Chapter One
Scheming Idiots

I was going to kill Padfoot. He was the one with the genius plan to knock the entire Slytherin Team off their brooms. He was the one who enlisted Remus, Peter, and I into said genius plan. And he was the bloke to get us kicked out of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I must say I was readying myself to kill him painfully and slowly. First, I would wring his neck until he was blue in the face, then let him hang from the Quidditch posts in front of everyone and let the Gryffindor Quidditch team pummel him with Quaffles. And I would feel no remorse for the smarmy bloke. He would have deserved it. In one fateful hour he destroyed my entire life and any chance I had with the beautiful, smart, and wonderful Lily Evans.

Damn bastard.

Though, seeing as she didn’t take well to our pranking ways, I think I might have ruined any chance I had with her anyway by joining ranks with Padfoot. Except, I didn’t know what the big deal was with pranking that Lily thought so badly of. She was a strange one, that Lily Evans. Just more to love, in my opinion.

This all began as I was lounging around a far table setting against the back wall of the library, hidden behind shelves upon shelves of dull, boring books.. I could just make out the shimmering red hair of Lily through a gap in a particular bookcase hiding me from her watchful, emerald gaze. Yes, this was how I spent my free time. I spied on the object of my many affections. Don’t judge.

I had my head propped up on my arm and my eyes were set at perfect level with the space between the books. Lily was working on homework with her horrible friend, Julia Gale. If Sirius Black was a menace, then she was a supreme bitch, putting it lightly. Ahem. She had long raven hair, narrow brown eyes that seemed to mock the object they decided to lie on, and a clever, sharp face that always seemed to be contorted in a scowl. I didn’t understand how in the world Lily and Julia came to be best friends, seeing as they’re complete opposites, but she didn’t bother me when she kept to herself, so I was content.

Lily was scribbling neat words onto a piece of parchment with her ivory hands. Her thin fingers wrapped around the quill steadily and dashed across the page in a poetic rhythm. Losing myself to her perfection, I felt someone clamp a hand down hard onto my shoulder. Not expecting it, I jumped up with a squeal and landed face down on the hard floor of the Library.

“All right there, Prongs?” greeted an amused Sirius from above me. I scrambled back into my chair and shot him an exasperated look. He gave me a big grin in return and sat opposite, sprawling out his legs under the table. “Having fun stalking Evans?”

I bit my bottom lip and shrugged. “I’m not stalking Evans,” I mumbled, gazing at the table top in shame. “I don’t know what you’re going on about.”

He raised an eyebrow, not buying my little act.

I sighed, seeing disbelief written all over his sharp, angled face “Yes, I am having fun stalking Evans. Do you oppose?”

He studied me for a moment. “No, I don’t. But you might want to consider going to a counselor about your unhealthy obsession for her.” He glanced at Lily through the gap and then back at me. His eyebrows rose even higher. “What if somehow Evans found out that you stalk her every movements?”

I stared at him with my mouth scraping the tabletop. “You wouldn’t,” I whispered, gripping the edge of the table with both my hands. “You wouldn’t do something like that to your best mate.” I felt my eyes widen and widen by each passing moment.

“Wouldn’t I?” he replied, grinning wickedly at my horror.

I stammered incoherently for a moment with Sirius enjoying each lick of pain flashing across my stunned face before finally choking out through manly sobs, “I’ll do anything for you to not tell her!” I lunged over the table and grabbed Sirius’ collar. “Please, Sirius!” My lip was trembling and tears were welling up in my emotional eyes. “I don’t want to lose my only chance with Lily!”

He pretended to ponder on it for a second, tapping his finger to his chin. I felt like punching his face in so badly. That bastard already hit strike one.

“Well,” he began slowly, relishing in my pain and misery. “I might not tell her…if you join me in a spot of Slytherin tormenting.”

I gazed at him oddly for a moment before, sitting down again and folding my arms across my chest. “That’s it, yeah? That’s your reason for threatening me; to do a little Slytherin torture?” My eyes swept across the room. “Padfoot, I honestly think you’ve gone mad.”

He shrugged uncaringly and lounged out in his chair after my little fit. “All the same, are you up for it?”

