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Disclaimer; I do not own this. No will I ever. I write for fun and to ho our JKR
A/N Re-editting to make it longer and more sense. You most likely wont notice the edits. I am just amking it run smoother. Thank you for reading :) MAKE ME SMILE.

I am making the characters clearer. Bare with me while I take away some of James cheekiness, because he has just woken up and is very confused, thus I have deduced he would not be hitting on girls whilst in that state.

“The heart that truly loves, never truly forgets” - Unknown

“W- What?” Lily stuttered looking shocked. She walked slowly back away from his bed, making a good 3 foot space between them.

James rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably, “Look, er … No offence. But should I know you?”

Lily stood their frozen. She had dreamt of this moment for the last 2 weeks non-stop. Now it was here all she wanted to do was take it back. Make him go back to sleep and wake up her James.

Was any of James in there?

“Not that I mind having you hug me of course...” He added in an attempt to cheer her up. He looked around confused for a moment, not realy sure what was going on.

Lily looked on in pity. James had no idea what was going on. He didnt know her, or why he was in the hospital wing. 

“So, I’ll tell you my name, if you tell me yours” James started.

After a few moments she regained composure. She walked back of to the bed ridden James slowly.

“Lily Evans” She held out her hand in a formal sort of way. It felt weird introducing herself to someone she had know for so long.

James took it, as he did Lily felt a shock ripple threw her hand, looking at James’ face he must have felt it too. But he said nothing.

“My names … er … I don’t actually remember. That’s funny isn’t it.” James retracted his hand and scratched his head like he was thinking. Worry feel over his eyes, and he looked at Lily as if looking for the answers.

“I’ll go get the nurse” Lily said and turned away, she was only a few feet away when she turned back, “James.” James looked at her confused, “Your name is James Potter”

James nodded and said a small thank you to Lily. She gave a small smile in return, knwoing that the person sat on that bed was not her James at all.

Gently she knocked on Madame Brown door.

“Yes?” Came the call from within. Lily slowly opened the door and peaked her head round, “Er, James is … James is awake but … Well I need you!”

Madame Brown jumped to her feet and rushed out the room heading towards James quickly, with Lily in tail.

“Ah, Mr Potter. I see you are awake!” Madame Brown exclaimed happily.

“Yup, that’s me” James replied in an upbeat tone, “Right?” He looked at Lily for conformation. Lily gave a small nod, and James turned back to Madame Brown.
“Ah, I see the problem Miss Evans.” She turned to back to James, "James, You had an accident, so you are in the hospital wing. You bashed your head quite hard and have been in the hospital wing for a few weeks. What you are experiencing now is most likely amnesia. So if you bare with me, I just need to check you over and make sure you are healing fine, okay?" She asked. James nodded as he processed the information.

She reached over him and began to feel his head, "Let me know if anything hurts" She moved her hands all over his head feeloing for any bruises. Meanwhile James remained silent. She then moved onto his chest area and undid the hospital pajamas. His skin was as clear as ever. There were no bruises or marks to indicate that he had ever had an broken ribs.

Lily smiled at James encouragingly.

Madame Brown gave once last poke to his ribs, and when James made no complaint she pulled his top down. "That all seems to be in order. Now, can you move your toes for me?" James wriggled his toes. "Excellent. Try and sit up?" James slowly sat up with no difficulty. "Good, everything seems to be in working order. We might try walking to night, but not yet or you might get light headed. Now I need to you try a series of excercise to see if all the motor neurons in your head are working correctly."

And with that Madame Brown set him task after task testing his coordination and skills with his hands. He appeared completely normal, and excelled at them all.

Lily breathed a sigh of relief knowing that James was physically okay. It hadnt even crossed her mind what Madame Brown had said about the chance of Paralasis. It was one less thing to worry about. 

“Right Mr Potter, and yes that is you, I am going to ask you some questions and I need you to answer them as fully as possible. We need to see the full extent of your memory loss.” She whipped out her wand and conjured out a clipboard and quill.

“Okay” James nodded.

“How old are you?” was the first question.

“I don’t know…” James screwed up in his face “If I was guessing I’d say 17?”

Madame Brown nodded and scribbled something down on the conjured clipboard. “Good, good, for the record you are 18, but by estimating your own age you have shown that the accident has only effected your personal memories, not your common sense. And the fact that you can speak, and breath on your own is very good too.”

“So, at this point we can guess its just his memories that have gone?” Lily asked Madame Brown.

“We can hope its just that. Middle name Mr Potter?” Madame Brown pressed on.

