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“She called me James.” He sighed, smiling dreamily at the ceiling as he thought about that moment.

“Yes I know,” Kristen laughed as she sat on Remus’s bed. “I haven’t ignored you for the past four days you know.”

“I started ignoring you after the millionth time you told me,” Sirius said easily, though even he was smiling. He then turned to Kristen. “Are you all set? It’s nearly half past six.”

“Yep,” she answered, adjusting her purse nervously. She sighed as she looked at her skirt and blouse in the mirror. It was the closest to pretty classy she could come up with. Her and Lily, who had been surprisingly supportive the past couple days, had brain stormed for hours about exactly what that meant, and that was the closest they could come up with. “You don’t have to come with me Sirius, I know you don’t like him still, even if you apologized.”

Sirius shrugged, handing Kristen her coat and escorting her out of the boys’ dormitory with James and Peter. “Might as well go out. It’ll be nice to have a run tonight.”

“I can’t promise he’ll be nice, but if he’s not I’ll try and stop him, don’t worry.” Kristen tried to assure him as she shrugged into her jacket.

“It’s going to be fine Kristen.” He told her. It was the truth, she had to know that. Winston always started out perfectly civil until Sirius said or did something to hack him off. “Come on, we’ve got to get you to the bloody tundra.”

“I don’t know what you’re thinking,” Peter said, looking at her bare legs with some concern. “It’s got to be negative 100 degrees or so.”

“I’m going to Oslo, not Antartica,” She corrected him easily. “Besides, he said we’ll be inside for just about the whole thing.”

“Well, hopefully you don’t get pneumonia before midnight,” Peter said, still looking worried.

“One can only hope Wormtail,” James said sympathetically. “However, if you do, Pretty Winston probably won’t be so ready to give you that midnight kiss.”

“Stop calling him that!” Kristen said irritably, rolling her eyes.

“He already thinks I’m gay, it’s not like I’m going to do anymore damage by using it.” James fought back, studying the Marauders map carefully before opening the common room door for them all.

“You lot better not lose us points again!” Lily yelled after them, sitting with Bridget as she tried to do her prefect duty and help the second year with some holiday work.

“But lovely, I always make up for them with my sheer genius!” James called back, winking at her before disappearing into the hallway.

“You’re going to ruin any progress with her if you flirt that shamelessly,” Kristen warned him.

James only shrugged, smiling happily to himself as they walked out to the gates.

Kristen tried not to notice Sirius stiffen beside her when they spotted Winston, leaning casually against the gate. He stood erect as soon as he saw them, no doubt put on his guard by the sight of the four boys that had confessed to hating him more than once.

She wasn’t quite sure what to do. On the one hand, she wanted nothing more than to simply run to him and have him hold her as if nothing had changed. On the other hand, she was very aware that something had changed, and wasn’t quite sure where they stood anymore.

He made it easy for her. He simply opened his arms to her, smiling gently. She wasted no time in letting him hug her tight, reveling in the closeness she had been so sure they were going to lose.

“Hello Sirius,” Winston said after a moment, holding Kristen’s hand in his, though it was no longer to keep her from running.

“We are not friends. At all.” Sirius said firmly. “You hurt one hair on her head, I will personally sick a basilisk on your ass.”

“Well, that’s better than I would have hoped for to be honest,” Winston said easily, still smiling.

“Whatever,” Sirius grumbled, shoving his hands in his pocket. “No later than two, alright? If she’s not back in the common room by then I’m sending the basilisk on the hunt!”

“Aye, aye captain,” Winston saluted him.

Sirius opened him mouth but then quickly shut it, settling for a glare instead before stalking away, dragging James, Remus, and Peter along with him.

“Wow, no one got cursed,” Kristen mused, actually surprised by this fact.

“Yeah, I’m kind of stunned to,” Winston admitted. “Although, I thought we might be on better footing, after that letter and all.”

“Speaking of, I would like to see that. I’m curious as to what he said.”

“No can do. I was sworn to never show it to you.” Winston told her, leading her just outside the gates so that they could apparate.

“I already know most of what it says,” Kristen said in exasperation. “I just want to see it.”

“Sorry love,” he said with a smile, holding her close to him and then leaving the grounds of Hogwarts with a loud ‘pop’.

“This isn’t what I imagined,” Kristen confessed, looking around the small living room in slight confusion.

“So this is the girl I owe all my thanks to,” A voice suddenly said, stepping into the room with them. He wasn’t a very tall man, yet his air seemed to make up for it. He had light brown hair that was cut almost militarily and light blue eyes that matched Winston’s perfectly. “I’m Vegard. It’s truly a pleasure to meet you Miss St. Claire.” He said, holding his hand out.