“You know there are better ways to include your mates in things,” I said, shaking my head at him. “Yeah, I guess I’ll join you. Wouldn’t want to miss a chance to ruin those old Slytherins?”

He smiled. “Good man. Now, let’s talk about my strategy on carrying out our little spot of trouble with the green clad prats.”

“Hold on a sec,” I interjected. “You openly threaten to ruin my life and you think it’s all fine and dandy?” I stared at him, a bit puzzled at his methods.

“Sure, why not?” he answered, drumming his fingers on the table. “And if you say the word ‘dandy’ again, I might just have to tell Miss Evans about our little secret.”

“Fair enough on that last part,” I admitted, frowning at him. “But I don’t see why all that was necessary when you knew I would never turn you down.”

He chuckled his agitating laugh. “I just love messing with you, Prongsie,” he confessed openly, reaching out and punching me softly on the shoulder. “You get so emotional and dramatic; like a woman.”

“Are you calling me feminine?” I asked, shocked. I, James Potter, was not girly, feminine or metro-sexual in any way. I was a man through and through. I wore manly cologne, used manly shampoo on my manly hair, shaved rarely like real men did, and talked like a true, hot-blooded man. “I resent that, Padfoot.”

“I rest my case,” he concluded, still grinning at me, infuriating me to no end. Why was it that Sirius could manipulate me so easily?

“So what’s this strategy of yours?” I gave up with a sigh, propping my head up on both arms.

“I think we should blow them sky high in tomorrow’s Quidditch match,” he answered, obviously contemplating the manner in which he’ll do it as he spoke. “Any ideas on how and when?”

I thought for a moment. “Does Moony still talk to that girl in Portugal who sells heatproof, harmless explosives in the Black Market, no pun intended?”

Sirius smiled at the pun anyway. “He might, but Remus, our dear friend, said that he will have nothing to do with me and my immature joking now until the end of the year.” Sirius rolled his big, blue eyes. “Oh that Moony. What will we do with him?”

I chuckled. “Maybe I can get him to join in someway?” I thought out loud, raising my eyebrows as a light bulb soared over my head, metaphorically speaking, of course.

“Hmm, it may be worth a shot. We will need Remus’s brains and contacts to help us out. Yeah, I think you should ask him, but don’t forget to flatter him. He seemed pretty dead put when I tried recruiting him the other day.”

“Okay,” I replied, wandering my gaze back over to the exhilarating red head. She was still writing neatly on the same piece of parchment. It seemed as though Julia had departed, thankfully. Hmm, there could be hope on the horizon. “So, I guess I’ll meet up with you later, then?”

I watched Sirius’ gaze meet mine and then dart to Evans willowy frame. He chuckled under his breath. “I guess I will, lover-boy,” he answered, standing up and walking towards the library’s main doors. “Good luck, Prongs.” With one last mischievous and knowing grin, he left me to my growing wave of inspiration.

Shooting up out of my seat, I walked casually over to Lily’s table where she worked diligently and sat down across from her. It wasn’t until I rested my head on both hands did she finally notice me.

With a loud groan, she greeted me in a most poetic and lady-like fashion, “Sod off, Potter.” In a huff she bent her head once more and her face hid behind her glowing red locks.

“Well, that’s not very polite,” I commented, sniffing a bit. She raised her head to glare at me with those amazing eyes of hers.

“Oh yeah? Were you or were you not the one who threw my entire stock of text books into the Black Lake after alighting them on fire, or did I just dream that bit, then?”

I grinned wistfully. “That was never proven, Evans. You can’t pin that one on me for once.”

She groaned and changed the subject.

“Was there something that you wanted, Potter?” she spat, her annoyance level reaching peak.

I shrugged. “It depends on if this one girl I really fancy will go out with me?” I smiled charismatically, showing my entire set of dazzling white teeth.

She wrinkled her nose in distaste. “So I see you’re just as modest as ever,” she muttered, furrowing her brow at the essay she seemed to be struggling with.

I thought for a moment. “Do you need help with your essay?” I asked her helpfully, craning my neck to read the parchment better. She instantly shifted it away.

