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A Love to Remember by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 15 : Quidditch Victories
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Chapter Fourteen: Quidditch Victories

For Sirius and James sleep seemed to be a foreign word. The first of May brought with it the most rigorous Quidditch practices to date. The last qualifying game for the Quidditch Cup was only two weeks away, it was Gryffindor verse Ravenclaw. Gryffindor had managed to maintain its first place lead the whole season. Hufflepuff was out of the running. This last qualifying game would determine if Ravenclaw or Slytherin would face Gryffindor in the finals. Slytherin had over taken Hufflepuff in the last match putting them in second place, but Raveclaw was not far behind in third.

All three teams were calling practices every night. Madam Hooch was having a hard time keep fights from breaking out, mostly between Gryffindor and Slytherin. She ended up have to be at every practice to keep teams from spying on one another, mostly the Slytherins. The Ravenclaw captain had offered to share the field with James and his team, but James turned him down on the ground that neither team would be able to practice their secret maneuvers nor that try as they might it would be hard for each team not to notice what the other was doing. In the end Madam Hooch made schedules for each team and puts those who spied on other teams or went against the schedule in detention along with taking points away. In the end almost the whole Slytheirn team was in detention.

Since the nights were getting warmer Lily and Dominique decided to do their homework in the stands and watch the boys practice. Alice also joined the girls since Frank also played on the Gryffindor team. Frank was a chaser along with James. This was one of the only times Dominique and Lily got to see Alice. When she wasn’t studying Alice was hulled up in the dorm with a silencing charm around her bed planning her wedding. Frank and Alice were to be married shortly after graduation and would be getting married on the grounds of Hogwarts. Occasionally Alice would ask Lily and Dominique for their opinions, but she preferred to do most of it herself. Dominique and Lily were ecstatic about the wedding too for they were to be a part of it. Alice had asked Lily to be her maid of honor and Dominique to be one of her bridesmaids. Frank had asked James to be his best man and Sirius and Remus to be his groomsmen, Frank had never been close to Peter.

“So what are your colors?” Lily asked Alice

“We decided to go with the Gryffindor colors. I know it seems so weird that we’re getting married here, but the school means so much to the both of us.” Alice blushed slightly embarrassed

“I think it’s great!” Lily could barely contain her excitement

“Well what would you do for your wedding if James asked you to marry him?” Lily turned bright red at Alice’s question

“Um maybe at his house.” Lily’s head looked like it was on fire she was blushing so hard “His parent’s own a beautiful mansion with a gorgeous backyard.”

“Why am I not surprised that she’s thought about this.” Dominique laughed added a few sentences to her paper

“Cause she’s hoping he’ll asked.” Alice laughed

“Hey guys cut it out! I….”

“There you two are!” Remus called climbing up the last steps to the top of the stands

Remus and Peter would join them from time to time. Remus had offered to take over James patrol shifts and McGonagall had approved, but only for every other patrol saying that James still needed to fulfill his Head Boy duties.

“Where else would we be on practice nights.” Lily laughed thankful that Remus had unknowingly saved her from more embarrassment

“This is true.”

“Where’s Peter?” Dominique asked looking behind Remus

“I’m not sure. I tried to find him, but he wasn’t in any of the usual places.” Remus shrugged sitting on the bench behind the girls

“Weird. He seems to be disappearing a lot lately.” Dominique commented

“I would guess it has to do with stress from our N.E.W.T.s.” Lily suggested

“I guess so, but it’s not like we don’t offer to help him. I know he doesn’t get as good of grades as the rest of us, but that is still no reason to hide.” Remus commented

“Don’t worry so much Remus he’ll come around.” Dominique assured him

“How’s the wedding planning going.” Remus asked picking up the layout for the reception

“I think we have almost everything worked out.”

“Has Frank actually had a say in anything besides his groomsmen and best man?” Remus asked with a laugh

“Yes!” Alice seemed outraged while everyone else laughed

“Hey guys were just about done here.” James called from his broom, “Why don’t you meet us down in front of the locker room.”

“Sure thing. See you down there.” Lily answered

“See you soon Flower.” James blew her a kiss then flew off to join his team

“Flower huh?” Lily stuck her tongue out at Alice

Ten minutes later Alice, Lily, Dominique, and Remus made their way down to the locker rooms. Soon after the Gryffindor team came out of the locker room. Alice threw herself into Frank’s arms Dominique smiled at the love between them and wished that some day she could know love like that.

