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Harry woke early to the sweet smell of vanilla, smiling he looked to his left to find the love of his life sleeping on his arm, he couldn't believe what they had done last night, it was still a blissful blur to him. Suddenly he remembered where he was, and strained to cover himself, he relaxed a bit when he remembered that the curtains had been pulled over. He sighed and tried to think of a way he could get his arm from underneath Hermione, he knew that she will be disappointed to wake up and find him gone, but he really didn't want to be here when the other girl's woke, besides he could leave her a note. Then it hit him, he could use his wand and levitate her off his arm, hopefully she was a heavy sleeper and didn't wake when her body lifted from the bed. He picked up his wand, which always laid under his pillow and performed the simple levitation charm on Hermione, she was only lifted three inches of the bed, just enough for Harry to remove is arm, and thankfully she didn't wake, so knowing that she was a heavy sleeper, he decided to write her a note. He summoned a quill, a piece of parchment, and a bottle of ink and began writing her a small letter explaining why he left. Twenty minutes later, when he was happy with the note, he grabbed his cloak and broom and flew out of the room. He arrived in his own room ten seconds later and fell into a peaceful slumber.

Hermione woke at 7:30 and realised immediately that someone was missing. She sighed, she knew that Harry wouldn't be able to stay the night and was silly for expecting him to be there when she woke. She dragged herself out of her bed and into the shower, she spent ten minutes in there before climbing out and dressing, she lifted out her toiletry bag and brushed her teeth and applied her favourite fruity perfume. She magically dried her hair, which she now loved doing, since it was much tamer these days. Sighing in disappointment she shuffled to her bed, and packed her books, it was then that she saw a little note on her side table, she smiled when she recognised the hand writing, so he didn't totally abandon me she thought. She set down her books, picked up the little note and read it.

My dearest Hermione,
I'm sorry that you have woken without me there beside you, but I was too nervous about waking up in a room full of girls, even though, the curtains were drawn and a silencing charm was placed, I still didn't feel comfortable waking up there.

Anyway, last night was amazing, it truly was. It felt so right being with the woman that I love... It still feels weird writing that, but it's true. I just hope that your not too disappointed that I wasn't there when you woke and I hope that you'll forgive me.
Love you lots, Harry xxx.

Hermione had to smile, Harry had to be the most cheesiest, yet adorable person she had ever dated. She thought that she'd play on it for a while and pretend that she was upset, but decided not to, he hated it when she was angry at him, it upset him a lot. So, instead she decided to let him know that she was upset at fist but decided to forgive him, when she found the note. Smiling to herself she bid good morning to the other girls who had woke, and headed down to breakfast.

Ten Minutes later she entered the great hall, and made a beeline or the Gryffindor table, Harry who was eating scrambled eggs and bacon, smiled at her when he saw her. She reached the seat beside him and gave him a kiss.

“Good morning, gorgeous.” She greeted

“'Morning, beautiful.” He replied. They leaned in to give each other a hug, and a small kiss.

“Oh please, gag me.” Ginny snapped, she was sitting beside her brother, who was disgustingly inhaling his food. Ginny always had a tendency to be nasty when she saw Harry and Hermione together, though she was always nice to Harry, she never was to Hermione. Harry figured that she hadn't got over her school girl crush and was still a tad jealous.

“Sorry Ginny.” Harry apologised, as usual.

“Oh, sowy didn't see you 'ere 'ermione.” Ron said through a mouthful of toast.

“Oh, really Ronald did you have to do that?” Hermione said repulsed.

“Sorry...” he said gulping down the toast he had in his mouth, he then picked up his goblet of pumpkin juice and gulped down several mouthfuls.

“Better?” Hermione asked, still with a disgusted look on her face. He only nodded and went back to inhaling his food.

“So did you get my note?” Harry asked Hermione quietly.

“Yes, I have to say, I was very disappointed when I woke up and you weren't there, I didn't find your note until I was ready to leave. I was still slightly disappointed that you weren't there but I understand that it was difficult for you. I hope you don't regret it?”

“Merlin, no!” Harry exclaimed, making everyone at the table look at him. “Of course I don't, Hermione I do love you. Last night was the best thing I've ever done and I certainly don't regret it.” He whispered. Everyone had went back to their breakfast, with the exception of Ginny, who was watching them with narrowed eyes.

“Can we go somewhere more privet?” Hermione asked Harry, he nodded and the left the table, with Ginny still watching them. They strolled around the lake together for half an hour, until the bell rang for classes. They then headed back for their first class, hand in hand.

Harry spent the rest of the day wondering if sleeping with Hermione was the right thing to do. He did love her but he should be dedicated to killing Voldemort, not strengthening his relationship with Hermione. He thought about it all day and had finally come to a big decision. He was going to have to leave Hermione and go off with Dumbledore on this stupid mission. Why couldn't his life be simple? Why did Voldemort have to kill his mum and attempt to kill his dad.? Why couldn't he just be a normal boy and not the bloody boy who lived? Although, the only good thing that has happened to him in years has been Hermione becoming his girlfriend and his Dad coming back from the dead.

“I have to do it...” Harry muttered and headed for Dumbledore's office.

