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Disclaimer: Ok, so I own nothing, apart from the Plot and my OC's.


Beautiful Chapter Image by Marit @ tda. 
Evie Lewis


As soon as he had left, James wasted no time showing his friendly feelings towards this guy. He complained about him all the way through our showers, shouting through the door, he carried on all the way down the corridor and all the way back to the common room. Half way there I had conjured up an ice-cream and was still licking it to death ten minutes later, only half listening to what James was saying. 


“And did you hear his tone, and you still haven’t told me when he saw you in his pajamas, and did you see the way he looked at you, seriously, if I wasn’t there I was sure that he was going to do something that he would regret. He is such an arse.” He moaned. 


“Oh and don’t forget he called you a girl.” I said happily, not really interested. 


While he was moping, walking fast and sort of like Hitler, I was skipping next to him happily. I’m usually happy. He stopped walking so I stopped skipping. 


James just glared at me. I smiled cheekily. “Your not taking a word of this seriously are you?” He asked me shaking his head. 


“Nope,” I said shaking my head back. 


“You’re enjoying my pain!” He accused. I nodded briefly. “Gimme a lick.” He said playfully, suddenly dropping his harsh mood, attempting to lick my ice cream but instead getting my hand. 


I screamed and smudged it in to his face. We mucked about like five year olds, shouting at each other, running across the grounds and down the corridors. It wasn’t until we literally fell through The Fat Lady’s portrait anyone objected. 


I didn’t jump as high as I needed to and fell flat on my face, taking James down with me. We rolled on to our backs and laughed so hard I didn’t think that it was possible. I rolled over and tried to get up, only for him to grab my leg and pull me back down. I tried to crawl away but he was still attacked to my leg, for the fact that he is heavy and strong, moving anywhere was practically impossible. 


Half the common room was laughing at us, even the portraits. After a minute of hysterical laughter Evie Lewis came down discreetly from her dorm room to see what all the fuss was about and saw an ice-cream covered James lying on top of my legs. I don’t think that I have anyone react the way that she did. If I had known any better, I would swear that she was crying. 


I felt a pang of guilt overtake me, I attempted to get up off the floor once more only for James to pin me down harder. 


“No seriously James.” I said, not playing anymore. 


“Come on Charisma, it’s only a bit of fun.” He said back causing people to laugh once more. 


I tried to pull free from him pinning my legs. “You’ve had you fun now let go.” 


“And why would I do that?” He asked not budging an inch. 


“James.” I moaned, no longer laughing. 


He retaliated laughing. “Wolfy.”


“LET GO!” I shouted, causing silence throughout the room. He released me instantly, slightly shocked. I never stopped the fun; it was usually Albus, Rose or a teacher. 


The silence was still when I got up off of the floor and ran through the crowd of students in the direction that Evie was headed. I knew that I would regret my decision to see if she was ok later. I recalled a time in my second year. 


She had shouted down the corridor towards me, when I didn’t reply she had insulted me horribly. I stood still as she knocked my books out of my hand, her words still echoed in my head today ‘You’d better pick them up,’ she had sneered ‘Before someone worthy of this school notices you and does something worse’.  


It wasn’t until the year after that my girlfriends had noticed that something wasn’t quite right. She had followed me through the grounds, when I was on my way to visit Hagrid. She had asked about James, and when I couldn’t answer she had begun to circle me and then pulled my hair. Kyle and Dixie had followed me out in to the grounds, Kyle told her off before Dixie hexed her hair green. 


Since then, our relationship seems to have gone completely downhill; the petty bullying had turned simply in to words. Every year she got worse, and she would never get caught by James, he always refused to believe anything unless he had seen an ounce of it himself, and he has never seen a mean Evie. 


I ran out of the common room and down the corridors, I had nearly given up looking for her until I heard a quiet sob coming from behind the tapestry that hides the secret hallway. 


I was so going to regret this. 


I pulled back the tapestry and tried to look apologetically in to Evie’s eyes, she sat with her head in her hands, her thick, black lashes pouring mascara down her smooth cheeks. 


“What the fuck do you want Price?” She asked coolly. 