Kristen shook it eagerly. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” She lied lightly, hoping she wouldn’t be caught in it.

“All thanks to you though. You can’t imagine my happiness at seeing my baby brother show up on my door step,” Vegard beamed, looking at his brother in what could only be described as wonder.

“I’m seventeen Vegard, hardly a baby anymore.” Winston reminded him. “Where’s Charlotte, I want to show her to Kristen.”

“She’s sleeping, but feel free to get her,” Vegard told him, motioning for Kristen to sit on the sofa. “Astrid wanted to meet you, but she had to work tonight. I hope you’ll see us again though and be able to meet her then.”

“Definitely,” Kristen readily agreed. She then looked around for Winston, still somewhat uncomfortable in such a foreign setting, and saw him walk back into the room, cradling a little girl to his chest. Kristen bit her lip to keep from squealing. She jumped up to go look at her, enraptured immediately by the bright blonde curls and chubby face.

“Do you want to hold her?” Vegard offered, standing up as well.

“No!” Kristen backed away instantly, putting plenty of distance between her and the very breakable child. “I don’t hold babies, I only look.”

“It’s okay,” Winston laughed, trying to hand Charlotte to her, but to no avail.

“No! I dropped Belle once when she was a baby and since then I just don’t hold babies,” Kristen confessed, putting more distance between them. “Actually, now that I think about it, that’s probably why she’s in Slytherin.”

“Kristen, you were like five when your sisters were born. I think you may be able to handle it a bit better now.”

Kristen shook her head vehemently. “Really, I’m fine just looking.”

Winston laughed again, sitting down on the couch as he admired his niece. It was at least half an hour filled with laughter at some rather embarrassing stories about Winston from when he was little before he was finally able to let go of the baby who was cooing happily in his arms.

“Now, Kristen, I must warn you. Dear Mum hates speaking English, and only does so for the Queen,” Vegard warned her as they were about to leave. “If she starts talking in Norwegian, just nod a lot, all she ever wants is for people to agree with her.”

“Very true Vegard,” Winston agreed readily.

“But you both speak English so well, why would she refuse to do so?”

“Because it’s mom,” they answered in tandem.

“Have fun,” Vegard told them, a rather cynical smile on his face.

“Why are we already leaving? It’s only 7:15 or so. I really liked him,” Kristen said as the stepped out of the house to apparate. It just felt so rude to leave from the living room.

“No, it’s 8:15. We’re in a different time zone. But my parents aren’t even going to be there until well after nine. I figured this would be a good chance for us to talk.” He patted a bench that was outside of this brother’s house, obscured by trees so as to hide their presence.

“Where do we start?” Kristen asked bleakly, taking the seat. It was one of the few things not covered in snow, and Winston quickly placed warming charms around them so they wouldn’t freeze.

“I will start by apologizing for getting so upset. I had no right to say a lot of what I did to you. I mean, I do think I had a right to be upset about Sirius, but that doesn’t give me an excuse for the temper tantrum I threw.”

“I honestly didn’t even think about telling you what Sirius and I have…done.” Kristen said sincerely, trying to choose her words very carefully. “I mean, it’s not that I thought about and then wanted to keep it a secret from you…it’s just that I don’t think of them as something entirely romantic.”

“I know that now, he explained everything.” Winston told her, though he kept his head down, preferring his shoes to her face. “You have to understand though, Sirius doesn’t feel the same way as you. Surely you see that I can’t trust him, at all.”

“Of course Sirius feels the same. Like he said, it’s always been when I’m angry or upset, and he just obliges. We’ve decided that he’s a sexaholic, he can’t help himself! Besides, there have been plenty of opportunities for him to try something and he hasn’t. You can trust him.”

“No, I can’t.” Winston was adamant. “Regardless of what you say, he is a male that has made out with you, more than once. I can’t trust him.”

Kristen rolled her eyes but agreed to it. It’s not like they were going to have to meet again anyways. “As for Malfoy, I was not in my right mind, literally.”

“Yes, that was explained to me as well,” Winston said easily. “The only thing I really need to talk to you about are the secrets. In the beginning, you told me I had to be completely honest with you, and I have now. At first, I was okay with you not telling me anything, but I thought that only applied to work.”

“It was supposed to. I’ve never told Matthew or Demetrius about Sirius, though I’m pretty sure Matt knew.” Kristen pondered. “There’s really not much to say about Demetrius. He has a boy I was stupid enough to date because I was a drug addict at the time, though Matthew actually meant something.”

“You were a drug addict?” Winston asked, eyebrows raised and his voice somewhat higher than usual.

“Only for a few months,” Kristen shrugged easily. “It was light stuff really, pot or cocaine most of the time.”