“No, as a matter of fact I don’t,” she rejected, her tone a bit peeved. “Potions happens to be my best subject, Potter, unlike you who constantly throws crumpled spider legs into Sirius Black’s cauldron every chance you get just to watch the entire room get splattered with some sort of revolting substance, I actually focus on my work and pay attention to what Professor Slughorn says and explains.” Her tone had been snooty throughout her little telling off.

“There’s no need to be snooty, Evans,” I corrected with a smirk, lying my hand next to hers on the table. She slapped me across the back of my hand with it, which caused me to leap back a bit.

“I am not snooty,” she growled in a stuck-up way, glaring murderously. “Unlike you and your incredible immaturity, I actually care to act my age, Potter. I for one would never throw someone’s text books into the lake just for kicks, or curse innocent Slytherins in the back of the head when they’re not looking. Sorry if I’m not an ignorant, immature, wretched, big-headed, and arrogant sod like you who only cares about himself and his precious Marauders.” I watched as she fumed in her seat, with distaste ringing in my mind.

I stared at her, a tad miffed. “Well that’s definitely not nice of you,” I noted, looking quite offended. “I might just have to take back my date offer for that one.”

“Oh, would you?” she exclaimed, a wide grin crossing her ivory face which had brightened up considerably. “Because if you did, I would be the happiest girl in all of Hogwarts!”

“Is that sarcasm, my love?” I asked, tapping my fingers to the table just because I knew it annoyed her. “That’s not very endearing in a lady of your stature, you know.”

“First off, Potter, I’m not your love. And secondly, have you even seen some of the girls you date? It looks as if they crawled out of a cauldron after a potion went horribly wrong. And thirdly, that definitely wasn’t sarcasm. I’m begging you: please take back the offer!”

“Is that jealousy, I hear, Evans?” I said, raising my eyebrows and thinking about her weak insults over my beautiful dates.

Lily stuttered and stammered for a moment, clearly embarrassed out of her wits. “Why in the world would I be jealous over you?” she gasped, standing up and gathering her things. “That’s the most ridiculous, impossible, insane, ludicrous, slightly disturbed, and twisted thing I have ever heard.” She continued to breathe curses and words of shock under her breath as she swept out of the Library, glancing back at me a few good times.

“Oh, you know you’d be lost without me, love!” I called to her, standing up and waving to her lovingly, blowing her a kiss, as she rushed angrily out of the double doors.

She wanted me. She just didn’t know it yet.

After jollily skipping through the corridors, I made it to the Gryffindor Common Room and fell onto the couch next to my mate, Moony, also known as Remus John Lupin: super nerd by day, ultra cool werewolf during full moons. Now that’s the life, I’m telling you.

“How’s my most friendly and awesome and cool and smart and responsible werewolf doing on this fine evening?” I asked, flattering the daylights out of him just like Padfoot had insisted.

The sandy haired, tired looking sixteen year old sighed at me like he always did and replied, “Not too good, Prongs. I have this entire Potions Essay to write tonight and the full moon is approaching fast and this essay is do after that”-he looked manic-”so I need to scramble to get this finished in time, because you know how I get around the full moon! Oh man, I’m done for.” He fell back to the couch and heaved a huge sigh that practically shook my seat.

“Now, now Remus, buddy, there’s no need to fret and overreact,” I assured, sweeping up the essay to examine it. “I’m sure your intelligence and wit will be enough to finish Slughorn’s essay on time. I have faith in you, mate.”

“Thanks, Prongs,” he said, taking the essay into his hands. “I know I’m probably overreacting, but these full moon transformations take a lot out of me, and they’re getting a lot worse. I don’t know,” he admitted, lying the essay flat on the table and searching it over and around for errors. “I think I might be losing my touch. And did Sirius tell you that he wanted me to join him in some ridiculous plan or something or the other? I don’t know, Prongs. Everything’s just getting so frustrating and tiresome. I think I might need a break from the Marauders.” He shook his head tiredly as he scribbled fiercely on the long piece of parchment.

I gazed at him sympathetically. My Moony was having a hard time, and I’d be there for him no matter what he would choose. That’s what the Marauders do. They stick together through thick and thin; an unbreakable bond. It just hurt me to see Moony so broken up, and nothing that I could do to help.

Or was there?

“You know what you need, mate?” I said, leaning back on the sofa, my eyes gazing up at the ceiling.

