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A/N Well here it is, chapter eleven, enjoy



So why are you in a rush the now, if we are not going till tomorrow?” asks Ginny

Ginny, me and Bella will have to go hunting before we leave and you need to eat and sleep” replies Alice.

The three girls continue to pack their bags with two outfits for daytime, an outfit for going clubbing and all the other accessories they would need. Afterwards Ginny had a quick dinner before jumping in to bed (setting her alarm to wake her at five in the morning). As Ginny done all that, Bella and Alice went hunting after packing their bags.


Chapter eleven


Hermione was jumping up and down. She was at the airport waiting to board her plane.

“Maya, you need to calm down a bit, your killing your brother” said Carlisle looking over to where jasper was also jumping in excitement - something that he rarely does.

“I can’t help it; I can’t wait to see Jane, John, Ginny, Alice. And to meet this Bella you all have told me about.” said Hermione looking at her watch, “time to board now”

Grabbing Jacob’s hand, she ran to the boarding gates.

“What are we going to do with her?” smiles Esme

“Tie her up?” suggests Seth grinning

Seth, Sam, Emily, Embry, Leah slowly start to walk after Hermione and Jacob. Within minutes of them leaving jasper picks up his bag, “come on we better hurry” he says before he too, along with Carlisle and Esme follow the pack onto the plane.

**************** In the middle of the woods.

“Alice, tell me more about Hermione. Is she like? Will she like me?” asks Bella, now realising that she will meet the one human (bar her) that had stolen the Cullen’s immortal heart.

“Bella, what’s not to like about you. Of course, Maya will love you, you make Edward happy. Therefore, that will make her happy.

Maya there is so much to her. She loves her music, Edward taught her to play the piano. Every Sunday night, they would both sit at the piano playing music together. During those times, every one in the house would sit on the floor surrounding the table. It was so calming, the music they played.

Her voice. When she sang, she sounded like an angel. Her voice was so unnaturally perfect. She would hit every note perfectly.” Alice replied, her eyes glazing over as she talked of the past.

Alice came to sit next to Bella. Both of them had a little blood on their tops. The bears in the woods the hunted in where harder to feed upon, unlike those n Forks.

“Bella, you’ll love her, like you she is not one for shopping. However, when she is in the mood. Let’s say you would rather shop with me. There was once Esme took her out to get a new outfit. It took the five hours to find the perfect one. And it was only a summer dress.” laughed Alice

“Alice” laughed Bella, “no-one is worst than you”

“You’ll see. And I will hold you onto that too, Maya can be worse than me. Come on lets go wake Ginny. That’s the sun rising”

*************** London Hermione’s pov


The plane had landed three hours ago. The Cullen’s’ and wolfs where now in the apartment that they had haired.

I look out the window to see the sun rising over London. A sight I had not seen in nearly a year.

I look around the room, Sam and Emily where in the small kitchen cooking Breakfast (which smelt rather disgusting). Embry was flicking through the channels grumping that he new none of the kids cartons that where on. Leah was talking to Aunt Esme about some sort of decorating thing. Uncle C was just sitting watching every one. Jasper was out having a walk to the shop to buy more food.


In addition, Jacob, my Jacob. As far as I could hear was in a shower humming to himself. The scents of his body wash wafting through to the living room.

I sign in content before looking at the clock, it was 11.30 am

“Hey everyone, we will have to hurry up. We are meeting John and Annie at one at the racetrack. I want to get some practice before the race tonight.” I say

“Don’t worry Love” replies Jacob, coming out the bathroom. All he had on was a towel wrapped around his waist. I let y eyes travel down his body.

He chuckles, “like what you see” he smirks”

“Maybe” I grin at him. After that, he goes to get changed.

********** At the race track (13.00 pm)


“Annie, John” I shout running at human pace towards them. I wrap her arms around my adopted parents, remembering to be gentle.

“Hermione, we have missed you so much,” says Annie kissed her daughters head

“We sure have princess, thought you would never make it” smiled John ruffling my hair, as I tried to slap his hands away. “You have sure changed since we last saw you, but doesn’t worry Albus has explained everything even about what you are. Nevertheless, that will never change how we feel about you. You will always be our angel”

“John, Annie. I would like you to meet the doctor who looked after me when I was little. (Carlisle walks over to them, with Esme at his side) This is Dr Carlisle Cullen, my adopted Uncle, and his wife, my Aunt, Esme Cullen. Behind them, with the blonde hair is one of my big brothers, Major Jasper Whitlock Hale.” I say introducing my parent to Uncle C, Aunt E and Jazz before moving onto the pack.

“And behind Jazz is the werewolf shape shifter pack. The alpha Sam, his mate Emily, Leah and her brother Seth, Embry and last but not forgotten is my boyfriend and beta to the pack is Jacob.”

“Everyone these two wonderful human in front of me, are my adopted parents John and Annie Granger”

“It’s a pleasure too meet you both” started Esme, “Hermione had told us a lot about you both”

“I could say the same for you,” replied Annie walking over to Esme, “she used to talk non-stop about you, and your family”

I watch as the two of the most important females in my life walk off together discussing me, (while I was younger.)

I turn to John with a grin on my face, “Daddy” I say sweetly, as I do when I wan something

John looked at me then laughed, “she’s warming up for you down on the track”

With that, I leave everyone in a cloud of dirt as I race to the track to where my baby-sat waiting for me.

There she was. My baby. A blood red mini stock. A black thorny rose had been painted up each side of the car; on the bonnet said “Beautiful Yet Dangerous” in large letters, the roof of the car was painted black, towards the back left hand corner was the Cullen crest.

All that had to be done to the paintwork was to put the symbol of the team I will be racing with on the roof. Every year we where put into teams chosen by one of the many men organising the race.

I grab my black and red, race suit that was on top of y car. I slowly put it on, making sure I do it up. I then grab my all black helmet and place it on my head. I know I do not need it but I would still have to make myself look human.

One dressed, I lower myself into the car thorough the driver’s window. I strap myself in and put my foot down on the pedal. Within seconds, I am whizzing around the empty track.


A/N hope you like, it will be a while before the next chapter is up, I have another story idea I want to start. So that may take up a lot of my time. Please review and tell me what you think

Lady_nite xx

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