“I came to see if you were ok.” I said calmly. “You seemed pretty upset.” 


“Why do you care; I have friends that care.” 


Sliding down the wall opposite her, I tried to ignore the disgusted look that took over her features as she realised that I wasn’t leaving. “I don’t see them in here with you though, Evie.”


She looked at the floor and let out another sob. “You know, sometimes I hate you so much.”


“Thank you?”


“You see there you go.” Frustration drowned her cries. “I am never nice to you, ever, and all you are to me is sweet. I can to anything to you and you will take it and be kind to me.” She looked up and me through puffy eyes, tears streaming down her face. “There’s no wonder James likes you and not me.” She added quietly. 


“James doesn’t like me, like me. He considers me a sister.” I replied. She looked up at me desperately hopeful. 




“Yeah.” I settled for uneasily. “Though probably not at the moment, considering that I just shouted at him.”


“Yeah whatever,” she dismissed, jumping up from the floor. “Are you saying that there is a chance that James doesn’t fancy you but me.”


She didn’t leave a second for me to answer before she had run from the corridor, pushing the tapestry aside, almost pulling it from the wall. 


“Bye Lewis.” I said quietly to the still tapestry. What the hell have I just done?


I sat there until at least early Sunday morning before leaving the corridor and sneaking back up to the common room. As I opened the portrait I saw James sitting on the couch, crossed legged and fast asleep. 


I was so tempted to draw on his face, but I resisted the temptation, just. I walked over to him, an apologetic look on my features and gently woke him up while sitting down next to him. 


“Hi,” I said lamely. 


“Ditto.” He replied, turning to look at me. 


“I’m sorry for earlier.” I said attempting to give him an apologetic, yet sad smile. When he didn’t answer I nudged him in the shoulder. “This is where you turn around and hug me and say, it’s ok, no harm done Charisma, we were only fooling around.” 


“I wouldn’t say that. I’d say ‘Wolfy’ and I don’t sound like that.” He said, pretending to take offence. I knew I was forgiven. 


He put his arm around me and hugged me tight. “No harm no foul, and I saw who you went after. I’m proud of you.” He said speaking quietly and brushing my hair with his fingers. 


“Yeah, you should be.” I muttered.


He chuckled darkly and pulled his hands away from my hair, settling them in to his lap. He turned to face me, and I knew what was coming next would be serious. 


“I’ve done something that you’ll consider really bad.” He said to me, sounding sorry. 


“You haven’t robbed a bank have you?” I asked jokingly. “As long as you haven’t killed anyone I’ll be okay with whatever you come out with.”


He bit down on to his bottom lip. “I asked out Evie Lewis.” 


Except that.


“Is that boy out of his mind, its like he’s oblivious of all the crap that she’s done to you, did his mother drop him on his head as a baby?” Kyle screeched, pacing the length of the Quidditch changing rooms. 


“Hey don’t insult his mother.” I snapped. 


“Yeah, blame the plastic tart with a bloody huge ego that got him in to this mess.” 


“Kyle, are you talking about me?” I asked him, a slight expression of hurt flashing across my features.


“No, Chic I’m talking about Evie Lewis. I want to bloody slap her. Seriously if I was a girl I would.” He retorted. 


“Then go and slap her.” Drew said laughing from my side. “You wanna know the thing that interests me the most?” 


“Not really.” Fred said from the bench.


Ignoring Fred’s comment, Drew carried on. “How could a girl like Evie Lewis, ignore a Turbo-Hottie-Horny-as-Hell-Sexy-Love-Muscle-Machine such as me and crush on Potter?” 


We all rolled our eyes at his words. Apart from Elle who had a detention, and James who was out with the new love of his life. The rest of us were in the changing rooms. James had left us three people to choose out of to make the team as Keeper. He narrowed it down and left the final choice up to us, as long as he agreed with our reasons first off. 


“Forget it guys.” I ordered, trying to adapt to as much of a leaders persona that I could muster. “We found out earlier that he was taking someone ‘special’ to the Halloween Ball, and them to Hogsmeade, I just thought that it would be someone that was in lovetype special not … stop eating the glue type special.” Drew began to laugh. “So let’s just pick a keeper and then we can all go and enjoy the rest of our Sunday not stuck in a smelly changing room.” I finished off. 


