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I only own the plot.

There are few times in my life when i would rather be dead than experience what i was going through.

I was wishing my life were ended when Harry tried to open the door.

"Hermione?" He called over the rattling of the locked door. "Can you open the door?"

I silently blessed Professor Flitwick for teaching Malfoy a proper locking charm.

"Hermione, are you okay? I'm coming in!"

I immediately took back my blessing and cursed Flitwick for teaching Harry Alohomora.

"Say something!" Malfoy whispered fiercely, still on top of me.

I opened my mouth to utter some lie about me dressing, but it was so far fetched i couldn't bring myself to say anything. He had been trying to get my attention for five minutes, I should have said something earlier.

The click of the lock unlatching brought Malfoy to life. He jumped off me and pushed me off the bed before shutting the bed curtains around himself.

The door cracked open and Harry warily peeked his head in. His forehead immediately scrunched when he saw me sitting on the floor in my pajamas, my hair wet, and my heart thumping.

"Fall out of bed?" he asked. His eyes scanned the shut curtains of the bed uncertainly.

"No!" I accidentally shouted. I stood up and let out a shaky laugh to lighten the already awkward mood.

"What were you -----?"

"What did you want to talk to me about?" I interrupted. I hadn't come up with a believable alibi yet. I hoped he would drop it.

He did.

"Have you noticed anything different between Ginny and I?" He asked quietly.

"What do you mean?" I asked even though i knew exactly what he meant. They weren't the usual lovely-dovey couple they had always been. He was still the same Harry...she just wasn't the same Ginny.

"I mean..." He stopped and sighed, throwing his hands into his hair. I watched him wishing we could sit down. The bed was the only place to sit and it just wasn't an option.

Apparently it was.

I watched in shock as Harry went over to my Malfoy infested bed and pulled open the curtains.

"Mind if we sit?" There was no point in answering because he was already seated, but I nodded anyway. Why wasn't he screaming at me for having a Slytherin in my bed?

I scanned the bed quickly only to find it empty. Where did Malfoy go?

I stood next to Harry, checking every corner of the bed and when finding nothing, continued my search around the room.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

I stopped my frantic search of to look at Harry.

"I'm fine." I smiled.

"Can you sit down then? You're making me nervous."

I sat down and tried to calm myself. Malfoy wasn't in sight, that was a good thing.

"What I said earlier..."He continued slowly. "I meant...does it seem like something is wrong?"

My mind was at war with itself. Half of me wanted to tell him that Ginny was having eyes for other men, namely a one Draco Malfoy, but the other half of me wanted to play dumb. The battle could only last a few seconds before Harry would think me completely loopy. Unfortunately neither side had conquered in those few seconds.

"," I stuttered. "You two seem fine to me. No eyes wandering toward Slytherin boys."

I was such a dolt. My hand wanted to hit my forehead, but i shoved it in my pocket nonchalantly. Maybe he hadn't understood what i said.

That was too much to hope for.

His face crumpled and he threw his hands over his face. "Oh, Hermione! I knew she was cheating on me!"

"Wait wait wait. I never said anything about her cheating."

He shook his head. "She's been so distant lately. Only sees me at meals. Even Ron thinks she's been acting strange."

I wanted to cringe when he mentioned Ron, but held it in. Now that he mentioned it, the last few days I had seen Ginny a lot more than usual, but never was she with Harry. She had picked up the habit of going to the library with me in the evenings, but I can be sure it wasn't because she enjoyed my company. Evenings had always been when Harry and Ginny would disappear together.

"You've noticed it too?" He asked finally drawing his face out of his fingers. At least he wasn't crying. When i didn't answer, he continued, "What did you mean about Slytherin boys? Does she like a Slytherin?"

He grew more angry with each word. I did not want to be around when his anger bubble exploded.

I stood up. "Harry, I am not saying any more. I don't know any facts and I don't want to start rumors. You're angry and I'm tired. Lets just back away from this conversation, okay?"

His anger was brushed aside by helplessness. He looked at me as though I was his only hope. And i had just given up on him.

I kneeled down in front of him. "All I can say is that to solve this problem you have to talk to Ginny. For all we know she could just be studying extra hard. Maybe its not as bad as you think."

He smiled at me and i couldn't help but lean forward and wrap my arms around him. I loved hugs! and Harry sure was a good hugger. Once he was gone, I ransacked my room trying to find the boy i had lost earlier.

I gave up after upturning every hiding spot available. I slipped into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth before climbing into my slightly disheveled bed. Tossing and turning to find the most comfortable position, I finally found my favorite sleeping pose: on my stomach hugging my pillow with my left leg bent. I stared at the dark wall my face was looking towards. I should probably go talk to Lavender and Pavarti. They were bound to know more about Ginny than anyone. They knew more about everyone than anyone! I gave out a small chuckle as i thought about how excited they would get when i asked them for gossip.

"What are you thinking about?"

