picture. It was obvious as the people in the photo were smiling and waving to camera.

“I guess so!” added Hermione as she looked long with Ginny. “Have you found anything else Harry?”

He had in fact found something of interest after looking at the headlines. “The dates on these articles start a little less than a year after the Black Forest Incident. He was 12 when he and the rest of his friends were attacked.”

“That means he was only 13 when he started hunting!” exclaimed Ginny who knew just exactly what harry was getting at. “But he was so young!”

“This was war for them. Nobody’s young during a war.” If there was one person who could attest to that it was Harry. “Still, that is pretty early to start hunting werewolves.”

“You can say that again!” exclaimed Ron. “I mean, what would a bunch of kids know about hunting werewolves?”He then reached out to grab the bottle to take another drink. When it moved away from his hand he knew something was wrong.

The four Gryffindors were awestruck as the bottle slowly levitated into the air in front of them. At first they thought Peeves had slipped into the common room to play tricks on them, but when a hand began to materialize around the glass was when they were really worried. Their worry was short lived as the face and body of the hand appeared as well.

“More than you think.” William answered as he took a swig from the bottle he had opened before they came into the common room. “We ‘kids’ made quite a name for ourselves as you’ve read so far.”

“How long have you been here?” asked Harry who was astonished by William’s sudden appearance.

“I sat down on the table here as soon as Red starting drinking my butter beer. I went upstairs to find a place for Prospero’s cage and when I came back down I heard you all come in. I figured I’d show you just what kind of training I’ve had.” William could only laugh at how easily he had snuck into their conversation.

“How did you do that?” asked Ginny. “You’re not wearing an invisibility cloak or something, are you?”

“Yeah kind of.” replied William as he opened his coat to explain. “The inside of the coats we wear are made from Demiguise pelts; they’re pretty good for fashioning invisibility cloaks. They allow us to hide things in the lining as well as ourselves if we choose to. If you want to conceal yourself, all you have to do is button it up.” He then gave them another quick demonstration. “Any questions?”

“Yes, I have one.” answered Ron with a smug look. “Do you do magic without any sort of tools or do you have any real skill with a wand?”

“Ok, that’s a fair question?” replied William who could see where Ron was getting at. “Would you hold this for me?” He then handed Ron his wand. “Let me show you some skills.”

He then sat down on the coffee table and said, “Keep your eyes on the fire.” His right hand then extended out with an open palm. “Magic is easier to accomplish when you have your wand with you, but doing it without one requires a certain amount of skill.”

He then began to close his hand ever so slowly and as his fingers came closer to his palm the fire began to grow dimmer and dimmer.

“Like a great wizard once said ‘Now you see me,’” And as soon as his hand formed a clenched fist the fire blew out encasing the room in complete darkness. “And now you don’t!” laughed William from the darkness.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny began to reach for their surroundings as soon as the room went dark. They could make out the vague shape of each other, but William had disappeared altogether, or so they thought.

“Where did he go?” asked Harry trying to get a grip on his surroundings.

“Here!” The fired than roared back into existence with a great rush of heat. After a quick survey of the room they found William sitting on the bottom steps on the other side of the room sipping his butterbeer.

Walking back toward them with a confident smile he said, “Is that enough skill for you Ron?” The red haired young man could only nod his head in wonder.

“How did you do that?” asked Ginny from her seat next to Harry.

“Part of the job is to learn to work in concealment as well as evade the enemy!”

“And you did all of that without your wand?” asked Hermione in disbelief. She had thought of herself as an accomplished witch but even she could not do wandless magic.

“I blew out the fire without my wand but then I used it to reignite it.”

“But how, I’m still holding-” Ron stopped mid sentence after finding a crooked piece of dried kindling from the fire had replaced William’s wand. He then was completely taken back when he saw it resting in William’s hand.

“I’ll take you silence as an apology!” laughed William as he sat back down. “Any more questions class?”

"Why didn't you use your wandless magic when you fought Ruby. You didn't need a wand!" exclaimed Hermione.

"I'm not going to use all of my best plays in the same game!" laughed William. "Besides, I made out fine getting my wand and using the whips."

“I have another question!” said Harry while opening the scrapbook to the same picture Virgil had given him earlier. Pointing to the man in question he asked, “Who is this?”

