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[Hey guys, you know by now that I don't own this, it's all JK Rowlings, except for a few original characters. Enjoy!( wow, long chappie, btw!]

I woke up in the morning to the sound of Draco's heavy breathing, he was still asleep next to me. I turned around as slowly as I could as to not wake him up and I found that he laid sprawled across the bed the rather large bed, his head resting on one of the oh-so-wonderful pillows, his arm hung lazily over my body, I thought that I should let him sleep, and started to untangle myself but he must have woken up by my movements because he pulled me towards him with a firm tug and I smiled as I threw one of my legs over his and cuddled up to him, no words needed. I inhaled his fresh scent, of apples and, if possible, summer.

I knew that he was really awake when he started planting kisses down my neck, making me shudder, I let my hands touch his chest. Had it gotten more toned? That thought vanished as soon as Draco kissed the sensitive spot behind my ear; the spot that made me lose all common sense. I held back a moan as he did it once more.

“You like that, don't you?” he said against my skin, his breath warm, then he repeated his actions and then he sucked and nibbled on the sensitive skin of my neck, I couldn't hold back the soft moan which erupted from my parted lips. I only guessed that he took that as a 'yes'.

I remembered that he had liked it when I let my nails run down his chest, so I did it and it pleased me when he took a deep breath and stilled his movements for a second. I grinned widely as he leaned back to look at me.

“Oh, wipe that grin of your face,” he murmured.

“Make me,” I dared him, and he cocked his eyebrow at my words before he rolled us over so that he was on top and he captured my lips in a passionately bruising kiss,
He eased back to look in to my eyes. "Oh, I do love kissing you..." 

"Ah, same here," Draco smiled before he brought his lips down to mine again and my eyes fluttered closed. 


Once we had taken a shower and put on some clothes,  we walked out to be met by the faces of our friends, who were waiting for us just outside the door.

Blaise took in my looks, looking from my bare feet up to my messy hair; I had just taken a shower, of course it was messy.

“You fancied a quickie in the early morning, eh?”

Draco grinned, while I gaped and blushed furiously.

“Blaise!” I said, mortified, “I just took a shower, that's why my hair is messy,” I didn't sound very convincing, by the look on his face. Draco and Amber burst out laughing at my tone, which had been a dead give away.

“So, you two did-”

“Come off it, Blaise,” I snapped as he smirked, “Smirking doesn't suit you, just so you know.”

He stuck out his tongue instead, something he usually did when he had spent too much time around me, “Oh, you're so... so...”

“God-like? Handsome? Gorgeous? Charming?” he suggested with a velvet voice, and offered a sweet smile.

“Annoying,” I said after a while of staring at him, as if I was actually considering his words for a while.

“Her-my-nee!” he sounded hurt and looked on the verge of crying, though it was only an act, “You hurt me-”

“There you kids are!” Narcissas voice interrupted him, as she walked towards us, wearing a pair of black.. Jeans? Were Narcissa wearing jeans? I went wide eyed, surely they weren't Muggle jeans, but jeans nonetheless. She looked really good in them, and the shirt she were to them were dark green and it was gorgeous, “Would you mind terribly to go to Diagon Alley and buy some fireworks for tomorrow? We'll need... Loads of it.”

Blaise and Draco had both snorted when she had called us kids, obviously they didn't think of themselves as kids any more, I rolled my eyes at them. We were all glad to go to Diagon Alley, and she was relieved that she had one less thing to worry about being done.


Breakfast was a rushed event as we all were eager to get out of the Manor and go shopping, the second Blaise had put the last piece of toast in his mouth, we were on our way.

Diagon Alley was truly beautiful this time of year, with the sparkling snow covering the grounds and occasionally a snowflake or two would fall down, but other than that it was a sunny day. I was amazed that the snow hadn't melted.

“Hey, look at those fireworks, D,” said Blaise and pointed towards a shop which had about twenty different fireworks, and I doubted that it would be enough.

“We should check them out, you girls coming?”

I glanced over at Amber who grimaced and gave me a pleading look, “No,” I replied, “We'll be down the street, seek us up when you're done.”

I reached up to plant a kiss on Draco's lips, a chaste kiss, before Amber and I took off.

Even though I preferred to hang out with boys, I enjoyed being with Amber. It really felt as if we had known each other for ages and not just for months. Months, I thought, has it really only been months? It felt like years.

The age different between us was barely noticed, she was very grown up for her age. But then again, I had been rather grown up at sixteen too.

