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    “Father, I think I’m ready” a young 17-year old Regulus Black said, standing before his father in Number 12 Grimmaud Place’s kitchen.

    His father’s face was blocked by the Daily Prophet, which he continued to read, carefully. He slowly lowered it though, his face resembled Sirius’s, his son and Regulus’s brother, strongly expect it was more hard-looking and serious. He looked into his son’s eyes, and Regulus looked back at his father’s patiently.
    “Don’t be silly, Regulus” said a voice that came from the left of Regulus. His mother had entered the room. Her hair was out in a tight bun behind her and she was wearing a dirty apron over her nightgown.

    “I am ready” Regulus repeated, this time to his mother.
    “Your school..” his mother started, but his father had lifted a hand to silence her.
    “Walburga, let him go” his father said, “he will honor our family by serving the Dark Lord and taking out the filthy Mudbloods that pollute our community today.”
    Regulus reddened. He bowed to his father before thanking him and locking himself in his room. He had it all planned out, he would go visit the Lestranges, who were said to be in Lord Voldemort’s inner circle. From their he will prove himself worthy to serve the Dark Lord to the Dark Lord himself, and finally be branded with the feared Dark Mark. Regulus excitedly crouched beside his bead, reached a hand under it, and pulled out a clean wooden box. He opened it, inside were hundreds of Daily Prophet clippings he had collected from the Daily Prophet. All of them were about Lord Voldemort. He laid them out on his bed and read over them as he had done a hundred times before. His favorite one was the lying a few inches away from his left hand. He pulled it towards himself and read it.

    The thirteen dead bodies found this morning are confirmed to be of witches and wizards. Aurors had reported to the scene almost immediately after the Dark Mark had been conjured over a bankrupt pub in the countryside. The victims seemed to have tried to fight back, but they were quicky taken down by the attackers, who were apparently Death Eaters. There were chairs and tables knocked over all over the pub. The bodies were found tied to the wall magicked ropes. They seemed to have bled to death for each on of the bodies had a deep gash from their chest to their waist. All of the bodies have also been confirmed to be of muggle-borns. Their names are-
    Their names did not matter Regulus thought throwing the paper aside. Mudbloods never had an identity in this world and never will. Regulus browsed the rest of the article before returning them to the box and then again under the bed. He stood and stretched, feeling proud. He looked at his room and admired his decorations of all green covers and drapes to represent Slytherin, his eyes lingered to the mirror. He cocked his head to the right curiously. His smooth, handsome face hadn’t changed much, but Regulus Black knew he was different. He was feeling different; he felt a hidden strength rise in him. He heard a knock at the door. He surveyed himself one more time in the mirror before walking over to the door and pulling it open. It was Kreacher, he was really the only person Regulus trusted in his entire family.
    “Master Orion wishes to see you sir” Kreacher addressed him, bowing.

    “Thanks Kreacher.” Regulus stepping aside to let Kreacher in, “may you please pack some things for me Kreacher ? A few clothes should do, and my box under my bed. Don’t forget it. “

    “Master Regulus is going.” Kreacher asked, his eyes bulging forward, but Regulus had already left his room and was heading downstairs to address his father.

    His father was in the living room, he was leaning over the fire talking to a face. Regulus peered over his father’s shoulder and saw his Aunt Bellatrix smiling up at him, then nodded to Orion and vanished.

    His father stood up, flicked a little dust of his shoulder and looked Regulus in the eye, “They are expecting you son. Are you ready?”

    “Kreacher’s about to finish packing,” Regulus said.

    Regulus’s mother came in and hugged him, Regulus hugged her back, but not to tightly. He was missing Sirius. Sirius had never been a good big brother to Regulus because they were in rival houses, but Regulus respected Sirius. He wanted to be like his older brother, but at the same time he disagreed with his views about the muggle borns. Kreacher came down with Regulus’s luggage floating behind him. He looked worried.

    “Where is good sir going” he kept asking his mistress.

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