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Chapter 3 – That Girl and Her Letters


After the dream Draco had, he avoided the Golden Trio as often as he could. But he couldn’t stop the dreams coming… They were always about Harry and Hermione. In Draco’s own opinion, they weren’t dreams… they were nightmares. He wanted them to stop, but every night when he closed his eyes, Harry and Hermione appeared. It was like a rash that wouldn’t go away no matter what you did.


It was a Saturday afternoon and Draco decided he would go and sit by the lake. He found a nice spot of warm grass in the sunlight, hoping it would lighten his depressive state. The sun always seemed to make him feel like things are going to get better. Like the muggle saying ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ it made him feel like he would soon be on the other side, but to many wizards, that statement would make him sound like a future death eater.


The warmth on his back was calming, as he stared at what usually would be black water, but the sun made it a dark green color. He moved closer to the water edge and looked down at his reflection. His left cheek and part of his nose was scarred. They weren’t normal scars; they looked more like they had been deep gashes.


The warmth on his back instantly stopped and there was a shadow of a girl flittering onto the grass and into the lake where it disappeared.


‘I still think you have fabulous eyes, the scars also give you more potential.’ A soft voice drifted to his ears.


Draco spun around and saw the girl who had sat with him on the carriage the first day back. He huffed at her comment.


‘Sure, because I didn’t have potential before, and they make my eyes stand out! The scars are barely noticeable.’ He said sarcastically.


‘Well I think they are interesting, they’re not like normal scars.’ She commented as she sat next to him.


‘I’m Tamika, Ravenclaw.’ She put her hand out for him to shake it.


‘Draco Malfoy, Slytherin.’ Draco replied, but he didn’t shake her hand.


‘Why do you talk to me?’ Draco asked after a moment in silence.


‘I find you… different, unpredictable… I like that about you.’ She looked out to the lake, just as the giant quid threw a tentacle out of the water and waved it about. ‘Kind of like the Giant Squid.’


‘Yeah, and almost as ugly as it too.’ Draco mumbled.


‘I don’t think so.’


Tamika and Draco sat in silence for a while, Draco thought why Tamika even wanted to be seen with him, according to everything he has done, he will probably be known as a blood traitor soon.


That night Draco was sitting in the common room in front of the fire. He had come to realize, the Slytherins only liked him because of his looks, and otherwise they would still talk to him.


‘Psst!’ Draco looked around wondering what had made the sound.


‘Over here.’ The voice said again, Draco then spotted an eye and pale skin peeking through what seemed to be a door behind one of the Slytherin drapes next to the fire.


Without thinking Draco got up and walked over to the drapery, pulled it back and went through the tiny door.


‘What… whose there?’ Draco whispered into the blackness


‘It’s me, Tamika.’ The girl then grabbed Draco by the robe and shoved her lips against his, Draco didn’t respond but she pushed against him harder forcing his mouth open.


‘Stop!’ Draco managed to say.


‘Why?’ Tamika let him go and backed off.


‘Tamika… I’m sorry, I barely know you… why are you kissing me?’ Draco sounded outraged and apologetic at the same time.


‘Because I like you Draco, you’re mysterious… special.’ She whispered, by the sound of her voice she didn’t take rejection too well.


‘I like someone else Tamika…’ Draco said almost rude.


Draco waited a moment in silence then he heard a quiet held back sob escape her mouth and heard her slide down the wall to the floor.


‘Lumos’ Draco’s wand light ignited and he realized they where in a passageway, if he outstretched his arms his hands would touch either side, it was long, he guessed it must lead to where she came from… probably a hallway somewhere near Ravenclaw tower.


‘Tamika…’ Draco said as he touched her shoulder.


‘Why don’t you love me?’ Tamika practically yelled.


‘Shh!’ Draco reacted instantly. ‘I don’t know… I’ve never been in love… It’s a very strong word and feeling Tam… Not everyone falls in love. I don’t think I ever will.’ Draco whispered.


‘But I’ve fallen for you.’ She sobbed louder now, harsh, dry, painful sobs. There was no stopping her from crying… Draco had never had to take care of a crying person before, Slytherins don’t cry.