“Where do you wanna go first?” Amber asked happily, her voice made me snap out of my thoughts and I looked over at her with a smile.

“I don't really kno-” I couldn't finish the sentence, because I heard someone call my name and the voice was very familiar and I froze at the sound of it.

“Hermione!” He called again and sure enough, as I looked up I saw him stand straight ahead, further down the street, his raven coloured hair as uncontrollable as always and he waved at me to come there.

“Is that Harry Potter?” whispered Amber, sounding almost shocked, as if she didn't know that I knew him. I smiled and nodded at her question.

“C'mon,” I said and started to walk towards him and she followed me, “I'll introduce you.”


As we got closer to him, I realized that he was standing outside George and Fre-... Outside George's joke shop.

“Hi, Harry,” I said awkwardly as I came to a halt in front of him, “Is Ron...?”

“He's not here,” Harry answered quickly “Uh, hi,” he said to Amber, who looked as if she was speechless for once in her life, but then again; she had sounded shocked as she spoke his name, to let alone stand in front of him and have him speaking to her; I guessed that it was rather shocking.

“Amber – Harry, Harry – Amber,” it was the first time I had introduced two people like that, and it was more awkward than I had expected.

“Nice to meet you properly, Harry,” said Amber politely and I was glad that she hadn't lost her voice, when I looked at her now she looked like she was way less nervous. She looked like her normal self.

“Nice to meet you too, how do you two know each other?”

She sent me a quick glance before she answered, “From Hogwarts.”

“Our boyfriends happens to be best friends,” I rolled my eyes a bit as I said it, just because it sounded strange to call Draco my boyfriend in front of Harry, “Look, I've been meaning to send you a letter, I was going to do it yesterday actually but I got busy doing other things, sorry. I heard about Matthew Raven's arrest?”

Harry looked momentarily stunned when I had told him that I had been planing on writing him, but then he smiled faintly and I saw a light flush spread on his cheeks as he scratched the back of his head. I looked over at Amber at once, who grinned widely and I knew that she noticed it too; he had just done what Blaise always did.

“Uh, yeah. My first arrest actually. Glad that I got to arrest him for what he put you and Malfoy through. I may not like Malfoy, but not even him deserves to be poisoned.”

“You don't know what that potion was meant to do, do you?” I tried really hard not to sound cold or angry when I said it, but every time I talked about it; I got so damn angry.

Harry's eyes widened in curiosity as he shook his head and waited for me to continue.

“It was made to trap the victim inside her or his body while slowly being tortured to death,” I said, sadness filled my voice, it had replaced the angry tone.

“That's...” Harry didn't seem to be able to find a word for it.

“Sick, sadistic, psychopathic? Take your pick,” I said and gave a small shrug.

“And the potion wasn't even made for Draco to begin with,” said Amber in quite a dramatic voice, “It was made for Hermione.”

Harry was silent and I couldn't see if he was even breathing, before he let out a low hiss, “What? How do you know that?”

“Matthew is really rather clueless when it comes to potions,” Amber began, “But his girlfriend is anything but, I'm talking about Pansy Parkinson, and we all know how she feels about Draco and when she heard that he was dating a Muggle-born, she must have gone insane and told Matthew to pour the potion over Hermione, but Matthew-”

Harry hushed her and glared over my shoulder, I turned to see reporters from the Daily Prophet, and loads of others magazines as well, I was sure.

“Here, let's take this conversations elsewhere,” He opened the door and held it open for us and we walked in to the warmness and a bell told everyone in the shop that we had entered. I looked around and was surprised to see how much had changed, it looked so much bigger and it held so many more things to buy.

There were several costumers there and I was impressed, things must be going good for George.

“Welcome, can I- Hermione!” I turned to face a utterly shocked George, “Uh, Harry, Ginny's in the back, if you were looking for her.”

Harry gave a short nod and made a move to his left, before he turned to us, “You coming?”

I hesitated, knowing that Draco and Blaise would come to look for us soon, but Amber nodded gladly.

Suddenly I was pulled back to a hard chest, and I gasped loudly, “George. Can't. Breathe.”

“Sorry 'bout that,” he grinned as he released me, “It's okay, Harry, she'll come in a sec.”

Harry rolled his eyes and walked away while I stayed put with George.

“Look, George, if Draco comes looking for me, tell him-”

“Ah, how is ferret boy?” I sent him a glare as he cut me off mid sentence.

“Don't let him hear you say that,” I warned, “Just tell him that I'll be right out, okay?”

“I can do that,” said George, while I let my eyes glance around in the shop, noticing the large amount of fireworks he sold, there must have been more than hundreds.