“What’s that, James?”

“You need a girl. You need someone who will help you with homework and encourage you to persevere. You know what I’m saying?” I winked at him suggestively.

“Er, no,” he replied, glancing up at me. “I don’t think I do. Sorry.”

I sighed. “We should find you a girl tonight. Yeah, that’s what we’ll do.” I jumped up and raced over to the portrait hole. “We will find you a girl that’s just right for you, Moony. Now, only where to look?”

As I paced around the Common Room, deep in thought on where to find the female race, Moony interjected my thought process.

“I’m not sure if that’s really the best idea, James,” he confessed, finally standing up from his stressful essay. “I don’t think I’m really fit for a relationship, what with my condition and heavy workload I’ve had piled up for weeks. I’m flattered by your interest and worry, I really am. Just, I don’t think it’s the best thing for me, you know?”

“Nonsense, Remus!” I disagreed, throwing an arm around his shoulders and guiding him out of the Common Room. “You just need some experience with the women! And I am here to guide you on the path of snogging and shagging.”

“James, I honestly don’t really think-“

“Now where’s a nice place to woman hunt?” I muttered, thinking hard. One place swam to my head instantly. Actually, it was the place I had previously vacated. I’m talking about the library, of course!

I lead the way to the library, with Remus following unsurely at my heel. With a groan from Madam Pince, the nosy, insufferable librarian, I stood at the entrance and swept the room slowly for any sign of a fit female.

I saw a lovely little brown haired girl sitting by herself in the back of the room. She seemed a bit depressed. Perfect. They could cheer each other up, because we all know two depressed people create happiness, and not more depression.

“There’s your woman,” I whispered, pointing my finger at the adorable fifth year sitting all alone and sad. “Do you need a little help making your first move?”

“I think I’m capable enough,” he mumbled, clearly put off, as I sank in the shadows to watch my mate’s first emergence into the dating world. Actually, I was standing in the shadows of a towering bookcase a few feet away from the new couples’ table. Aw, I felt a tear coming to my eye.

My moony was growing up!

“Do you mind if I sit here?” he asked all gentleman-like, grinning a little at the confused girl. The girl wasn’t bad looking either. Do I know how to pick them or do I know how to pick them, eh? The girl had a rather round face with shoulder length brown hair and adorably wide blue eyes. She seemed innocent and nice. A perfect match for Remus, if I do say so myself.

“No. I don’t mind,” she responded in a little voice, watching the man of the hour sit down.

“My name’s Remus Lupin,” he greeted, holding out his hand in a friendly way. She accepted it shyly and blushed all shades of red on her adorable face. Yes! She already had a small little crush on my Remus. Well, he is a Marauder after all.

“My name’s Kathy Mason,” she replied after letting go of his hand. “You’re one of those Marauders, right?”

“For the most part I spend the better part of my days correcting my fellow Marauders.” He smiled. She smiled back. Life is good, is it not?

“What’s it like being the Marauders’ ‘good guy,’” she asked, her face showing her deepening interest. Man, I even surprise myself at my incredible hooking-up prowess.

“It’s…a full time job,” he confessed, laying his arm on the table, his hand open and available. “It usually takes up most of my time. It really does take a lot out of me.”

“Aw, I’m sorry,” she sighed sympathetically, wincing her eyes. “I bet it pays off, though. I mean, your friends have to be awesome, right?”

“When they act their ages, yes,” he responded with a smile.

Why was I feeling guilty? Oh yeah, now I remember. It’s because Remus practically blamed me for his stress. And after all that I’ve done for him!

Huffing, I turned away from the dating table and stared out at the library in distaste. I spotted my red head (ironically, I must say, seeing as I just hooked Remus up with his girl) and my whole demeanor changed immediately. Entering my inner cool, I strode over to her sitting form and once again, sat down across from her.

She looked up and her expression showed all signs of violence. “Merlin, Potter! Are you stalking me?”

Her extremely loud voice caused the happy couple and Madam Pince to shoot us both (mainly me) warning glares, or looks of impatience and shock from Remus and his squeeze.

“Didn’t your mother teach you not to shout in the library, Evans?” I said, ashamed, shaking my head at her.

