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Disclaimer:  I do not own Harry Potter, nor do I own Molly Weasley (II).  All hail J.K. Rowling for creating the HP World for us to write fanfiction about.


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Chapter 1

Molly Weasley (II) was not the average Weasley. For starters, she did not have the trademark red hair of a Weasley, but rather dark brown hair like her mother, Audrey Weasley. Then, another difference that really set Molly aside from the rest of the Potter/Weasley family was that she was not funny at all or even sarcastic like her cousins Rose or Dominique. She was quite dull when it came to hi-jinks, but she did have a sense of humour, unlike her father, Percy Weasley. She was also a Ravenclaw, not a Gryffindor.

Also, Molly was not the most girliest of girls either as she preferred not to spend hours on her make-up and hair, unlike most seventeen-year-old girls. Instead Molly found herself spending hours on end with her nose in a book whether it was for homework or pleasure. It was because of this that Molly had trouble socially interacting with her peers. She never exactly knew what to say to them, especially when her fellow classmates did something that she did not approve of. Very often she would scrunch up her small button nose at any behaviour that she deemed as inappropriate. But she was not completely socially inept since she could carry a simple conversation with her peers, even if it was not full of inside jokes and the like.

Which was why it was surprising that Molly even had the two friends that she did have. Even so, Molly could be very kind hearted like her grandmother, for whom she was named after. Not to mention, Molly opened up more when she was around her friends because she felt more comfortable and confident in their company. Her friends were both in Ravenclaw, too; Erin Long and Mathis Boot.

It was at that moment that Molly was currently in one of the horseless carriages with Erin and Mathis, which was carrying them through the entry gate and over the grounds toward Hogwarts castle. Molly looked out the window toward where the lake was glistening in the moonlight and starlight; she could just make out the boats that the first years were sailing in with the lanterns bobbing to and fro. Molly’s younger sister, Lucy, would be in one of those boats as she was just starting Hogwarts this year, while Molly was in her last year at the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The grounds were filled with the sounds of invisible hooves leading carriages, and laughter from the students headed up to the castle for the Welcome Feast. When the carriage that Molly was currently riding in with her two friends came to a halt, she stepped down and started toward the front entry way of the castle that she had attended for six years previous; she could barely grasp the fact that this was her last year.

“Is it just me,” Mathis said as the three of them entered the great oaken front doors and was walking through the grand entrance into the Great Hall, “or do y’all feel weird about this being our last year, too?”

“Yeah,” Molly agreed. “I was just thinking the same thing.”

“Yeah, it definitely feels strange knowing that we won’t be returning for another year after this one,” Erin concurred on the subject as the three of them sat down at the Ravenclaw table.

Molly looked over toward the Gryffindor table where she could see most of her cousins acting as rambunctious after the long train ride of sitting in one place for far too long and rolled her eyes. They would never change, that was for sure. Next, Molly turned to look over at the Slytherin table where her younger cousin, Albus Potter, sat with his best mate, Scorpius Malfoy. How a Potter and a Malfoy could be best mates might have been impossible to imagine in the days of her parents’, aunts’, and uncles’ school years. Nonetheless, things have changed a lot since then. Now it did not matter which family you belonged to, nor did blood status play as huge a role as it did back then. Turning her head again, this time toward the Hufflepuff house table, Molly found the last of her cousins that currently attended Hogwarts, Roxanne Weasley.

“Attention! Attention Students!” A squeaky voice from the staff table at the front of the Great Hall called. Molly turned her attention toward where Headmaster Flitwick was standing atop his chair to get the attention of her fellow classmates. “I’d like to welcome you all back, and now ask you to remain quiet and attentive as the first years enter and are sorted into their houses.” Professor Flitwick plopped back down in his chair as the line of first years filed into the Great Hall.

The first years looked scared enough to wet their new school robes as they walked up toward the front and Molly was able to quickly pick out her sister, due to her bright red hair, in the bunch of them. There seemed to be more of them than ever before, had the Wizarding World been experiencing a baby boom during the year that Lucy had been born? Molly’s stomach growled with hunger at the thought of having to wait through what looked to be the longest Sorting Ceremony that she had to sit through before the feast. And apparently she was not the only one thinking about how long it would take to get all of the new first years sorted before the feast, either, as Mathis cursed beside her,

“Blimey, this may just be the first year that I die of starvation.”