“And, show him your fireworks, he'll want to buy 'em,” George, being his normal self, got curious to why we needed fireworks, “New Years party at the Malfoy Manor, that's why we need fireworks.”

“Oh, I'd love to help out with that, just make sure that you tell everyone where they're from!”

“Sure thing. Just tell me one thing,” I said, trying to sound serious, “They are real ones, right? No jokes?”

He almost looked offended, as he brought his hand up to cover his heart and spoke with a dramatic voice.

“How can you even suggest that I would trick you in to buying unreal fireworks?”

I just looked at him with my eyebrows raised as if to say, 'Are you freaking kidding me?'

He sighed and crossed his arms over his chest, “I promise, they're real.”

“Good, Draco and Blaise will probably buy them all, just so you know,” I grinned as his mouth hung open in a perfect 'O'.

“A-All of them?” he said, shocked.

“It's a big party,” Amber shrugged and I jumped at the sudden sound of her voice, I had thought that she had followed Harry.

“Still,” George said, obviously thrilled yet shocked over the fact that he would be making a lot of money in a while, “Can't need that many?”

“They are Malfoys, are you really shocked? They don't settle for anything but the best, right Hermione?” Once again it was Amber who spoke and she sent me a knowing look and I blushed deeply, something that made George grin widely, “Only problem for Hermione and Draco is that a certain Pansy Parkinson will be there and she'll be there for a reason...”

“Amber, really..” I tried but George seemed to understand where she was going and he suddenly glowed with mischief, he turned around and grabbed something behind him and as he did; I saw clearly that his ear was missing. I tried not to stare at it because I think he knew that I was looking, but I looked away as he faced us again, and for a split second he looked sad, but then his grin was back in place.

“This,” he held up a small bag in front of my face, “is something that Fred and I worked on before- Before he died,” he had to take a pause to swallow, but he didn't let his grin fall, “I know he would have liked you to use it on Parkinson.


“Itching Powder,” he said proudly, “Will make the little witch itch uncontrollable for at least three days, depending on how much powder you can manage to get on her skin.”

I looked a bit closer in the pink powder in the small bag, it sparkled in the sunlight as George held it up right in front of my eyes. It certainly didn't look like it would give an itch, but I knew that Fred and George had done a good job on it, hadn't they always?

“I just gotta rub it in?” I asked and George nodded, Amber reached out and grabbed the little bag, which looked like it contained Muggle drugs.

“She'll take it, how much do you want for it?”

“Take it, it's free. I'll get enough money from your boyfriends when they buy the fireworks, anyway,” he smiled kindly, “Just promise to write to me and tell me how good it works.”

I was glad that he seemed accepting about my relationship with Draco.

“Are you okay with us being together?” I didn't need to be more clear, I knew that he knew what I meant.

“Sure. I can see that you're happy and if you can give him a chance then why shouldn't I be able to?”

I studied him and wondered when he had grown up to be so wise, and I knew the answer to that, it had happened when Fred had been killed.

“Are you two coming anytime soon?” Harry called to which I remembered that we were actually there to tell him all about Pansy, not stand here with George and look at Itching Powder.

Amber pressed the little bag in my hand before she grabbed my wrist and pulled me along towards Harry, George turned away from us as the bell rang, letting him know that another costumer had entered.

“Welcome,” he said brightly as we walked through a door which led us to a room in the back, it wasn't big but it was very cosy and I loved it. There were two chairs and a small couch, a table and a few Quidditch posters.

Harry sat down on one chair, next to Ginny. I looked at her, her hair was much longer than the last time I had seen her and it hung down her back. She didn't wear any make up, but she didn't have to, she looked very beautiful even without. I guess she is what you can call a natural beauty.

She stood up as I walked further in to the room, her eyes uncertain as she walked up to me, and before I could even react or foresee her actions; she had put her arms around me and hugged me tightly.

“I've been an idiot, I'm so sorry,” she said, and I heard Harry chuckle at my expression and I could just imagine how I must have looked. My eyes huge, my mouth open in pure shock and then my arms, which awkwardly went around her small frame, she was still much smaller than me. I hurried to close my mouth, and as I did so, I inhaled her scent. She smelled like she normally did, like strawberries and after all those years I knew that it was the smell of her shampoo.

“Oh, Ginny..” I sighed, knowing that it was time to forgive, it was, wasn't it?

“Forgive me, Hermione...?”

