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It had been a month since school had started, and for Lily it seemed like an uphill battle. Once the girls realized that she wasn’t walking away from her husband, the harassment from the female population doubled.

She would get notes from other girls while she was in class, while she was in the library or sometimes when she would study outside. Anytime that she was without her husband she was open to threats from other students.

There were some who had decided that threats weren’t enough, and instead tried curses and a variety of spells on her. They would come up behind her, so she couldn’t defend herself or so they thought. After she had the first one attempted she decided that before left the room in the morning she would cast a spell on herself, a protection spell. It would deflect minor spells and if the other person wasn’t quick enough they would get hit with the spell.

There were quite a few girls who hadn’t learned their lesson and therefore showing up to aclass with bright pink hair, warts and boils all over their body, burping up slugs and a few that had gone to the hospital with broken limps. They still hadn’t figured out why they were the ones that were being hit with their own spells. Some of the girls had taken their wands to the professors to see if they were performing correctly.

She hadn’t told James all of what was happening, while she didn’t like keeping things from her husband, she knew him well enough that he would flip out because he was protective of those that meant something to him.

Lily was currently on her way to meet with James back in their dorm so that they could go the library together. They had some need of the books that were in the library. It was easier to meet at their room because James was in a class across campus and it was the middle ground for the two of them.

From behind she was grabbed and thrown against the wall. She saw two boys and two girls who were standing in front of her while another boy threw her against the wall again. “Well if it isn’t the filthy mudblood who just started at Hogwarts.”

“Let me go.” Lily yelled.

“Now what fun would that be, we just wanted to play for a little bit.” A boy with bleach blonde hair, that was almost white in coloring. “When we get done with you James Potter would never even notice you, let alone want you anymore.”

“This will teach to mess with us.” The girl said. “Your kind don’t belong at this school. You have tainted a pureblood family, and for that you will pay”

The one guy who was holding her left hand smashed into the wall, and she could hear the bones breaking. While the others started to attack her.

They finally walked away from her, the two girls were giggling as they walked away.

Lily slouched down to the ground because she was in just too much pain to deal with trying to walk anywhere. At this point she was bleeding, especially at her wrist where there had been no clothing in between her wrist and the wall. She slowly pulled her wristed to her chest and cradled it against her body.

She leaned her head against the wall as the tears started falling down. She didn’t have the strength to stop them from flowing or the energy to care. She closed her eyes.

Sirius was strolling down the hallway on his way to meet with James and Lily. He had grown accustom to having Lily around and was quite fond of her when she wasn’t threatening certain body parts.

He noticed that someone was sitting on the ground and than noticed the red hair. “Lily.” He kept walking towards her. “Lillian Anne Potter, you can’t ignore me.” The second time when she didn’t respond he went running up to her to see if something was wrong. When he got close he saw a lot of blood and that she was unconscious.

He tapped the side of her face to make sure that she was not just sleeping. He picked her up and ran to the hospital wing as fast as his feet could take him. He had to get her taken care of, he didn’t know how long she had been out, but by the looks of it she was in bad shape.

He reached the hospital wing in record time. He had never made it so fast to the wing, but that was because normally when he was on his way to the hospital wing it was to visit James, or he himself was unconscious.

“Madam Pomfey, Madam Pomfey. You need to help her, she has lost consciousness and is bleeding a lot.” Sirius shouted at the healer as he rushed by her to get Lily on a bed.

“What happened to the poor girl?” She asked as she started in getting the bleeding to stop. She would have to wait to give her the bone mending potion until she could swallow.

“I don’t know I found her in the hallway this way, is she going to be okay?” Sirius asked the healer.

“She should be fine, but she is going to have a long process for healing, she has a lot of damage done to her.” Madam Pomfey said. “While I am working on her you should go and find James, he will want to know where his wife is.”

Sirius was running through the hallways, pushing past students as he made his way over to the Heads dorm. He shouted at others to get out of his way unless they wanted to be hexed.

He reached the portrait that was in front of the dorm that was shared by James and Lily. He gave the password and walked into the room. James was pacing the common room of the dorm. “Sirius have you seen Lily, she was suppose to meet me here after class…”

“James, you…need to get…to the…hospital wing.” Sirius said a little out of breath so that James didn’t quite understand.

“Sirius catch your breath, what is going on? Do you know where Lily is?” James asked his friend.

Sirius took a deep breath, “James you need to get to the hospital wing, because that is where Lily is right now. She was attacked…” James ran out the dorm, with Sirius on his tail. Several students try to stop him to ask him something, but he didn’t even pause to say an apology for not even batting an eye at the people trying to get his attention. His mind was on getting to Lily to make sure that she was okay.

