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Disclaimer: It all belongs to Jo. If I owned these characters. Remus would not have died, as well as Tonks - and I could tell you that I would have nabbed one of the twins before anyone else would have had the chance! 


Beautiful Chapter Image by FIND! @ tda. 
James Potter



Dear little Evie Lewis and her long golden hair had decided to share her love of me to my room mate and best girlfriend ever, Dixie Pruitt - and every body else in the common room last night for that matter - about what she thought of me. 


Well announced it actually, to a friend of hers, but just loud enough for the entire room to overhear. Apparently it turned a few heads. 


Dixie rolled over in her bed this morning, her white night gown spotless and her usually puffball head of short brunette hair certainly in the running for the number one rosette of ‘bed heads untied’. Elle took out an old camera from her trunk. It was a present from her grandfather, a Christmas present to be precise, one that I’m sure, at point, Dixie would very much like the smash in to a million little pieces. 


This is one of those times. 


The camera flashed brightly as Ellie snapped the picture of the just-waking-up Dixie. I looked at the portrait as Elle wafted the fresh picture of our roommate, caught at exactly the wrong moment, Dixie looked gorgeous.  


She snatched the developing picture from Elle’s grasp. “You know,” she said straightening out her night gown. “I actually like my hair.” We all laughed as she ran her fingers through it. 


“So, how’s your brothers Dix?” I asked her while French plating my own hair in to two tight braids. 


Dixie had grown up with four brothers, all like the Weasley’s and Potters, way too over protective of the girls. They had all graduated years ago, and Dixie was their little baby. She disliked this title, unlike Elle, who was the oldest. She had two little sisters one in fourth year, and the other in second. Even by my tolerate standards they were annoying. 


Dix looked up from her gown. “Do I even need to answer that or should I just glare?”


“Just a question.” I protested, raising my arms as if to surrender. 


I carefully pulled on my shoes, hopping around like a jack-in-the-box until they were tightly on, pulled on the bows a little and walked down to the common room, finding James waiting there for me as always. 


“Morning, Wolfy.” He greeted smiling, not removing his back from the wall that he was leaning on. 


I grinned. “Are you trying to look cool this morning?”


“Is it working?”


“Nope,” I said. “But you’ll always be the naughty dork to me.” I shoved him from his position on the wall and ran towards the portrait. 


Attempting to learn on the first week back is rather pointless. People are continuously late because of their new time tables; they’re also sleep deprived, high on coffee or chocolate and homesick. Then you throw in the basic analogy that no one actually wants’ to do the work – with the exception for Rose – and you have Hogy-Hog-Hogwarts. 


I looked at my time table and grinned at the free spaces. I had two free periods on a Friday after noon, one first thing on a Monday morning and another half way through Wednesday, a nice mixture. I turned to James and noticed that he hadn’t even glanced at his timetable, the reason being he hadn’t decided to even pick it up yet. What can I say? There must have been something increasingly interesting in his coco-pops. 


So instead I did the honours. Our timetables were rather similar, bar the one free on Friday he had and not two. James had taken runes instead of divination. He had a knack for the subject where as I just looked at them and saw swirly patterns. He always laughed at me for this; but then I could do the same for divination.  


I smiled at the timetables realising that apart from that one lesson, we had the same. He noticed my grin and looked at me. 


“What, Chic?” He asked me. 


He took the timetables out of my grip and looked at them. 


“Awesome.” He said, gesturing to them. “I get a lie in on a Monday morning.” 


I took the parchment from his hand and lightly smacked him around the head with it. He rubbed his hair dramatically and placed his spoon on the table, making a little clattering noise before embracing the opportunity of blaming it on someone else. 


You’d be surprised what I can handle, being part wolf and all. I can resist urges beyond your imagination; I have better hearing than average around the time of the moon, and better eye sight. 


But one thing that I cannot seem to handle is the bi-polar fifth year, Evie Lewis. Waking up to the sound of her voice down the hall, having to listen to her rattle on about James ‘beyond belief’ body and having to watch her walk around in those outfits that Dixie dubbed ‘tyranny clothes’. I found that a bit too mean, so I keep away from calling her that myself and tried to convince Ellie not to as well, although when it comes to her, sweet little Elle seems to have a mind of her own.


I have to admit it, Evie is pretty. As much as I wish that she wasn’t, she is, and boys seem to fall over her. They can’t see the mean antics that she does to us girls. If only they had to deal with her stealing their make up and throwing it from the Tower every Saturday, hence the reason I hide mine. However in our 4th year, Dixie decided to hang Evie’s underwear from a signpost in Hogsmeade; I made sure that Elle and myself had nothing to do with it. I can’t say the same for Fred. 


Last year Evie attempted to cut off Lilly’s hair while she was sleeping. That was something that she would never even think about again. Lilly woke up as she entered the room, cast a defence charm and Evie ended up in the hospital wing with broken nails, knotted hair and teeth too big for her face, all things that she classed as major offences in her book, being the, shallow, manipulative person that she is. 