Erin rolled her eyes and shh’d Mathis as the first years reached the front of the dining hall and turned around to face the four long house tables in front of the staff table. It was after this that the Sorting Hat sang its song for this year and afterward the Deputy Headmaster and Head of Gryffindor House, Professor Neville Longbottom, unfurled a long roll of parchment that seemed to go on and on, “When I call your name, you will come forth and place the sorting hat on your head.”

“Alton, Natalya,” he called out as a rather small girl with fairy blond hair walked up to the stool and sat down before taking the hat from Professor Longbottom and placed it atop her head. It was several minutes before the brim opened up wide to shout, “RAVENCLAW!” and Molly clapped excitedly with the rest of the Ravenclaw table at receiving the first addition to their house of the school year. The little blond girl took the hat off of her head and skipped over to the cheering table.

The sorting continued on with first year after first year, and Molly was growing quite impatient for her sister to be sorted. When Professor Longbottom had finally called out Lucy Weasley to be sorted she was the only one left. Molly followed her gaze as Lucy sat down on the stool and put the hat on her head. It did not take long at all for her sister to be sorted into Hufflepuff, and Molly cheered for her sister despite the slight drop that her stomach had made; she had hoped that Lucy would be sorted into Ravenclaw. Molly watched as Lucy walked over toward the cheering Hufflepuff table and sat with the other first years, not far from where Roxanne was sitting.

Molly turned to the front at the sound of Professor Flitwick calling for attention once more now that the sorting is over. She listened as he went through the long list of things that has to be said at the start of each school year with Mathis complaining about how hungry he was beside her. Prof. Flitwick squeaked on about the never-ending list of things that are not allowed at Hogwarts that was attached to the Caretaker, Mr. Blunt’s office door. The list included every joke shop item from Weasleys’ Wizards Wheezes, and then more additional items. Flitwick then went on about Quidditch try-outs for each of the Houses before announcing that it was time for the feast to start.

The moment the food appeared in the dishes on all four house tables was when the sound reached high decibels, and Molly felt her eardrums vibrating just slightly as the voices rose a few octaves higher. The loud sound was what Molly could live without when it came to the Welcome Feast, but she knew that that would never change as she started to add portions of food to her golden plate. She ignored Mathis completely as he stuffed his face without chewing; he was such a pig!

“Hey Molly,” a voice a little ways down the table called to Molly, which caused her to turn sideways to find that Christian Davies had been the one to greet her.

“Hey Christian, how was your summer?” Molly said with a smile toward one of her fellow Ravenclaw Seventh years.

“Heh, it was okay, I guess,” Christian said with a shrug. “I spent most of it practicing Quidditch and spending time with my family. What about yours?”

“It was alright,” Molly replied. “I spent a lot of it with my big family. Oh, and my dad had me studying for N.E.W.T.s. I swear, if he harps on how poor my study habits are over Christmas break, too, than I may just punch a hole through the wall,” she rolled her blue eyes in aggravation.

Christian laughed, along with both Erin and Mathis who had been listening to the pair’s conversation. “Well, at least you’ll be prepared before the exams get here.”

“But it’s still annoying the way my dad always makes me study a year before any major examinations,” Molly sighed. “Though he was worse the summer before Fifth year, so I suppose it wasn’t so bad.”

“That’s the spirit,” Mathis teased. “There’s always a bright side.”

Molly and Erin both rolled their eyes, while Christian agreed with Mathis’s sentiment on a bright side to everything.

After the feast, Molly stood and started to walk out of the Great Hall with Erin and Mathis. The thought of her nice, comfy bed was the only thing that kept her moving up the staircase. It was when she had her right foot poised an inch above the bottom stair that she heard a voice that belonged to a Slytherin she had been hoping she could avoid seeing tonight.