William knew full well Harry would ask this question, but he had not anticipated how soon that would be. “I think you know who that is.”

He then looked down solemnly at the picture which confirmed his suspicions. Placing his hand on the picture he whispered, “Teddy.”

The others were taken aback by what he had just said. The idea of William as a Phantom was one thing, but to find out someone they knew, a toddler no less, would grow up to go into this line of work was just downright shocking.

“Teddy’s a Phantom?” Harry asked hoping that William could shed some light on this subject.

“Yes, he was.”

“Just how many people have you roped into this cause of yours?” asked Harry rising angrily from his seat.

“Sit down before I stand up,” was William’s only reply. He had no wish to get into an argument with him and he certainly had no desire to fight with anyone.

Seeing the seriousness in William’s eyes, Harry slowly sat back down.
“Just so we’re clear,” began William. “Teddy recruited me into the Phantoms; not the other way around.”

“But how-” began Harry who was immediately cut off by William.

“Well if you let me speak then I can explain.” The best place to start for them was the beginning. “About two months after the Black Forest, my friends and I started showing signs of a great increase in our physical strengths and magic abilities. Like I had said before, the werewolf bites and the Wolfsbane smoke had changed us.”

“Yes, I remember that part. What does that have to do with Teddy?” Harry said trying to speed things along.

William could understand Harry’s frustration but for his own good he needed to hear the entire story. “Teddy was working in the Auror Department at the time, right alongside you.” This made Harry smile to know that Teddy would still be close by when he was older. “He kept me and my friends posted on werewolf activity that he was investigating. Teddy was the first to notice the changes we started showing. He asked us if we had the choice would we fight to protect others from the very same creatures that had scarred us. None of us could say no. It was then that he brought us into the Circle.”

“I can understand that.” Hermione said while leaning forward giving her whole attention. “But what I don’t get is why Teddy was already in the Circle of Phantoms.”

“As a Dormant he was ideal for this sort of work. He joined the Circle when he was 15 so he wasn’t much older than us when he started hunting.”

“What’s a Dormant?” asked Harry.

“A Dormant,” interrupted Hermione. “Is a person who possesses werewolf-like traits and abilities, but shows none of the major symptoms like a transformation under the full moon. Dormants are usually the offspring of a human and a werewolf. In this case, Tonks and Lupin.”

“Teddy’s like me with the exception that he was born that way.” continued William.

“What? He has a talent for hunting and killing werewolves too?” replied Harry who could not see his godson doing either of these things.

Rather than get into a heated argument over being labeled as a killer, William simply asked, “Is that what you think we do? Did you even read the book?”

“Yes, and all it keeps track of is where you and the rest of the Phantoms hunted.”

“Well did you happen to notice that there is almost never an instance where a body is found or person turns up dead?” Seeing the looks on their faces he could tell they never considered this. “Wow, you didn’t get that far at all.”

“But you said you hunt and-”

“We hunt and capture, not kill.” exclaimed William. “We’re not a bunch of assassins as you’d like to believe.”

“Then what should we believe?” asked Ginny. “You’re not giving as much to go on.”

“Okay, for example say I show up in your hometown. Chances are something happened that brought me there. Anytime my friends and I hunted we did it for a reason. We didn’t just go out into the night trying to quench some bloodlust for werewolves.”

“Why not, you seem to have good reason.” replied Harry. Neither Ron nor the girls could believe Harry would just come out and say it like that, but they were just as curious.

“I’m not following you.” answered William who did not like where this was going.

“Ok, let me recap. They killed one of your friends, scarred the rest of them, Peter and Virgil lost their parents, and you can’t go to sleep without worrying if your chest will get torn up. Now you hunt them. That sounds like revenge to me.”

William had to consider this question carefully. Taking into account his occupation and the events of the Black Forest, he was used to the notion of people thinking he did it for revenge. “Just because werewolves did this to me doesn’t me I hate all of them.”

“Why do you say that?” asked Ginny.

“Because I work with them.” replied William to the shock of the others. “In fact the man who trained me was a werewolf. He trained Teddy too if I’m not mistaken. You’ll find that the entire Circle of Phantoms relies on cooperation with werewolf packs all over the world.”

“How so?” asked Harry. He was dying to know what William meant.