“Chic, you’d make a better Captain then our current not-here one.” I smiled at Fred’s sweetness and then picked up the photos and written records of the three students. I handed one to Fred, the other to Kyle and I kept the final one. 


“Don’t I get one?” Drew asked hopefully. 


“No” the three of us chorused together. 


“Ok, so I have Phillip Broman. He’s a fourth year, immaculate school record, good grades. He blocked all of the goals like the other two; he had great technique but tended to tilt the broom a little when flying fast.” I read professionally. 


“I have your crazy stalker boy, Chic.” Fred said. “You know the boy who had a crush on you and followed you around all day. He did bloody well in the try outs and all, but do we really want this, Garry Hammond following you around, and catching flies with his mouth every time you enter the pitch?” Fred asked honestly. He didn’t wait for an answer before taking Garry’s profile and throwing it across the locker room. 


“Oh, Fred was there really any need for that?” I asked sweetly shaking my head. 

He shrugged and laughed. 


“And I’ve got, Polly Toon.” Kyle said smiling. “I like her, she fly’s faster than me and youalready, she has a small reputation for being a little rebel and she has amazing technique. To be honest Charisma, she’s like a mini you.” Kyle finished off shrugging. 


“Well that’s comforting.” I said smiling. “So, I say we accept Polly and get the hell outta here.” My attitude suddenly changed. The full moon was in two days and I felt extra twitchy this time around. I keep flinching at the slightest movement and every sound keeps echoing in my head. 


The extra reactions began this morning. I could hear a couple of first years talking about a test that they had in potions tomorrow and then I came across James and Evie talking about ‘us’. You know the speech. I was so close to marching down there and splitting them up. 


I got up from the bench, placed the file down on to the bench and skipped out of the changing rooms, the undone laces from my fold-down boots clattered against the stone floor.


I went straight passed the Great Hall and stopped to tie them, pushing the newly tied bows to the inside of the boot. Looking up, I noticed that a shadow had blocked the winter sun from shining on me.  


“Boo.” I said happily, trying to get my mind off of the throbbing in my head. 


Ravenclaw grinned back, his Prefect badge reflecting the light.“Boo, yourself Miss. Chaser.” 


“Ok for future reference, seeing as we keep on meeting for some reason my name is Charisma Price.” I said smiling. 


He took my offered hand and shook it. “Nate Harper.”


“Nice name, Ravenclaw.” I settled for. “What brings you to this neck of the woods?”


Nate’s brow raised a little as he folded his arms over his chest. “I’ve got the early patrol – I would usually have the late one, but I switched with my roommates girlfriend, so they can … well you can guess.”


“That’s wonderful prefect behaviour on your behalf, Nate. Well done.” 


“Do I detect sarcasm in your tone, Miss Price?” he replied. 


With a smile I simply shrugged and fixed my crooked tie. “Maybe a smidge; it’s not been the best of days.”


“You do look a little pale, exhausted, even.”


“I feel fine; there is nothing wrong with my health.” I responded quickly. 


His eyes widened as he stumbled over words, trying to take back the fact that he had seemingly insulted my appearance. When he noticed my smile he realised that I was kidding and visibly took a sigh of relief. “Don’t do that to me; that’s not funny when girls do things like that!”


“It’s a little bit funny,” I corrected. “Besides, you’re right; I’m not feeling great; I just need some sleep.”


“Well, if you wait for me to deal with this last problem; I will be honoured if you would let me walk you back to your Common Room.”


I pouted. “Is this a ploy so you can figure out where the Gryffindor Common Room is?”


“You caught me,” he replied dryly. “I am planning to sneak in tonight and dungbomb the place.”


A sly smile appeared in my eyes. “Woah, overload on the sarcasm, Harper. Fine, I would love you to walk me back. What’s the ‘last problem’?”


“I believe it should be phrased, ‘Who’s the last problem’.”