“Why do you insist on bothering the crap out of me wherever I go?” she asked, her voice thick with venom. “What did I do to deserve this?” She fell back to her chair and continued to glare at me.

“Well, I didn’t get an answer out of you from our previous conversation,” I reminded her cleverly. “Would you maybe have an answer for me now, preferably yes?”

“NO!” she screeched, causing Madam Pince to literally fall right out of her shoes. We watched remorsefully as she crawled over to her shoes, fitted them back on, stood up, and walked angrily toward us. I heard Remus and whatsherface giggling and sniggering like three year olds. Bastards.

“Mr. Potter, I demand that you leave the library at once!” she ordered, pointing a cold finger at the exit. I sniffed and huffed.

“But it was Evans who shouted,” I argued, pointing my own finger at the red head. “Shouldn’t she be the one to leave?”

“Out!” she spat, hitting me upside the head with the book she was holding. Rubbing my head in discomfort and frustration, I left the room resentfully.

“Oi, Potter!” came Evan’s voice from back in the depths of the Library. “My answer, once again, would be no!”

Sighing, depressed, I trudged my way back to the Common Room and once again fell onto the couch by the fire. I noticed, once I had broken away from my little depressed world of skinny jeans and eyeliner, that Sirius was in the room with some girl, kissing each other mad, like their lives depended on each others spit and lips.

“Seriously, Sirius,” I whined, sitting up slowly and clumsily. “That’s why people invented dormitories! So their fellow mates wouldn’t see them shagging like wild animals.”

An uncomfortable popping noise reverberated around the near empty room when Sirius and his girl of the day unlatched from each other. To my horror I recognized the raven-haired girl as Lily’s hideous-in-personality best friend, Julia.

“If you decided to date more then you wouldn’t be so disgusted,” reminded Sirius, making googly eyes at Julia. I felt myself gag at their display of affection. It really was quite disgusting, but maybe I was a bit biased.

“Yeah, Potter,” agreed Julia, glancing an I’m-better-than-you look at me out of the corner of her dark eyes. “So sod off.”

That was the second time today that a woman had told me to sod off. Bugger.

I mumbled to myself like an old man as I trudged up the staircase to my dormitory and fell to the bed, curling up into a little ball and closing my eyes. Why did the world hate me? Really? Firstly, my supposedly best mate screwed me over two times in one day. Then my second best mate completely unappreciated me after all I did for him. Oh and my best mate also blackmailed me in the process of screwing me over. Am I just that easy to take advantage of? And finally, the girl of my dreams shot me down and got me kicked out of the library all in one attempt. She was good, I’d give her that. But I wouldn’t give up. I was madly in love with Lily Evans, and one of these days, she would hit a revelation causing her to realize she was desperately in love with me, too.

One of these says it would happen. Trust me on this.


 I woke up the following morning(game day, ahem) to find Sirius doing his before game work out, Remus scribbling furiously on that bloody piece of parchment, and Peter still snoozing away the hours. There was one other bloke that resided in the sixth year boy’s dormitory, and his name would happened to be Gregory Smitt. Gregory was sitting in his bed, staring at a poster of a lovely girl he had stuck to the ceiling. This girl had long red hair, vivid green eyes, and a very adorable smile with lips that were simply kissable. And he was goggling at this girl as I stared at him.

Lily Evans was not his girl. She was mine.

Gregory had a habit. His habit was that every week he was fixated on a different girl, and on this Saturday, he had chosen the wrong girl to go gaga over. I would have to settle him straight.

I walked up to the bespectacled, freckled kid with the tuft of red hair and looked down at him condescendingly. I heard Sirius’ and Remus’ feet bustle toward me and stop behind me in an abrupt halt They each settled a hand on my shoulder, restraining my oncoming fury that was practically breaking through my skin and eyes like a flesh eating dragon.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I spat at the mere boy, bowing my body to get my face closer to his. I noticed him gulp and twitch in fear.

“I-I-I,” he stammered, constantly blinking his eyes in nervousness. He seemed to have gained his confidence after the sixteenth ‘I.’ “I am staring at a beautiful, busty picture of the glorious, adoring Lily Evans.”

This guy was going down.

