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I, Ginevra Molly Potter, was ambushed in my home while my husband was out buying groceries and taken to the Malfoy Manor, where Draco Malfoy put me in the secret room in the basement - the same one where Harry had been placed with Ron, Mr. Ollivander (who died three weeks before my wedding day; his daughter, Aletra Mondago, age 20, runs his store), and Luna Lovegood had been stored as prisoners. I cried out for them to release me, to which they laughed at me until their faces were red and tear-streaked. It wasn't until I started to get sick - that very same day, mind you - that they questioned me on why I was acting in such disgusting ways. I told them the truth, and they moved me to the most comfortable room - Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy's old room. Malfoy would come in and check on me every hour, just to see if I were okay.

"Potter!" He yelled one night. I walked to the banister and put my hands on it. I was shaking with embarrassment. He had dressed me in a very voluptuous outfit - a very small, black skirt and a black shirt that didn't cover my stomach at all. I wasn't fat yet, about a or so month along (I had only known that I was pregnant for three weeks, or the day that I was taken). the shirt had one strap, which went over my right shoulder, and went down to about an inch below my bra line. He smiled at my appearance.

"Lovely, darling," he said. "Come down here so I can dine with you." I walked down the stairs in the in the five inch black stilettos that had been forced upon my feet. When I reached the bottom, Malfoy, dressed in black slacks and a black turtle-neck ensemble with black loafers. His hands were crossed behind his back, and when I was ten feet away from him, he reached his left hand out to grab my upper arm. He dragged me into the ballroom, where a few Death Eaters and their lovers were sitting there in the room. When I walked into the room, one of the women, Pansy Parkinson, started to cry.

"Shut up, Pansy," Malfoy shouted. "I can't be yours, you besetment!" She continued to cry harder.

"Draco!" I hissed - he demanded me to call him Draco whenever I addressed him. He looked at me like he hadn't done anything. I walked out of the room with my nose in the air. Malfoy followed behind me; I knew he was afraid that I might get sick if he left me alone.

"I'm fine, Draco!" I yelled at him. "Stop following me! I'm not going anywhere, you git!" He had stopped a few feet from me. I stopped to take a deep breath, and I swear I heard him say something about "damn hormones."

There was a loud bang, a lot of rubble, and a band of highly trained Aurors clambered into the room, Harry at the head of the group.

"Harry!" I yelled, excited at the thought that I was finally getting rescued.

"Ginny!" He ran over to me, his feet seemingly not touching the ground. When he reached me, his right hand cupped my face. My hormones were already on the fritz, so I did the only logical thing that came into my mind: I snaked my arms around his neck, and pressed my lips to his.

It seemed like the world had stopped right then and there.

When we broke apart, all of the Death Eaters were rounded up and huddled in a group. Their lovers were all the way across the room, screaming for their significant other. Pansy was among them. But we didn't notice. All that we could think of was each other as we gazed into each others' teary eyes. That's when I remembered; I had a very important announcement.

"Harry?" He looked at me with a grin on his face and a look that said 'yeah? you want to talk?' "I'm pregnant." His smile grew wider. "And it's yours." He was grinning ear to ear. He kissed me again. I was the one to break apart.

"Come on, love," Harry said. "Let's go home." We walked through the detritus and apparated on the spot to our home on West Little Wing Drive. It was a large house with a big backyard. And I was glad to finally to be home.

Hey guys!
Sorry I haven't been writing. I had writers block and I got a facebook and I was busy with familial ties and deaths. But I'll be writing more.

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