James shrugged, “Not the faintest. Might not even have one-”

“Harold, Its Harold. James Harold Potter.” Lily cut in.

“Parents names?”

“I’m just getting blanks here…” Was James reply. He looked at Lily for an answer.

“Mary and Harold Potter” she half whispered.

“Mhmm” agreed Madame Brown, “And birthday?”

James looked at her annoyed. “Well I can safely assume if I don’t know my age, I probably don’t know my birthday do I?!”

“It’s the 27th March James” answered Lily automatically in a soft voice.

James looked at Lily obviously confused at how she knew so much about him, “How-” He began, thankfully Madame Brown cut him off with her next question.

“Where do you live?”

“Ummm” Once again his face screwed up in a desperate attempt to remember the slightest fact about himself. Lily wanted to hold his hand and smooth out the crease that formed between his eyebrows. But the would lead to awkward questions on her part. And she wasn’t sure how she was going to answer them. “Sorry, I don’t know that either.” James said finally in a disappointed voice.

He gently pulled his self up to sitting them rest his head in his hands, in an ashamed like manner.

"Its okay, this is completely normal after suffering a head injury. The next few hours are critial for you remembering okay." Madame Brown commented after seeing his discomfort.

Lily’s heart just wanted to break inside seeing him so helpless and lost. And vulnerable. He was supposed to protect her. Not the other way round.

Lily walked round Madame Brown and over to James head, “Don’t worry about it, we will get there” James looked up in to her kind eyes and saw such hope, it made him smile a little, “After all magic-” Lily hastily stop talking. What if he didn’t know about magic?

She looked worriedly towards Madame Brown. But before Madame Brown could say anything James finished off Lily sentence in a monotonous voice, “Magic can do just about anything, I know.” He said it although he didn’t really believe it.

Lily and Madame Brown breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank Merlin you know that Mr Potter. It would have been awful having to re-teach you all about magic.” Lily nodded in agreement. “Well, I suppose I should start on magic next as it is obvious you are at loss on personal details of your life. Right, what do you know about it?”

“Well, could you be more specific? Like I know loads about transfiguration.” James smiled arrogantly.

Lily let a dry chuckle slip between her lips, “What about Quidditch? What are the rules?” She asked.

With out any hesitation James started in to a massively in depth description of every rule in quidditch. Lily couldn’t help but smile to herself as she saw the real James shinning through. “Figures you’d remember that..” Lily mumbled to herself. James gave her a strange look, but continued talking to Madame Brown.

After he had finished talking about quidditch Madame Brown went back into questions about his personal life, “What do you remember of your friends?”

James brought his fingernail up to his mouth a started biting in, in subconscious movement to help him remember his friends however; “The- There is a blank spot whenever I try to think of them. I can feel just an empty void.”

Madame Brown scribbled rapidly down on her clip board. “That’s strange, it appears that you have retained all the information about magic, yet you can’t remember your friends or any personal information. Tell me James, What school do you go to?”

“Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry” James replied immediately.

“Yes, no tell me something that happened in your first year, Anything …” She asked.

This time James did not answer straight away, but sat there answerless.

“Okay, I see you are unable to recall anything from first year. Tell me, what do you know about the levitation charm?”

And off James went into a detailed explanation that would have got him an instant '0' in OWL and NEWT transfiguration.

"Strange, I believe that the magic runs seperate in your mind, so you are able to remember it..."

Not bothering to excuse herself Lily left, she felt she should tell the others about James being awake.

She headed to the Gryffindor common room as quickly as her legs would take her, she hoped in vain that the boys would still be there. She wasn’t sure how late it was but the corridors seemed pretty empty.

The moment the fat lady came into view Lily broke into a run.

She yelled the password and tumbled into the portrait hole. Quickly she scrambled to her a feet and looked frantically around the common room.

Then she spotted them in the corner, the 3 other Marauders. She could tell Marlene and Alice later.

“Sirius, Remus, Peter!” All 3 boys turned away from there unexciting game of chess over to the source. The moment they saw it was Lily, they jumped up and hurried over, immediately assuming what she had to say was about James.

Lily knew she should be smiling at the fact that James was awake, but she couldn’t make herself do it. Her eyes were puffy and red, automatically giving the boys the wrong idea.

“Lily, What’s happened? Is James alright?” Remus asked in a frantic voice. Peter whimpered at the thought.

Lily opened her mouth to talk but was cut off by Sirius crying out in a strangled tone; “Oh Merlin! His hands have fallen off haven’t they!” And then promptly bursting in to tears in a heap on the floor yelling out incoherent sentences like “only young” and “his poor mother!”