“Do you accept my relationship?” I asked, knowing that that had been where it all had started, pretty much. I knew that it was a big part of the fight, and it was a question to which I needed an honest answer.

The silence stretched until she sighed and said, “Yes.”

“Good,” I smiled and I saw Amber in the corner of my eye; she seemed to force a smile up on her lips, “I forgive you, and Harry. I will, however, not forgive Ron.”

Gin and I broke apart and she flushed, even her ears turned red.

“Did he tell you that he came and visited me a few days ago?” by the looks on their faces – No, he hadn't told them. Amber didn't seem to know either, which meant that Draco hadn't told Blaise, I wondered why.

“I suppose he didn't come to wish you a Merry Christmas?” asked Harry sarcastically and shook his head, he wasn't expecting an answer, “Ron's not doing well, not well at all. He's in therapy, though, and I guess he's getting a bit better. He still have those bad nightmares, and-”

“Who doesn't?” I snapped, making them nod in agreement, before Harry continued.

“I guess it's struck him harder than the rest of us, he has fits of rage and most nights he has to take a Sleep Draught, to be able to sleep, because he is so scared of falling asleep. I find him up in the nights, in the kitchen, fighting a losing battle against sleep,” He took a breath, “He's with Lavender now, she's still in school, though. But when she's home over the holidays, I can tell that he's doing better. She is considering dropping out for his sake. I think it's good for him, to have someone, you know?”

I agreed, it was much better to have someone who understood and comforted.

“I know what you mean,” I said and Ginny tilted her head as she looked at me, curious, “Without Draco I would have slowly gone insane,” I tried to smile as I said it.

“Most likely, yeah,” Amber agreed, making Harry and Ginny look at her, “Uh, from what she's told me.”

“And you are?” asked Ginny rather rudely and Amber looked at her with furrowed eyebrows.

“Amber Lambetti,” she replied.

“Blaise's girlfriend,” I added with a smile, to which they nodded but Ginny couldn't keep from frowning.

“And one of Hermione's closest friends,” said Amber, and I had to agree, she really was. Her, Blaise and Draco; They were my closest friends, and I loved them. Oh, how time had changed.

Gin's face fell and she looked at me as if asking me if I had really replaced her, and I saw in the corner of my eye how Amber smiled sweetly.

“Yeah,” I said while looking at Ginny, “I'm glad that I've got her, and Blaise as well, for that matter. They are great.”

“Glad to hear that,” I could hear that Gin actually forced those words out and it actually made me feel better, I forced back a little smile at this.

A silence spread between us as Ginny and I locked eyes with each others and stared out the other. I'd be damned to break eye contact first. I clenched my jaw as her eyes turned from saddened to angry.

“Uh,” said as he once again scratched the back off his head, and Ginny and I broke eye contact, Ginny to look over at her boyfriend, and I to look over at Amber, who grinned; I knew we both thought of Blaise, “Feel free to sit down...” He gestured towards the couch and we both sat down, at the same time as Ginny sat down on the chair. “Now, tell me about this whole 'Pansy wanted to kill Hermione', thing,” he leaned towards us. I took a deep breath and began to tell him everything that had happened from the day that Draco was poisoned to the day McGonagall and the Ministry guy (who's name was Nicolas Stack, according to Harry) had viewed my memories and expelled him.

I told him what McGonagall had told me about Pansy and Matthew and I told them about the fact that Pansy had cheated on Draco with Matthew, in the past, and that when Draco had survived; Pansy and Matthew had broken up.

I got to the part where Pansy had written Draco a letter where she begged him for forgiveness, but that Draco hadn't replied and I also told them that she was coming to the party at the Malfoy Manor.

“Wait, you're staying at Malfoy Manor?” Harry interrupted, sounding as if he had been told that magic really didn't exist, “How can you be there after what happened there last ti-”

“I have been dealing with it, Harry, I'm getting over it. I'm healing. Now, let me continue...”


Amber and I took turns in telling them of our theory; That Pansy had told Matthew that she wanted Draco to feel pain, so she suggested that he should poison me, kill me. Matthew had probably agreed with her that Draco should feel pain, but decided to poison him instead, as he could easily see right through her words and realize that she only wanted Draco to lose me so that he would be available for her again. He had obviously been jealous of Draco, since it had been obvious to him that Pansy did want to be with Draco, or at least have him as a back up plan. If things didn't work out with Matthew.

“But of course Pansy knew that Matthew would get caught trying to kill Hermione,” said the blonde girl next to me.