“Miss me?” Sirius wrapped his arms around Dominique whispering in her ear

“I think you missed me.” Dominique smiled leaning her head back on Sirius’s shoulder

“Actually I did.” Sirius kissed Dominique’s neck just below her ear

“Would you two get a room.” James said pretending to be disgusted

“Like you two are any better.” Dominique retorted cause Lily to blush yet again

“Let’s just get back inside.” Lily took James’s hand and pulled him towards the castle

Alice and Dominique looked at each other and burst into laughter.
The two weeks came and went and before the teams knew it the day of the last qualifying match had arrived. The Gryffindor team was very relaxed that morning at breakfast. The Ravenclaw team, on the hand, hardly touched their food. When Madam Hooch announced that the captains and their teams need to make their way down to the pitch the Ravenclaw went paler.

“I’ll see you after the match.” Sirius gave Dominique a quick kiss before following the team out the door “Hey James come on or I’m gonna take over the team and let Dominique play your position!” Sirius shouted back at James who was still busy telling Lily see you later.

“Alright I’m coming!” James gives Lily one last kiss and runs off, “See you after the match Lily Flower!” Lily blushed bright red as James shouted his nickname for all of the Great Hall to hear before heading for the pitch.

Dominique, Lily, Remus, Peter, and Alice made their way down to the pitch shortly after the teams had left. The girls wanted prime front row seats. The match might as well have been the qudditch final for how hard both teams played. Ravenclaw was not about to go down without a fight and James had the team pulling out all the stops. In the end Gryffindor took the win keeping their number one position heading into the finals where they would face Slytherin.

“Wow that was a great game!” Dominique exclaimed giving Sirius a kiss after he, James, and Frank came out of the locker room.

“Congratulations!” Remus shook the guys’ hands

“Isn’t that a little premature Remus.” Frank asked wrapping his arms around Alice’s waist, “We haven’t won the finals yet.”

“True, however, I was congratulating you guys on your winning streak. Gryffindor hasn’t lost a game all year.” Remus reminded James

“Remus is right.” Peter piped up “You guys still would have gone to the finals even if you lost.”

“It’s all thanks to our wonderful, slave driving captain.” Sirius said as everyone laughed heading back towards the castle

Later that night Dominique found James and Sirius sitting by the fire after everyone else had gone to bed. Both of them were hunched over and miniature quidditch pitch moving model players around with their wands as they talked about possible plays to use against Slytherin.

“You do realize that if you two never sleep by the time the game rolls around you two will be asleep on your brooms.” Dominique curled up on the couch next to where Sirius sat on the floor

“James here won’t let me sleep until he has these plays down perfectly.” Sirius tilted his head back looking up at Dominique, “Help me.”

“What do you expect me to do? You know perfectly well that James won’t listen to me.”

“Can’t you make up some excuse?” Sirius wined

“You do realize I can hear you Padfoot.”

“Oh darn I’ve been caught!” Dominique and James laughed

“Really guys you should try and get some sleep.”

“What about you?” James asked finally looking up from the model pitch

“I can’t sleep.”

“Worried about Nadia again?” Sirius asked joining her on the couch

“Yeah.” Sirius pulled her closer to him, “I can’t help it. I’ve never gone this long without hearing from her.”

“She’ll be okay. And as soon as we graduate we can concentrate on you getting custody of her.”

“And I’m sure my parents can help.” James said trying to help

“Thanks. You guys really are the best.” Dominique smiled curling up against Sirius

James and Sirius went back to their quidditch strategy planning. Dominique watched for a little while then slowly drifted off to sleep. James and Sirius went over and over plays finding weak points and fixing them. Sirius hadn’t noticed she had fallen asleep till about an hour later.

“Hey James I think we should go to bed.” Sirius whispered trying not to wake Dominique

“What about her? We can’t take her back up to the girl’s dorm.” James asked

“She can sleep in my bed.” Sirius gently lifted Dominique into his arms resting her head on his chest and following James up to their dorm
Sirius was thankful Dominique was already in her sleepwear so he did not have to worry about the clothing issue, as James so nicely pointed out.

Sirius laid Dominique down on the bed pulling the covers over her. Quickly he stripped down to his boxers and crawled into bed. Sirius looked over at Dominique she was sleeping peacefully he reached over and brushed a few strands of hair out of her face and smiled. Sirius turned off the lamp light and crawled under the covers. As he drifted off to sleep he felt Dominique snuggle closer to him. He wrapped one arm around her smiling as he drifted off to sleep.

Dominique woke up the next morning feeling something warm against her body. Opening her eyes she realized she was in bed, but she did not remember going to be last night. The last thing she remembered was watching James and Sirius working on plays. That’s when Dominique realized she was not in her own bed and that there was an arm around her waist. Gently rolling over she saw the sleeping face of Sirius. Peaking at the clock she saw that it was still early and a Sunday morning. Curling back up Dominique fell back asleep till Sirius woke her up a few hours later.

