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A/N: Ok, so I have completely re-done this chapter.  I have split it in half and included a few new inserts here and there.  I had a lot of reviews telling me I was rushing, so hopefully, this fixes a few of them.  Anyway, tell me if you like this one!  And don't worry, the next chapter will come out soon again.  

So pretty much, forget everything you read in the last chapter and start anew.


Micaela lay on her back in the Duff’s garden basking in the summer’s warmth. The yellow grass beneath her pricked her skin even through her deep red skirts, but she ignored the sensation and smiled in content. Summer was the only time she had to relax. The only time where she wasn’t hassled by teachers for homework or bullied by students for her upbringing. 

The Duff house-hold had offered her this sanctuary for the past five years, and this year was no exception. Micaela reflected on her past few years at Hogwarts and smiled wider. They had been the best years of her life. Occasionally, thoughts of her mother and father back in the poor sections of London would thrust themselves into her consciousness, but they would usually disappear with the bad memories that accompanied them. 

At Hogwarts, she had made three amazing friends who had become her bread and butter. Carina with her critical exterior, but who was really as peaceful as a lamb, Bianca with her sharp tongue and authoritive nature, and Tucker. 

Tucker had come to be more than just a good friend to Micaela. Everyone had seen it coming. He was infatuated with her, and Micaela loved the attention and love she felt when he was around. He was there to attend to her every whim. Micaela hadn’t noticed until her fifth year at Hogwarts when Tucker took the liberty upon himself to send her a horrifyingly humiliating dancing Valentines Day card. Micaela had thought Bianca was going to die from lack of oxygen she was laughing so hard.

Later that year, when Micaela spent Christmas with the Duffs, she was coming down the stairs after taking a shower and bumped into Tucker heading up them. They stood there awkwardly for a bit and then out of nowhere he bent down and kissed her. Micaela stood there shocked until he was done. When he pulled away, his whole face turned red and he practically rushed up the stairs. Micaela had felt awful even after they had returned to Hogwarts. Tucker had completely stopped talking to her. She could tell he felt extremely ashamed. 

Then, after the Slytherin/Gryffindor Quidditch match (which they were victorious in) she returned the favour in front of nearly the whole Common Room. It had now been Micaela’s time to blush but Tucker didn’t let her do it for long. He practically dragged her out of the Common Room so they could have some privacy.

Micaela smiled happily at the memory but her daydreams were interrupted by the sound of footsteps crunching over the dead grass. She opened her eyes and sat up, her brown curls cascading down her back. Bianca towered over her, smiling and showing off her perfectly pearly white teeth. Bianca had grown even taller in the past five years, if that was possible. Her black hair had darkened and was now nearly down to her waist in length, but she rarely wore it out. It was more often than not intricately braided and slung into a messy bun that her mother thoroughly disapproved of.

‘What are you doing out here?’ She asked. She seated herself next to Micaela and slung her arm around her shoulders. Micaela leaned into her and rested her head on her best friend’s shoulder.

‘Getting some air,’ she replied honestly. As much as she loved the Duff household, it didn’t know the meaning of privacy. Mrs. Duff was constantly meddling in her children’s affairs, Tucker consistently kept her under close watch and Mr. Duff was always bombarding her with curious questions about the Muggle world.

‘I know what you mean. Mum says we’ll leave for Diagon Alley to get school stuff as soon as you’re ready,’ Bianca said. Micaela nodded and stood up. She offered her hand to Bianca, who gladly took it and hoisted her to her feet. 

‘I’m really not looking forward to the school work this year,’ Micaela said grimly as they walked back to the house. 

‘I know. Tucker says sixth year is the rudest awakening,’ Bianca agreed. ‘Can you believe we are already in sixth year? It’s all gone so fast.’

Mrs. Duff and Tucker were waiting for them in the living room, deep in conversation. When the two girls entered, Mrs. Duff beamed in adoration and her eyes twinkled in delight. ‘Well don’t you two look lovely? See how beautiful my two girls are, Tucker?’

Tucker hadn’t taken his eyes off Micaela, and he nodded and blushed at the same time. Micaela shared the awkward moment and played with the ends of her hair uncertainly. Tucker had grown even more than Bianca and he now had at least a foot on Micaela. He had filled out in the past few years, however, and was no longer such a gangly young man.

