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All the Pretty Faces — IV. When You Were Young

“You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy to
To save you from your old ways
You play forgiveness
Watch it now
Here he comes

He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus
But he talks like a gentleman
Like you imagined
When you were young.”

To say Sirius Black was irresistible was a definite understatement. He was carelessly handsome, to which he was acutely aware. His devastatingly good looks granted him whichever girl he desired at any moment. Sirius Black’s ability to charm girls, boys and teacher’s alike was his most dominant quality. His dark curls were always perfectly disheveled, his smoky gray eyes were always alight with mischief, and his strong jaw completed his angelic face. Behind his practiced killer smile, easy good looks and popularity, Sirius Black hid many secrets.

His confidant was James Potter. Although both boys were part of the legendary Marauder circle, Sirius was closest to James.

Sirius never questioned his ability to get whatever he wanted when he wanted. He was manipulative and due to his attractiveness, he was also slightly arrogant. Every girl in Hogwarts — whether they were in Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, wanted him. But, that’s what made them all so unattractive to him. Sirius liked the thrill of the chase. That’s why he liked Marlene. Marlene McKinnon paid no attention to him. They were very much alike, Sirius and Marlene. Both undeniably good-looking, they were both used to the opposite sexes succumbing to their charm — and easily. Except, Marlene understood Sirius because she was the same. She hated arrogance, yet she was arrogant herself. It was all so frustrating to Sirius. Yet, he couldn’t deny his attraction to her. The fact that she so often and rudely rejected him made him question himself. And he did not like being insecure. Marlene was the one person who could do that to him. And he hated it. That only made him more determined, though. Being a Marauder and being so egotistical was a way for Sirius to mask his feelings.

Sirius was always the favourite. He was the first-born, his mother loved him best and he knew it. Regulus knew it, too. Regulus worshiped him. He was always better looking and more talented than Regulus. And then he got sorted into Gryffindor. His father was ashamed. His mother masked her disappointment by hating him. Regulus, who was always second-best became the favourite, the only hope for Walburga and Orion. Sirius was spurned by his family. The only Black to be sorted into Gryffindor. But, that only made Sirius stronger. He went against everything his parents said. And then he was a Black no more. Burned off the Black family tree tapestry. As if he never existed to them.


‘—for years Wizards boasted that their wands were bigger and better than other Wizards', although there was only one wand that was superior; the Elder Wand, the Deathstick,’ James read aloud from the History of Magic textbook. He cleared his throat and Marlene laughed derisively.

‘Sounds like something else Wizards have boasted about over the centuries,’ she said drily.

‘You’re hilarious, really,’ said James.

‘That’s what they tell me,’ said Marlene, smirking.

‘I don’t get it,’ said Dorcas Meadowes confusedly. James, Marlene, Dorcas and Sirius were sitting in History of Magic, doing the homework Binns had assigned.

‘Never mind,’ said James, hastily. Dorcas shrugged.

‘We have to really work,’ said James loudly, eyeing Lily Evans two rows down.

Marlene rolled her eyes. ‘She doesn’t even look at you, James, she’s not listening. Stop being such a bore.’

James blushed slightly. ‘I wasn’t saying it because of her,’ said James, casting a sideways glance to Lily, who was surrounded by books and taking notes; without the slightest knowledge that she was being talked about.

Marlene kicked Sirius, who was sleeping behind his stack of books. ‘Oi, wake up.’

Sirius stirred. ‘Why, did you miss me?’ he asked, running a hand through his hair.

Marlene snorted. ‘You have an,’ she said pointing to her forehead, ‘ink stain all over your forehead.’

‘Bullocks,’ he said and James laughed.

The bell rang and the previously lifeless class began to stir. Everyone began to gather their books, parchment, quills and ink pots.

Sirius and James picked up their belongings and walked side-by-side out of the tower. Sirius was trying in vain to cover the ink stain with his hair.

‘What are we doing tonight?’ asked Sirius.

‘I’ve got patrolling with Lily,’ said James, happily.

‘Lovely,’ said Sirius. ‘Moony’s got to go to the library to study and Wormtail’s got detention. That leaves me… alone on a Friday night.’

‘Find something to do,’ said James, shrugging. ‘I’m sure you could get a Hufflepuff to help you occupy your time.’

‘Ha-ha. I’ll find something to do.’


‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,’ whispered Sirius, head bent over a wad of parchment his wand alight. Mysteriously, the parchment began to reveal a map of Hogwarts. Sirius spotted some people he knew and his trailing wand stopped on the dot of Marlene McKinnon. ‘Perfect,’ he whispered.

Sirius walked slowly down the corridor, his eyes trailing the various portraits. He stopped at a broom closet, muttered ‘Alohomora’ and the broom closet opened with a click.

The broom closet revealed a couple, Marlene McKinnon and a Hufflepuff Sirius knew as Amos Diggory in a passionate embrace. They broke apart upon hearing disruption and Amos eyed Sirius coolly, arranged his clothing and was off.