I walked towards divination, Dixie and Elle at either of my sides. I was hand in hand with Dixie, the tiny honey blonde, when a hiss like giggle came from the wall.


Dixie blinked. “Did the wall just screech?”


I shook my head. “No.” I denied. “But the corridor did.” 


“Huh?” Elle huffed too loudly. “Chic, what are you doing?” She asked, once again at a raised volume. I shushed her and stood by the side of the tapestry that the corridor was hidden behind. You gotta love Fred Weasley. 


“So, then what?” One sickly sweet voice questioned. 


“Well, he ran his hand through my hair and told me that I looked fabulous.” Another answered that I didn’t recognize. 


Another voice cackled in the witch like tone that it was. “Obviously, you always look gorgeous.”


“Shhh, I wasn’t finished talking,” the whiney one gabbed. Her tone was bossy and controlling. “Did I look like I was finished talking?”


“I would know that voice anywhere.” Elle whispered in between me and Dix. 


“Evie Lewis.” Dixie finished for her in a type of voice that had the phrase ‘insert creepy horror music here’ stamped all over it. 


I turned my head to face them. “How do you two know that?”


“Unlike you Charisma, we actually talk to the Queen of Mean sometimes, you’re polite. You avoid her.” Dixie pointed out, still whispering. 


“Dix, don’t call her that. No matter what she does she doesn’t deserve to be called names, no one does.” I said, surprisingly sounding sad at the end. 


“Chic, you’re too soft on people. She deserves to be punched.” Elle finished turning away from the tapestry. “Now shush, I wanna hear what prat called her fabulous.” 


“Well, he commented on my make-up; well, I mean why shouldn’t he; it was a master piece yesterday.” Evie commented; Dixie was doing mimics of her to the side.


Elle snorted, causing my elbow to involuntarily land lightly in her side. Dixie huffed. “Master piece? Master piece my arse, who your master? A trowl?” 


“If my dog had a face like hers I’d shave its arse and walk it backwards!” 


I shushed them both and put my ear to the tapestry. “And then … he kissed me.” Evie said, pausing for dramatic effect, trying to create a mood that wasn’t there. 


Elle made an immature pukey face to my left and a crowd of students that I hadn’t realized had gathered around the tapestry began smirking. 


“Did you hear something?” Said a follower that was probably one of her Ravenclaw clones.  


Eive waved it away. “Ignore it; this is a secret corridor and I am not finished with my story.”


Bitch,” Dixie coughed, once again causing a few students to snigger. 


A girly squeal erupted from one of the harpies. “So, what was kissing the infamous James Potter really like?” 


I choked on my own spit somewhat violently before processing the sentence fully. Ellie’s hand rubbed against my back, patting lightly until I stopped coughing. 


Elle’s eyes were large and startled; a deer caught in headlights. “Charisma are you all right; you look a little sick.” 


“Yeah I’m fine; I think that I just threw up in my mouth a little bit there.” I replied, forgetting to keep track of my volume.  


The gathering student burst in to fits of laughter and interrupted the secret meeting in the secret corridor. Evie and her follower who I recognized to be Felicity Straight from Ravenclaw ripped the tapestry to the side and stormed out, causing, Dixie, Elle and I to fall over, she wasn’t the least embarrassed about being over heard, if anything she was fuming with anger. 


We scrambled up from the floor and did the most mature thing that we could think of. 


Dixie pulled us up from the floor, and the three of us ran away.  


“How the hell could he do that?” Elle complained, sitting down in our usual booth in Div. “Is he on steroids or something?”


“I doubt that.” Dixie defended. “If he was, he would have told Charisma.” 


“That’s what I don’t get.” I said, off their blank looks I elaborated. “Why didn’t he tell me?”


“Didn’t tell you what?” Kyle said, hopping over the back of our booth and squishing in between Elle and me. 


“Maybe because he knew that you would react this way, or maybe he hasn’t seen you since it happened, she didn’t mention when it had gone down?” Dixie carried on, ignoring Kyle’s presence. 


“Uhh hello? I am sitting here.” Kyle said, pointing to the floor. 


“Maybe he didn’t want to upset you; he knows how close you two are.” Elle said, still slightly star struck by Kyle’s hand on her leg.  


“No, it’s not that; remember he dated Mary Thomas last year, that didn’t change anything.” I couldn’t help but laugh at the memory of when he asked out Lavender Brown and Dean Thomas’s only daughter, his mum was furious. 


“Will someone please tell me what is going on?” Kyle insisted impatiently. 


“James Potter made out with the Queen of Evil.” Dixie said, in a tone that was an attempt to shut him up. 


“Are you talking about Evie Lewis; that girl gives me the creeps.” He admitted truthfully, he was probably the only boy in the entire school that thought so. 


“You’re not the only one.” I said holding up my tea cup. We did the ‘cheers’ action as Professor Crazy walked in. 


Everyone turned their attention towards her as she explained that we would be looking in to each others tea cups to determine how each others years will turn out. 


“Don’t we do this at the beginning of each year?” Kyle asked me.