I followed his tired gaze to a blonde and a brunette. Stifling a slight smile, I tutted and ran my tongue over my bottom lip. “How long have Scorpius and Blaise been giving you trouble for?”


“Scorpius and Blaise?” he echoed. “You’re the first person that I’ve ever met who’s on a first name basis. They’re both nightmares.”


Fixing the length of my skirt I raised a brow. “You can’t judge people like that until you’ve properly met; they’re both lovely.”


Scorpius was one of the few people outside of the Potter’s family to know of my condition; he spent a week of the summer with Albus this year and he figured it out himself. Blaise wasn’t much different to his roommate; they were both heavy on Slytherin pride, yet wouldn’t hurt a fly. Once past the expressions of stone they both wore, they were both vulnerable little boys. 


I knew for a fact that Rose liked Scorpius, but would never consider making a move, or even would be willing to receive one. Her father dispised anything that came under the name ‘Malfoy’ – the look he gave Harry for allowing the blonde through his doorway this summer was enough to kill children. 


“Malfoy and Zabini?” Nate said again, a little slower, as if I needed time to process just quite who I had associated with the term ‘lovely’. “They have no respect; they’re the most awful fifth years that I have ever encountered. They give all the prefect’s hell; even the Slytherin ones want to hex them.”


“What have they done wrong?”


Nate shrugged. “What haven’t they done wrong? They just generally piss me off; they act like they own the place, and is it really that difficult for Zabini to do up his top button on his shirt? I know he’s lacking in brain function but honeslty, it’s not that difficult.”


I blinked. “Well, now you’re just being nasty.”


For a moment Nate simply stared at me, wondering if I was being serious. “You’re right, I’m sorry,” he settled for. “They’re skipping Transfiguration right now; I’m supposed to send them to their lessons, but it’s proving a bit difficult.”


“Scorpius,” I called, swiftly moving through the crowded corridor and towards the blonde, whacking him on the arm with my Charms textbook. “Are you supposed to be in class?”


He laughed deeply for a moment. “Good afternoon Charisma, it’s nice to see you too.”


“Don’t play sweet-heart with me,” I ordered. “I’m pulling out the parental face right now.”


“She is as well,” Blaise commented, backing up a little. “Shit, mate, look; she’s working for Harper.”


Scorpius sucked in a sharp breath. “Traitor.”


“Hey,” I gasped, flicking him on the cheek. “I’m playing by the books here; it’s you who’s skipping class.”


“Like you never have,” Blaise said. 


I widened my eyes and looked around sadly. “Nathan Harper honestly is lovely, and I’ve just told him that the two of you are. I’m not trying to play good-cop, bad-cop, honestly. I just don’t want him to prove me wrong.”


“You’re trying to get him to ask you out, aren’t you?” Scorpius summerised. 


“Yes,” I lied. 


Blaise sighed. “Fine, we’re going.”


Scorpius simply blinked at me, fixing my tie for me, a feat I had been unable to achieve earlier. “We’re doing this for you, love; if we don’t come back from McGonagall’s lesson alive, you know where we were last seen.”


“You two are sweet.” I finalised before slipping back through the crowd over to Nate.


He was gaping like a fish. “Why am I the one wearing the Prefect badge? I’ve never seen anyone get them to listen like that; what’s your secret?”


“I’m nice to them,” I settled for, as if it were obvious. 


“I’m nice too.”


“Ok, answer me this, did you ask him to do something or tell him to do it?” 


“Well I told him obviously, I’m prefects.” Nate said. 


“Well maybe you should try asking.” I said shrugging before turning around. “Walk me back?”


He thought for a moment before holding his arm out for me to take. “Take my arm.” I tilted my head and look at him expectantly. “Take my arm, please.” 


AN: So what do you think? Feel free to review...It only takes about five or so seconds? XD I hope you all enjoyed it and are loving the beginning of the summer. I live in England, and it rains ... all of the time, but anyways, back to the point ... R&R if you can. Seriously, review about anything ... the weather if you wish...

I've put this up for validation ... again as some of the correct things didn't edit properly. But thanks to Harry and Ginny's helpful reviews that have helped me put alot of things straight. Especially my ridiculously awful typing. XD


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