“When we do go out and hunt the usual case is some poor nobody had been bitten and didn’t know how to handle it. After we capture them the option to work for us is given provided they register with the Ministry and take doses of the Wolfsbane potion to control their transformation. Then there are the other times when we deal with rogues. We rely on information from pack leaders about who we’re dealing with.”

“What’s a rogue?” asked Ron.

“These are the ones who are really dangerous. They’re ones who get sent to Tartarus.” answered William. “Rogues are usually born werewolves, the ones who have full control over the beast within but choose to submit instead of bonding with it as most would do.”

William could tell he needed to be clearer in his explanation. “All wolves adhere to a strict moral code of conduct, Pack Law as it’s usually called. It stipulates that all wolves must submit to the Alpha and do what is best for the pack. Sometimes not all Betas are willing to follow another. These are the ones who have no moral code or conscience; all they know and care about is the thrill of the hunt.”

“So that’s where Phantoms come in I guess.” replied Harry.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned about born werewolves it’s that they maintain existence by keeping what they are in the shadows. Lupin was proof of that.” added William. “When their world spills over into the human world they are less than willing to give up their own safety in exchange for a wolf that was a threat in the first place. That’s when we are called in to take care of that threat.”

“But why would you help werewolves by doing their dirty work?”

“Imagine that Hogwarts is the world. Now imagine that each piece of furniture in this room is a werewolf pack and all of them are fighting against one another.” began William.

“So what piece of furniture are you William?” asked Ginny who enjoyed his use of metaphor. “Are you the table? Do you keep things balanced?”

“I'm the room.”

That metaphor was clear enough for all of them as they finally realized the extent of his job.

“The Circle of Phantoms keeps their world from coming into ours. My job isn’t about hurting werewolves. It’s about protecting people who are caught in the crossfire.”

“Like you?” asked Harry. He knew what it was like to be part of something against his will. He never asked to be the Chosen One.

“Yeah, like me.” whispered William.

“So is that why you joined the Phantoms?” asked Harry. His thoughts then shifted back to the Black Forest and William’s scars. “Or did you do it to find the one who scarred you?”

William could see what Harry was getting at, but he had made the choice to join the Circle all those years ago based on the former reason. “The wolves that did this to me and my friends were ruthless. They wanted to wage war on humanity and that’s exactly what they try to take from you; the part that counts for something anyway. I may not be completely human anymore but I’m not going to forgo the part that is because I’ve been scarred. People much better than me have done more and suffered worse.”

William had heard stories from his parents about heroes of the past and he knew he had it easy compared to some of them.

“I joined the Circle because I had the necessary skills to get the job done. Sure, I could’ve gone on with my life being a regular kid but I couldn’t sit by and do nothing while innocent people were dying. Does that answer your question Harry?”

“I think I do William.” Harry could believe that William was motivated by his love for others rather than a desire for revenge. “It might just be me, but I don’t think you have that kind of hate in you.”

“Hate’s like a drug. You give it power and pretty soon it will consume you.” began William. “Besides, Phantoms follow a Pack Law as well. Part of our code is that nothing must ever be done in hate. I took an oath to live by that code the day I picked up my sword. I know I won’t be a Phantom forever but I’ll life the rest of my life that way.”

“It’s a good law!” exclaimed Ginny. “Whoever taught you must have been a wise person.”

“Teddy taught me that. He said you taught him first.” William replied motioning to Harry.

The thought of Teddy being involved in this deadly trade was not exactly the future Harry had envisioned when he said he would help raise the boy. However, it was reassuring to hear that he had retained his humanity and lead an admirable life. “I’m glad to know that I helped make him such a good Phantom.”

“No, he was a good Phantom but you made him a great man.” replied William almost solemnly.

“Why do you keep saying ‘was’?” asked Harry fearing the worst for his godson. “He isn’t…”

“No, heavens no!” answered William immediately. “It would take more than a werewolf to kill Teddy, I can assure you.” His first response to Harry’s assumption was to laugh, but knowing his connection to the boy he decided against it. “He retired shortly after he and his wife were married.”

“Oh thank- wait did you say ‘marry’?” asked a very relieved Harry.

“Why don’t I show you?” exclaimed William before summoning his photo album from the Phantom trunk. Once it appeared in his hand he flipped it to the middle and showed all of them. “This is Teddy.” He pointed to the man in the tuxedo. “And this is his wife.” He then pointed to the strikingly beautiful woman beside him at the banquet table. The most important thing Harry observed from the photo was that they were both happy.