“You do realize that I am an accomplished Chaser for your house team and have the strike of a poisonous cobra, I’m sure?” I asked, my body shaking in restrained anger.

The bloke’s eyes narrowed and a small, instigating smirk flashed across his pudgy face. “No, I must not have gotten the owl. But I did receive the one about said girl punching the daylights out of you countless times after she had shot you down.”

This guy wasn’t going down. He was going way down.

It seemed as though Sirius and Remus had slowly backed away and ran out of the room. Good. This didn’t need witnesses. And if I would get in trouble, they needn’t be accomplices.

I brought back my fist, which was pulsating like mad, and shot it down, making contact on his pig-like nose with a deafening crack. I opened my eyes and saw a stream of blood free flowing from the severely broken nose. I had rendered him unconscious.

Well, he deserved it. The bloody wanker.

A few minutes later you would find me in the hospital wing with Remus and Sirius standing on either side of me as a very disgruntled and fuming Madam Pomfrey unleashed her disciplinary bitch-ness on me.

“What were you thinking, Mr. Potter, throwing a punch at your fellow Gryffindor?” she exclaimed, bustling around like a mad woman with her head cut off. “I have four cases of dragon pox to attend to and you do this? Ugh, I can’t believe this! I’m afraid I’m going to have to tell Professor McGonagall about this little episode.”

That was predictable and understandable, I must admit.

“But the bloke was asking for it!” explained Sirius, pointing at the bloke at hand. “He was instigating! I would know, Madam Pomfrey. I was there!”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Black,” she said, shooing him away with her hands. “This doesn’t concern you. Neither does it concern you, Mr. Lupin.” She said this right after Remus had opened his mouth to plead my case.

“It doesn’t matter,” I muttered to Remus. “It was well worth it and I can handle another detention under my belt. Don’t worry about it.”

“But I owe you,” he argued quietly, sending me a significant look. “You hooked me up with Katherine. She’s wonderful, she is.” I watched with my mouth open as his eyes glazed over in contentment. Bastard.

“Shoo,” mouthed Madam Pomfrey, ridding Sirius and Remus from the infirmary. “Potter, you can stay where you are and wait for your Head of House to arrive so she can decide your punishment.”

Sighing, I sat back down on the bed next to the one occupied by Gregory and stared at the wall opposite. I wasn’t scared of McGonagall, really. I knew how to handle her. She was easy to manipulate if you had as much practice at it as I’ve had.

I whistled as I waited, and this didn’t go over well with Gregory.

“You should be afraid, you know,” he warned me, that same smirk showing on his face again. “McGonagall’s probably going to crack down hard.” He examined his fingernails dismissively. “She might even keep you away from today’s game.”

Holy crap, I’d forgotten all about that. The game began in a mere hour and I still needed to get into my gear. McGonagall better make it quick and snappy.

Graciously, the woman from the latter thundered in, her hat askew, and rushed to me, her mouth so thin her lips were all but invisible.

“Potter how could you!” she exclaimed, not even looking at Gregory.

“I’m sorry, Professor,” I sighed, acting the villain. “I know I shouldn’t have punched him. It was wrong of me. So when and where should I spend my detention?”

“Tonight at eight with Professor Slughorn,” she replied breathlessly, sending me an odd look. “Don’t you realize what this means?”

“That I will have to sit down in the dungeons all by my lonesome?” I answered, raising my eyebrows in confusion.

She gawked at me. “It also means that you are prohibited from playing in today’s match,” she said exasperatedly, throwing her hands up in the air. “We are going to lose our very first match, and it’s all because you couldn’t keep your testosterone levels to a minimum!”

“Hullo, Professor?” interjected Gregory, waving his hands in the air. “What about me?”

She ignored him, which would have made me crack a grin if the situation wasn’t so grave.

“There has to be a way I can play!” I argued, practically begging. “Please, Professor!”

“I’m afraid to say rules are rules, Mr. Potter,” she replied ominously, looking the most ashamed I have ever seen her. “I am so disgusted with you. I can’t believe you would strike a fellow Gryffindor when you knew that you could be disqualified from the team.” She sent me a hard look. “I’m sorry, James.”

With that, she stormed away, taking my dignity and self-respect with her.

“Tough break,” teased Gregory, smirking as per usual.

