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A/N: It's a bit fluffy sort of. Sorry! Not too good at that,

“Excuse me?” Lily asked indignantly.
“I’m just saying, it wouldn’t be a good idea to go outside tonight.” James replied sheepishly.
“Now your going to tell me when and where I can go?” Lily scoffed.
“No, just please don’t go outside.” James pleaded.
“Get out of my way Potter, I have things to do.” Lily said as she pushed past him.

“I want you to collect at least 10 vials of unicorn blood.” Said Professor Kettleburn.
Karma rolled her eyes, “Sure,” but as the Professor turned his back to the forest and her, Karma shouted out. “Aren’t you going to stay with me? How do you know I’m not just going to walk back to the castle and forget this dumb detention.” Karma asked, snorting slightly at the Professors thickness.
He smiled a sinisterly toothy smile. “Because, I have your wand, and I have placed wards so you cant get inside the castle until you complete the detention.” He strolled back to the castle lazily. Though hobbled would be a better word since one of his legs were missing.
Karma felt slightly worried. She was here, almost in the forbidden forest, which was forbidden for a reason, without a wand or any means of getting back to the castle. True she wasn’t going to be that far in the forest, professor had said the unicorn blood was spotted on the outskirts. She set out deeper into the forest wondering whether she could accio blood...oh wait, she didn’t have her wand. The whole detention was pointless. So what if she asked what help the ten uses of dragon blood would be to her when becoming an International Quidditch star. And so what if she questioned the point of Care of Magical Creatures. And so what if she had asked why Kettleburn was teaching when he should be ina retirement home.

Emily wandered down the hallway looking for Lily. Accidentally, she bumped into James.
“Oh, Sorry.” James said distractedly.
“Hey, have you seen Remus?” oops, I meant Lily.
“Uh yeah, he’s around.” James replied, again in the troubled voice.
“I thought he was visiting Peter’s grandfather?” Emily asked raising her eyebrows.
James head snapped back to face her. “He is.” James replied.
“ohkaay…whats wrong?” she asked, she could see he was worried.
“Just tell Lily not to go out anywhere tonight, okay? She’s in the Common Room. Thanks!” He said as he hurried off.
Well that was weird…

Inside the Common Room, she couldn’t find Lily or Karma. She turned around to Alice who was making out with Frank.
“Uh, Alice? Alice? Alice!” Emily shouted, frustrated.
Alice pulled away, “Sorry,” she replied blushing.
“Its alright, do you know where Karma and Lily are?”
“Uh-huh, Karma got detention from Kettleburn for pushing Zane and Thomas into one of the thestrals during Care of Magical Creatures. So she’s probably outside with Professor doing detention, and Lily said she was taking a walk. Seemed pissed at James, but that not unusual.” Alice finished with a smile.
“Kay thanks see you later. Don’t forget to use protection.” Emily said, winking as Alice and Frank blushed.

Lily checked the giant clock. It was twelve-thirty. Her arms were crossed tightly as she paced back and forth.
I hate him.
But he’s so sweet.
No he isn’t!
He got you a flower!
Only because he wants you to date him!
Isn’t that nice?
No, he is evil and arrogant, and vicious, and full-of-himself, and is not nice!
Right! Not nice.

Lily nodded as both parts of her mind agreed. She was about to turn around when something caught her eye. Some kind of large deer shaped animal was fighting something else. She couldn’t tell what they were since she was far away, but the undistinguished animal had large teeth and claws. It backed away into the forest and the deer/caribou thing chased after it. Lily shrugged, she decided she should go tell Professor Dumbledore or Professor Kettleburn about the animal. One of the students could get hurt. Before she could get some much as two steps closer to the castle, her body froze. Karma was doing detention in the forest.

Emily headed out of the front gates of Hogwarts, and headed towards the Whomping Willow, where she could see a silhouette. She guessed it was Lily, but a few feet before she reached the tree, she stumbled to the side, narrowly avoiding stepping on a rat. She stared as the rat scampered to the castle. Turning around she was met by a pair of glowing yellow eyes. Her own eyes widened as she stared into the scary, familiar eyes, before letting out a high pitched scream.