“And he would have been thrown in Azkaban for trying to kill me, and that would mean that she would have gotten rid of him as well. I'm guessing that she believed that she could have simply gotten back together with her ex boyfriend,” I took a deep breath and looked at the stunned faces of my old friends.

I exchanged looks with Amber, who was also waiting for them to say something. Anything.

My eyes were kept on my younger friend as I saw in the corner of my eye that Harry and Ginny were looking at each other, neither of them sure of what to say.

Ginny subconsciously tug on her hair, before letting her hands fall down to rest on her thighs. Harry, who had obviously turned to his girlfriend in hopes that she would know what to say, sighed and looked away from her, and he glanced between me and Amber, before leaning back in his chair.

“Well,” he said finally, breaking the tormenting silence, “I never liked Parkinson, and this made her sound even more like a psycho,” Harry didn't seem sure if he had said the right thing, and gave the girl on his left side a pleading look as if begging her to say something but she wasn't looking at him, her eyes were locked on mine.

“I agree with Harry, she's a freak. I'm just glad that neither Raven or Pansy hurt you, Hermione,” she gave a faint smile and she was so sure that she had come out sounding a lot better than Harry, but the glare she received from me told her otherwise.

I could feel myself start to get a flush from the sudden anger that boiled up inside of me.

“I was hurt!” I said in a low voice, even though I felt like screaming it out loud, “I was accused of lying, people doubted everything I said, they shrugged it off as a simple accusation. People actually believed me to be brainwashed,” I let out a cold laugh, “Me; Hermione Granger, brainwashed. But, that wasn't what hurt the most, I could take it, I could take the rumours, but do you know what hurt the most?”

I wasn't really waiting for an answer, but I still paused and looked at Ginny, who had lowered her eyes to look at her hands, which she was twitching nervously, 

“The constant worry. I sat there for twenty hours not knowing if he would survive or not, I sat there and watched as Draco fought for his life.

It hurt to hear Matthew bloody Raven say that my boyfriend was in excruciating pain, did you know he did that? That he told me about the torture Draco was going through? It hurt to hear that Draco felt as if a thousand ice cold knifes slashed through his muscles, and that his insides were on fire and I couldn't do a damn thing. It hurt to hear him beg me to take away the pain. That hurt me, they hurt me too, Ginny. I can't believe you... I would have rather had it happen to me, if it meant that I would have saved him from the pain, you know why? Because I love him.”

“I didn't mean it like-”

“Yes, you did. I'm not mad at you, I'm just...” I couldn't find the right word, so I didn't say anything else. Ginny looked up at me then, and looked at me for a long moment.

“You really do love him...” It was as if she had just come to realization, and perhaps she had. But those words didn't stop Amber from glaring at her(she had been doing it for a while) and Ginny met her glare when she saw her expression, I could see the two girls didn't like each other at all, and I'd rather not leave the two of them alone together in a locked room. Though, it would be quite the fight to witness.

I heard a roaring laughter from the other side of the door, and that laughter could only belong to one person, a certain Zabini. I knew that they were in the shop, his laugh couldn't be mistaken, it was... rather rare.

Ambers head snapped towards the door, “Hermione, are we done here?” she said, I knew that she wanted to see Blaise, the two of them couldn't stay away from each other for more than ten minutes before they missed each other. But, then again, who was I to talk? Draco and I was almost as glued together as Amber and Blaise. Just almost, though.

“I believe that we are,” I stood up as I spoke, time to say goodbye again, “It was nice talking to you.”


Gin and Harry stood up as well, not sure of what to say; again, but then Harry cleared his throat and spoke, “Don't be a stranger, eh?” he smiled at me, and his words made me sigh.

“A owl flies both ways, you know.”

“I know,” he said before he too sighed. Ginny walked over to me and hugged me once more, it didn't last longer than a few seconds, though. It felt as if she was about to cry, but no, Ginny was the type of girl who would cry for something like this, so I shrugged that thought off. She wouldn't cry.

“It was nice to see you again, 'Mione, it really was.”

“You too, Ginny,” I smiled, though I cringed on the inside at her name for me, I still hated it. She took a step to her right, making Harry come in to view, I inhaled sharply, knowing that it would be much harder to say goodbye to him.

“Oh, 'Mione...” I cringed on the inside once more, but I forgot all about it when he pulled me to him in a tight embrace, the side of my face pressed hard against his toned chest which was covered in a black shirt.

“I'll be in touch,” I mumbled my promise as I let my arms go around body, and I closed my eyes for a second as I inhaled his familiar scent, but I opened them as soon as he spoke.

“So will I, I promise,” he mumbled as well.


