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You can scream out loud but your pain falls on deaf ears
This is where you've brought yourself and this is what you've always feared
There's a faceless crowd, with no sympathy
So you can scream out loud but there's no one listening

Built for Sin- Framing Hanley

Avery coughed beside me, trying to lighten the tensed mood.

Turning my head a fraction of an inch, I raised my brow at him and looked forward again, our light footsteps barely making a sound on the damp stone. It had felt like hours had passed since my brother had come to me in the Great Hall, only sheer minutes had passed though, reminding me of what was to come when we stopped walking.

A fake sneeze left Avery, joining the almost excruciatingly loud silence. I sighed, my brow meeting in to middle to make a small crease. A thousand thoughts bounced off my skull and focusing on the stone flooring wasn't working to my advantage. My fingers quickly found their way to my thigh and tapped a relentless beat.

tap, tap-tap. tap-tap-tap, tap-tap-tap.....

"Ahem" My fingers stopped their count and a scowl painted my lips. I turned half way, keeping an eye on my footing.

"Yes Avery?" my fists tightened at my side, a surge of defeat rang through my nerves and to my left, a glimmer of victory beamed from around my brother. "What do you want?" I hissed, irritation finding me in the gloomy hallway.

In all honesty, I had no reason to be irritated with my younger brother, but none the less I was. Exasperation squeezed at my throat and the sour taste of guilt filled my mouth. I desperately tried to fix the frown on my face. I needn't be bitchy to Avery, especially since he was being so compromisable.

"I just don't want you to be mad at me or Mum, Loren. We honestly wanted to tell you, we did. We just, we just couldn't" A small look of complete regret pulled at his face and I stopped, this feeling was almost too much.

"Avery," I started a sigh escaping me, he turned to me, his features poised towards me, he was always so attuned to everything, giving himself completely to is surroundings. "I'm not so much as mad at you guys, just more hurt by it all. We are supposed to be a family Av, we are supposed to tell each other everything, I'm not supposed to be left out." As soon as the words left my mouth, I wanted to take them right back, gobble them up and hold them in my throat, just remnants of words that would have been said by only a selfish person.

Was that my problem, I wondered. Did I feel left out? Did I feel uninvolved and like the mental five year I am, was I just stomping around, waiting to get my way? I wanted to slap my forehead, like the characters in a children's cartoon, I was acting like a kid in almost every aspect. Was it selfish to be upset, I mean it is my family and if there is a problem like I suspect then it can't be that big of a deal, right? The questions were overwhelming me and the words that rolled off my tongue weren't meant for anyone's ears.

"Am I being selfish?" I asked

Avery moved towards me, pulling at my hand, "No Lor, you aren't, we were wrong from keeping it from you. You're right, we are a family but we weren't acting like one so much, you are nothing close to selfish. When I asked you not to be mad, I don't mean that it isn't our fault because the blame is completely on Mum, me and Auntie but I just don't want you upset with us. I hate when you're mad at me." His voice trailed off at the end, the final note hanging in the air, creating a thick tension.

I tugged back at his hand, cupping his within mine, even though his hands always seemed to encase mine. "I'm not mad Av, not at all. I'm sorry if I gave you any grief, I'm just worried." I blinked back the tears and suddenly realized how worried I actually was. "Avery," my voice shook, "please just get us wherever we need to go and tell me, I need to know." My voice had dropped to nothing more then a whisper but my brother nodded and pulled me faster.


Lily let out a huff of air and scooped up some more of her eggs, shoveling them into her mouth, "What was that about?" She said almost smugly and let her spoon clatter onto the empty plate. She looked up from her place setting and eyed her friends.

Eight pairs of eyes met hers at once and looks of complete shock mixed with her look of irritation, "What!" She half yelled, letting her emerald eyes widen.

"What do you mean, sweetie?" Ava asked, pushing her waist length white-blonde hair over her shoulder.