Her heart thudded violently against her ribs as she slowly backed away. She tripped over a rock landing on her butt. The werewolf followed, he crouched down and Emily could tell he was about to pounce on her. His claws were clenched tightly as he stood bent over. He seemed to be debating the best way to kill her. She snatched up her wand and pointed it at the werewolf. Her hand trembled violently and as she tried to think of a good curse. None came to mind. One part of her mind was screaming at her to get up and run but the other part of it laughed. She knew she could never out run him.

Suddenly her heart clenched painfully. She was obviously going to die, but what about Lily and Karma. She prayed that they weren’t outside. Or if they were, she hoped they would be with Professor Kettleburn. He would most likely be able to protect them. She focused on the werewolf again. He had moved back a few feet. Wasn’t he going to snack on her? He seemed to be debating whether or not to attack. He moved forward two steps before backing up three. Suddenly a large stag and a giant black dog jumped in front of her.

She watched as the dog and stag tried to jump on the werewolf but they seemed to be causing no physical damage. The stag was limping and as it raced around the werewolf, she could see a large gash on its underbelly and foreleg. The werewolf let out a long howl before retreating into the forest. The dog chased after it. The stag limped towards her, nudging her with his nose. Emily patted the stag before running back to the castle. Her mind begging her friends to be safe. She had to go tell a Professor. Even though she was a talented witch, she knew she could never fight a werewolf.
Karma stared at the silvery liquid. It was pretty considering it was blood. She wondered who was killing the poor animals. Currently however she hated the animal’s blood. She had only filled up one out of ten bottles. Tomorrow they had no classes. Would anyone notice her missing? Kettleburn wouldn’t make her stay out her all weekend would he? He wouldn’t dare, Karma thought, narrowing her eyes as she predicted his evilness.

She spotted a gleam of silver and she hurried forward, just as she was bending down to retrieve it into one of the vials, something hard collided against her shoulders. She flew backwards as the heavy black dog landed on her. She looked up bewildered as the shaggy black dog growled. The dog was covering most of her vision but she could barely make out a stag and a werewolf.
“What the fu-?” Her sentence was cut off as the black dog dug his teeth into her arm and dragged her to the side. He deposited her behind a tree before running back towards the werewolf.

She peered around from behind the tree and saw the dog and stag push and prod the werewolf towards the whomping willow. Suddenly, they disappeared. Karma blinked her eyes as she stared into the darkness. There was only the tree, swaying slightly in the wind. All of a sudden, a man appeared, besides the tree, almost as if he apparated, but Karma was sure apparition wasn’t possible on Hogwarts grounds. Em and Lily had only mentioned it a thousand times.
The man jogged towards her. As he ran through a clearing in the woods, she could see by the moonlight that it was Sirius. Karma got up and ran towards him. He was only wearing a pair of ratty, old shorts.

“What the hell is going on?” she asked.
Sirius responded by grabbing her arm and running to the castle. Karma had to run to keep up with him. When they were only two feet from the castle, Karma was tossed backward ten feet. Sirius whirled around.
“What did you do?” His face was grim for the first time as he glanced around.
“I cant go inside until I finish detention. And you didn’t answer my question; what is going on?”
“I’ll tell you later” Sirius muttered as he paced back and forth, running his hand through his hair. He stopped and motioned for her to follow.
“Stay right here. Don’t move! I’ll be back in a few minutes.” He said, staring at her sternly.

Without waiting for a response, he dashed around the castle and out of view.
Karma groaned. She debated whether or not to follow him. It didn’t look like she was going to get any answers, but decided not to. Nor did it look like she was ever going to finish her detention. She sat down with her back leaning against the tree.

