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Chapter 6


Hermione’s mum and dad were trying to cram the last suitcase into the boot of their red Mini Morris, Hermione was giving instructions to the neighbour about Crookshanks, her cat.


Suddenly she saw a guy riding past on a big black motorbike. He was dressed in black leather, wearing a black helmet. He stopped his motorbike some metres from the Mini Morris and walked up to Hermione’s parents. Two teenager girls across the street had a longing look at him and his motorbike.


’May I help?’ He asked politely. His voice sounded familiar, Hermione gasped and slowly approached him.


With the help of the young man her parents managed to close the boot door and after saying thank you to the kind stranger they squeezed themselves into the car.


’Malfoy?!’ Hermione asked in disbelief.


The tall guy turned back quickly and the girl could see the familiar silvergreen eyes through the visor of the helmet. Her heart missed a beat.


They couldn’t touch each other because of the parents. It would have been too risky.


’Are you going on holiday?’ Malfoy asked, resisting the temptation to hold the girl close to him.


It was hard for Hermione to behave naturally, too.


’Yeah. We’ll spend a weekend in London. A Muggle weekend.’ She said quietly.


’Muggle weekend?’


’You know… No magic.’


’It should be fun.’ The boy’s voice was somewhat ironic.


’Mione! We should be leaving!’ Hermione’s mum shouted.


The girl looked into Malfoy’s eyes sadly.


’You heard. We are leaving.’ She got in the car though she would have liked to stay instead.


Malfoy stood there for a while, watching the small red car disappear at the end of the street. Then a smile crossed his face and got on his motorbike.




The queue to the London Eye was huge but Hermione didn’t care about the crowd. Her mind was always on Malfoy. ’He didn’t even say good-bye,’ she thought bitterly. She didn’t notice that she had dropped behind a bit so the security guards didn’t let her get in the same capsule with her parents.


She didn’t mind. She didn’t feel like chattering with her parents now. She wanted to long for Malfoy and suffer quietly.


When she entered the next capsule she realized she had her dad’s muggle camera. She switched it on and was about to move closer to the glass wall to take photos when someone whispered in her ear.


’Truth or Dare, Granger?’


Her face brightened and turned around immediately, seeing a very cool-looking blonde-haired guy in sunglasses and black leather jacket and trousers.


He took off his sunglasses slowly, his hair fell in his forehead. Damn, why did he have to be so sexy?


’My name is Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.’ He sneered but his eyes were smiling.


Hermione couldn’t resist anymore. She snaked her arms around the boy and pressed her lips on his. Malfoy didn’t need more encouragement, he kissed her back with all his passion, all the passion that had been burning him inside for a week… They didn’t know how they had survived without each other for so long.


The other people in the capsule of the observation wheel were fascinated by the Thames and the beautiful view. Hermione and Malfoy didn’t see anything of the town. They saw only each other.


An elderly lady, sitting on the bench in the middle of the capsule, shook her head disapprovingly. ’These girls today… It’s a shame how they behave. A girl sees a pretty face and loses her mind at once… The good old days…’ She sighed.




’I can’t believe you couldn’t take any photos from the London Eye.’ Hermione’s father was grumbling.


’These muggle cameras are so complicated to handle…’ Hermione explained with some sense of guilt because of the lie.


The Granger family was now in the British Museum to see the Exhibition of Ancient Egyptian Animals.


’What a beautiful scarab beetle!’ Mrs Granger exclaimed.


’Creepy. Whenever it appears in a movie, something terrible can be expected to happen.’ Mr Granger remarked.


Hermione wasn’t impressed by the scarab beetle. She missed Malfoy. She wondered where he could be. Probably on the way home, back to Malfoy Manor.


Hermione’s mum found something interesting again.


’Look! A cat mummy! Much thinner than Crookshanks.’


’Crookshanks is not fat.’ Hermione spat.


’It is a cat-shaped coffin with the mummified remains of a sacred cat.’ The voice came from behind. The blond-haired young man was smiling politely. ’Sorry to interrupt, just… Actually, I’m a tour guide and my group has some free time, so… I’ll help you with… pleasure.’ He mainly looked into Hermione’s wide open eyes while saying it.


’Thank you, it’s very kind,’ Mrs Granger smiled back at him.


’So cats were sacred animals back then, weren’t they?’ Mr Granger seemed to be more interested in the exhibits than in the handsome tour guide.


’Yeah, they were worshipped. In mythology, the sun-god Re took the form of a cat to fight against Apophis, the evil snake.’ Malfoy explained with enthusiasm. Hermione was surprised that the Slytherin Prince was interested in Egyptian mythology.


Hermione noticed a hieroglyphic script.


’The owl symbol appears many times…’ She said.


’Yeah, the owl sign represents the sound of the letter ’m’.


’Is Bubble all right?’ Hermione whispered.


’Fine,’ The boy whispered back.


They walked past a huge sphinx. Malfoy tried to stay close to Hermione who pretended not to notice it.


’Young lady, do you know what combination is a sphinx?’ Malfoy addressed Hermione who felt embarrassed to be tested by him.


’A lion’s body and a human head, everybody knows it,’ she answered a bit nervously.


’Not always,’ Malfoy remarked. ’They can have the heads of rams, too.’


While Hermione’s parents took photos of the statue of a huge hippopotamus, Malfoy pulled the girl behind the sphinx.


’Are you upset?’ He whispered.




’Cause I’m cleverer than you?’


’You’re not.’


He smiled and kissed her.


’They will see us…’ She protested but kissed him back. She was dying to feel his hot lips on hers.


’Where are you going tonight?’ He asked.


’We’re going to see the musical, ’The Notre Dame of Paris.’


’I’ll try to be there.’


’I don’t think you can get a ticket now…’


’For a wizard it can’t be a problem.’ He winked at the girl, then he noticed Mrs Granger coming. ’Sorry, I must be going now, I have to find my group...’ And he left.


’This tour guide was very kind and polite, wasn’t he, Mione? That young man on the motorbike this morning… He was a perfect gentleman, too. You see, that’s why I am so optimistic about mankind. It’s not as bad as so many think.’ Hermione’s mum was really satisfied.


Hermione sighed. ’Yeah, Malfoy was kind and polite today… And sexy… And… the best kisser in the world… And… he followed me to London just to be with me… And… I’m in love. Damn.’


End of Chapter 6

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