‘I have to go, it’s late… I’ll see you around.’ He whispered, Draco moved towards the door when Tamika grabbed him by the arm.


‘If you ever feel anything for me, you will tell me right away won’t you?’ She said looking at Draco with her tear stained face.


Draco simply nodded and peeked through the drapery to make sure no one was there when he exited.


Over the next few days Draco stayed in the common room as often as possible, he would rather endure the Slytherins taunting and insulting him than have to have an awkward conversation with Tamika or be found by the golden trio and be asked to hang around them at lunches and free periods.


One day after Draco had finished eating lunch, he practically ran to the common room when he saw Tamika and Hermione get up from their tables to follow him. Once he was safely inside the common room, he sat in front of the fire, ignoring a bunch of fourth years that laughed at him when he passed them.


While warming himself up, an orange/brown small owl soared into the common room, and landed on the table in front of him, Draco leant forward and untied the letter from its left leg, he gave the owl a pat and opened the letter, the bird didn’t move from its spot… the letter must need a reply. He started to read…



I know you have been hiding away in your common room, why don’t you come out, we could go to Hogsmeade one weekend. Maybe even go to the hogs head and get some coffee or butterbeer. I miss you already sweetie. Come see me as soon as possible, maybe you have just had a lot of homework… Do 5th years get a lot of homework? I’m only a 4th year so I wouldn’t know. But please come and see me, I need you in my life darling.


I love you, Tamika.


Draco re-read the letter a few times… they had barely even become friends and she is already calling him ‘sweetie’ and ‘darling’ and telling him he loves her… Draco opened his backpack that he left on the floor earlier and pulled out some ink a quill, and parchment.


What do you write back to a obsessive girl that just told you that she loves you…?



Yeah… I’ve had so much homework the past couple of days, I don’t know if I’m going to pass my classes. When I get the chance, I’ll definitely come see you. I’m not sure how to react to you saying you love me. We barely know each other Tam… How can you tell you love me already? I’m not going to say it back because that would be lying, but know I’ll always be your friend if that’s what you want. Well, I have more homework to do. Sorry.


Bye, Draco.


Draco proof read the letter. “I might sound like a bit of a prat, but I guess I have to be so she knows we are strictly friends” Draco thought to himself.


He tied the letter back to onto the owl’s leg and it took off. If she was as persistent and obsessive as Draco thought, he would be getting another letter in 20 minutes or so… After all, the owl only has to fly around the school.


Draco pulled out his Transfiguration homework, realizing he really was behind on homework a fair bit. He had answered a few questions that where set, and started on his 8inch essay about how to turn a frog into an ornament without turning it’s insides into stone as well when the same orange/brown owl flew over to him again… it had only been 15 minutes. Draco groaned as he pulled it off the owl hastily and read it.



I just know these things, from the day I met you on the carriages I knew I had to be with you, and I know now that we are going to be together forever. I can’t wait until you ask me to be your girlfriend Draco. I love you so much.


All my love, Tam


Draco stared at the letter… she wants to be his girlfriend, Draco was scared for his sanity, was this girl for real or was she playing some harsh joke, no one could possibly fall in love that quickly, they had only ever spoken three time, and one of those times she tried to kiss him. Draco looked down, the owl left; it obviously didn’t want a reply. Thankful, Draco put away his homework and left for the rest of his classes.


Over the next two days, Draco was receiving more and more letters from Tamika, telling Draco she needed to see him and that she is going insane without seeing his face for this long. But Draco just sent back blank letters.


It had been around a week and a half and Draco couldn’t help but feel bad for avoiding the golden trio after all, they had tried to befriend him, but he knew something inside him had changed… and he didn’t like it one bit. He hated feeling like he LIKED the Golden Trio… But he was thankful that they hadn’t tried as hard as Tamika to be his friend, they just accepted his apology and let him go at his own speed with becoming friends.


In the back of his mind, Draco blamed Hermione for his face, but he couldn’t accuse her of purposely doing it, he knew for a fact that she hadn’t known it would burn.


