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His last race, at last he one of his last wishes have been granted. He has only weeks left.’
The last thought struck me hard.

I look up into the stand to find the person who the thought came from. That is when I see them.

A mother and father together with their little boy.

The boy was no older the four. He was pale while, with a tired, ill look to him. He as wrapped up warm in a thick jacket and clothes. He also had a thick blanket wrapped around him.

He was ill, seriously ill. Dieing.

She knew what she was going to do!

Chapter Thirteen

The commentator’s voice filled the track once more.

“Five minutes until the final race”

Hermione grinned to herself and ran a human speed back to her car.

“Hermione have you…,” asked Annie as she saw Hermione approach

“I know what I am doing!” Hermione says and she jumps into her car.

“Good luck Mione,” says Ginny looking in the window,

“Thanks Gin, Sorry I’ve not talked much. These races mean a lot to me. I fell close to my real parents here”

With that, Hermione blew a kiss to Jacob and set off to the track.

******** Final race

I was nearing the end of the track, the finishing line coming closer. I look to the left; there next to me was Adams car. We where tied. The last corner approaches. I need to get away from him.

I spy oil on the track, someone is leaking. I dodge the oil. So does Adam.

Everything has gone white.

“Well, well, well look who it is, the mudblood has found new friends” the familiar voice of Draco Malfoy fills my mind

“What mudblood?” I hear myself ask, “I see no mud blood! Oh Malfoy, How’s the arm?”

I point to his left arm, just above the wrist, before walking away.

The track comes back into my sight, the race is over. I had a vision while the race ended.

Who won? I think to myself.

“She’s done it again. Five years running. Hermione Granger has won this years cup!”

I won. I won.

“Well, I had nothing planned until just before this race. However, I know what I am doing. I will be back in a minute.”

I had the mike back to the commentator, before making way out of the track and into the stands

I run through the crowds of people, some congratulating me others shouting insults.

Within minutes I reac the stand in which the little boy and his parenst are in.

I make my ay up to the three of them.

“Hello” I say bending down to the boys level, “my names Maya. What’s yours?”

The little boy looks at me, his blue eyes shinning. He smiles as his dark curls fall onto his face.

“My name is Jamie. You drive very well,” the boy says

“Thank you Jamie. Jamie if your mummy and Daddy say yes, would you like to drive my car?” I ask the little boy

I watch as his face lights up. His eyes shine with happiness. He turns quickly to face his parents.

His mother, a tanned woman of around forty sat looking shocked. Her hair dark black hair tied back off her face. Her eyes like her sons bright blue. His father was completely different. His father had chocolate brown curls, and dark brown eyes. His skin an olive colour.

The screams of fans could be heard coming from all around.

I get out my car; the commentator is walking towards me.

“So… Miss Granger what is it you doing this year” he asks handing me a spare mike.
“Miss Granger are you sure you want him to?” asked the man in an Italian accent

“Of course sir. I would love for him to do it. I can see that he is an unwell child. I too was once very ill. I was only given a 10% chance of surviving after a fall down a mountain, which killed my father.”

The woman gasped, “Mr Granger is not your father,” she whispers

“No, and Annie is not my mother, my mother died when I was four. Mr and Mrs Granger adopted me when I was seven (sorry but I cannot remember her exact age I think it was around the age of 7). The year before that I was in the hospital for Six months, then lived at my doctors home for the next six.”

“Child you remind me of two people I once knew, may I ask whom are your birth parents?” asked the man.

I did not know why I was telling him all this but when he first spoke something was triggered in me.

“Sir, I am afraid I remember very little of my parents. My memories have been coming back recently but they are very rare. What I do remember is that my father was called Greg and my mother was
“Thank you for trusting us with this information. Of course Jamie can drive with you” the man said, “but please call me Antonio. And this is my wife Serena.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both, would you like to follow me to the track please”


***** Alice Pov

I saw the vision the Hermione had before she won the race, but it was while she was away from the track I found out something else. The couple she was talking to were not strangers to her. Jasper realised it too. Jasper told me once Hermione said her parents name the man’s feeling went haywire, just like the women’s.

These strangers are Hermione’s aunt and uncle!

As soon as I had the vision and finished talking to Jasper, I had run off to one of the many stalls selling stuff. I then bought a small race suit in black and red, just like Maya’s; I also bought a matching helmet.

******* Hermione’s pov

I watched as Jamie walked onto the track with his parents, my family that stood waiting at my car.

The four of us walk towards the others.

“Vampires” I hear Antonio whisper

I look at him, how does he know? He just smiles at me.

“Antonio I would like you to meet the people I call my family. First my adopted parents. John and Annie Granger. Next, my adopted aunt and uncle, doctor Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme. And some of my lovely adopted brothers and sisters; jasper and his wife Alice, my newest sister Bella, Seth and his sister Leah, Sam and his wife Emily, Embry, my best friend Ginny and my boyfriend Jacob.” I point to everyone one at a time, each saying hi in return.

“Everyone this is Antonia and his wife Serena. Moreover, this lucky boy here is Jamie. He is going to drive my car.”

At this, Alice jumped forward.

“Jamie, what do all racing car drivers need? Well except for a car.” asked Alice

“A helmet and racing suit” whispered Jamie

“That’s correct. And guess what” with that jasper walked from behind Alice holing a small race suit and helmet both matching my own.

“Is that for me?” asked Jamie his face once more lighting up

“Yes it is” said Jasper handing then to the small boy. At this Jamie straight away, with help from his mother put the clothes on.


A/N I am going to stop this chapter here next time. I was going to continue it but I thought the next section would be great for the start if the next chapter. Sorry if there is many mistakes (punctuation, spell (or even does not make sense in sense) its just I am very tired while writing this chapter.

Hope you enjoyed it.  

lady_nite x

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