“Who is she?” asked Ginny. Something about this woman was very familiar but she could not put her finger on it.

“I’m not going to ruin the surprise. You’re just going to have to wait and see!” laughed William.

“Well whoever she is, Teddy looks like he is going to be a very lucky man.”

After turning the page, Harry discovered another wedding photo. It was a picture of three couples standing side by side outside of the church. Two older couples, one on both sides of the bride and groom, looked very familiar. “Who are they?” said Harry pointing to the older couples.

Upon seeing the photo William could only reply, “Look at the forehead on the older black-haired gentleman.” When their eyes caught sight of the lightning bolt scar he smiled. “Look familiar?”

“That’s us!” exclaimed Ron. “And might I see, we look very good in twenty years! Especially you Hermione!” said Ron as he eyed his stunning future wife.

While Ron and Hermione stared at their future selves, Harry could only gaze at the older Ginny and himself. “You’re just as beautiful as you were in my dream Gin!” In fact, she looked exactly like the woman from his dream.

“What dream?” asked Ginny.

“I’ll explain later, love.” winked Harry. Seeing as how they were all satisfied with their future well-beings, Ginny turned the page to find another familiar group of characters. “It seems you do have a personal life aside from being a Phantom!” laughed Ginny.

Seeing the photo of himself and his friends dancing at the wedding reception made William smile. This was the last time all of them had been together with their original pack leader. Still, no one could begrudge him for taking a wife and starting his own family.

“You learn to balance out both identities when you’ve done this as long as I have. That’s one of the tradeoffs in this job.” William had only been a Phantom for five years, but in that time his life had changed greatly.

“Was it worth it?” asked Harry. “Was it worth risking your life every time you went on a hunt?”

“Don’t think for one second that I made that decision without considering the consequences. Teddy made them abundantly clear the day he asked me to join up. It was one of the toughest choices I’ve ever had to make, but it was mine and I made it.”

“You still haven’t answered my other question.” continued Harry. “Was it worth it?”

William knew in every fiber of his being what the answer was. He just had to hope that Harry saw it the way he did. “I have been a Phantom for the past 6 years. In that time I’ve been to almost every continent in this world. I’ve seen creatures and wonders that most people only see in books. And in all that time I’ve been on over 100 hunts and saved well over 200 people which include werewolves.”

William could see that Harry and the rest of them already knew his answer. “So the answer to your question would have to be yes. It was totally worth it. I hope that’s enough to let you know why I chose this life.”

“It’s more than enough.” replied Harry. “I can see clearly now why you do this job.”

“What about your family, how did they do it?” asked Ron. It was clear why William took the job, but he could not understand why his family would let him.

“They weren’t happy when I chose to join the Circle, but after seeing the people who I worked with they were glad I was well protected. My friends and I treated each other like a second family. They knew we would watch out for each other. I think what helped them the most was that my job wasn’t a permanent one.”

“What do you mean?” asked Hermione.

“Well, I knew mum and dad were scared when I first joined up. Merlin knows I was too, so we kept it simple and made a deal. They gave me their blessing to join up and I promised them that I would retire once I found the one who gave me this.” He then pointed to the scar near his eye. “I could not in good conscience quit if he was still out there.”

“And what about Elizabeth?” asked Ginny. “What did she think about you being a Phantom?” Being Harry Potter’s girlfriend required a level of understanding that things were dangerous at times. With that said, she knew just how Elizabeth might feel about her boyfriend being a werewolf hunter.

“Actually she was very relieved when she found out we were in the same trade.” replied William as he picked up the scrap book and flipped past the picture of Teddy and his friends.

The picture he turned to was very similar to the previous but the only difference was the girl standing at William’s side. They all recognized her from picture William had shown them after he brewed the Dreamscape.

“But how?” asked Harry who was flabbergasted to say the least. “I thought she was just your girlfriend.”

“I knew Ellie for about a month before I met her on a hunt.” began William telling how they met as Phantoms. “She had transferred to Hogwarts from an American school at the beginning of my fourth year. We became good friends and then we became much more. With that being said I didn’t know how to tell her about my job. You can understand my relief when we saw each other at the usual meeting before a hunt.”