“Light stuff,” Winston repeated with a deep sigh. “And Matthew?”

“Was my first real boyfriend. We were together for quite a while, and he helped my through a really rough time.”

“Well okay then,” Winston said, obviously having found out a tad more than he bargained for. “You know about Elizabet, Miriam, and Emelia. I’ve basically told you anything you wanted to know.”

“So what do you want to know about Demetrius or Matthew?” Kristen asked a little timidly, not sure she was quite up to answering.

“How far did you go with them?”

Kristen grimaced, that was the very question she had really, really not wanted to answer. “Not very…”

“Farther then you’ve gone with Sirius?”

Kristen took a deep breath, wondering just how explicit Sirius had been in that god damn letter. “No,” She answered finally, wondering how much she was going to regret it.

“Sirius never told me exactly what you did. He would just say the circumstances and then write ‘shit happens’. Did you ever have sex with him?”

“No,” Kristen answered immediately, so thankful that that night at the beginning of fifth year was not there to haunt her.

“How close have you gotten?” Was his next question.

“I don’t really see how that’s relevant.” Kristen pressed, shifting uncomfortably.

“Kristen,” Winston sighed heavily. “I just need to know what I’m up against. You do realize that he is essentially my competition, right?”

“Well that’s just stupid. There is no competition. Like I said in the beginning, you two don’t fall into the same category.” Kristen told him. When Winston continued to look expectant, she finally sighed and said, “The one at the beginning of fifth year was the closest we ever got. My clothes stayed firmly in place, I think his shirt might have been off, and there was wandering. I can’t guarantee what would have happened had Sirius not had significantly more brains than me and stopped it, but I think I might have been able to. There, are you happy?”

“Not really,” Winston answered honestly.

“What else do you want to know then?”

“I want to know if you were faced with the choice, and you absolutely had to choose, would it be me or him?”

Kristen froze. This was another question she really, really did not want to answer. The answer came so immediately to her, that she knew it had to be the truth. “You’re asking me to choose between my boy friend and my best friend. That’s just not right.”

“So you would choose him? I guess I should just be grateful you’re not lying to me at the very least.” Winston reasoned, looking at Kristen with some sadness. “I understand I suppose. You love him, that much is obvious.”

“Platonically, strictly platonic,” Kristen put in quickly.

“I know,” Winston answered swiftly, but he sounded unsure of himself. “At least you haven’t had sex with him, I should also simply be grateful for that.”

“What is it with boys and sex?” Kristen rolled her eyes heavily. “I swear, that’s all they ever think about!”

“It comes along with the Y chromosome,” He informed her with a small smile.

“Apparently. I mean, every boy I’ve been with except Matthew has continually pushed for that! It’s so disgusting! I mean, when I tell them I want to wait until marriage, they act like the world has ended!”

Winston looked at her in semi-confusion. “Marriage? Seriously?”

“You sound like Sirius,” Kristen muttered, thoroughly disgusted. “It’s pretty much my only option at this point. I mean, the only reason my reputation hasn’t been completely ruined is because no one has substantial proof that I’ve slept with someone. To be honest, it started out religious, but then God apparently got thoroughly pissed at me and tried to ruin my life, so I don’t really feel I owe this to him any more.” Kristen rambled, her face blushing. She did not like talking about this, no matter is she was nearly seventeen, it was just embarrassing. “Besides, Slughorn’s sex-ed talk actually worked on me. Sphinx Fungus sounds nasty.”

Winston laughed and put an arm around her shoulders. “I, for one, do not have Sphinx fungus, so you would never need worry about that. But if you really are hell bent on waiting, that’s fine. Believe me, snogging you is amazing enough for the time being.”

Kristen let him put his arms around her, wondering just what ‘for the time being’ meant.

* * *

She stared in wonder at the people around her, finding it somewhat stressful that she had absolutely no idea what most of them were talking about.

Winston laughed heartily at some joke that was completely lost upon her and began speaking quickly in his own language, something he’d never shared with her before now. She tried to keep but, but in all honesty, it was failing spectacularly.

“Perk up,” Winston tried to convince her. “I know it’s weird, but like I promised, if something worth hearing is said, I’ll tell you, remember?”

She nodded, though she wasn’t very sure she believed him. When they had first got there, nearly two hours ago now, one of his friends had immediately come up, though he had at least been speaking English in the beginning. He’d introduced himself as Andreas, laughing when he found out this was The Kristen.

“He talks about you more than he did Miriam, and she’s the one who made a man out of him!” Andreas exclaimed, earning a punch to the arm from Winston. “Jeg ser hvorfor du liker hun. Hun er meget vakker.”