It took him ten minutes to arrive there, he said the password to the stone gargoyle and climbed the stairs, but stopped dead when he seen the door ajar. He quietly crept up to the door and pushed it open slightly and saw Dumbledore and Professor Trelawney.

“So you've had another vision Sybil?” Dumbledore asked her.

“Yes Sir, I know you are due to go on a mission with young Mr Potter, but I warn you that things will go horribly wrong.” she said.

“How so?” Dumbledore asked. Suddenly Trelawney's eyes glazed over, Harry had saw that look before. Trelawney was going to make a prediction. As if on Queue Trelawney shuddered and started to speak.

“He who has the power to Vanquish the dark lord, is getting stronger. His time is coming and the battle nears. But he must go it alone, only he who has the power to vanquish the dark lord, must be the one to destroy Voldemort's soul, if it is done by the hands of another, then the magical world as we know it will be forever in mortal peril. You have been warned.” Professor Trelawney's eyes went back to normal and she sat upright.

“Sorry Professor Dumbledore, did you say something?” She asked.

“No, no, Sybil. I have everything I need, you may go now” he said dismissing her.

Harry, quietly and Quickly made a swift exit, when he heard Dumbledore dismiss Trelawney, he ran down the stone steps and turned left, then right, he waited with baited breath but lucky for him, Trelawney seemed to have gone in a different direction. He slid down the cold stone wall, when he was sure that he was safe. He had heard every word of Trelawney's new prophesy and he knew what it meant.

Only he who has the power to vanquish the dark lord, must be the one to destroy Voldemort's soul, if it is done by the hands of another, then the magical world as we know it will be forever in mortal peril. He was supposed to go to destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes. He alone was supposed to go on this trip. If Dumbledore went then he would want to destroy the Horcruxes, and if he did Voldemort would somehow end up ruling the world. He couldn't let that happen. But how was he going to do this without Dumbledore? Dumbledore was the one with the plans, he had planed precisely where they would be going, how long they would be staying there and would have such powerful protections surrounding them, that even Voldemort would find it difficult to find them.

He could go and talk to Dumbledore, pretend that he didn't know a thing and he could tell Dumbledore that he was going on the trip, but Dumbledore would have to give him the detailed plan of where they were going, so that he could memorise it. Dumbledore wasn't likely to tell Harry, about the new prophesy, and there was no danger of him following Harry. Dumbledore always let Harry do his own thing and if he left a note for Dumbledore explaining that he knew of the prophesy then Dumbledore would understand and not follow him. In theory.

The only problem would be his father, if James found out that Harry had run away to do some dangerous mission, that he and Dumbledore had planed, then James would certainly go to Dumbledore and he would be able to get him to tell him everything. With his mind made up. Harry got up of the cold stone floor and headed back in the direction he had came. A minute later he was outside Dumbledore's office and knocking on his door.

“You may enter...” The wise old man croaked. Harry took a deep breath and entered the room. “Ah, Mr Potter. I take it you've made a decision” he asked offering Harry a seat, which he excepted.

“Yes Sir, I had came to see you earlier but Professor Trelawney was here...” Harry replied, hoping that Dumbledore told him the truth, but just as Harry suspected, he did not.

“Ah yes, she was just visiting for tea, she sometimes gets quite lonely on her own, in the tower.”

“Indeed...” Harry muttered.

“So, what decision have you come to?” Dumbledore eagerly asked.

“I have decided to go, one one condition...”


“I want the final detailed plan, of where we are going, including the time we need to spend there, what Horcrux we are collecting and where from.”

“You drive a hard bargain, Harry.” Dumbledore stated.

“I believe I get that from my dad, so do we have a deal?”

“I think we do, Harry. I shall owl it to you in the morning.”

“Thank you Sir.” Harry said and got up to leave.

“Just one more thing, Harry...” Dumbledore said stopping Harry in his tracks.

“Yes, Sir?”

“What made you change your mind?”

“My dad will eventually forgive me, and Hermione will move on and find someone else.” Harry explained and walked out of the room.

He walked out to the lake and sat down on one of the many benches that randomly appeared when, someone needed to rest, or to sit down and think. He looked out to the glorious lake and sighed, the water rippled with a light end of summer breeze, the sides were swamped with dead leaves and the descending sun, cast a warm glow on the water giving it a luminous effect.

He sighed, Hermione would have loved to of seen this, to sit cuddled into him, with him stroking her hair as she read her favourite book. Now though, he was going to have to write her a letter, explaining that he had to go away and that he was sorry. She would certainly hate him. Ever since he dad abandoned her and her mum, at the beginning of her fifth year, she has always been paranoid that Harry would do the same and now she was right. But he had to do it, that's the difference. Hermione's dad chose to leave her mum, Harry had to leave Hermione, it wasn't by choice and he would be coming back in a few months, she would understand. He hoped.

A.N. Whoop, another chapter has been completed, took me a few days but I'm happy with the result. Just want to explain one thing. Yes Dumbledore willingly agreed to give Harry the plans, but Dumbledore trusts Harry, more than Harry trusts Dumbledore. So he doesn't suspect that Harry knows, let alone would run away.

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