"Well didn't you notice, she was all sad and sorry looking, then she instantly perked up. What is she on about anyway, why did she even sit here? She doesn't belong here....." Lily crossed her arms almost viciously and everyone at the table turned towards her in complete disdain.

"What are you on about now Lily?" Sirius asked, throwing his napkin across the table at her. It landed in her lap before she whisked it off, "She is in Gryffindor and belongs here as much as you rightfully do." He hissed.

Lily narrowed her eyes, "Oh? Why all of a sudden on her band wagon Sirius? I thought you two hated each other, I mean, I wouldn't want to even look at her after what she did." Her voice carried across the table, strange faces casting glances at the group of friends, "Cheating on her boyfriend with you and then going back to him, well I would feel certainly inadequate." She let her voice drag at the end of each word

"That's enough Lils" Ava said, rounding on her best friend. "She is your cousin and you need to stop acting like this."

"You too?!" Lily hissed, "Well why doesn't everyone just go find the trader, maybe she'll be more fun then me. I'm sure she'll snog you for a sickle." Lily smirked, an awful glint in her eyes.

"Oh shove it Evans" Sirius said before walking away from the table his face flushed.

"Honestly, Lily?" Remus asked before following his best mate.

James stood two, exasperation flowing through him. He grabbed his school bag and tossed it over his shoulders, "Lily, love, you need to stop. I'll see you later." And he left, following out his fellow Marauders.

Ava sat staring at her friend before pushing her plate aside and leaning forward, "Lils, I don't care how upset you are. You know you're cousin isn't some cheap hussy and you need to just chill the fuck out and get over it. Be mad, be upset but don't be a bitch." Ava said slamming her hand onto the table and standing, swinging herself around and walking out, the small pitter patter of her feet following in her wake.

Lily sat alone, upset and sad. She missed her cousin more then words could say and she hated the way things now stood between everyone, but if Loren was going to play this stupid immature game, Lily would too. And she would play it better, and soon enough she knew, things would be fine, she just needed to wait out the game for a win, her own win.


We hurriedly passed the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy and stood in front of the wall opposite, we were standing right in front of the room of requirement and as I watched my brother pace back and forth, I couldn't help but imagine what he could be telling me, but I got stuck right there. I couldn't even think of what he could be telling me, all I could think of was how bad it could possibly be. How much could go wrong in one year?

It felt like fate was stacking everything up on me, pushing me farther and farther away from everything good and sticking me in the middle of a dark field full of mazes and pricker bushes and random trees and so far it seemed, I keep walking face first into trees and getting my clothes stuck in the pricker bushes and for all I know, I've completely lost the right way out of the maze and I was probably just walking in a circle.

But I did know one thing for sure, no matter how lost I became, I knew that I had to keep trying to find my way out, I had to fight my way out of the maze for myself and those around me and the first step to that was dealing with whatever Avery was about to tell me, good or bad, I would deal with it head on.

"Come on.." Avery said and pulled open the door, leading into a small, cozy room. A fire crackled in the hearth across from a wide couch. I sat down, legs folded under me, hands placed in my lap. I was about to find out what I had been wanting to know for months now, but all of a sudden I didn't want to know, I was scared and nervous and I feared the worse but still I kept with my earlier though, I had to face whatever it was that was happening, whatever it may be.

"So." I said

"So..." Avery echoed and I chuckled lightly.

"Avery, can we just get on with it?"

My brother nodded, anxiety etched into his handsome features, the firelight illuminating his all to familiar eyes. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it, he squeezed back, Avery was my strength and I was his.

He closed his eyes, a tear running down the length of his cheek, "Voldermort wants our father, dead."

The air rushed out of my lungs and a strangled gasp slipped through my lips. Those five words rushed through my ears but the only word I heard was, dead, someone wanted our father dead; the most evil person of all time wanted my father dead. But why? My father was nothing more then a muggle man, no magic or money to call his own, only two inexperienced magical children who could barely cast a simple spell, why would he want him dead, away from this world? I wasn't comprehending, it couldn't be possible.