He ran all the way to the hospital wing without pause, but once he got the door he slowed down. Sirius nearly ran right into him. Slowly James and Sirius entered the hospital wing. “You know it is easier to come here when it is yourself that is in need of care, but when it is someone that means so much it is so hard to walk through those doors.”

“Madam Pomfey, said that she was going to be fine, it is just going to long recovery.” Sirius said. “By now she is probably awake and wanting to get out of here.”

“Sirius, when we find out who did this, I am going to make them wish that they were never born…”

“Calm down James, that is not what Lily is going to need right now. She needs her husband at her side.” Sirius said as they walked over to Lily’s bed. James took her uninjured hand in his own and took a seat next to her bed.

“James, she is responding well. I got her awake enough so that I could get a blood replenishing and bone mending potion into her system and then I put her into a healing sleep. Right now that is the best that we can do and the resting will allow her body to start the healing process. It looks like Sirius got to her before anything major happened.” Madam Pomfey said. “I have started the healing on bruising to her face and her wrist. I have wrapped her wrist because while the bones will mend within a few hours, her wrist will be very sore.

“Sirius, could I ask one more favor of you, could you please go and inform Professor Dumbledore about what has happened. He needs to be informed that I am excusing James and Lily for the next couple of days from class because it will not be an easy recovery for either one of them.” Madam Pomfey asked.

“Not a problem, James I will be back soon, and I will have Remus with me.”

Sirius walked over to the Headmasters office, which was not that far of a walk to, since it was only two doors away. He gave the password of Licorice Wands and the gargoyles let him pass through. He took the stair way down, two steps at a time.

The headmaster was sitting behind his desk doing some paperwork, he noticed what James had not, that there was blood on his shirt, quite a bit of blood. “Mr. Black, what happened to you? You should see Madam Pomfey about the bleeding.”

“Professor, it isn’t my blood, it must have gotten on me when I carried Lily to the hospital wing. Sir, she was attacked in the hallway and left bleeding. She had lost quite a bit of blood before I got to her.” Sirius said. “She has a broken wrist and a lot of bruising. According to Madam Pomfey she should make a full recovery, but she is giving James and Lily a few days off of school because it will be a long recovery.” Sirius said.

“Alright Mr. Black.” Professor Dumbledore said.

Sirius went back to the Gryffindor common room, he knew that is where Remus would be. Unlike Lily who would love to be able to work in the library, Remus didn’t care for it. He would much rather study were there was noise around him, he did better that way.

Sirius walked over to Remus. “Sirius this better be important I have a lot of studying to do right now.” He looked up at one of his closest friends, he could see that he was hurting and that something wasn’t right. Sirius was never the serious one in the group that was his role. “Sirius what is wrong?”

“James is in the hospital wing…”

“There is nothing new about that, he is in the hospital wing at least once a week, he has his own bed.”

“James is not the one that is hurt. Lily was attacked in the hallway on her way back to the dorm. Whoever attacked her left her in pretty bad shape. Her face is barely noticeable, her wrist was broken and there was blood everywhere…”

“Sirius, is she okay?” Remus asked.

“Madam Pomfey thinks that she will make a full recovery, but you haven’t seen her. The person I picked up off of the floor looked nothing like the girl that we have gotten to know.” Sirius said. “I know that he and Lily haven’t know each other that long, but it would destroy James if something happened to her.”

“Sirius you can’t think like that. Now come on we are going to go to the hospital wing to see how she is doing and to check on James.” Remus said calmly. “James needs us right now, and we have to show nothing but hope, there can be no fear in your voice when you talk about how Lily is doing. Do you understand me?”

Madam Pomfey had kicked James out of the hospital wing to go down to supper. He had protested, but she would not hear of him missing supper. He would be allowed back in only after the headmaster had told him that he had been at supper.

He sat away from the usually crowd that he ate supper with. The only ones that were around him were Remus and Sirius who had also been kicked out of the hospital wing.

James was pushing around his food more than actually eating it. Right now his only concern was for Lily. She had started moving before he left, but it wasn’t enough to reassure him that she was okay.

“Prongs she will be alright, Lily is a fighter, she is not going to let this bring her down.” Remus said as he put his hand on James’s shoulder.

“Moony, she has been fighting a battle since she came to this school. Sirius and I tried to convince her that she would be accepted, but no one has even tried to be nice to her. Normally I would say that this had to be done by Slytherins, but right now there are only a handful of people who I don’t think did this.” James said. “Maybe things would have been better if I had gone to her school instead.”

“Prongs you can’t mean that…” Sirius said.

“Why not, you don’t know what she has been battling since she agreed to come to this school. On her first day of school she was warned by Ariel Messinger that she should stay away from me if she knew what was good for her. She has been threatened by half of the Gryffindor girls that she should get a divorce from me or else.