“You know, Greg,” I said coolly. “At least McGonagall knows I exist. And also, if you don’t shut the bloody hell up and stop doting over my woman, your nose will be broken more than once in one day then it will see in a lifetime.” I whipped around and grabbed the collar of his night gown. “Don’t mess with me.” I glared at him so fiercely that it made all the color drain from his face. After throwing him back down to the sheets, I bustled out of the Hospital Wing to meet up with Sirius and Remus, who had faithfully waited outside the double doors for me.

“We heard it all, mate,” said Sirius, dressed in his Quidditch robes and clutching his Cleansweep. “I can’t believe McGonagall would ruin her own team’s chances like that. She’s bonkers, she is.”

“Whatever,” I muttered, turning to walk back up to the dormitory. “I guess I’ll see you guys later. Tell me how the game turns out.” With my head bent and my expression glum, I began to trudge slowly up to Gryffindor Tower.

“Wait a sec,” spoke Remus, seeming to be lost in thought. I looked at him curiously. “I just had a thought. See you at the pitch, Sirius. Come with me, James.” Moony grabbed my arm and began to pull me down the corridor rather quickly.

“Where are you taking me, Lupin?” I growled as we flew past corners and around sauntering people on their way to the game. I got a few boos from loitering Slytherins and a couple cheerful glances from fellow Gryffindors. After a full two minutes (I counted), we arrived at the statue of a phoenix. “Dumbledore’s office?”

Remus nodded as he shouted the password. We bolted up the spiraling staircase in a hurry. Ah, I now saw what was going through Moony’s clever mind. We would get the Headmaster’s approval for me to play in the game after we explain to him why I was innocent and whatnot. It was genius.

We didn’t knock as Remus led us through the door and hurried over to Dumbledore, who gazed at us politely curious.

“Good morning, sir,” greeted Remus breathlessly. “We are in a bit of a dilemma. You see, this morning James knocked out one of our dorm mates, ultimately giving him a broken nose. We carried him down to the Hospital Wing and Madam Pomfrey treated him in a snap. McGonagall had then come to give out his consequence, which I think is a bit unfair under the circumstances. She had banned him from playing in the game today, sir, which I think is completely ludicrous. You see, our dorm mate was practically edging James on! He was asking for it because he knew it would get James kicked off the team. I was there, Professor, so I can wholeheartedly vouch for James in that it really wasn’t his fault that he punched our mate. So can you please allow him to play in today’s game? You and I both know that without James, Gryffindor has no chance of winning.”

And with that, Moony fell into one of the chairs and heaved a great sigh, re-attaining his breath. I smiled winningly at Dumbledore, who summed us both up with his sparkling blue eyes.

“I see,” he said, getting up from his seat and walking to the front of his desk. “Mr. Lupin, you can honestly say that Mr. Potter is completely innocent in this whole ordeal and that it wouldn’t be against school rules and my own personal beliefs that I allow him to play in today’s match?” He kept his gaze on me when he spoke to the best damn friend in the entire freaking world.

“Yessir,” he replied, wiping his brow of sweat.

“In that case Mr. Potter, you are free to play in today’s match. However, only in the instance that you swear you are innocent and that you promise not to get yourself into any more trouble from now until the end of the school year can I allow you to continue playing for Gryffindor. Do you promise me these two things?”

“Of course, sir,” I answered quickly and with a victorious smile.

“Then I’ll see you on the pitch,” he said, bowing us out of his office. “Good day to you both.”

My spirits practically singing in triumph, I sprinted to Gryffindor Tower whilst Remus headed off toward the Pitch to watch the now evenly matched game of wholesome Quidditch.


 “You’re going down, Parker,” I growled at the fellow Slytherin Captain, gritting my teeth and narrowing my eyes.

“Game on, bitch,” he responded, soaring up in the air a second before I kicked off. I lagged behind him, desiring nothing more than to knock him off his bloody broom for calling me a bitch. I, James Potter, was not a bitch, ahem.

The game went on smoothly until half time. Smoothly as in kicking Slytherins’ asses royally and leading the game by a full one hundred points. Though at half time, Sirius had ushered me down upon a rather desolate grassy area behind the stands, where Remus was waiting with the plan.

