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A/N Here we go, chapter twelve


All that had to be done to the paintwork was to put the symbol of the team I will be racing with on the roof. Every year we where put into teams chosen by one of the many men organising the race.

I grab my black and red, race suit that was on top of y car. I slowly put it on, making sure I do it up. I then grab my all black helmet and place it on my head. I know I do not need it but I would still have to make myself look human.

One dressed, I lower myself into the car thorough the driver’s window. I strap myself in and put my foot down on the pedal. Within seconds, I am whizzing around the empty track.

Chapter twelve

**** The track

The race had started ten minutes ago. Three minis where already out. Hermione raced around the track in fifth place.


“Here we are girls,” said Alice handing over the tickets Dumbledore had given them.

“This way please. I’ll take you to you designated stand” said one of the many staff working at the track

“Excuse me what do you mean designated stand?” asked Alice

“The tickets you have are for family and friends of the racers. The tickets you have are for the section for one of our most famous female racers.”

“Oh, we where given them from a friend as a present” said Ginny following the others.

“Faster Baby. You can do it” came a shout from among the crowd

“Come on sis, be a true Cullen, faster!” shouted another

“Rose, you can do it” shouted a third

“I know those three voices,” said Bella looking into the crowed.

Their they stood. Six largely built people, along with five others.


Jacob stood with one vampire on each side of him, all three cheering on Hermione. The girls, Leah, Emily Esme and Annie sat on the seats behind the men watching the race. John, Sam, Seth and Embry had left to go find food.


“Just up there girls, that’s your place. Just where the three men shouting is your place,” the staff member was pointing to where you could see Carlisle, jasper and Jacob standing.

“Thank you” said Bella, Ginny and Alice before running up to their space.


Bella and Alice both made it without an incident. Ginny was not so lucky just as she got to the stairs, she bumped into a man carrying four hotdogs, two colas, three bags of crisps and a bag of sweets.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said the man

“Its ok…” started Ginny. The man had turned around as she spook. The man stood their, long black hair, deep brown eyes, and a smile that could make any girl fall to their knees.

“I’m Embry, here supporting my friends’ girl,” said the person

“Eb, come on am stared, Maya would not let me eat the day.” shouted someone from the crowed.

“Am Gin, am here with two new friends, we are meeting up with a group of others. Need a hand? By the looks we are supporting the same person.” Ginny smiled

“I would love that” replied Embry, as Ginny took the crisps and sweets off of Embry. Ginny and Embry turned and walked up to the stairs to where everyone else was.


“Gin, you finally made it, what happened?” asked Alice walking over to where Embry and Ginny where walking. “Oh, hey Embry”

“I crashed landed into him” said Ginny nodding her head towards him

Alice laughed, “Come on you have others to meet”

Ginny, followed Alice to the now every large group.

“Everyone this is Ginny, she is a friends of Hermione’s from school” said Alice to the group

“We know who she is Alice, Maya has told us she was coming ages ago,” said Jasper wrapping his arms around his wife, “Maya, has many talents”

“What? Anyway, Ginny, this is my husband Jasper, over there the blonde haired person that is our father Carlisle, next to him is Jacob. Stuffing his face with a burger is Seth; Leah Seth’s sister is sitting down (she is in the red top), next to her is my mother Esme. In addition, huddled in the corner are Sam and Emily. And the other two, I do not know.” said Alice pointing to everyone.

“I do,” said Ginny, “that’s Annie and John. Hermione’s parents well adopted ones anyway.”

“Okay. Everyone, this is Ginny,” shouted Alice.

Everyone waved to her as she walked over to a spare seat next to Esme. As she walked, she passed Seth.

***** Seth’s pov

I had just finished my burger when the red beauty passed me, her scent a sweet floral smell. I watch her walk over to where Esme was. I had to talk to her.

“Uh oh, here we go again” I hear Sam mutter, as he grinned looking at me.

I had imprinted.

******* Hermione’s pov.

I press my foot harder onto the pedal, I pass car 206. I was now in second place. I could hear the shouts from my family, encouraging me to go on.

My car jerks forward as someone bashings into my back, I take a quick glance. Number 675. Adams car.

Adam Smith had always hated me. Why? I do not know. However, it maybe because of whom I have for parents or that I always win the races. I press my foot down once again, harder this time. I see the corner coming up fast, the finishing line with it. I turn the steering wheel, keeping my foot on the pedal.

Then I hear it, cheering from all around, the commentators voice fills the track.

“… and she’s done it, Hermione Granger had won the first Mini race. Will she go on for the fifth year running and take the up home?”

I pull myself out the car. Once I am out, I see Jacob running towards me. He grabs me and lifts me into the air.

“That as amazing baby, you won it,” he said while I take my helmet of, and put on the sunglasses that jasper was handing me, (to hide the colour of her eyes).

“Well done sis” Jaspers says

Everyone else greeted me with the same thing; all giving me cuddles and kisses on the head.

“Sis” says Jasper coming up to me once again, “we have someone for you to meet. Maya, this is our new family member. This is Bella”

I watch as a brunette beauty walks into my view, she was gorgeous. Her lips where a deep red colour and her pale white skin suited her

“So your Bella,” I say, “everyone has told me a lot about you, you stole my brother’s heart I hear”

“Yes, that’s true. Hope you’re not to made” she replies smiling

“Of course not” I replied pulling into a hug, “I just hope he has stopped going on about being a ….”

“Monster?” she finishes my sentence

“That’s the one” I reply smiling

“Yeah he has, just recently too”

“That’s good that always did my heading. He acted too much like the Phantom


The racing continued for the next few hours, Hermione was not as lucky in the second race, where she came third. She had only the final race to go.

It was twenty minutes before the last race, and was almost 22.00

“Princess?” asked John

“Yeah, John” Hermione replies, sitting on the top of her car.

“what will you do this time if you win?” he asks, “last year you raised money for the hospital, the year before that you allowed a competition winner sit inside your car while you raced around the track.”

“I don’t know John; I have not really had the time to think of anything yet. I’ll be back soon, going to take a quick walk”

**** Hermione’s pov

As ii walk around the track, I think about what john asked. What can I do?

Being unable up come up with any idea’s I read some of their minds of the people cheering on he races.

‘God, she’s so hot’

‘Wouldn’t mind doing her’

‘I wish I could race like her’

‘His last race, at last he one of his last wishes have been granted. He has only weeks left.’

The last thought struck me hard.

I look up into the stand to find the person who the thought came from. That is when I see them.

A mother and father together with their little boy.

The boy was no older the four. He was pale while, with a tired, ill look to him. He as wrapped up warm in a thick jacket and clothes. He also had a thick blanket wrapped around him.

He was ill, seriously ill. Dieing.

She knew what she was going to do!

A/N hope you enjoyed, all that’s to go now is the final race, Hogwarts and seeing the rest of the Cullen’s. So there will be at least three maybe four more chapters to this story


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