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Chapter five: Broom closets.


The horrid smell of brimstone forever intoxicating my lungs; the eternal thirst burning my throat and scorching hot flames licking at my skin for perpetuity.

Yes, I could already feel it, see it in my minds eyes.


That’s where my soul will forever burn and no I am not being over dramatic for Merlin’s sake I had just kissed Draco-freaking-Malfoy, if snogging your best friend’s worst-enemy-supposed-death-eater-in-the-making; is not enough reason to burn in the fiery pits of hell then maybe the fact that, yes I actually enjoyed it might just be the cherry on top of the sodding cake.

How? How the hell did I let him get to me again? Why didn’t I just pull away? It couldn’t be because you actually wanted to kiss him, now would it. That stupid annoying voice inside my head that had been badgering me for the last couple of days, sniggered.

Maybe if I could just run away from him things wouldn’t be that bad, but nooo it just had to be my stupid luck to be magically glued to the guy that had made my existence in this school a right pain in the behind.

Don’t forget that you just kissed him too. Stupid annoying voiced piped up.

Could you shut up just for a second, I snapped at it as I walked behind Draco. My mouth sealed shut but my mind running an internal turmoil.

There has got to be an explanation to such behavior, there is no way I could possibly behave in such a way under normal circumstances. I bit anxiously on my lower lip; studying Draco’s broad back as I walked behind him, silently envying the graceful way in which he moved. Yet I could make out by his posture that he held his shoulders rigid and tensed, his hand running repeatedly across his silky blond locks.

I wonder what he’s thinking, is he as completely freaked out as I am? Or am I the only one over reacting here, maybe it’s not such a big deal, yeah sure we kissed but it’s not as if we’re gonna tell anyone. I’m sure he’d rather rip off his right arm then admit to anyone that he kissed Hermione-harry-potter’s-bestfriend-and-muggle-born-now-it-all-Granger. His parents would probably disown him if they ever found out.

Now that I think about it it’s not as if I’m jumping up and down in anticipation to tell the first person that crosses my path. The only close friends I have are Harry and Ron and I’d rather spend a day in bathtub full of angry blast-ended-skewers than so much as insinuate that I kissed Draco Malfoy. There is always Ginny but our relationship has always been more brothers’ best friend and bestfriends sister than anything entirely intimate.

Anyways, I guess that if anyone ever found out we could pass it off as potion induced dementia.

Draco stopped in his tracks and turned around so fast that I actually slammed into his chest. Jumping away from him and the electrical shock that ran through my body from the contact with his.

“We don’t have to tell anyone about this, it was just a stupid mistake and in case anyone found out we could say it was provoked by the potion there was nothing we could have done about it.”  He spoke rapidly, his eyes where running over my face, his lips still darker than normal, a smirk waiting in the corner of his mouth for me to agree.

How dare he? Stupid annoying voice gasped.

I blame stupid voice for what happens next because seriously hadn’t I just been thinking the exact same thing he said?

“You are such an ass!” I practically screamed at him as I raised my hand and slapped him hard across his perfectly pale face.

I then moved to a door at my immediate left opened it and slammed it shut on his shocked face, I had to lean against the door to catch my breath as I felt him move closer to the door to prevent farther pain.

I ran my hands through my hair pulling on it, I had to get away from him, he was having a stranger and stranger effects on me the longer we where together. I let my body slide along the wall until I was sitting on the floor, the tip of my shoes bumped against a carton box and I noticed that I had just locked myself in a broom closet.

I must really be going crazy, because I felt salty tears trail down my cheeks and it simply couldn’t be; for heaven sake I could not be crying over Draco Malfoy it just wasn’t possible.

“Why the hell are you laughing Granger there is nothing funny about this” Draco’s accusatory tone made me cry harder.

“I’m not laughing you idiot I’m crying!” I snapped back at him between sobs.

“Crying? Why the hell are crying then?” he pounded on the door.

“None of you fucking business now leave me alone!” I screamed back.

“Fuck, Granger you know I can’t move any farther than this door, now get out of there!”

“No!” I yelled back too caught up in my hormonal drama to worry about our screaming; attracting attention. A frustrated grunt and a couple more punches to the unforgiving wood of the ancient door, then silence before the door was pulled away from my back and I landed on the floor Draco’s blond head watching me with angry eyes.

