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Disclaimer: The world is JKR's. I just eat the magic jelly beans in it.

                                                           Chapter One
                                                        A Mysterious Letter

Rose Weasley quietly folded up the letter she had been reading, put it in her pocket and tried not to appear surreptitious as she walked upstairs to her room.

Unfortunately, she did not escape unnoticed.

“Rosie, where are you going?” called the annoyingly singsong voice of her brother.

“I’m going to write a letter, now would you please leave me alone?” she sighed.

“Who’s that letter from? That wasn’t Malfoy’s owl.” Hugo looked genuinely confused.

“I get letters from people other than Scorpius!”

“No, you don’t. Darcy and Phil and Owen never write letters.”

“I get letters from people who aren’t on my Quidditch team, thank you very much,” Rose said indignantly.

“Rosie’s got a boyfriend, Rosie’s got a boyfriend!” Hugo sang delightedly.

“Hugo! Stop teasing your sister this instant! Besides, that looked like a Hogwarts owl. Are you a prefect this year, Rose?” Hermione asked excitedly.

“No, Mum,” Rose said tiredly. “It’s just a list of school supplies.”

“Why didn’t Hugo get one, then?” asked Hermione.

“I suppose they send out the lists for O.W.L. students first so that they can get started on their summer assignments,” Rose said, thinking quickly.

“Really?” asked Hermione. “They didn’t used to do that in our day, did they, Ron?”


“Really, Ron! You couldn’t pay any attention at all to your family’s conversation. No, just reading that Quidditch magazine. Well, I don’t think…” Hermione’s voice faded away as Rose crept quietly up the stairs to her room.

After closing the door, she slumped into her chair, relieved. She took out the letter and reread it, grinning to herself. 

          Dear Miss Weasley, 

          I am pleased to inform you that you have been awarded the honor of being Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain this year! Know that you will be expected to keep up with your studies, along with your new duties of organizing and running team practices and tryouts. That being said, I know you will be able to balance your studies and Quidditch and I wish you the best of luck in the Quidditch Cup! 

          Filius Flitwick, Head of Ravenclaw House

As soon as she had rolled up the letter and placed it under her floorboards, Rose immediately grabbed her quill and started to write on a special piece of parchment. 

          Scorpius! Guess what! I just got a letter from Flitwick and I’m team Captain!

Scorpius had enchanted the parchment and its twin last year so that they could discuss Quidditch strategy during History of Magic. They had been using the parchments in lieu of owls all summer, simply because it was easier.

Scorpius must have been near his parchment, because almost immediately a response appeared on Rose’s. 

          That’s great, Rose! Wilkins is going to be pissed! Does Hugo know? 

          I know! She’s going to be boiling mad. That’ll be annoying to put up with all year. But at least she’s a good Seeker. Of course Hugo doesn’t know! I’m going to do my best to make sure that the Gryffindor contingent doesn’t find out till the first match.

          Good plan. This could be our year, Rose! With you as our secret weapon, we can finally beat them! That’ll wipe the smug look off Al’s face. You’re right about Wilkins, though. She’ll be a pain in the arse. Well, maybe you’ll find a new Seeker. You’ll have to hold tryouts, you know. 

          Yeah, but it’ll be a formality, really. I mean, we know that you, Darcy, Owen, and Phil will be on the team. Wilkins, too, I suppose. Maybe Lily now that Grant graduated. 

I wouldn’t be too sure. Wait and see at tryouts. That Reynolds kid could Beat me, you never know. 

          Oh, very punny. You’re so clever. See you at Diagon Alley tomorrow, then? 

Meet you at Flourish and Blott's.

Rose grinned as she rolled up the parchment. This was going to be an excellent year. 

 I know it's short, but things should pick up soon! Sorry about the lack of funny, hopefully that will pick up as I go on as well. Anyways, this is an idea that's been floating around in my head for awhile now, and I thought it would be fun to write. I'd absolutely adore some reviews, but thanks to anyone who reads this! 

EDIT: I made chapter images! This one was inspired by looking at too many college brochures, lol. how do you like?

EDIT: (12/2/09) I'm back! I swear! I made a tiny grammatical edit on this chapter and chapter five should be posted within the next few weeks or so. So very sorry about the lack of updates. but know that I really and truly have not abandoned Rose and all the lovely Ravenclaws! you guys are all great, thank you all so much for the amazing reviews, they really make my day! 

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