After calming my terrified heart from a fearful pounding to an almost steady beating, I wrenched my wand off of the table next to me and muttered the word 'lumos'. I wasn't surprised at who i saw lying in bed next to me, I was surprised at how long they had been there without my knowledge. He was on his side, the blankets tucked around him, and a huge grin on his sly face.

"Draco Malfoy!" I exclaimed as loudly as I could without letting Harry hear. "Are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

He laughed. "Its not my fault that you are so absurdly unobservant. I've been in your bed since I closed the curtains."

My mouth fell open. He'd been there the whole time?

" did I not see you?"

He shrugged before falling onto his back. He raised his arms, resting them on the pillow above his head. His unbuttoned shirt was now hanging completely open, giving me quite an eyeful of his rather delicious torso.

"I hid under your blankets and pillow," he continued, not noticing me eying his body. "But honestly I was scared to death that Potty would see me...or at least realize that someone was hiding in your bed."

I let out my breath in a nervous laugh. "When he pulled open the curtains, I thought we were done for!"

He smiled and let his eyes fall closed. I was getting tired myself. Glancing at the clock, I realized it was almost eleven. After turning out the light I set my wand back on the table, dropped my head onto my pillow and fell almost immediately to sleep.

I was rudely awaken after what seemed like five minutes by a loud knocking. I couldn't even gather the strength to open one eye let alone get up to open the door. So i didn't.

"Hermione," Harry's voice was loud but muffled behind the door. "I was just making sure you're getting up. I'm heading down to breakfast."

After a few minutes I became fully awake and fully aware.

Fully aware of the body pressed up against mine. Fully aware of the strong arms tightening around my waist. Of the warm lips pressed against my neck. Of the legs tangling with mine...

I felt his hands move from my waist up a little and finally come to rest on my ribs high enough to cause my breathing to become shallow.

"Wow, Granger," He whispered against her ear. "I haven't even kissed you on the mouth yet and you're already having trouble breathing."

My nervous laugh was cut short when I felt Malfoy take my earlobe between his teeth. Oh, Merlin! He pulled on it gently with his lips, sucking. My heart raced and my eyes fluttered shut.

He kissed my ear one last time before laughing quietly into it. "Your heart is going berserk, babe."

He moved one of his hands, sliding it up across my chest and placing it palm down over my heart. I was more than certain he could feel the pounding underneath his hand.

Suddenly his body was no longer against me and I was being pushed onto my back by the hand on my chest. Once my head hit the pillow, Malfoy was on top of me, his lips instantly to mine.

Malfoy was indeed an excellent kisser. Before I had even considered being kissed by him I had heard rumor of his legendary lips. The fullness, the juiciness, the taste...

There was also the whole man-behind-the-lips that helped with the appeal. Not just the way he looked - although he did look amazing - but what he put into his kisses. He was passionate, self assured, and emotional. Not too emotional, mind you. No tears or loving words. Emotional as in he was truly affected by the situation. He noticed every detail and took heed to make every moment as meaningful as the last. However, he did this more to his own advantage rather than to please his partner. He was no charmer. He didn't please the mushy fantasies girls have. He wasn't the hero.

But no matter if he was the hero or the villain, I could not get enough of him. I eagerly kissed him back, tangling my fingers in his silky hair. As he slid his soft tongue across my bottom lip, I considered skipping my first class along with the breakfast i was missing right then. But i was quickly pushed back into reality when I felt his sly hand gently grope my left breast underneath my shirt.

"Draco Malfoy!" I exclaimed, ripping my mouth away from his and shoving him off of me. I stood up and moved away from the bed before he could make a grab at me, like i knew he would.

He looked at me innocently frustrated. "What did i do?!"

I glared at his fake expression. "You know exactly what you did, you randy toerag!"

A smirk immediately formed on his handsome face. I sighed when I realized he couldn't feel less sorry for what he had done.

"Get out, Malfoy. I need to get ready for class." I muttered to him.

"Aww, Granger, don't make me leave. Come on back into bed." He tried to use his smoldering eyes to get me to follow his instruction, but i wasnt going to give in this time.

"No, Malfoy. I don't want to come back on into bed. I want you to get out!"

He slowly stood up. He must have taken off his shirt sometime last night because i could see every beautiful detail of his chest. I began digging through my drawers looking for clothes to wear so I wouldn't be hypnotized by his body any longer.

"I've already seen your chest, Granger. Why won't you let me touch it?"

I froze for a minute, then my head whipped around toward him.

"Let me clue you in, Malfoy," I replied coolly, gripping a pair of socks in my hand tightly. "I don't recall giving you my consent yesterday when you looked at me naked. and I won't let you touch me, because, frankly, I'm not ready for that yet. Is that okay with you?!"

He stared at me for longer than i felt comfortable. Then he quickly closed the space between us and chastely pressed his lips to mine. He kissed me for a moment before leaving my room, leaving me alone.

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