I then forced myself to break the hug, because I don't know how long we would have hugged if I hadn't. For ages, probably.

“We'll follow you out, c'mon.”

Harry held the door open for us girls and we walked out one by one. Just as I caught a glimpse of black that belonged to Blaise, I saw how Amber had run up to him and was in his arms and he spun her around, now that was something that had only happened between Draco and I once and as I watched the couple in front of me, it would never happen again.

Blaise kissed Amber hard on the lips when he got over the shock of having someone jump up at him, and at the same time someone, no names mentioned, covered my eyes with their hands and mumbled in my ear, “Guess who?” his warm breath tickled my skin.

“Hm...” I pretended to think it over, “Might it be my boyfriend?”

“Your gorgeous boyfriend,” he corrected softly before giving me my sight back and spun me around to look me in the eyes. His hands rested on my waist as he pulled me closer to him.

“Yeah, he is rather gorgeous,” I admitted as I studied his face like I had done a million times before, never quite getting over how beautiful he really was. His grey, playful eyes were locked on mine and the oxygen seemed to vanish from the room by the intensity in them, everyone around us disappeared and I saw only him. Even after all those months, I was surprised how much one look could make that happen.

His white hair hung in front of his eyes and I lifted my hand and gently pushed it aside, it was soft beneath my fingers, and Draco was cold. His hair was rather wet, so I assumed that it had started snowing. I hadn't even noticed his hand which had moved up to cup my chin and tilt my head a bit more up, and then he brought his lips down to devour mine. I tried to resist it, I tried and failed. Within seconds, I was kissing him back, ignoring the gasps and giggles around us.

“Get a room, you two!” called Amber from across the room, to which Blaise chuckled.

“Didn't get enough this morning, eh?” Blaise added with a laugh, and I broke the kiss so I could let out a growl and I snapped my head to look at him. He smirked.

“Blaise, I swear to Merlin!” I set out after him as he ran towards the exit, I followed him and I wasn't far behind. Just as I set foot outside, however, I was hit in the face by a big, fat, cold snowball.

“Blaise Alexander Zabini, just you wait until I get a hold of you!” I heard his laughter as I used his full given name, and it mocked me and I growled once more.

Then I stopped for just a second, no, I didn't stop because Draco and Amber had just run past me, I stopped momentarily because I caught a glimpse of fire read hair, and sure enough. Ron was walking towards the shop, looking at me as if he was looking at a ghost. Something which I found strange, he should be used to ghost after spending all that time around Nearly Headless Nick back at Hogwarts.

Ignore him, I told myself and that was just what I did. I rushed past him without a second glance, ready to make Blaise pay for what he had done.

When back in the Manor, I found myself alone in the kitchen. Draco had gone to talk to his father, I strongly suspected that they were about to go shopping for some clothes to wear to the party the following day but they were far too macho to admit it. Blaise and Amber were in their guestroom, doing God knows what, and I was just walking through the Manor by myself.

Stopping once in a while to look more closely at some of their old things, which must have been there for generation after generation.

I found a room which looked interesting, and I hadn't been there since I first arrived at the Manor. The whole room was dedicated to Quidditch; Brooms, old Golden Snitches, awards and posters. They also had plenty of books on the subject, which I would have loved to read sometime.

I saw Draco's old Nimbus 2001 hanging on the wall, alongside Nimbus 2000 and Nimbus 2002. I wondered if any other family member of his had played Quidditch and got my answer as I looked at the awards.


Narcissa Black – Seeker

Slytherin Team (1969 – 1971)


I wasn't really surprised, she had the small body which was good to have when you played Seeker and I could really see her as a Seeker. It was obvious that Draco had gotten his Quidditch interest from his mothe- His parents, I corrected myself as I found another award.


Lucius Malfoy - Chaser

Slytherin Team (1967 – 1971)


I chuckled lightly, yes, I should have guessed. He didn't really have the body of a Seeker, did he?


“Hermione? Are you in here?” I turned around at the sound of Narcissas voice, suddenly I felt the panic rush over me as if someone had poured cold water over me.

“Yeah... Am I allowed in here?”

“Of course, dear,” she strode over to me and her eyes fell up on the awards, “I haven't been in to this room in so long. I used to play Seeker, as you can see. I played for two years before I was so badly injured that no magic could ever really fix my left hand. I could never fly a broom again after that, too big of a risk.”

I felt so sorry for her, it was obvious how much she longed to sit up on a broom, she walked towards her sons old Nimbus and let her hand reach out to touch it, “I miss it a lot, the feeling of the wind blowing in my hair as I urge the broom to go faster...”

