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Chapter 13: Just a normal breakfast?


Best meal of the day if you ask me.

Seriously (no pun intended), chocolate muffins, chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate, hot coffee, pan-au-chocolat, eggs, bacon, sausages, and partially anything you can possibly think of in on this table right now. In St Martins you’d be lucky if you found a Mars Bar in the snack machine. Here they’re lucky if you have enough students to eat all of the food the house elves create.

Me, Lily and Maddie walk over to our favourite place on the Gryffindor table, right at the opposite end of the teacher’s tables, so that they can’t see any of our prank planning. Well, mine and the Marauder’s prank planning. Normally we have to hide it from Lily too but Maddie always manages to distract her so that our planning can go undetected by her rule-abiding emerald eyes. That girl should really loosen up a little bit... and go out with James. I really and I mean really don’t understand why she doesn’t go out with him. Apparently he was childish and more arrogant last year but all I’ve seen is a very mature boy who is in love with a girl who is in a phase of denial with her feelings.

Poor James, I feel for him, I really do.

Especially now that I know that he knows about me and Sirius, it must be really difficult to know that all of your best friends have girlfriends and that you’re the only one that isn’t with anyone. Everyone just thinks that Sirius is single and having random hook ups with random girls. They don’t actually suspect for a second that it’s me.

Thank God.

“I think we should play a prank on Amy, we haven’t done anything to her yet.”

I throw a bean at Sirius’ head.

“No, that’s a stupid idea.” I retort at him and kick him under the table as he’s sitting right opposite me and in perfect range of my foot.

James besides me nods his head in agreement. “True Padfoot, the whole cat thing only lasted a couple a minutes.”

I shudder at the memory. “Don’t remind me. I thought I was gonna be a cat forever.”

“You don’t like cats?” Peter asks me.

I shrug. “I prefer dogs.”

It takes James all he has to stop from sniggering and keep a straight face. Sirius smirks a little, looking down at his plate and pretending to be interest in his food just so that the others don’t see his face.

Lily and Maddie look at each other before smirking evilly at me. Oh no, this can’t be good. “You should do something.” states the blonde. “We had a prank played on us when we were in first year so it’s only fair that Amy does to.”

The red head nods. “It’s the way things go. You had it coming.”

I gape at all of them. “I can’t believe you. Call yourselves bloody friends.” I stab the sausage with my fork and cut it viciously with my knife before shoving a piece in my mouth.

“What’s that sausage even done to you?” James asks me.

“I’m practising the things I’m gonna do to your head if you play a prank on me.” I growl, once I’ve swallowed.

A prank, I mean really, on poor innocent me.

James rolls his eyes at me and goes back to eating his breakfast.

“I think we should make you sing.” states Sirius.

I smirk. I’m not that bad at singing. I’m quite good actually. “You do that.” I say to him, giving him a fake glare.

“You’re not scared?” Peter asks confused by how I’m not stopping Sirius or James.

I shake my head. “No”

“You think you can sing?” Sirius asks me smirking.

I nod. “I’m not bad.”

“I know something else you’re not bad at.” Sirius mutters under his breath, louder than he intended to. His eyes go wide for a second before he starts to put on a kind of believable innocent face as if he head totally meant everyone to hear what he just said.


I kick from under the table, hard. Peter gives Sirius a funny look but seems to get over it quickly, Maddie is too busy choosing between a raspberry muffin or chocolate muffin while Remus gives his best friend a kind of ‘What did you say?’ face. Lily being the intelligent girl she is, gives Sirius a calculating look  as if trying to figure out what’s going through his mind right now, turning to me.

“You sing?” she asks me.

I shrug. “Me and Emma thought it would be funny to join the school choir and piss everyone off, only I can sing and she can’t to save her life.”

We fall into a comfortable silence; each and every one of us caught up in our thoughts. Lily is probably thinking something along the lines of ‘Amy and Sirius are together’ thanks to Sirius being the idiot he is and giving everyone the biggest clue in the world. I don’t think he understands the concept of SECRETS because he is being so obvious even Peter can understand it. My trails of thoughts are interrupted by an annoying screech that hits my eardrums and nearly bursts them there and then.

Ouch, someone should lower the decibel of their voice!


I turn my head around at once just to find the longest pair of legs walking over to where Sirius is sitting and plopping themselves in between him and Peter, swishing her long platinum blonde hair in the poor boy’s face. Peter starts coughing, taking pieces of her hair out of his mouth before giving her a disgusted look and scooting away from her as far as possible as if she carried a particularly nasty contagious disease.

I don’t like this girl.

Sirius looks up at her, his face gaining a ‘oh shit’ face while she smiles at him in a flirty way with her Harley street teeth and foundation covered face. She crosses her legs making her overly short skirt rise even more and she rests her back against the table, leaning with her elbows and making her tight shirt squeeze her chest and show off her bright red bra more than it already does under her Ravenclaw tie.

Oh please don’t tell me this is the kind of slags Sirius used to date before me.

“Can I help you?” he asks her.

“Well, there is one or two things you can help me with...” She grins at him again.

I really don’t like this girl.