“She can’t go to the library alone because of what the students do to her. She has guys coming up to her and saying that when I stray they will be there to pick up the pieces that are left behind.” James said as he rubbed his hands over his face. “She has cried while she is in the shower almost every night since we have been in school. And every time I wish there was something I could do to ease her pain, to make it all go away.”

“Prongs with time things will get better…”

“Padfoot, how much pain would you allow your wife to deal with?” James asked. “At what point do you just break, because it is killing you to know that she is crying because of something you asked her to do?”

“I don’t know, Prongs, but I know that you will be stronger as a couple when you get out of school this year.” Sirius said.

“Padfoot, I am starting to see the students at this school in a new light, and many of them are not looking good. The people who I thought were my friends are ones that have turned into the worse people that I know, besides you and Mooney.” James said. “I just…I don’t know any more. It is like the things that I thought were important before don’t seem that important anymore.”

A group of girls came walking up to James, they saw this as their opportunity to make a pass at him, now that Lily wasn’t around.

“So James are we still on for the first trip to Hogmeades, you did promise me last year that you would take me.” Ariel asked nicely. “It looks like your wife isn’t with you, and no one has seen her since last lesson, maybe she decided it was time to leave…”

“Get. Away. From. Me.” James said keeping his tone very level. He was using all of will to not lash out at any one. “Now is not the time to be around me.”

“Come on James, she wasn’t good enough for you.” One of the other girls said.

“You don’t know anything about Lily.”

“Well she obviously is just weak…”

“Let me tell you something about Lily, she is the strongest woman that I have ever met. She has kept her head held high when dealing you miserable lot. My wife is in the hospital because someone in this school thought that beating her up would be funny.

“She didn’t want to come to Hogwarts because she knew that she wouldn’t be accepted, but I convinced her that the students of Hogwarts would welcome her. How right she was. I never thought in my life that people could be as cruel as you all have been to her. Not a one of you even gave her a chance, you saw her as someone who was beneath you. Well let me tell you, she is a hundred times a better person than any of you.” James said, his level was loud enough that everyone in the Great Hall could hear what he had said in defense of his wife. “If you can’t accept that Lily and I are MARRIED, and you can’t accept her, than you can’t accept me.”

“Oh come on James she isn’t worth your time, and I hope that she dies…” Remus and Sirius where on their feet before she finished her sentence and were using all of their strength to hold him from killing the girl with his bare hands.

“Let. Me. Go.” James demanded.

“Not until you settle down, we are not going to have more blood spilled tonight.” Sirius said. “Besides if you kill someone you will be sent to Azkaban and that won’t help Lily at all.”

“I can’t be a husband and a student. I don’t have the heart to keep hurting her.” James said in a defeated voice.

“Finally you realize what we have been telling you for a while.” Ariel said with a smile.

“Professor Dumbledore can I talk to you after supper about leaving school?” James asked as he turned towards the headmaster.

“James you can’t be serious?” Professor Dumbledore asked.

“Yes I can, sir. I know how excited you were to hear that Lily was thinking about coming to school here and I know she had put on a good face. The pain that I see when she comes back to the dorm, I can’t handle her being in that much pain for me. I thought that the students were mature enough to deal with Lily and I, but it seems that I overestimated the students at Hogwarts.”

“James, I implore you stay for another week.” Dumbledore tried to reason with him.

“I don’t think I can handle that. I have seen the worse of the students here at school. I have seen the death threats that she has received, the warning that have been handed out to her, all of which she has tried to hide from me because she knows what Hogwarts meant to me. I have seen her take them in stride. But it kills me to think that she is suffering because of something that I wanted.” James said. “It has gotten to the point that I am afraid to leave her alone long enough to go to class, and today my worst fear has been made reality. I could lose my wife because of someone in this school.

“I don’t think that I have any fight in me left. It is hard to fight against the entire school.” James said with tears in his eyes.


“Professor, I have asked too much of her. She gave up her chance to be head girl at a school where she had friends and where she was accepted. I can’t ask her to face these students who had made her life a living hell for the last month. She is taking it all well, but it is destroying me to see that pain that she is masking.” James said. “I can’t stand to look in her eyes and know that she is putting herself through hell for me. I know Lily would gladly go through all the torment that this school has put her through because she knows what Hogwarts means to me. But I can’t do it anymore.”

“James meet me in my office after supper and please bring the written threats that Lily has received since starting school. I promise you things will change if you give the students a chance.” Professor Dumbledore stated.

James walked out of the great hall, Remus and Sirius were close behind.

A/N - Sorry about the delay in the update on this chapter, we had issues at my house with the internet and finially got things handled.  Please let me know how this chapter went.

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