I had no idea what to say and she seemed to sense that as she tore her eyes off the dark broom to look at me, I gave her a very sad look, I suppose, because she gave a small sigh and put her hand on my shoulder in a motherly gesture. The room lit up as Narcissa waved her hand; making candles come alive all around the room and the room suddenly got a lot more welcoming as the candles and the colour of the golden awards turned the room from a cold dark room to a warm place, which had a dancing light in it, in orange, brown and golden tones.

Narcissa didn't look as pale as she used to in the current light, and the shadows on her face danced as the wind outside made the window open and the air that came in almost blew out the light.

I reached for my wand instantly and pointed it at the window and with a flick of it, the window was closed and locked again, Narcissa looked at me with a smile on her lips.

“I've heard that you are quite good at riding a broom.”

“Where ever did you hear that?” I laughed and she smiled wider.

“Draco told me. Are you going to sign up for the Quidditch match in June at Hogwarts?”

I furrowed my eyebrows as I took in her words.

“What match?”

She grimaced and bit her lip, “You didn't know,” It wasn't a question, “Well, in the last week of school a Quidditch match is held. You'll be able to sign up for it, and if you do, you'll be sorted in to a team, there are no house teams involved; all students play against each other, even if they used to be in the same house. There are also just two teams, but if you sign up early, then you'll be able to play. I'm sure of it, and Draco has already told me that he is going to sign up, I hope you will too,”

“I don't think so, I mean, I just learned how to sit up on a broom, Narcissa. I'm hardly good enough.”

“Rubbish,” she snorted and gave my shoulder a light squeeze, “Draco said that you're a natural. Please, sign up for it. For me?”

She glanced over at her awards and a sad expression fell up on her face as she subconsciously stroked her left hand. As much as it sounded like a horrible idea, I couldn't say no. But, I could always happen to sign up a bit too late...

“Okay, I'll do it,” I regretted it as soon as I said it, but the look on her face made my regret vanish, she really looked like a child on Christmas, I was almost expecting her to break out in Christmas carols. The thought made me smile.

“You will?” She said excitedly, “Can I come watch? Silly me, of course I can. Oh, I can hardly wait!”

Then it seemed as if she remembered something, something that made her smile fade and her hand fell from my shoulder. Her blue grey eyes were suddenly nervous, and I looked at her worriedly.

“Oh, Hermione...” her voice was just a low whisper and I leaned closer to be able to hear her better, “I did it.”

I was confused to say the least, my eyes furrowed as I looked at her, “Did what?” I whispered back to her, not quite sure why we were whispering.

“I wrote Andromeda...”


“Yeah. Oh.”

I stared at her, she was obviously as shocked as I was, I mean... I hadn't thought that she would to it, not after how terrified she had sounded at the idea when I had brought it up not so long ago.

When I was able to talk again, I asked her if she had received a reply yet, but she hadn't.

“No,” she sighed, “Not yet, and I understand if she would chose to ignore me, from how I have acted, I certainly deserve it.”

She looked as if she wanted to run her fingers through her hair, but as if remembering that her hair was pulled back in a bun, instead she just cleared her voice a bit, waiting for me to say something I guessed.

“Well, that would be wrong of her, to not give you a second chance, I mean. You do deserve it, Narcissa,” I tried to make her feel better at the same time as I spoke the truth. She gave me a faint smile as if my words didn't actually make a difference in how she felt about the situation.

“I think she'll write you back,” I said more loudly and as I did, she actually looked at me and seemed to be listening, “Your sister isn't stupid, you know. I think she'll give you that second chance which you want.”

She didn't say anything more about it, and neither did I. What more was it to say? Time would tell if she wrote back and until then, all we could do was to wait.

So, instead of saying anything more about the Andromeda thing, Narcissa chose to change the topic.

“What ever shall we do with your hair tomorrow?”

Her hand came to touch the bushy mane which surrounded my face and I bit my lower lip and grimaced.

“Oh, I'll owl Paolo, I'm sure he'll be up for it, he always does my hair. I'm sure he'll have some time over to do yours as well.”

“Thanks, Narcissa,” I said and she smiled wider than she had all day, “What?”

“Just remember to call me Cissy tomorrow, when that little Parkinson is here. It'll crush her, she has never been allowed to call me that you see, though I promise you, she has tried,” Narcissa – Cissy snorted, it was obvious that she wasn't very fond of Pansy.

“I'll be sure to remember that.”