James leans over and whispers in my ear “Leticia Morris, Ravenclaw slag and known as ‘Titi’ by nearly every boy that went in a broom closet with her, including Padfoot.”

I stop myself from gagging right there and then.


I stab the poor sausage on my plate even more, practically tearing it too pieces out of frustration and making bits fly in every direction. Leticia looks at me weirdly as if not remembering where she’s seen me before. That might just be because she hasn’t because we fortunately don’t share any classes, or so I hope.

“What you looking at?” I spit at her, my cockney side taking the best of me.

Sirius gives me a ‘no, don’t say anything’ kind of look but I ignore it.

She furrows her eyebrows at me. “Nothing interesting obviously.” she spits back annoyed.

“Then you might wanna go get some glasses,” I say to her. “You need them.”

Sirius snorts with laughter and Leticia gives him a funny look before returning her attention to me. “Who are you anyway?”

“Amy.” I reply simply.

“Oh,” she exclaims failing to seem bored with me. “You’re the new girl who thinks she’s all that.” She looks me and down unimpressed. “I heard you were bigger.”

I snort. “I heard you were prettier,” I shake my head. “I guess you’re not the only one that needs glasses then.”

The boys are practically cracking up in laughter right now, except for Remus, he’s too busy snogging Maddie and scarring poor Lily for life. The three don’t seem to realise the fact that I’m having a pointless argument with a stupid bimbo.

“You’re pathetic.” she hisses at me.

“You’re a slag.”

Leticia glares at me. “You don’t know me.”

“Thank fuck for that then eh?” I say to her.

“I didn’t come here for you anyway,” she states, turning back to Sirius who is trying to keep a straight face but failing miserably. I don’t think she expected me to have a comeback to everything she said. “Siri, McGonagall changed my timetable yesterday and now I happen to be in your Potions group. So, as potions is next I though we could walk there together.”

James grabs my arm before I have the chance to grab her by the neck and throttle her. I am so failing at keeping up appearances. I look way to jealous for someone who is supposed to be just a friend. I inhale deeply and try and pretend as if she’s not there. Sirius won’t do anything stupid; he’ll just tell her gently to fuck right off.

“Sorry, but I’m going there with my friends.” he replies emphasising on the word ‘friends’.

She laughs throwing her head back. “You were always a joker Siri.”

“I think someone just got rejected.” I ‘whisper’ to James, totally intending Leticia to hear it. James grins down at me, giving me a kind of ‘you’re pissing her off but it’s hilarious’ look and then looking at Miss Titi with a clear bored expression. I still can’t get my mind over that nickname. Titi?

“I didn’t ask you for your opinion.” she snaps at me.

“I wasn’t talking to you.” I state dryly.

She gives me an ‘I-can’t-believe-you’ look. “Do you know who I am?” she asks me.

“Am I supposed to?” I ask her with an annoyed face.

“If you want to survive, I think you should.” Leticia states.

“Babe, I was alright before I met you, I’m gonna be alright after I meet you.” I explain to her as if she’s a little kid with a really, really small brain.

“I didn’t come here to talk to you so why are you getting involved?” she asks me.

“I don’t want my best mate to get any STDs from you.” James can’t take it anymore and bursts out laughing, wiping the amused tears from his hazel eyes.

Leticia glares at me and if looks could kill, I’d be dead.

“Why thank you Amy.” Sirius states, smiling.

“It’s alright.” I say to him. “You can pay me back by doing my homework yeah.”

He rolls his eyes. “Whatever.”

The girls finally seem to realise who is sitting at our table. “Morris, you should be sitting at your own table.” Lily states.

Leticia gives her a dirty look. “Whatever Evans. I can do what I want.”

“And she’s head girl and she can make you do what she wants.” states Maddie, un-sticking herself from Remus. “Why don’t you go find a boy who can to take you to the nearest broom closet eh?”

“Why don’t you snog his face again and shut the fuck up?” Leticia sneers at her.

Lily frowns. “You know I could give you detention for talking like that.” The red head gives her a look that clearly says ‘don’t mess with me’ “It’s not our fault Sirius is saying no to you.”

“He hasn’t said no.” the bimbo points out.

Sirius gives her a sort of disgusted look. “I’m not that desperate Leticia.”

“You weren’t saying that last year.” she says seductively to him.

“Well I’m saying it now.”

She looks a bit taken aback, but tries to hide it by laughing at him and trying to almost convince herself he’s only joking with her. “Come on Siri, don’t you remember how it used to be?”

“You know some people are trying to eat.” Maddie tells her, completely disgusted.

I nod. “Yeah I feel like I took an overdose of bimbo stupidity.”

She glares at me before turning to Sirius, as if looking for comfort. “Are you going to let her talk to me like that?” she asks him, her face shocked at my behaviour. I bet she thinks that I’m supposed to look up at her and wish that I was just like her.

More like wish I am nothing like her.

“She can say what she wants.” He smirks at me. “It’s not my fault she has a big mouth.”

I grin and throw him another chocolate chip from my muffin.”Oi!”

He throws it back. “And she can’t accept the truth either.”