“Oddball Molly,” the Seventh year Slytherin jeered.

Molly turned on her heel to face a Slytherin she knew just how to greet: “Shut it, Harper!”

“What are you going to do if I don’t shut it?” Harper said with that frustratingly annoying smirk on his face.

“Why do you always have to start something with me?” Molly asked. “Why can’t you find someone else to annoy, huh Harper?”

“Because you make it so easy to annoy you,” Harper said, and did a high-five with one of his Slytherin mates (“Nice one, Finn!”). “So, are you going to tell us how entrancing your summer was with that stupid family of yours?”

“My family is not stupid,” Molly said in a low voice; she was so angry that it was surprising that steam was not coming out of her ears.

“Really, because I beg to differ,” Finn Harper said. “In fact—”

But Harper never got a chance to finish his sentence as Professor Longbottom had just walked over toward the small group of students that had gathered around Molly and Finn. “What’s going on here?”

Finn turned on the charm that he saved for adults. “Nothing, I was only greeting Molly by asking how her summer was, Professor.”

“Well, now that you two have reacquainted then I think it’s time for you to head off in separate directions to your respective common rooms,” Professor Longbottom said sternly. “There will be plenty of time to socialize tomorrow and the rest of the school year as well. But now it’s time to go to bed.”

“Yes, Professor,” Harper said as he shot one last smirk toward Molly before turning and walking down the stairs that led to the basement and dungeons.

Molly was fuming as she climbed the marble staircase and did not talk until she was in the Seventh Year Girls’ Dormitory with Erin. “Why must he always get under my skin like that?”

“Because you’re an easy target to annoy,” Erin quoted Harper. “You should really learn to ignore him.”

“How can I ignore him when he is constantly making his presence known by calling out to me?”

“Easy, don’t respond back,” Erin said. “You don’t have to have a response for everything, you know.”

“Easy for you to say,” Molly retorted.

“Look,” Erin said. “It’s been a long day, why don’t we get some sleep and then we can figure out the best way to ignore Finn Harper tomorrow. What’d you say?”

“Yeah, okay. ‘Night,” Molly said as she pulled her pajamas out of her trunk and changed out of her school robes before putting her pajamas on.

“Good night,” Erin said from where she had just pulled on her own pajamas and was now putting her long blond hair up in a sloppy bun before getting into bed.

Molly climbed under the covers of her four-poster and closed her eyes. It was several minutes before she could get Harper’s taunting voice out of her head, but when she did she was asleep within seconds.

Author's Note:  So, this story is in response to ron.weasley's song/title/summary challenge, and I'd love to have some feedback on this first chapter.  I want to know whether it's worth continuing, or if I should rewrite it.  I'm liking writing it, but I feel as though this chapter isn't as interesting.  But not all first chapters can be full of interesting qualities.  The next chapter will definitely be better.

This chapter was beta'd by californialove (Alice).
Also, here's a Weasley family tree to get an idea of how old all the cousins are, as well as what House they're in:

Bill Weasley -- Fleur Delacour
Victoire Weasley - (19) {Was in Gryffindor}
Dominique Weasley - 5th year (15) {Gryffindor}
Louis Weasley - 3rd year (13) {Gryffindor}

Charlie Weasley - single

Percy Weasley -- Audrey Clearwater {younger sister of Penelope}
Molly Weasley (II) - 7th year (17) {Ravenclaw}
Lucy Weasley - 1st year (11) {Hufflepuff}

Fred Weasley - deceased {RIP}

George Weasley -- Angelina Johnson
Fred Weasley (II) - 5th year (15) {Gryffindor}
Roxianne Weasley - 3rd year (13) {Hufflepuff}

Ron Weasley -- Hermione Granger
Rose Weasley - 4th year (14) {Gryffindor}
Hugo Weasley - 2nd year year (12) {Gryffindor}

Ginny Weasley -- Harry Potter
James Sirius Potter (II) - 5th year (15) {Gryffindor}
Albus Severus Potter - 4th year (14) {Slytherin}
Lily Luna Potter (II) - 2nd year (12) {Gryffindor}

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