‘Charming lad,’ said Sirius idly.

Marlene crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at him with her ice blue eyes. ‘Why is it that you always ruin everything?’ she asked.

‘Good timing?’ answered Sirius, smirking.

Marlene huffed. ‘You’re so infuriating.’

‘I’m glad you think so,’ said Sirius.

‘You’re a prat.’

‘Thanks,’ Sirius said, grinning.

With a toss of her long dirty blonde hair, Marlene was off, walking quickly up the staircase.

Sirius followed her. He loved infuriating her.

Just as Marlene jumped on the next staircase, it lurched, changing its course.

‘Just so you know, love, you’re not getting away from me that easily,’ called Sirius from the lower staircase, watching Marlene’s staircase change to the opposite side.

‘Bye, Sirius,’ said Marlene, tauntingly. And then she was out of sight.

Sirius sighed and got off the staircase. He walked idly along the corridor. He leant against a wall, eyes trailing over the Marauder’s Map. Marlene’s dot was safely tucked into the girl’s dormitory. He spotted James’ dot, along with Lily’s on the second floor, doing their nightly Head Boy and Girl patrols.

He spotted a cluster of dots in the dungeon. Curiosity piqued, Sirius investigated. His stomach lurched a little. The dots read: Regulus Black, Bellatrix Black, Rodolphus Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy and Evan Rosier.

Before he knew what he was doing, Sirius was running towards the dungeons. He heard their voices before he saw them. He hid behind a pillar and like all pure-bloods were trained to know how to do, eavesdropped.

‘The Dark Lord is expecting this of you, Regulus,’ said Lucius Malfoy in a harsh whisper.

Sirius heard footsteps disappear and heard Bellatrix whisper quietly, ‘Don’t put more shame on our family’s name. Remember, baby cousin, if you don’t do this, you’ll be like him—’ Sirius felt the urge to hex her. ‘Like your traitor of a brother.’ She turned and walked away.

Sirius heard someone fall to the floor and begin crying.

Making sure that Regulus was alone, Sirius stepped out from his hiding place. He walked determinedly towards his younger brother. Regulus had the same dark hair and haughty look of his brother, though he was smaller, slighter and rather less handsome than Sirius.

‘Regulus,’ whispered Sirius. Regulus had his head in his hands and was sobbing on the floor. Regulus looked up, his face tear-stained. He wiped his tears quickly and stood up.

‘Sirius,’ he replied coldly.

‘What is it they want you to do?’ Sirius asked, frowning, not making eye contact with his brother.

‘Why do you care?’ asked Regulus coldly.

‘Reg, you’re still my brother, I care about you—’ said Sirius.

‘Bullshit!’ shouted Regulus, cutting Sirius off. ‘You couldn’t give a shit less about me. All you care about is yourself. You weren’t thinking about me when you up and left, were you? Everything that you couldn’t live with was thrust upon to me. Do you know what its been like, Sirius?’

Guilt overwhelmed Sirius. He couldn’t even say anything to Regulus. What hurt the most was that everything Regulus said was true.

‘I bet none of that has ever crossed your mind. No, because all you do is sleep around and play stupid pranks with your Marauder friends.’

Sirius didn’t argue and Regulus continued.

‘They’re so much harder on me than they were on you. Their perfect Sirius. And I was just always the other son. And then everything changed. Perfect Sirius became a Gryffindor, a traitor. Mother and Father couldn’t bear to be seen as blood traitors. The bloody hypocrites forced me into this. And you know what, Sirius? I was fucking scared. And they were always harder on me. Afraid I’d become like you. But, if I didn’t hold my head up high and agree with the Dark Lord, I was punished.’

Tears threatened to pool from Regulus’ gray eyes. ‘Fuck, I used to want to be like you so much. I wanted to be praised by Mother and Father. I wanted to be perfect and loved like you were. I admired your nerve. The way you were always so strong. And now… I just think you’re a coward. You ran off because you didn’t like the shit that was going on. And now you’ve left me to pick up the pieces.’

Regulus wiped the tears that fell from his gray eyes — eyes that mirrored Sirius’. Sirius felt a tear stream down his cheek. ‘Reg, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. And, Reg, I still love you. You’re my brother.’

‘Sorry doesn’t change anything, Sirius.’ Regulus stood up to his full height. He pulled up his robes and then his shirt sleeves to reveal his forearm which was branded with the Dark Mark. A skull with a snake pouring out of its mouth. Sirius felt like he was going to be sick.

‘It’s too late, Sirius. They’ve branded me. I’m a Death Eater.’

Author's Note New chapter. I hope you guys liked it! I'm so sorry that this took forever to get out! I've re-written this chapter like, twice. And it still seems a bit weird to me. Anyways, the song lyrics are 'When you were young' by the Killers. Hopefully the next chapter won't take as long to get out. I hope you guys don't think the relationship between Marlene/Sirius is cliche. The whole Lily's friends hooking up with James' friends thing. So, if you want, tell me what you guys thought of this :) Thankyous for reading!

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