“I’m gonna flick your nose in a minute.” I say to him, glaring jokingly.

Suddenly bimbo gasps. “Wait a minute,” she looks at me and then back at Sirius. “Are you two going out?”


Is it THAT obvious?

I throw a choc chip muffin at her.

I swear by the time she’s gone my muffin will have no choc chips left.

“Don’t be silly.” I say shaking my head. “I have a boyfriend and I don’t date slags.”

Sirius kicks me from under the table, pretending to be offended by my comment. “I’m not a slag!” He crosses his arms. “You’re the slag.”

I kick him back, harder. “I’m not a slag!”

He leans across the table, glaring playfully. “If I’m a slag you’re a slag my dear.”

“You’re stepping on thin ice Black.” I reply leaning forwards too. Our faces are close, really close for two people who claim to just be friend, but where our friends are used to us acting like this, Leticia is boiling in anger. He stares at my lips for a few seconds and I resist the urge to kiss him. Bloody teenage hormones.

“Don’t you know I like to play dangerous?” he answers back.

“If by dangerous you mean snogging in a broom closet with a bimbo who can’t spell her name and hoping not to get caught by a teacher,” my eyes travel over the jealous Leticia. “I’ve done worse.”

Sirius snorts and sits back. “Wouldn’t I like to know?” he retorts.

I laugh. “You would Sirius, I know you would.”

Our little private conversation, well as private as the Great Hall during breakfast can get, is interrupted by a rude blonde twit who is confused by our behaviour. “So you’re not going out?” she asks.

“No” we reply at the same time.

“Then why are you so jealous?” she asks me.

“I’m not jealous.” I state dryly. “I’m just looking out for my friend, you know. God knows where you’ve been.”

She glares at me before trying to get Sirius’ attention. “Siri, you know that’s not true don’t you? You know how fun it used to be, how much fun we used to have.”

Lily covers her ears, shaking her head from left to right, disgusted. “Ew, ew, ew, I don’t need to know about Black’s personal love life and if it’s fun or not. It’s bad enough that I have to witness him and James eating every day but that is just crossing the line.”

Oh my God, did Lily just...?

Next to me, James suddenly starts having a coughing fit, his eyes bulging out of his sockets as if a miracle has just happened in front of him. “She just called me James!” He starts grinning like a little five year old on Christmas day. “LILY LOVES ME!”

“No I don’t.” she hisses, avoiding the curious glances from the other students. What a little liar. “James is your name isn’t it?” she asks him. He nods enthusiastically. “Well, you call me Lily so why can’t I call you James? And no,” she wiggles her finger at him. “I don’t love you.”


She does and she just won’t admit it.

I will get it out of her one day, I will!

I finish eating my muffin, my head turning back and forth between Lily and James as they continue their ‘you love me’ ‘no I don’t’ argument, which is quite amusing. Peter is too busy stuffing his face with pancakes and Maddie and Remus have decided to eat each other instead of the actual food so that just leaves...

Wait what happened to bimbo and my boyfriend?

I look ahead to find Sirius hanging his head in his hands and Leticia crawling her little hand on his arm seductively. She doesn’t give up does she?


Well noticed.

YOU! Go rip her hair out! NOW!

Whoa, calm down, I’m not going to do that.

You need to kill... kill... KILL!

No comment.

“Leticia, I said no.” snaps Sirius, clearly irritated by her continuous whining and begging. “I thought you were going out with Ludo Bagman anyway.”

She shrugs back at his response. “He’s ill today.”

Sirius looks at her sceptically. “So just because he’s ill, you’re going to cheat on him?”

Leticia nods. “So?” she asks him. “It’s not like he hasn’t done that to me.”

Isn’t someone in a bit of a bad relationship?

Not that I can say anything about a bad relationships.

“Who’s Ludo Bagman?” I ask confused. I’ve heard that name before...

Bimbo gives me a weird look. “You don’t know who Ludo Bagman is?” she asks me. I shake my head. “He plays for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, duh!” She waves her hands over her head. “You know, blonde hair, blue eyes and a really cute baby face and most likely to end up playing in an actual Quidditch team? Why do you think I’m going out with him?”


“Oh him” I say sarcastically. God, could she make her description any more general?

Sirius takes his arm out of her hands. “Doesn’t matter, I’m not coming and never will anymore so now piss off.”

Leticia eyes flash angrily and she stands up from the desk, her face clearly pissed off. “Fine Black but don’t expect me to come running back to you. You’ll soon realise what you’ve lost.” she hisses before turning on her heel and storming back to her table.

Took her long enough.

Peter shuffles back next to Sirius. “That Leticia girl might be hot but she’s so dumb she makes me look like a genius.” He shoves more pancakes in his mouth and me and Sirius nod, completely agreeing to his statement. “I mean,” he adds in between mouthfuls. “If someone says no... Its no... You two going out, completely mental... you’re best friends... she doesn’t understand...”

I think he should take the genius bit back.

Poor naive Pete.

So here is chapter 13! I hope you like it :) And please do leave a review even to tell me how terrible my story is... just so I know people are reading my story, at least.



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