Bianca sighed in dismay, ‘Mum, don’t give them any extra opportunities to look at each other.’

Mrs. Duff’s laugh was tinkling and she looked absolutely delighted at the situation she had stirred up. Micaela knew that Mrs. Duff would practically scream with delight if Micaela and Tucker were ever to….

‘Have you not left yet?’ Mr. Duff strode into the room. He was a tall man with jet black hair and deep crow’s feet on either side of his eyes. He was intimidating by appearance, to say the least, but he resembled Tucker in that upon introduction he was extremely shy. ‘I was looking forward to having the house to myself.’

‘We were just about to leave. Just admiring my two beautiful girls,’ Mrs. Duff explained to him as she grabbed Micaela and Bianca round the shoulders and hugged them fiercely. ‘Haven’t they grown up so much?’

‘My God woman! If you don’t get a move on, your two beautiful girls will turn into two old women!’ Mr. Duff replied in exasperation. Tucker gave him a thankful look and then ran his hands through his hair. A jolt of discomfort rocketed through Micaela’s body. The way Tucker had carried out that gesture had reminded her fiercely of someone she wished she could forget.

‘Are you alright?’ Bianca asked at Micaela’s pale face.  Micaela swallowed and nodded. 

‘I’m fine.’ Then she took a handful of Floo powder, thrust it into the fireplace and stepped into the flames. ‘Diagon Alley.’


The Gryffindor Common Room looked remarkably the same as it always did. Micaela breathed in deeply and stared around at the place that had become her permanent home. There was the forever burning fireplace, the clustered house board (which even at this early stage in the year was covered in notices) and the comfy chairs that you practically sank into when you took a seat. 

‘Wow, Gryffindor trials are this week!’ Tucker exclaimed from where he was examining the house board. ‘That’s earlier than last year.’

Micaela groaned and her stomach knotted in anxiety. Tucker smiled warmly at her and squeezed her hand. 

‘You’ll be fine, trust me.’ Instead of letting go, he held onto her hand and Micaela’s nerves slowly settled. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I mean, she had been playing all summer with Tucker and Bianca. Maybe this year she could actually make the team, unlike the past few years. Maybe this year was her year.

‘I don’t think I could stand another failure of a trial,’ Micaela said grimly. Bianca, who had just entered the room, laughed and patted her on the shoulder. 

‘Well, you must admit last year was hilarious!’

‘If I remember correctly you didn’t make the team either,’ Tucker retorted.

‘At least I didn’t knock myself out on the ring of the topmost hoop,’ Bianca laughed. Micaela blushed and hid her head in Tucker’s chest. She could practically see Tucker glaring at Bianca in fury. ‘Oh, don’t look so protective. It’s not a good look. Besides, Micaela can laugh at herself.’

The nerves Micaela felt upon seeing the notice for Quidditch trials didn’t lessen throughout the week. By Saturday they were actually worse. That morning she had shakily dressed in her robes and forced a piece of burnt toast down. Now she was walking down to the pitch on liquid legs and feeling extremely breathless.

‘Just keep your head and you’ll do fine,’ Tucker assured her. Micaela clutched the school broom to her side even harder. The rest of the eligible team mates were waiting in the change rooms. They all marched onto the field and stood in front of the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, Thomas Romley.

‘Ok, so today we’re just going to start out with a couple of simple laps around the field,’ he announced to the nervous crowd. His words were barely headed however, because at that moment the Slytherin team marched onto the field. Micaela squinted to see them in the sunlight. Her stomach dropped upon seeing a head of golden hair and a lopsided smile. Tucker saw her facial expression and followed her gaze. He clenched his hands at his side. Romley turned to greet them and his face hardened at once. ‘We have the pitch today.’

‘Who says?’ Osbourne, the Captain of the Slytherin team, called back. 

‘Gryffindor gave us permission,’ Romley practically dared them to argue. The Slytherin team laughed and shrugged their shoulders. Micaela saw Briggs elbow Zach in the side and they both shared a good laugh. 

‘And since when does Gryffindor’s word mean shit?’ Osbourne questioned. The Slytherin team looked smug at their leader’s words and stared expectantly at the Gryffindor team’s response. Romley looked at a loss for words. 