“So, I see you have succumbed to the great force that is Padfoot,” I commented to Remus, who frowned uncomfortably.

“Yes, well.” He cleared his throat. “Anyway, my friend Yolanda had sent me these through secret owl post.” He dug in his pocket for a moment before pulling out three humongous sticks of fire-proof, reassembling dynamite. “I’ve planted six of them systematically throughout the pitch. They should blow the Slytherins sky high, as you asked for, Padfoot.”

“Excellent,” he replies, examining one of the sticks with great interest. “There won’t be any fatalities, will there?”

Remus sniffed. “No, they will not kill any of the Slytherins.”

“Damn,” cursed Padfoot with an amused grin. “That’s too bad, right Prongs?”

“Indeed,” I murmured, focusing on the actual game I was involved in. During a Quidditch game, I was in the zone. There was no pulling me out of my zone for anything. Well, dynamite might have been an exception to this fact.

“How will I know to get my team off the Pitch?” I asked Remus anxiously. “If any of my players get injured-“I glared at Sirius-“I will kill you.”

“Eh, hadn’t thought of that,” he replied, shrugging.

Strike two had arrived.

I continued to burn a hole through Sirius with my burning gaze.

“Calm down, Prongsie,” he reassured, patting my shoulder delicately. “There’s no need for turmoil. We can always think up a cue or something.”

“Yes,” murmured Remus, lost in thought. He looked up at me. “You’ll know when to clear your team when I shoot out a shower of red sparks up into the sky. Alright?”

I thought about it. “That seems foolproof,” I stated, a grin breaking through my serious disposition. Sirius literally beamed at this and thumped me on the back.

“Good man,” he said proudly.

Back in the air, I was too nervous to focus on the game, which was quite unusual for me. I relied on the other two chasers to get the job done whilst I studied the sky every few seconds or so to spot the triggering red sparks letting me know to get my team out of harm’s way.

As I studied the sky and pitch, my eyes laid themselves on a beautiful young lady watching me with rapt attention. Her green eyes seemed worried over something while her red locks fell in tendrils about her shoulders and back. I stared at Lily curiously. She seemed not to notice that I was staring back. We were quite a ways apart. However, I could see her and her eyes bothered me greatly. Did she know something was up? If that were true, then I should be walking away right now.

Then it happened. Moony shot the vivid red sparks, announcing my cue to rid the pitch of all scarlet and gold clad players.

“Gryffindor, let’s go!” I commanded, guiding player after player to dive off the pitch. “Come on! Hurry, hurry!”

They obeyed, no matter how confused, which only made me feel rather proud of myself. I really did have an effect on my team. I really was their true leader, not matter how many times they chose to back-chat me and trash-talk my brilliant plans. It was a tear jerking moment, I must admit.

I flew behind the stands where my team and Remus had congregated to wait for the massive boom that would ultimately be coming. I stood in between Remus and Sirius, grinning proudly at our prank, no matter how against it I was in the beginning.

This would go down in history. It would be a day for the record books.

The explosion shook the ground like crazy as each stick of harmless dynamite went off simultaneously. Padfoot was grinning ear to ear and Remus looked worried, but I just ignored him.

After the explosions had ended, Sirius and I raced around the stands to lay our eyes on a scene of mass chaos. Teachers and students were running around everywhere, confused and terrified at what had just happened. Dumbledore was standing up in the stands, his wand out, muttering spells under his breath to repair the disheveled Pitch. Grass and dirt were everywhere and the Slytherins looked priceless and unharmed. Their robes were thrown over their heads and their brooms were torn to shreds. Windswept and dirt ridden, Slughorn led his team up to the school.

Sirius and I were cracking up like complete idiots. I had my arm thrown around his shoulders whilst he had his head leaning on my own head, laughing like crazy. If we didn’t look guilty, then Peter was the fittest man alive, I daresay.

When I opened my eyes and wiped the last of the tears from my eyes, I noticed Dumbledore storming toward us, his face set and his body rigid.

Strike three and Sirius was out.

A/N- **revised** This is the first chapter in the amazing James's POV! Woo! I've revised this a few times now, so it should be in ship shape. :D Please read and review! They make me smile. :)

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