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                                       Prologue: Witch And Wizard
 At  Wools Orphanage, life wasn't all that good. It could be worse, but all in all, not good. For thirty nine years it was open, and then, poof. disappeared, along with all the forty seven orphans who were inside . The lucky few who were out thought it was a dream come true, but nobody ever asked them, no, the incident was called tragic, heartbreaking even. But still, nobody asked the orphans, and so nobody ever found out the truth from miss Rinnette Allesaiyah.

In the world of Rinnette Allesaiyah, wishes don't come true.instead they whirl around in the air, tantalizingly close, yet so far away.... Nobody ever knew Rinnette's secret wish, but that was about to change...

"No one knows quite who her parents are, but i think you will find her suitable Mr. Dun..Dum ..Oh well just have a bloody good look.Come get me when you're done." The voice of the adoption agent rang out in the steely, grey, tiled hall. Echoing sinisterly, like the mad cackle of a deranged prisoner, for that is, what she was in a way... but lets get back to the story.

"Hello, Rinnette." Professor Dumbledore's voice was gentle, yet after the cacklings of the agent still sounded somewhat sinister. He was speaking to our heroine, Miss Rinnette Emmaline Adelaide Allesaiyah, who in this chapter, is eleven years old, and being dreadfully mistreated in the orphanage.

"Hello." Her voice was quiet, musical, in a fashion, it reminded him of a pheonix, and yet she was standing against the wall, poker straight, as though all the hellhounds of the universe were creeping into the room.

"Do you know why I'm here?"

"You're here to examine me aren't you? I'm different from the rest and she wants me looked at, doesn't she? All that talk about being suitable, it's so I don't suspect anything isn't it?" she now sounded defiant, and angry, but her voice now reminded him of a fox, fiery and brave.

"No, I am not here to 'look at' you, I am here to invite you to a school, more precisely, my school, of magic." Dumbledore 's voice was calm and persuasive.

"What's the name of this school then? And, um, why are you telling me in person?"

"Because.... I'd like to, um,  adopt you." Dumbledore said thoughtfully.

" Oh, and that really clears it up! why me? I mean, aren't there hundreds of you, couldn't you adopt one of them?" Rinnette was confused.

"You're different..... You, are a seperator."

"How, and how do you use magic?" she asked. Dumbledore smiled.
like this." He flicked his wand at the wooden pencil and the small notepad that were on the table. As they lifted into the air, they sketched the hogwarts seal, and then floated over to her. Dumbledore took a letter from his pocket,  and handed it to Rinnette who was still staring in awe at the seal.

" May I take it that you accept?" he asked kindly.

"Are you kidding me?? YES! I've been stuck here since I was two days old!"

"On the 1st of September than?"

"The 1st of September." she replied.
And that is how her adventure began.

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