Lily was about to turn around and get Karma when she saw a spot of blood on the ground. She turned around and saw James, lying not ten feet away. She ran towards him, her eyes widening as she saw the blood soaking his shirt. His eyes fluttered weakly as she knelt down.
“James? Get up! I’m gonna take you to Madam Merion okay?”
“Lily?” James whispered feebly.
Lily nodded, her hair swishing back and forth. The anti-James voice from her mind had disappeared.
“Not the Hospital wing. Too many questions.” James muttered between gasps.
Lily nodded again, tears were streaming down her cheeks as she muttered locomotor corpus. Casting a disillusionment charm on both of them. She ran upstairs to his dormitory. Edward, Sirius, and Remus’ beds were empty. Frank had fallen asleep downstairs in the common room next to Alice. She quickly laid him on the bed, before accio-ing bandages from her room. Pulling his shirt off gently, her stomach flipped as she saw the large gash on his arm and stomach. Conjuring a bottle of dittany and poured it onto the cut, watching as greenish steam billowed upward when it had cleared. The wound now looked several days old, but Lily was sure it would leave a scar. She then grabbed a towel and wiped off the excessive amount of blood. He looked a little less nauseating now, but he was still pale and a thin sheen of sweat dripped from his face. James groaned and opened his eyes.
“How do you feel?” Lily whispered.
“Rotten” croaked James, wincing as he sat up, “Where are we?”
“In your dormitory. Shh, Go back to sleep.” Lily murmured.
“Are you leaving?” James croaked again, “Please, don’t.”
Lily nodded and sat down on he edge of the bed, combing his hair with her fingers, as he closed his eyes.

Emily ran down hallway stopping at the gargoyle. As she tried to remember the password, her mind flitted to Remus. Thankfully, he was visiting Peter’s- her breath hitched in her throat as the pieces fell into place.

Sirius shifted in his sleep, pulling the orchid and jasmine smelling object closer to his face. The object in question moved, pushing away from him.
“Hmm?” Sirius asked groggily as he rubbed his eyes.
As he opened his eyes, he saw Karma trapped in his arms, as she pushed at his chest in a futile attempt to escape.
“Sorry” Sirius muttered sheepishly as he pulled away.
Karma shook her head as she stood up. “Do you think I can go in now?” she asked, eyeing the door.
“Only one way to find out.” Sirius said as he pushed her to the door.
“No way! Do you know how much being kicked ten feet feels like?!” Karma asked.
“I’ll stand right behind you so you don’t go flying.” Sirius replied grinning.
He stood behind her as she took a wary step forward. Nothing happened.
“Maybe a little closer?” Karma mused.
Sirius nodded, stepping closer to her.
“I meant to the wall.” Karma said, raising her eyebrow.
“Right.” Sirius replied with another grin.
Karma rolled her eyes and walked towards the castle, passing through with out incident.
Sirius ran after her, following her up to the Common Room.
Halfway up the girls dormitory staircase, Karma called out to Sirius, “You WILL tell me what happened last night.”
“Sure, sure.” Sirius replied.
Karma rolled her eyes and ran up the rest of the stairs, opening the door only to be ambushed by Emily.
Emily squeezed Karma tightly. “Thank god, your alright.”
“Karma pulled away, “Wait, you saw the werewolf too?”
Emily nodded, “I’ll tell you everything when we find Lily. Come on.”

Lily got up, careful not to disturb James, and crept down the stairs. Emily and Karma were in the Common Room.
“Hey.” She whispered, careful not to disturb Frank or Alice.
Emily pulled her to the side, as she cast a Muffliato spell.
They all recounted what they saw last night.
“James had an enormous cut on him? So did the stag.” Emily said furrowing her eyebrows.
“You don’t think he’s an animagi?” Karma asked curiously.
Lily nodded “It makes sense,”
“But then Sirius would be…the dog?” Karma asked skeptically.
“Did you guys see Remus? He’s the werewolf” Emily said solemnly.
“That’s why they’ve been disappearing.” Lily thought.
“Their obviously not registered animagi. Do you think Peter’s one too? He always goes missing with them, but I didn’t see any other animal.” Karma mused.
“Let’s talk to Sirius, he’s upstairs.” Lily said, leading the way upstairs.

Sirius was sitting on his bed, talking quietly with James.

“Sirius, you have to tell us everything.” Lily said crossing her arms, glancing at James who was trying to sit up.
“I know what he is.” Emily said.
“And we know what you guys are.” Karma said.
“And what would that be?” Sirius asked sneering.
It was as if their previous conversation had never occurred.
“Your animagi’s!” Karma yelled, annoyed.