“Wake up sleeping beauty.” Sirius whispered into Dominique’s ear tickling it a little

“No.” Dominique snuggled into his chest

“I think someone’s a little comfy.” Sirius smiled brush the hair out of Dominique’s face

“Maybe. I’m going back to sleep.”

“I can’t believe I’m the one saying this, but it’s time to get up.”


“I guess I’ll just have to use a little persuasion.” Sirius leaned down kissing Dominique’s lips, than her chin, trailing his way down her neck. Sirius felt Dominique’s breath catch as he kissed the length of her neck. Sirius once again kissed the length of Dominique neck continuing down stopping just above where the neckline of her top began while tracing his right hand up her side under her shirt stopping just before her breasts. A shiver of pleasure ran through Dominique at Sirius’s touch as a moan escaped her lips. Keeping his hand just below her breasts Sirius kissed her mouth once again.

“Now are you going to be a good girl and get up?” Sirius whispered in Dominique’s ear his warm breath once again sending a shiver through her body

“Yes.” Dominique breathed

“Good choice love.” Sirius smirked, “Though I would have been happy with the other one too.” Sirius chuckled climbing out of bed heading for his trunk

“You, Sirius Black, are evil.” Dominique accused sitting up in his bed

“So I’ve been told.” Sirius laughed at her pouting scowl as he pulled on his quidditch robes

“James is making you practice the day after a game?” Dominique asked stretching her arms

“Yep. No rest for the weary.” Sirius walked over to her leaning down giving her a quick kiss, “I’ll see you after practice.”

Once again the two weeks up to the final match flew by. James and Sirius were up every night going over and over plays continuing to rooting out weaknesses. The Gryffindor team was forced to travel in groups anywhere they went as the Slytherins’s attempts to injure players increased. James was so worried about losing a player that he approached Dominique about being a possible back up player, despite her earlier threats, and was relieved when she agreed.

The morning of the match the whole school was buzzing with excitement. The only people quiet was the Gryffindor team. James, Sirius, and Frank were so nervous they were refusing food. James had brought his captains notebook to the table with him and despite Lily’s best efforts she could not pry the book away from him. When McGonagall told the teams to head to the pitch the girls kissed the boys good luck.

Lily, Dominique, and Alice sat on the edge of their bench the whole game. The match was the most intense the school has seen all year and Slytherin was playing dirty. Madam Hooch was calling fouls left and right. At one point one of the Slytherin Chasers ran Sirius into the stands causing him to fall off his broom to the ground. James was hit hard on the back of the head by one of the Beaters, while Frank was nearly knocked off his broom dangerously high off the ground.

Despite the beating by the Slytherin team, the Gryffindor team was relentless. James pulled out all the stops using all of his best plays and Gryffindor was not afraid to give Slytherin a taste of their own medicine. The score was neck and neck down to the last second. Suddenly both the Gryffindor and Slytherin Seekers went into dives; they had seen the snitch at the same time. Everyone stood as the two Seekers raced toward the ground. Suddenly the stadium erupted into cheers Gryffindor had won.

The stands emptied as students from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff stormed the field. Remus, Peter, Alice, Dominique, and Lily pushed their way to the center of the crowd. The girls jumped into their men’s arms kissing them only to be quickly broken apart as the crowd lifted the team into the air. The massive crowd parted as Dumbledore walked forward with the Quidditch Cup handing it to James who held it high above his head. On the outskirts of the crowd a beaming Professor McGonagall was shaking Professor Slughorn’s hand, he looked extremely disappointed.

Eventually the crowed allowed the Gryffindor team to make their way to the team locker room to change. Before enter the locker room James and Sirius turned around to yell that there would be a celebration in the Gryffindor common room upon their return. The crowd left the stadium cheering and singing while the girls, Peter, and Remus waited by the locker room entrance. Ten minutes later the ecstatic team emerged.

“James where’s Sirius?” Dominique asked noticing Sirius had not come out with the team

“He’s dressing the wound on his arm. He told the rest of us to go ahead.” James said wrapping his arms around a smiling Lily, “But I’m sure he wouldn’t turn down your help.” James winked at Dominique

“James you are positively terrible.” Dominique laughed shaking her head

“Lily tells me that all the time.” James laughs as Lily rolls her eyes

“He should just let Madame Pomfrey take care of it.”

“That’s what I said, but he doesn’t listen to me.”

“Right.” Dominique said raising an eyebrow, “I’ll go see if I can get him to go to Madame Pomfry. See you guys in the common room.”

As Dominique walked into the locker room she had to stop and laugh. There sitting on the bench shirtless was Sirius trying in vain to bandage the wound on his arm.