‘And I suppose you’re under some illusion that Slytherin holds all the power in this school?’ Tucker piped up. Micaela stared up at him in amazement. It was so unlike him to speak out. His facial expression looked murderous and his gaze was only directed at one person, Zach. They glared at each other for what seemed like eternity until Tucker broke the connection by putting his arm around Micaela’s shoulders. Zach’s face visibly fell and he met her gaze for only a moment before dropping his eyes to the ground. 

‘Let ‘em have it,’ he called out. Briggs stared at Zach in astonishment. He seemed to be under the impression his friend had gone mad. ‘We already have a team. We should really give them time to catch up.’

The Slytherins all guffawed at this and strutted off the field, Briggs and Osbourne clapping Zach on the back as they went. Micaela watched them go, before shaking her way out of Tucker’s hold and mounting her broom. 

She was quite impressed with how she did. Her flying technique far outweighed many who were trialing. Her Keeper skills weren’t the best but she certainly tried the hardest out of everyone.   Her nerves slowly disappeared as she began to play and she even managed to stop a few Chasers from scoring. At least this year she didn’t get so nervous she knocked herself out. 

The next day Romley caught her in the Common Room before heading down to breakfast. ‘Congratulations, Long.’

Micaela frowned at him but he just pointed at the notice board. She slowly walked over, her insides squirming and a lump forming in her throat. There was her name under the position of Keeper. A huge smile lightened up her face and she went running back upstairs to tell Carina and Bianca the great news. 

It was Halloween and the castle was extravagantly decorated accordingly. Jack-o-lanterns hung invisibly suspended from the Great Hall’s storming ceiling and the ghosts of the school had taken it upon themselves to scare all the students at every given opportunity. 

Micaela, Carina and Bianca had taken a break from their mile long potions assignment and were all seated in the Great Hall having lunch. 

‘Ummm, Bee,’ Carina interrupted her friend from her consistent babbling about how dreadful potions was and how it should be abolished from the timetable. 

‘What?’ Bianca snapped. She hated being interrupted.

‘That boy at the Hufflepuff table has been staring at you all meal,’ Carina giggled. Bianca turned around, took one look at her admirer and spun back angrily.

‘Ah! It’s that idiot Orlando Hopkins! Can he never leave me alone!’ She cried out in frustration. Carina and Micaela laughed and took another look at the boy.

‘He’s cute,’ Micaela offered.

‘And a complete stalker!’ Bianca argued in exasperation. Micaela held up her hands in defence causing her and Carina to burst into new laughter. ‘Let’s not bring him up again. It’s unnecessary.’

This of course seemed like an ample invitation to bring up the conversation whenever they could, and Micaela and Carina shared a mischievous look. Their conversation was interrupted, however, by a small presence directly behind them. They turned around slowly and met the eyes of an excited and nervous Gryffindor first year girl. 

‘Are you Micaela Long?’ She asked with wide eyes. Micaela nodded in confusion and shook the girls eagerly extended hand in apprehension. ‘I have heard so much about you. My parents say that what you’re doing is so brave and courageous.’

‘What am I doing exactly?’ Micaela inquired.

‘Why, changing the course of history, of course!’ She said breathlessly. Micaela looked shocked. ‘You are going to single-handedly take down Slytherin and all his followers.’

‘Er…well…actually, I mean…I just want to finish school,’ Micaela stuttered.  She caught Carina giggling behind her hand and Bianca looking like she had been slapped across the face. The first year looked crushed so Micaela hurriedly said, ‘Thanks though…umm…?’

‘Alexandria Middleton!’ She shook Micaela’s hand again and then hurried off with her other first year friends who kept turning around and staring avidly at Micaela. Alexandria was at one point nearly walking backwards and managed to bang into a suit of armour on her way out of the hall.

‘That was weird,’ Carina stated bluntly. 

‘Tell me about it,’ Micaela agreed, but inside she couldn’t help but feel somewhat elated. She wasn’t alone.

 A/N:  Hope that suits you avid readers more!  Thanks for all the reviews!
Once again I take this opportunity to ask...nay...beg you to review!  Please!  I see that 40 people have put this story down as one of their favourites but I only have 74 reviews!?!?!  Please review, this chapter needs help!

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