“So she was a Phantom as well? What made her so special?” asked Ron.

“She was part of the group of kids with my friends and me in the Black Forest.” answered William. “Her condition was the same as ours when we left. Like us, the Phantoms in her country recruited her for her newly acquired skills. When she transferred to Hogwarts, she assumed Teddy’s spot in our pack.”

It seemed that things had fallen into place for William and his girlfriend, but then a thought occurred to Harry. Something he had seen earlier made him question her well being. “If she was a Phantom, then why wasn’t she with you at the museum when your friends were sent back?”

“Visiting her grandparents in New York!” replied William with a sudden realization. “I never gave it much thought before, but now that you mention it I see it was more than just-”

“Luck! You are one lucky bastard. You must have Felix Felicis for blood!” exclaimed Ron who could only laugh at just how well things worked out for William and Elizabeth.

“Kingsley said in the memory that Scorpios and Ellie were never there.” said Harry replaying the scene in his head. “I guess Ellie is short for Elizabeth. Ron is right, you are one lucky bastard!” Pretty soon Harry as well as the girls joined in the laughter.

“Well I’d have to be lucky to live through all of that!” laughed William as he skimmed through the scrap book.

“Would you tell us about it?” asked Harry who was greatly enthralled by how well William had come out of it all.

Turning to a random page, he began to recall each hunt.

Two hours later…

“We chased him for about fifty miles across the Serengeti before we finally caught him. Turns out he was just following a game trail. He smelled the antelope.” finished William who began to grow tired.

“Did you save the people he attacked?” asked Harry.

“Yes, we did.”

“Then that’s a good story.”

“I think I’m going to call it a night!” said William as he gathered his scrap book and photo album. “Thanks for everything today, I really mean it. You gave me some great gifts.”

“It was just a new owl and lunch William.” replied Ron. His literal thinking did not help him see what William really meant.

“It wasn’t just an owl and lunch, although those were very thoughtful. You gave me much more than that. You gave me a game of Quidditch with 4 of the most famous wizards and witches of all time. How many people can say that they’ve done that?” They all knew just what William was getting at.

“But the most important thing you’ve given me is the hope that one day I’ll see my friends again. Without all of you I would have never seen the memory. I can’t thank you all enough.”

They didn’t need to say it because William already knew that he had given them hope as well. In that one picture they saw of their future selves, their fears and worries had all but vanished knowing they would be fine. And for that they couldn’t thank him enough.

“About your friends,” began Harry. “Is there anything we can do?” Even though Harry wanted to just live a peaceful life now, he could not help but feel he owed William. If helping him find his friends would accomplish that as well as save them when the time came, then Harry was all for it.

“I won’t ask you all to help me.” William addressed all of them, not just Harry. “Merlin knows you’ve spent enough of your lives fighting, but when the time comes I hope you do what you think is right.” And with those thoughts he left for his bed. “Goodnight everyone and don’t forget to take your Dreamscape!”

“Happy birthday William!” called all of them as he rounded the steps with a wide smile.

For the rest of the night, Gryffindors came and went from the common room. Hermione was the first one to leave after claiming she was very tired. Ron, catching the hint, made his way out minutes later.

Harry and Ginny both knew neither of them left to get sleep. Harry quickly forgot this notion as his attention was caught by the redhead sitting beside him.

Time seemed to flow stand still when they were in each other’s arms. It was as if everything disappeared and all that mattered was each other.

After catching her breath from a rather passionate snogging session, Ginny said, “So tell me about this dream you had.”

“It was amazing Gin!” began Harry recounting the vivid dream he had the night before. He left out no detail in describing the house, the baby, and even her. “You were just as, if not even more, beautiful as the day I met you.”

Harry could not help but kiss her after remembering how happy he was in his dream as well as William’s photo album. This was truly the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with.

Later, after the fire died down, Harry and Ginny each retired to their separate rooms. Harry decided to read by wand light as he was not quite tired just yet. He saw no harm in it seeing as how everyone in the room was in a deep slumber. Picking up the copy of ‘Merlin, Arthur, and the Knights of the Round Table’ he began to read the book he had not looked at since before his fight with William.

After taking his daily dose of Dreamscape, Harry drifted off to the most peaceful sleep in recent memory.

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