Lily couldn’t help herself and she let a small laugh fall out of her mouth. Remus and Peter stopped looking at the crumpled heap that was Sirius and looked at Lily.

“Lily?” Peter asked timidly.

“James is … fine …” Lily trailed off. Peters face broke into a wide smile, Sirius appeared not to have heard Lily and continued crying, but Remus heard Lily’s trail off and looked at her with confusion knowing there was more.

He tried to catch Lily’s eye but she refused to look at him, but instead focused her gaze on Sirius, “Sirius! Sirius!” Finally Sirius’ cries (that were gaining a lot attention within the common room) stopped as he looked teary eyed up at Lily from the floor whimpering ever now and then.

“James is awake Sirius .. With both his hands …” Lily said gently. Sirius immediately stopped whimpering. He looked around the common room, blushing at the attention he’d got from his “display” and hastily wiped away his tears before standing up and clearing his throat several times.

“I knew that, allergies…That’s why my eyes were leaking.” He turned around addressing the room, “Allergies.”

The room looking pretty convinced that it was just allergies that had caused such dramatic and turned back to what they were doing.

Remus looked around in astonishment at how the room had just excepted Sirius poor excuse, when they had all seen him break down in tears.

“How can they believe that pathetic excuse?” Lily voice Remus wonderings.

“Because he’s Sirius Black and what he says goes…” Peter said dreamily looking up at Sirius in awe.

Sirius just smirked, “You heard it from the lips of an admirer!” Sirius expression turned suddenly serious, “What bout James. If its good news why do you look like you’ve been slapped in the face?”

Lily bit her lip nervously and looked at the 3 expectant faces around her, “Lets go see him and I’ll explain there.” Their faces fell, “No don’t worry, its not really bad!” She added hastily.

They all gave small nod.

“Lets go then?” said Remus pointing at the portrait hole, and they all set off towards the hospital wing.

When they arrived Madame Brown had obviously finished up and left James to his own devices.

James called merrily from his bed, “Hi again Lola.” Remus gave Lily a strange look as they walked up to James.

“Its Lily …” James nodded a let out a sigh of frustration.

He looked over at his other 3 friends, who were looking at him with strange expressions on their faces, “And you are?”

“James, mucker, I’m Sirius!” Sirius cried rushing over to his bedside a distraught look upon his face.

“Serious about what” James asked Sirius in all sincerity.

At this Sirius looked around at the others shocked expressions then dropped to the floor in a dead faint. James looked worriedly at his forgotten best friend on the floor, then over the Lily and Remus.

“He isn’t dead is he?” James asked frantically.

Remus just rolled his eyes. “Sirius is a tad over dramatic sometimes. Leave him he’s fine.” Remus stepped over Sirius body to get closer to James, “Now mate, do you know who I am?”

James screwed up his face in concentration, then after a few moments sadly shook his head indicating a ‘no’.

Remus’ face fell. He had been expecting that, but it was still hard to bear the fact your best friend doesn’t recognise you.

“I’m Remus Lupin, and this” he pointed to a very sad looking Peter, “is Peter.”

Peter gave a small nod.

“Sorry … mate … wish I did remember you. Why can‘t I remember you?” James asked Remus.

“Well, you had an accident, and now you have a condition called Amnesia which -”

“A loss of memory, when one or both sides of the brain is effected in the area of memory storage, processing or recall in the medial temporal lobe. I know what amnesia is!” James cut in stunning both Lily and Remus into silence.

“How the bloody hell does he know that, yet he doesn’t know I’m Sirius?!” Came Sirius’ now awake annoyed voice from the floor.

James looked down at Sirius and asked for the second time, “Mate what are you serious about?!”

There was a small thump as Sirius fainted again, letting his head fall back to the ground.

“I see what you mean he’s a tad melodramatic isn’t he.” James agreed. The others gave small nods. “So does anyone care to explain how I got here? I know I hit my head but it must have been pretty bad for 2 weeks out of it right?!”

At that moment Madame Brown came bustling over with some food and drink for James. “Oh, hello. I’m assuming you have now realised what is wrong with Mr Potter here?” She looked down at Sirius who was lying on the floor, “I see Mr Black is being over dramatic again. That boy should really take up acting, he has such talent!”

Sirius jumped up and gave a theatrical bow, before moving over to James bedside with the others.

“Madame Brown, if you don’t mind me asking, how much of his memory is effected? And what does he know about his accident?” Lily asked.

