Despite her wish to spend the day away from said Sir Black, Emily found it necessary to discuss certain vital topics with him.

“We have to tell everyone at some point,” she whispered, and smiled as his thumb stroked her hand lightly, “Or, at least, some people.  Like… I have to tell Lily.”

“Must you?” he breathed, and his nose met her neck with a slight sigh, “I’m nervous enough as is.”

Sirius,” she scoffed a bit, “This is my life we’re talking about.  Our life.  You don’t think I’m not nervous?”

“I know you’re nervous.  That doesn’t mean we can’t keep it secret just a little longer.”

“Only a few weeks.  I’m getting tired of hiding.  I want to just explode with joy.”

“Soon, I promise.  Let’s talk to Dumbledore first, but not right away,” he murmured, kissing her delicately.

They were parted by sudden drip drops of rain, and Emily smiled up at Sirius before taking his hand and leading them off.  They were silent most of the journey back, hands clasped together tightly, and Emily only spoke after a sigh and once they had reached the portrait to the common room.

“Compromise with me, just this once,” she murmured as the Fat Lady swung open, “Let me tell Lily, and you tell James.”

Sirius scrunched his nose and forced his obvious like of the idea to the back of his mind until Emily smirked, knowing she’d won.  They parted once within the common room, and Emily quickly grabbed her redheaded friend by the hand and dragged her off upstairs.

“I have something vital to discuss with you.”

Someone cleared their throat, and Emily turned violently, glaring at the small first year.  Her expression instantly softened at the girl’s suddenly frightened visage, and she moved to a politer tone, “Could you please excuse us?”

The girl nodded fervently and scampered from the room before Emily tugged Lily off to her bed.

“This is one of those secrets that we talked about, the kind that even Sirius doesn’t want me telling people, the kind that I had to beg to be able to tell you, got it?”

“I’m not an imbecile, Emily,” Lily scoffed, shaking her arm out of her friend’s grip and rolling her eyes, “I know I’m not supposed to tell anyone.”

“Lily, I’m serious.  This is huge, like… I’m scared huge.”

“Okay, okay, serious face, go.”

Lily sat, attentive, until Emily burst into hysterical laughter and Lily tried her hardest not to reciprocate the gesture.  “Damn it, I was trying to be serious!” she yelped, pushing Emily.

“All fun and games aside,” Emily abruptly said, and Lily had to rush to gain control of her emotions as Emily looked down at her hands, fiddling her thumbs, and Lily frowned as she saw her friend’s shaking hands.

“Whatever you have to tell me, it’s going to be okay.  We’ll figure it out.”

“I’m pregnant, Lily.”

She’s speechless, entirely shocked by this prospect until she gains her sense again and lets out a great shout, “OH MY GOD!”

Emily nodded as Lily gaped at her in disbelief before Emily finally broke down, tears flowing freely, “I don’t know what to do, Lily.  I mean, I’m entirely thrilled, but… I’m still in school, Lils.  How exactly am I supposed to go about things normally when I’m going to have a baby inside me?”

“I think you need to talk to Dumbledore.  Otherwise, this may get really weird.”

“Sirius doesn’t want to yet.  He was iffy about me even telling you, but I think he’ll be relieved to tell James, so… I just don’t know what to do, Lily.  I’m so scared.”

“I would be, too.  That’s pretty epic.”

“Lily,” she sobbed, covering her face and shaking her head, “What have I done?”

“My dear,” Lily cooed, bringing her friend toward her, “You have committed an act of love and nothing more.  You are worn, obviously.  Let your eyes rest; they have seen such troubles today in your mind.  Calm yourself, and fall to bliss.”

Emily breathed in a heavy breath, one determined to settle herself, but nothing could be done for her nerves and feeling of failure.  Lily, distraught and confused, merely held her in silence, petting her hair and attempting to calm her…


“Hey, mate,” Sirius muttered, clapping James on the back as he circled around the couch and headed for the stairs.

“You not gonna sit, Padfoot?  Fire’s nice,” he called, turning his head only slightly.

“Nah, man, I gotta think for a while.”


As James’ brow arched, Remus snorted unceremoniously into his book and Sirius spat a spell at the back of his head, resulting in Remus grumbling something incoherent and sinking lower in his seat.

“Well, I’ll come think with you, then,” James said, shrugging as he stood.

“You two are easily the strangest friends ever.  Thinking together, eh?  What’s next, plotting schemes separately?  Merlin’s beard,” Remus grumbled, digging his nose in his book before Sirius could hex him again.

“You alright, you crazy bloke?” James queried as they entered their dormitory and Sirius sat at the desk, burying his face in his arms, “I mean, you don’t usually go off and think or whatnot.  You’re freaking me out a little, I won’t lie.”

“I fudged up real bad, Prongs,” he mumbled into his arms, sighing heavily.

“Did you now?  Well, I’ve got this sense that I’m going to have to pry it out of you, eh?  Maybe you could just make it easy on my poor ole heart and just tell me, sound like a plan?”

“Em’s pregnant, mate.”

“Blimey, Sirius, you really did fudge up.  How did that happen?  Were you being stupid?  Because I thought we had a very serious discussion about being stupid, and how it was only reserved for daytime and… Sirius!  You didn’t disregard the dumb law because the sun was still up, did you?  You know I didn’t mean only daytime, you twit!"

“James, calm down,” Sirius laughed, standing.

“Okay, mission accomplished, now tell me how this happened.”

“Honestly, you’re like women,” Remus grumbled as he walked in upon James and Sirius sitting cross-legged from one another, swapping stories.

“Moony, we’re talking about very important things here.  In such cases, feminine behavior is occasionally called for,” James said as he held up his hands in defense.

“I’m telling every female in Hogwarts you said that.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The three smirked before Sirius waved him over, “You should be in on this, too, Remus, especially considering you’re my second best friend.”

“Gee, thanks.”

He just smiled and sat with them, putting a hand on Sirius’ shoulder and giving him a slight squeeze, “Whatever it is, I know I’m here for you.  As far as this git goes, who knows.”

The trio laughed before Sirius indulged Remus in his slightly despairing tale…

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