“How the hell did you do that?” I demanded his smug face blurred by my tears.

“I’m a freaking wizard Granger” he answered waving his wand over my face to emphasize the point, I simply swallowed my sobs a soft “oh” escaping me.

“Sit up” he ordered rolling his eyes at me before turning to the end of the hall where the sound of multitude feet heading our way sounded.

I obeyed silently knowing that it was probably the Ravenclaws on their way to diner. He stepped into the cupboard and closed the door muttering a charm to lock the door, before sitting next to me both our backs resting against the door.

“Why are you crying?” his voice was soft and I turned to him to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.


“I asked, why are you crying?” ok, so I wasn’t going mad, the world must be coming to a horrific end then.

“Why would you care?” I snapped back icily, the idiot was already having strange effects without trying if he started being nice there was no telling what would happen, he’d probably send me around the twist.

“I don’t, it just seemed the like the right thing to ask.” He answered, the cupboard was dark but I could feel his shoulders rise and fall against mine.

“Well forgive me if I don’t believe you but I haven’t reached that chapter of my ‘what-to-say-after awkward-situations manual.’ I snapped, trying hard to control the furious storm of emotions going on inside me.

“Fine! Have it your way then.” Draco answered coldly allowing an uncomfortable silence to fall between us.

“I don’t know” I finally mumbled knowing ii was acting like a bitch, I examined my nails or at least pretended to since I could hardly make them out in the darkness.

“That must be a first” he said and I was again surprised by his conservatory tone and light chuckle.

“This feels strange” I blurted.

“Yes, yes it does.” His tone turned to his usual calm and collected tone of voice though it didn’t sound as cold and haughty as it usually did.

I sighed, “What are we going to do know”

“Dunno, haven’t gotten that far along in my book” He mumbled I tried to resist but a small giggle slipped over my lips.

Maybe, it was the darkness engulfing us like a protective blanket, but I felt my shoulders relax and I allowed my bent knee to rest against his. Here in this dusty broom closet I felt that I was no more but Hermione I allowed my mind to push aside thoughts of betrayal and fire licking at my skin in the same manner for the first time since I had met him, I allowed myself to think of the boy sitting next to me as nothing more than Draco.

“I’m sorry about the outburst, I guess this is just a bit too much for me” I whispered glad that he couldn’t see the blush creeping up my face.

I felt his body relax next to mine his knee resting against mine less tense.

“Yeah well, I guess I can understand where you’re coming from, it’s not exactly a ride in a broom for me either.” He answered.

I nodded my thoughts wondering back to the reason why we were both sitting here.

“Do you really think that what happened back there and this, whatever this is, is being induced by the potion?” I felt the heat in my face grow as I remembered the kiss.

“It’s possible chamomile has been known for its tendency to heighten emotions” We were both silent each pondering the implications of such a situation.

“This might sound a load more than weird,” I finally broke our musings, “but…I’m actually glad I got stuck with you” I allowed the darkness to swallow the soft words.

“Why?” He asked surprise clearly evident in his voice.

“Well the thing is that, I’m also tutoring Jacob McKenssie and if this ‘situation’ had occurred with him, well I would highly consider asking for a dementeor kiss”

“Isn’t he that Hufflepuff who always has his finger up his nose?” he asked laughter choking his words.

“Yes, that one, call me crazy but I’m almost positive he collects whatever it is he finds up there.” I answered shuddering at the thought.

Draco burst out into loud laughter at my comment, I laughed along with him feeling any traces of stress and fear leave my body as I have never felt before and the fact that it was caused from sitting in a dark and musty broom closet with Draco Malfoy made me laugh all the harder. 

A/N: Please don't kill me i know it's not my best but i'm working really hard on the next one, this is just a kind off filler but i just wanted something warm and fluffy and i actually saw this in dreams so i thought what the heck lol. I Just want to thank all off the beutiful ppl who read this story i love you and i want to apologize for my other A/N wich i earased as soon as i came to my senses it was bitchy but to be completly honest i was PMSing and trust me no one wants to mess with me when i'm in that state once again i'm sorry and i hope you like this chapter if you don't well too bad... lol.

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