"W-why?" I stuttered, the words dragging up my throat like razor blades. "Why?"

"It seems," Avery sighed, "that there has been things that father hasn't been telling us."

I raised a dark brow, "Can you just stop with all the dramatic pauses, can you please just tell me what's going on?"

"Well it has to do with your powers, yours and Lily's I mean.."

I shook my head, "I can barely hold a cup of water, I wouldn't categorize them as powers. But yes, what about them?"

"Well father shares them too," I went to stop him but he pushed on, "As does Uncle Thomas. That's where your powers stem from, two children in every generation of a family containing those powers will receive that power and pass them on, for our generation it's you and Lils. For dad's generation it was him and Uncle Tom. Do you understand? They never told us they too were like you and Lily because they thought the line would have ended with them because they never knew about the whole wizarding ordeal, they thought that the powers wouldn't mix right, out of chance, me, you, and Lily got the wizarding gene, you and lily also retained the water genes. I didn't and then Petunia, well she was left with nothing. And now I understand why she is so bitter." He laughed as we both rolled our matching, green eyes.

"So how long has the line gone back? Where did it start?" I was trying to sort all of this newly told information in my head.

"See we don't know, we suspect as the beginning of our family, whoever was the first Evans, would also be the patriarch of the water element in our family I suppose. And the line has obviously grown, two in every generation. And when you and Lily have children you will each be mother to a child holding the water gene. Do you understand this all Lor Bug?" My brother gripped my hand tighter, urging me to answer.

"Well yes, I understand, but what does this have to do with daddy? I mean, he doesn't practice the power, and no one knows Lily and I do." My stomach turned sour at the thought of Lily, her not knowing any of this, me and her not talking, nothing was right at the moment.

"Loren, there are only a handful of families that are still water elementals, ours being one, then there are others who claim other elements, but water is one of the most destructive, along with fire. Do you know what we could do with that, do you know who we could stop, or what he who must not be named could do with that? The problem is, daddy won't agree to anything evil you know that, so the only other way he who must not be named can get to us, is to kill dad." Avery ended, the last sentence ringing in the stressed silence.

"But why? What would that accomplish?!" My voice was moving to a hysterical pitch and I could feel my nails digging into my brother’s soft flesh.

"Because, it's said that when the living head of the family is killed, the rest of the powers go with him. Dad is the oldest living water elemental in our family being that Grandmum is dead"

"Wait, wait, wait! Grandmum, but how is she the water elemental, she isn't a maiden Evans." Confusion was sweeping me away and I wanted to go back to standing outside the door before anything had been known.

"No, her maiden name is Evans. In a water bearing family, you talk the last name of the family with the water genes, female or male, so Grandfather took Grandmum’s last name. But back to what I was saying, with father dead, you and Lily would lose your gene and you wouldn't be able to pass it on. So he who must not be named would still hold the advantage because we wouldn't hold the stronger power. Are you getting how crucial it is now that you listen to mum and dad and not use your power?!" The urgency in Avery's voice was brimming over.

"Yes I understand, I never use it anyway, I can't. But you must tell Lily, she can control it more and at the same time, can't control it. You must tell her Avery, she is in greater risk of being caught with it then I am." I pushed his hand away and pointed to the door. "Now! Please."

"I will Loren, just know, we are doing our best to protect daddy, but do not put anything I have told you in a letter, do not speak of it with anyone you wouldn't trust with your life. Literally Loren." Avery stood and left the room, leaving me to break down in privacy.

A/N- Okay, so this is probably my shortest chapter, but it tells a lot, so for me it doubles as important and a filler. Get it? Yeah, neither do I. So it's summer and I'm going to write my arse off, promise. Hopefully everyone likes this, I actually do and I love the song I paired with it. 
One last thing, PLEASE REVIEW. I'm getting less and less reviews and it's certainly discouraging. ): 


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