‘Hey! Malfoy! Wait up!’ Draco spun to see a black-haired boy running after him. Draco stopped walking and waited for Harry Potter to catch up. Happy it wasn’t Tamika, He exhaled a breath he didn’t realize he was holding he then headed for the dungeons, hoping Harry wouldn’t follow him too far. He wasn’t in the mood for people that much anymore.


‘Where have you been lately? We haven’t seen you around.’ Harry said half out of breath.


‘I’ve been in my room.’ Draco stated.


‘Oh…’ Harry looked hurt but Draco didn’t care about being nice at the moment, he just had to get away.


‘Well, Ron, Hermione and I were about to go play some Quidditch, well… Ron and I are Hermione just wants to sit there and do her homework as usual. Care to join?’ Harry asked happily.


‘Can’t, I have homework.’ The other boy replied flatly.


Harry looked at Draco for a moment then said. ‘What’s got your wand in a knot?’


‘Nothing, I’ve just got homework I have to do.’


‘Well, it’s like your avoiding us… did we do something wrong?’


‘No.’ Draco looked around and realized that they were alone in the dungeons. Right near their potions class.


‘Well, okay. If you want to, when you finish your homework you can come out and… play some Quidditch or something yeah?’ Harry smiled.


Draco stared into Harry’s eyes… They were the perfect green with golden yellow specks near the iris. He could play with them for a little while… it wouldn’t hurt anyone would it?


‘Sure, if you want, I can… put my homework off for a bit…?’ Draco didn’t realize but he had his right hand around Harry’s shoulders, how long it had been like that, he didn’t know.


‘Sure! That would be great!’ Harry smiled happily.


‘Well, how about we go out and get changed then play some Quidditch!’ Draco said almost… flirtatious. Harry obviously didn’t notice, much to Draco’s pleasure once he re-said that statement in his head. He scolded himself for even thinking about Harry and flirtatious in the same sentence.


The two boys walked out into the afternoon light and headed towards the Quidditch pitch. When they arrived they both went into their separate change rooms where their Quidditch robes were kept and changed. Draco then removed his Nimbus 2001 from his cupboard and exited the change rooms, Harry was already there holding his Firebolt; and Ron was already dressed and ready and talking to Hermione.


‘Let’s play! How about me and Ron verse you Harry?’ Draco suggested.


‘Yeah, that’s fair considering that you’re like the youngest seeker in a century!’ Ron exclaimed.


The three boys played Quidditch for a while, Ron and Draco verse Harry, and Harry was still winning by a few points. Draco had the quaffle and was heading straight for Harry’s goal when he heard a voice…


‘Go Draco! I love you!’ Draco looked over and saw Tamika in the stands jumping up and down, he didn’t realize how fast he was going and he ran straight into Harry, causing them to tumble towards the ground.


Draco hit the ground with a hard thump, then felt a body slam into his back, he rolled over causing the other boy to slide onto the ground. Harry was unconscious, before Draco knew it, Hermione and Ron where by his side staring at Harry.


Hermione screamed when she saw Harry wasn’t breathing. Ron started yelling saying it was some skank in the stands fault. Draco mentally laughed at his insults towards her.


‘Someone do mouth to mouth!’ Hermione yelled.


‘You do it!’ Draco yelled over Ron’s shouting about Tamika.


‘I don’t know how! You do it!’ She screamed, Draco looked around frantically and saw Tamika running over.


With that Draco shoved his mouth onto Harry’s and blew a deep breath into his mouth, after two breaths Harry opened his eyes and gasped for breath, Hermione rudely pushed Draco off and helped Harry up.


Draco was instantly ignored by Ron and Hermione as they started telling Harry how scared they were, they were honestly so scared they still hadn’t lowered their voices, so it seemed they were yelling at him.


Draco glanced over to where Tamika had been running towards them and saw that she had stopped and had her jaw hanging wide open like a fly catcher. Draco was interrupted when Harry hugged him and thanked him.


Hermione had calmed down and said that dinner was going to be ready in around an hour and they best get ready.


Draco had forgotten that he was supposed to be ignoring the 3 Gryffindors and didn’t care that he forgot. He had been having a great time until he almost killed Harry.