Lily put a hand on her shoulder, restraining her from ripping his head off.
“What? So now your gonna go run and tell Dumbledore?” Sirius asked standing up glaring at her.
“Sirius.” James murmured weakly.
Karma glared at him. “You obviously don’t know us well enough. Emily and Lily would never tell Remus’ secret. Neither would I, no matter how much I loathe you.”
“Whatever. You better sleep with your wand under your pillow. The day this secret leaves the room, you will be dead.”
Karma rolled her eyes.
Sirius turned around to address James, “I’m going to see Remus. See you in a bit.”
“Can I come?” Emily asked, worriedly.
Sirius nodded and left the room with her.

Karma crawled on to James’ bed, while Lily hung back uncomfortably.
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Karma asked pouting.
James grinned, “Sorry, Guess I’m not an amazing friend.”
“No your not, and I’m never speaking to you again.” Karma sniffed haughtily.
“Oh, how will I live?” James asked sarcastically, “How about this. I tell you guys the whole story, and then you can speak to me again.” James asked glancing at Lily.
“Story time.” Karma said gleefully as she sat next to James and waved Lily over.
Lily perched on the edge of the bed. James reached out and grabbed her arm, ignoring her yelp as he pulled her next to him. Lily blushed slightly as James grinned at her and began telling the story dramatically.
“It was a dark and dreary night…”
Karma stared at him.
“Okay, it was a normal night, five years ago.”
Lily smiled slightly, embarrassingly aware of the heat radiating off of her face as James’ arm kept brushing against hers ‘accidentally’.

Emily followed Sirius as they made their way to the Whomping Willow. Sirius stopped and muttered something, and a long, sturdy looking branch materialized at their feet. Sirius picked the branch up, using it to prod a knot at the roots of the tree. Emily watched, amazed as the branches stopped swaying. Sirius motioned for her to follow. Suddenly he disappeared from view. She spotted a small opening between two of the largest roots. Taking a deep breath, she slid in. Sirius was inside, waiting for her on his hands and knees. She crawled behind him for what seemed like a century, finally entering alit room. Emily stood up as she glanced around the room. The walls of the room were scratched as well as the boards covering the windows. Quiet snores seemed to be coming from a small pile of rags on the floor. She turned around, directing her gaze at the four poster bed. Remus was sleeping their, twitching every three minutes. His brown hair was unusually dirty and unkempt.
“What’s going on?” Sirius growled.
The pile of rags gave a jerk and shifted, revealing Peter’s face.
“Dunno. A nightmare or something. Tried waking him up but nothing.” Peter continued quickly at Sirius’ stunned expression.
“He’s alive. Want me to get Madam Merion?” Peter asked.
“No. I’ll get her myself.” He glanced at Remus again, worry etched on his face, before sweeping out of the room.
Peter seemed to have went to sleep again. Emily crawled onto the side of the bed. There were new scratches on his face. She softly brushed his hair back with her fingers. Even in slumber, his face was full of concern. She held his dirty hand in her own pale ones, interlacing their fingers.

She wasn’t sure how long, but a long time later, Madam Merion showed up, though Sirius was no where. She examined Remus for quite a while, forcing him to drink various potions before stepping away to face Emily.

“Miss Emerson, he shall be awake shortly. Please remind him to drink his potion daily.”

Em nodded and watched Madam Merion disappear through the door. When she turned around again, Remus had awoken.

“Hey, do you feel any better?” Emily whispered, crawling back onto the bed.
Remus chose to ignore that question, staring at his hands for a minute before asking her one of his own.

“James told you?”
Emily nodded.

“I’m soo sorry.”
Emily stared at him, with a confused expression. “For what?”
“For what? I almost killed Lily and Karma today. I almost killed you. If it hadn’t been for James and Sirius… I hurt my best-friend. I’m a monster.” Remus said shamefully, not meeting Emily’s eyes.

“Remus, I don’t care what you are and you’re definitely not a monster. You are one of the sweetest, smartest, and handsome guy I’ve ever met. In fact…I love you.”
Remus’ eyes locked with hers.

I love you too. A lot. More than my life. “But I don’t.” Remus replied looking away.
Emily’s momentarily hurt face changed into accusation.
“Don’t lie. Your doing this for my safety aren’t you?” She accused, jerking him back, forcing him to look at her.

Remus didn’t reply.
“None of it matters to me.” Emily whispered, before taking his face and brushing her lips against his.

A/N: Sorry if the really long wait! I've been a tad busy. Reviews are appreciated and I'll update as soon as possible!

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