“Come on, I'll walk you to Draco's room,” she walked out of the room ahead of me and I followed as quickly as I could, though I did stop to glance around in the room. Quidditch, I shivered, I was going to play Quidditch. I'm sure Harry would have laughed so hard if he knew.


We made our way towards Draco's room after I closed the door behind us and as we walked we talked briefly about what was going to happen tomorrow, firstly I was to meet her down in the kitchen and have breakfast, before I would come up with her for hair and make up, then I would – finally – have some time alone before it was time to get dressed. I was already dreading it, a whole day was spent on trying to look good, and then a whole evening and night was spent in a dress and high heels. I was already dreading the high heels, I made a note to myself to be sure to ask Draco if it was possible for me to be barefoot or wear sneakers. He would probably laugh at me, though.

I smiled as I thought about how he would look if I told him that I wanted to go to the party wearing sneakers, as I realized that we had stopped in front of the door to his room, Narcissa – Cissy, I guess I could start practising right away – seemed to be waiting for me to say something or do something.

“Well...” I said awkwardly, “I'll see you tomorrow, then.”

“Goodnight, Hermione,” she smiled as she pulled me in to a hug, which made me miss my mother, and I whispered my goodnights, and then I turned to open the door as she made her way down the hallway to get to the room which I knew to belong to her and Lucius.

Oh, how curious I was to how their room looked. I sighed as I closed the door behind me and found that Draco wasn't home yet, had he and his father stopped to have a glass of fire whiskey, perhaps?

Or were they just enjoying themselves in the shops?

I smirked at the thought. They were probably trying on anything they could lay hands on, though... They would never admit it.


I walked in to the bathroom and washed off my face, the cold water felt so good against my warm skin, then I tried to brush my hair. Tried being the key word, I had to go back out to the bed to get my wand. I let out a frustrated cry when the wand fell out of my hand and down to the floor, things were not going my way, were they?

I managed to get back in to the bathroom without dropping anything else and cast a simple spell which made it possible for me to brush my hair. I loved magic.

Though, I couldn't help but to think about what Cissy had said about my hair. What were we going to do about it?

I brushed my teeth after I finished my hair, then I waved my wand and the lights went out in the bathroom as I walked out to change in to my pyjamas, which was actually Draco's old t-shirt. It reached me to just above my knees, so it was very big and comfy to wear.

I slid beneath the covers and made myself comfortable, I considered waiting up for Draco but I was too tired, so I just laid there and waited for sleep to take me over.

I was just about to fall asleep, you know when you are in that exact place between being awake and being asleep? When it can feel like you're about to fall out of bed, and every little sound can wake you up? Yeah, that was where I was. Just on the verge of sleeping, when I felt Draco's weight land on the bed. He pushed himself closer to me and I could feel how he cuddled up behind me and his hand went around my body as he brought his head to rest at my neck. I didn't open my eyes, though. I just smiled at the fact that he was there, and then I continued to fall asleep.



I woke up to the sound of Draco's guitar and I could tell that he was trying to play silently, but he still managed to wake me up.

“Mhm, that sounds good,” I tried to hold the yawn back, but it slipped out anyway.

“I didn't mean to wake you, love,” Draco put the guitar down and I could tell that something wasn't right, “I just couldn't sleep, you know...”

I sat up in the bed as he gave me a small smile, “Nightmare?” I guessed and he nodded, and then he shrugged and brushed his lips against mine. His hand gripped my wrist and he pulled me with him off the bed.

“Go take a shower,” he said with a tone I couldn't quite place, “I'll be waiting here, then we'll go down to have some breakfast.”

I hurried away towards the bathroom but I stopped as I reached the door, “Draco?”


“Is everything okay?” I had turned around to look at him when I asked it and I saw him swallow hard, before he nodded.

“Everything is fine,” he said, and I raised my eyebrows, that was definitely a lie and he knew that I knew that, so he sighed, “It's just... Pansy, you know. She'll be here and... Well, uh. She wrote again.”

I let out a deep sigh as I heard his words. That was just what I needed, more letters from Pansy. The grip I had of the doorknob tightened and I knew that he saw that. I gave a small nod before I walked in to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I saw that my jeans were on the bathroom floor, so I picked them out and felt something in the back pocket, slowly I pulled it out and found that it was the bag of Itching Powder which George had given me and I couldn't help but to smirk at it. Perhaps I wouldn't use it, but it was always good with a back up plan, right? I put it back in the pocket before I undressed and got in to the shower and started preparing for the day that I had in front of me. 

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