“Jeg vet,” Winston answered, suddenly hugging her close, which she loved, though it was seriously irking her that they had just switched over without explanation, especially when she was fairly sure they were talking about her. “Men du kan blikk ikke! Hun er alle min!

Andreas laughed at that. “Har du fortalte hun ennå?”

“Nei. Jeg tenker ikke hun ønsker å vite.” Winston said quietly, looking wary.

Andreas looked at him mockingly, smiling slightly. “Hva dame gjør ikke ønsker å vite det du elske hennes?

Winston sighed and looked at her. “Hun er enestående.”

And then they’d switched back to English, like nothing had even happened.

His mother had been far worse than that. When Winston had introduced her, his mother instantly started speaking quickly in Norwegian, leaving her to look like a compete idiot as she listened with absolutely no comprehension. All she got was that they were not on first name terms, at all. She was Miss St.Claire, and suddenly Winston’s mother was Duchess Thorbjørnsen.

“People are going to think I’m a gold digger,” Kristen said decidedly as they stood by a window. It was absolutely frigid, but having Winston try his hardest to warm her up made it worth it.

“Gold digger?” He asked, placing his cloak around her and then drawing her close.

“Well, James is filthy, like disgustingly rich, and I live with him. Sirius is one of my best friends and he’s also disgustingly rich. And now I’m dating a bloody duke.”

Winston rolled his eyes. “I told you, it’s just some stupid muggle title. Besides, I’m not technically a duke until my old man kicks the bucket. Just a Lord.”

“Oh, well as long as you’re only a Lord…” Kristen laughed. It was much easier to not be so frustrated when they were away from everyone else.

“It’s the Vikings fault really. Quite a few of them were wizards, at least the important ones. We come from that line. If they hadn’t been so pompous and named themselves royalty, none of this would ever happen.” Winston told her cheekily.

Things were always so much easier with him when there was no one around to judge. At meetings, there was Bella to ruin it, in Hogsmeade there were the boys, and here there were all the bloody Norwegians. She hated that they only time she could be comfortable with him was when no one was around, but that’s what it had come to.

So she made sure they stayed alone. She had quite a few tricks to make sure that happened. And when midnight struck, they were the only one’s brave enough to be on the balcony to see the fireworks that somehow still sparkled in the sky despite the swirling snow.

* * *

“Don’t glare at me! It’s 1:57. Technically, I have three whole minutes.”

That didn’t stop James from looking her over icily. “Yeah, but not in Norway.”

“Sirius failed to specify which time zone he was referring to,” Kristen informed him. “Who’s the New Year’s shag with this year, speaking of?”

“I think Georgie,” Remus yawned, stretched out on the couch.

“Wow, Sirius going back for seconds. Didn’t think that happened,” Kristen mused, pushing Remus’s legs out of the way so that she could sit too.

“Well, considering he’s been through about every girl, I don’t think he has much of a choice,” James said easily.

“This is seriously becoming a problem,” Kristen told them worriedly. “I mean, it’s one thing to have sex once a week, but not when it’s a different girl every other one. Besides, I have no idea how often he sneaks them into the dormitory or sneaks out.”

“At least four times a week,” Remus said with a role of his eyes. “Although, I do have to admit that his silencing charms are really good.”

“He’s going to get AIDS or something!” Kristen exclaimed, genuinely worried.

“Or worse,” Peter said, his face pale in fright.

“What’s worse than AIDS?” James had the nerve to laugh, as if most people shagged random girls all the bloody time and when their friend was kind enough to be worried, they would treat her like she was stupid.

“A baby,” Peter said. Even Remus looked frightened by that one and James instantly stopped his laughter.

Kristen rolled her eyes, knowing that Sirius was probably quite good at the potion by now too. “Even if he doesn’t get AIDS or a baby, it’s just not mentally healthy. People should be in relationships before they just up and have sex.”

“You are such a girl!” James admonished her, not seeming to realize how that utterly failed as an insult.

“Can we discuss Sirius’s sex problem in the morning?” Remus yawned, standing up a bit shakily. “It’s late!”

“Fine,” Kristen sighed, standing up as well. “You better not be in my room before noon at least though! I know your penchant for barging in at the ungodly hour of ten to wake me up because you’re ‘bored’.”

“I’ll be there at 12:01.” Remus promised her, a sly grin on his face.

*    *    *

Hope you liked it! That feeling of totally hating when someone just switch es on you, yeah, that's completely true. It's so frustrating. 
I know not much happened at the party, it mostly served to get them away from those that judge them. And here's your quote for next week!

“James? You asked James for alcohol? What has happened to you?” Kristen St.Claire to Lily Evans

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