‘Well, I’ll see you at dinner guys!’ Draco called as he walked off towards the school once he was showered, dressed and ready for dinner. He thought it would be best to leave them alone for a while.


Draco sat in his common room before dinner, staring blankly out the window; he couldn’t see much, considering the dungeons were almost under-ground. He could hear the strong wind howling like a werewolf and the fire quietly crackling. Draco liked it better when it was quiet… he hated loud crowds and such, it was too unorganized and too much shoving to make your way through the crowd.


‘Draco? If you’re down there could you come here a moment please?’ Draco was snapped out of his trance as Pansy Parkinson’s voice came ringing down the girls staircase. She hadn’t bothered talking to him for the past few weeks, why start now? He thought to himself. Choosing to ignore her, he quickly scrambled to his feet and headed to the great hall for dinner, just before he went through the portrait he turned and saw Pansy’s shadow emerging.


Once in the great hall, Draco decided that he would sit at the Gryffindor table. He sat next to Hermione who greeted him with a hug.


‘Anyway, I think it would be stupid for them to do that, I thought is was against the law, so why bother learning it, if we can’t use it.’ Ron said after swallowing a mouthful of food. Draco looked confused, and then realized they were probably having a conversation earlier. He was glad they weren’t talking about how Harry almost died.


‘What are you guys talking about?’ Draco asked.


‘We’re talking about how Dumbledore thinks that in Transfiguration, we should learn how to change our appearance, kind of like the Polyjuice potion, but changes you to what you want to look like by using certain spells, it also works a lot quicker.’ Harry explained.


‘Ronald, it’s so that if we ever need protection for some reason, we can quickly make the changes!’ Hermione said, obviously irritated. Probably because she has explained it to him numerous times before.


‘Well, I think it would be good to learn it.’ Draco put in.


‘Thank you Draco, finally someone who agrees. You could be my partner seeing as Harry and Ron think it’s a stupid waste of time.’ Hermione glared at her boyfriend and the red head.


‘If that’s okay with Harry…’


‘Yeah mate, of course it’s alright. Just don’t blow her face off!’ they laughed. Draco and the golden trio ate in light conversation, and much to Draco’s pleasure the earlier incident didn’t come up as a subject.


Later when the golden trio, and their newest member had finished eating and hustled off to the main entrance so they could say their goodbye’s and go to bed they just started a new subject of conversation when a dog-faced looking girl stepped in front of them.


‘Draco, honestly, you are still hanging out with these Gryffindorks, you could have chosen any house and anyone but you chose them and Gryffindor. Don’t worry though, everyone already hates you, and by the looks of things… you must hate us too, seeing as your now a blood traitor. Well hey, that’s life I guess. We all thought you were going to be strong, rich and have a good name for yourself. But you threw all that away when you befriended these people’ Pansy Parkinson drawled in the same cold voice Draco would usually use when he spoke to the Gryffindors.


‘Get lost Pansy you dog!’ Harry spat at her.


‘Oh I was all but planning too. Being seen with TWO blood traitors, a mud-blood and the golden boy, is hardly on my curriculum today.’ With that Pansy stalked off towards the dungeons.


‘Draco, just forget her, she’s a skank anyway.’ Hermione said glaring at where Pansy was moments ago.


All three boys gasped at Hermione’s statement. Ron burst into laughter and Harry and Draco looked lost for words.


‘What? I can be mean when I want too!’ Hermione defended herself.


‘I know that from first hand experience, but Hermione Granger insulting someone to that extent… is just hilarious!’ Draco said as he stifled back laughter.


They insulted Pansy for a while then finally said goodbye and went separate ways. Draco got into the dungeons and went straight to his bedroom, hoping for a good nights sleep but when he opened his bedroom door there on his table was the same familiar orange/brown owl with a letter attached to its leg…


A/N: Haha, so guys what do you think of the third chapter, sorry i took so long to update, the staff had their holidays and i wanted to re-write most of this because it was originally BORING with nothing interesting, so i thought i might make Draco have a girl chasing him.

Hope you all like it
- Nicki

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