“You really should let Madame Pomfery see that.” Dominique said leaning on the doorway crossing her arms

“I can do it myself. Besides it’s not that bad.” Sirius growled as he dropped the bandage roll once again

“Well if you won’t let Madame Pomfrey heal it at least let me help.” Dominique walked over taking the roll of bandages from Sirius hand “You played a great game today.” Dominique commented as she wrapped the cloth around Sirius’s arm, “I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I think Lily was too.” She fastened the clip, “There you go. If you’re lucky you will have a sexy scar to brag about.” Dominique leaned down and kissed the bandage.

“What was that for?”

“Apparently it’s supposed to make it better.” Dominique shrugged, “Muggle superstition I learned from Lily’s mom.”

“I think this works better.” Sirius smirked as he stood up to kiss her, “Seems to be working, but I think I could still use some more.”

Sirius pushed Dominique gently up against the lockers pressing his body to hers. Dominique could feel every inch of his perfect quidditch sculpted body and the warmth of his breath on her lips, a shiver ran up her back. Sirius kissed her tracing her bottom lip with his tongue and Dominique parted her lips willing. Sirius tongue explored her mouth as Dominique traced her fingers lightly around Sirius’s back sending a shiver of pleasure through his body as his hand made their way to her waste. He run his hands up her side taking her shirt with him stopping just below her breasts, when Dominique did not protest he quickly removed her shirt in one swift motion. Dominique broke the kiss raising one eyebrow.

“It’s not fair for only one of us to be shitless.” Sirius whispered into her ear before proceeded to nibble on her earlobe, Dominique’s breathing became faster. He trailed his lips down from her ear to her jaw, chin, before stopping at the middle of her neck. Ever so gently Sirius nibbled on the skin of her neck Dominique leaned her head back against the locker as a soft moan escaped from her lips. Sirius smiled making his way to the other side of her neck and back to her lips. As his lips met hers he brought one hand up cupping one of her breasts gently massage it. Dominique moaned with pleasure her body arching into his before bringing her lips roughly back to Sirius’s intensifying the kiss. Trailing down to Sirius’s neck she nibbled on the skin while her hands traveled lower dancing around his pants line playing with his belt buckle before traveling back up his chest; she was driving him mad. Quickly, before he lost control, Sirius pulled back breathing heavily while a smile played on Dominique’s kiss swollen lips.

“I think we should head back.” Sirius said leaning his head against Dominique’s forehead

“I guess we should.” Dominique kissed him once more capturing his lower lip

“Why must you make everything more difficult?” Sirius asked pulling on his shirt

“Because I’m good at it.” Dominique smirked pulling her shirt over her head, “Race you to the castle.” Dominique shouted running out the door

“Cheater!” Sirius yelled chasing after her

Twenty minutes later Sirius and Dominique joined the party in the Gryffindor common room. Red and gold streamers hung all over the room. People were jumping up and down, hugging, and toasting. There was a long table laden with food, sweets, and drinks. A large banner hung above the fireplace with glittering red and gold writing that read Gryffindor is the champion. The team was passing around the game quaffle signing it; the plan was to give it to McGonagall.

“About time you got here!” James yelled as Sirius and Dominique entered the common room, “You’ve been holding up the party!”

“I highly doubt that. Looks like the party is doing just fine!” Sirius shouted back

“But I can’t give my Captains speech without the whole team here!” James answered getting up on top of a table. “Alright people listen up. Now that Mr. Black has decided to join us I can get this over with.” The quidditch team groaned, “Hey my speeches aren’t that bad.”

“Just long winded!” Frank commented

“Thank you Mr. Longbottom.” Frank bowed his head, “Now as I was saying this year has been truly amazing. It has been a long time since one house team stayed number one all season, but we did it!” James paused for the cheers, “I couldn’t be more proud. You guys worked hard through the long practices and played even harder. I am honored to have played alongside such an amazing team, you guys and girls were the best team any captain could ask for. Thank you for a wonderful year!” James raised he glass to his team. “For those of you who continue on next year you have the challenging task of repeating this year, but I have complete faith in your abilities.” Cheers and ‘we’ll make you proud’ shouts erupted from the younger team members. “Here’s to the best team in Gryffindor history!” glasses clanked as the room filled with cheering once more, “Now let’s get this party started!”

The team party lasted well into the morning McGonagall made an unenthusiastic attempt to put an end to the party but nothing more. The whole House partied until one by one they drifted up to the dorm rooms.

A/N: There you have it chapter 14! I hope you all enjoyed it! Please review!

Beautiful chapter image by Lady Malfoy @ TDA

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