“Well dears” She began, “There doesn’t appear to be any pattern between what he can and can’t remember, so at this point it is really trial and error. He has difficultly with people. He hasn’t recognised one person yet. But the good news is that when we tell him something he is able to retain it, that shows it is not brain damage within the memory stores, but just his mind closing access to particular memory‘s at the moment.” She looked over at James who was now shovelling down food like there was no tomorrow, “He seems to have forgotten simple life lessons aswell, like manners.” She said with a disapproving tone.

“No” said Lily, “He’s always like that.” James looked up from his food and smiled at Madame Brown with a mouth full of mash potatoe.

Remus and Peter chuckle, “That’s our James” said Remus.

“Is there anything we can do?” Sirius asked his voice filled with concern.

“Yes, you cant try to jog his memory, give him familiar objects to look at, tell him about things you have done together.”

“He can‘t remember how me and him are … connected. Why is that?” asked Lily in a small voice hoping James wouldnt hear. Unfortunatly he did. 

James stopped “inhaling” his food and looked up at Lily trying to understand the conversations that was happening between her and Madame Brown.

“Here’s where it gets strange” started Madame Brown, “He remembers everything there is to do with magic, but then he has lost almost all his personal memory’s about people. So far, what we can tell he has no memories that are personal to himself. So, as you pointed out before Miss Evan. He does not know about your … connection.”

James brow creased in confusion, “Our connection?” he asked.

Lily looked awkwardly at the others, avoiding James eye and his question.

“Are we brother and sister, I swear we don’t look alike -”

A chorus of “ewwww’s” rippled round the group form everyone except Madame Brown and James, who was looking utterly bemused.

“James mate … what you and Lily do or rather did would be counted as … inappropriate … between siblings” Sirius sniggered.

“Mr Black!” A flustered Madame Brown scolded, “That kind of talk is not appropriate in a place of healing!”

“I still don’t get our connection…” James bit his lip in nervousness.

Remus opened his mouth to explain the connection, being that he and Lily did, rather were, dating. But Lily shot him a look that said ‘don’t’. He closed him mouth, and no one noticed him about to talk.

“If that’s all your questions, then I’ll be off, I have a lot of work to do.” She turned to leave but Lily stopped her.

“When can James leave?” she asked. The boys turned to look at Madame Brown with expectant faces.

“Well,” She looked down at her watch, “It is really late, so I’d rather he stays the night. He seems to be well. I will check on him in the morning, and if all is well he may possible leave. Now as for the rest of you best be off to bed with you.” They all nodded, bid their goodbyes to James and headed on their ways, all except Lily. She turned to James again, “Oh and Mr Potter, you might want to try walking around a bit, wake up your muscles and what not.” With that she left leaving only Lily and James.

She stayed for a moment and waited for all the others to leave the hospital wing completely before saying her goodbye to James, “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow morning. If you need anything just ask okay?” James nodded. She stood there awkwardly for a moment as if debating weather to hug him, and eventually turned and walked away.

But she did not leave.

She headed to the nurses office where she knew Madame Brown was.

There was a question that had been on her mind since he had woken up and asked her who she was.

She knocked timidly on the office door.


Gently she opened the door and stepped in, pulling the door closed leaving it open only an inch.

Madame Brown turned around to face her visitor, “Ah Miss Evans. Anything you want?”

“Yes…” Lily began slowly. And she voiced the question that had been bothering her so much over the last couple of hours.

The question that depended on her future.

But when the answer came, it was not what she expected at all. Her body racked with tears as Madame Brown told her the answer.

Not even bothering to thank Madame Brown Lily fled from the room in floods of tears and headed straight for the heads common room.

Upon entry exhaustion hit her like she hadn’t felt for the last 2 weeks, all the sleep she had missed finally caught up with her. So sluggishly made her way up to James room, the occasional tear still falling down her face.

She fell on to his bed in the cloths she was wearing. Rolling onto her side she curled up in a ball, now unable to sleep.

Her eyes caught a picture on the James bedside table.

It was of her and James taken only a few weeks ago. They were sat at the breakfast table. James had a comfortable arm round Lily waist and they were talking to each other happily. Then suddenly James would quickly dip his hand in the jam beside him and wipe a splodge on Lily’s nose. At this she would crumple into fits of laughter, only to be shut up by James licking the jam off her nose and engaging her in a kiss.

Then the scene would replay its self over and over. Mocking Lily as she tried to sleep.

Lily rolled to the other side and closed her eyes determinedly until sleep finally took her.

A/N: Like it? This is my favourite chapter. In fact I rather love this story right now.

Please please please R and R.

It makes my day.

No kidding.

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