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            “Come on Lily, you have to play! It’ll be fun!” Alice was telling me, trying to get me to go with her into the common room. “Besides, you know you need a break after all that studying, come on.”

            “Just because YOU need a break, doesn’t mean I need one to! You know they just arranged this ‘All sixth year, only sixth year’ game so Potter has another chance to ask me out!” I told her disgustedly.

            “Every sixth year in Gryffindor will be mad at you if you don’t play, including me. The rule is everyone has to play, or there’s no game!” Alice alleged.

            “That makes it better for everyone else involved! It’s a stupid game anyways!” I spat at her, “Someone always ends up getting hurt in some way or another.”

            “Lily Evans! If you don’t get your butt downstairs in five minutes, I will tell James how to get past the enchanted stairs so he can come up here himself!” Alice told me sternly, her hands on her hips.

            “Y-you wouldn’t dare!” I stuttered, staring at her in disbelief.

            “Wouldn’t I?” Alice challenged back, a smirk on her face.

            Alice was my best friend since first year, she knew me better than anyone did, including myself. She knew things about me, I didn’t even know yet, or at least didn’t want to know yet.

            Alice had told me that I liked James Potter, two days ago. I didn’t believe her at first, but the more she pressed her point, the more sense it made. Why I enjoyed yelling at James more than anyone else did, why I got so furious at him and the other marauders, even when they, seemingly, didn’t do anything wrong, and why I blushed when I made even the tiniest mistake in front of Potter and could laugh it off in front of anyone else.

            I had some how managed to avoid the four marauders since then, but tomorrow was start of second term and I happened to be taking two of the same classes as the rotten, reckless, cute, dreamy eyed James Potter.

            “Alice, you know I’ve been avoiding James for a reason. I-I don’t know what I would say if he asked me out again. Playing ‘Truth, Dare or Spin’ with him, I mean, what would I do if they asked me who I fancied, or if I spun him, or he spun me? It would be too bizarre. You go and convince them to play without me; I know you can do that,” I told Alice, giving her a small smile.

            “You can’t avoid James forever. He loves you to much to let you do that. Why can’t you learn to face your fears! It won’t be too bad. Come on, please. For me… and James,” Alice said, reaching a hand out to me with a small smile.

            “Fine, but if things get out of hand, it’s your fault! Where are we going and when are we supposed to be there?” I told her, taking her hand and standing up. “I need to change into nicer clothes before we go.”

            “Thank you Lily! You will not regret this, I promise! We have to be in the sixth year boys’ dormitory in five minutes, at the latest.” Alice said and went to her trunk to change as well.


Five minutes later


            Alice knocked lightly and pushed the door open. She was wearing a fun, colourful T-shirt and shorts (she figured a skirt would be to hard if she had to sit on the floor), with a small amount of Mascara and a touch of pink lip-gloss to brighten her always-beautiful face. I was wearing a closefitting, black tank top and skinny jeans with cotton candy lip-gloss, just for fun. I had pulled my long, shiny red hair back into a playful ponytail.

            “Hey guys, are we late?” Alice asked, walking into the room on her four inch high stilettos.

            “No. Is everyone here now?” Sirius asked James anxiously.

            “Let’s see, there’s Peter, Remus, You, Me, Frank, Miranda, Jessica, Brittany and Alice. That’s everyone!” James said, counting off on his fingers wile looking around the room.

            “Wait, where’d Lily go? She was right behind me.” Alice said, turning around and looking into the hallway

            “Evans! Sh-she came! I thought she didn’t like these ‘stupid, little, teenage’ games?” James asked, trying to hide his excitement.

            “I told you this was a bad idea and they’d play without me!” I whispered harshly to Alice as she poked her head out of the door.

            “Come on! It’ll be fun. Remember my promise?” Alice answered back, grabbing my arm and gently pulling me into the room.

            “Fine, I’ll play!” I told her, pulling my arm out of her grasp, “It doesn’t mean I’ll have fun.” I mumbled under my breath as I sat down between Alice and Miranda.


            “Okay, this is Truth, Dare or Spin! You spin the bottle and whomever it lands on chooses Truth, Dare or Spin. You get twenty seconds to choose or else you get Spin. Other than that, it is just a mixture of Truth or Dare and Spin the bottle. Everybody understands. There are no questions about how to play? Good! I’ll spin first,” Sirius explained, grabbing the bottle in the middle and giving it a good spin.

            Everyone watched as the bottle turned, slower every second, wondering who will be the first victim, hoping it does not happen to be them. The bottle slowly came to a stop in front of James. “Okay mate, truth, dare or spin?” Sirius asked, slapping him on his back in a friendly way.

            “Umm… Dare!” James said after he thought for a moment.

            “Hmmm… I dare you… to play the rest of the game in only your boxers.” Sirius said with a smile.

            “What? You have to be kidding me! Seriously Sirius what are you thinking?”

            “Are you going to back out on the first dare? I thought you were braver than that! Come on James, you made it into Gryffindor. Strip for the ladies,” Sirius said his smile even bigger than before.

            James got up and reluctantly undid his jeans, pulling off his shirt as his pants fell to the floor; he carefully sat down again as Sirius wolf whistled at him. “You’re going to pay for this Black!” James muttered under his breath as he quickly spun the bottle for someone else’s turn.

            A little wile into the game, right after Frank spun Alice, and dared her to grab a seventh year boy's boxers from the dormitory above, Alice spun me. Thinking quickly so as not to be stuck with spin unless I actually wanted it, I considered some of the things Alice might dare me to do. Not wanting to do any of the things that came directly to mind I chose “Truth”.

            “Who do you fancy most out of all the sixth and seventh year guys in Gryffindor, if it’s a Gryffindor that is?” Alice asked me slyly, a grin breaking across her face. “Remember to tell the truth Lily, or I’ll know.”

            “Ugh, why would you ask that of me, Alice? Why do you torment me? You already know anyways,” I mumbled at her with questioning eyes.

            “I believe it best if others in this room know of your true feelings Lily. You know it is for the better anyways. I see the way you look at him, he should know,” Alice said kindly, care on her face and in her voice.

            “Okay, I fancy…J-J-James Potter.” I mumbled to my shoes.

            “What? Sorry Lily, but you have got to speak up w-we can’t hear you,” James said, kindly, looking at me with pain in his eyes believing I fancy one of his friends, since Alice basically told them it was someone in that room.

            “I-I said that I fancy…J-James Potter.” I mumbled again, to my feet.

            “Speak up Lily!” Sirius said. “We can’t hear you!”

            “That’s the point! I don’t want you to know that I fancy James Potter the most out of any other boy in this school! Okay Sirius, I don’t want you to know my love live, even if you are so bloody interested in it!” I yelled at him, not totally registering what I was saying.

            “Y-y-you fancy m-me most, but I-I thought you hated me?” James questioned, not knowing how to feel or if he heard me correctly.

            My face slowly turned as red as my hair as I actually thought about what I had just said. “I-I could never hate you James. I don’t know why I ever thought I did,” I mumbled, slowly leaning across the circle towards him.

            I carefully turned the bottle in the center until it was pointing directly at him, and asked, “Truth, Dare, Spin… or Kiss?”

            “I-I think I’ll choose… Kiss,” James mumbled, muffling his last word as he pulled me into a long awaited, passionate kiss.

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