“Apparently.” I answered, still upset about the whole James incident. 


It wasn’t the kiss that bothered me; it was why I felt bothered by the kiss that got to me. I had no reason to feel like this; like I wanted to punish Evie. Maybe I should do a Dixie and find her underwear? 


“It’s okay Charisma; you won’t be forgotten when he’s married to Evie - and they have six children.” Kyle said playfully.


I drunk the hot tea and then looked at Elle. “What I don’t understand.” She began. “Was why he would want to kiss her?” she said as if Evie was a plastic doll. “After the way that he looked like he was about to rip off Drew’s head on the train when he told you that he wanted to be the father of your babies, I thought that James may like you a little, Chic.”


“Oh yeah, that was funny.” Kyle jumped in, spilling his tea a little on the floor. “Bugger it!” 


“Is that what you two were laughing about? He probably had every right to look like that, I don’t want to know the dirty thought that were going around in Drew’s head at that precise moment, or at any moment actually.” I defended. 


“Not by the way that he looks at you.” Elle said in an ‘I know something that you don’t’ type voice. I shook my head and sighed, deciding to ignore them, they were just pulling my leg as usual. They would always joke that me and James fancied each other, but this wasn’t true. 


We drank the tea and I swapped with Kyle. I read his cup and laughed. 


“It says that you’re going to fail in two of you’re exams and that you’re going to find unrequited love.” He looked shocked, but really I was sure that this love was going to be fine. You don’t need to see in the future to know that your love is going to be strong, just look at Elle practically drooling on to the table. 


“Ok, yours, well you have a picture of something resembling a camel and something that looks like an acorn.” Kyle replied to me completely confused. 


“Again, I ask, why the fuck are you even taking this class, you suck at Divination?” Dixie snapped. 


“Why thank you Dix, I love you too.” Kyle said pretending to be hurt. 


“This was one of the only classes that he could take; he failed all of the others.” I said quietly. Dixie broke in to a hysterical laugh and Kyle looked annoyed. 


'Sorry' I mouthed at him, he just smiled and shook his head. 


I was almost about to leave the common room and go up to bed. I was so tired of hearing about James Sirius Potter’s kissing skills were; fabulous, dreamy – and then a lot of moaning noises and squeaky giggling.


Slamming my book shut, I noticed that the portrait hold swung open and the boy of the hour himself walked through.


“Ladies.” He acknowledged, strolling past a group of third years and over to me, he probably made their year. 


To Evie’s annoyance, – my delight - he completely blanked her. I decided to go with the theory that she could have lied, James was most defiantly a ladies man, but I am sure that he isn’t that desperate (Dixie’s choice of words).


“Charisma.” He said greeting me happily. I sat crossed legged as he sat down next to me on the sofa. He sunk down in to the cushions and flopped his hand down on to my leg. “Did you have fun in divination?” He asked me, happier than usual. 


“Yes thank you,” I said curiously. “Well as much fun as you could have with a crazy lady teaching the class and Kyle as your partner.” I said smiling. 


“Harsh.” He said patting my leg and still smiling. 


“Hey, what’s up with you?” I asked concerned. Not that I wasn’t happy he wasn’t complaining, but he’s never this happy. 


“Me? Nothin’, the first day is nearly over and done with, I have had great lessons and that little Malfoy kid is in detention, he so deserves to be in Slytherin.” 


“James what did you do?” I said annoyed. He really hated poor Scorpius -  a boy I considered dear to my heart - however the child had been nothing but nice to him. It seemed that simply by being friends with Albus and Rose was enough to put him in James’ bad books. 


“Me? Why do you instantly jump to the conclusion that it was my fault? He got himself in detention, Rosie told me about it. You know I am hurt, Wolfy.” He retaliated placing his hand on his heart. He couldn’t have been too hurt as he had called me Wolfy; he never did that unless he was joking around. 


“Sorry, James.” I answered shrugging. “It was just a natural reaction.” He opened his mouth in fake dismay and then smacked my leg with his Runes textbook.  


“You’re temporarily forgiven.” He said laughing. I didn’t ask him what it meant, however knowing James there was probably a reason behind it. 


There was a moment of comfortable silence before he broke it. 


“Charisma?” He began thoughtfully. “If I tell you something, you have to promise not to get upset.” 


“Okay, scouts honour.” I said happily swearing with my three middle three fingers. 

He took a second before thinking about it and then looked at me. 


“I think that I am going to ask someone else to the Halloween Ball.” He stated quickly and then looked at me like I was going to hit him or something. 


The Halloween Ball was something that took place every year; it was a new tradition but a fun one. Everyone gets to dress up as something their not and not get judged for it. 


I stared at him with disbelief that he thought that I was going to be mad. 


“You’re, you’re breaking up with me?” 


He sighed, a little aggravated. “Circe, Wolfy – so you’re not cross?”


“James you can go to The Halloween Ball with anyone that you want to, you know of all people that I usually just end up dancing with Dix or Lilly anyway.”


He smiled and nodded his head. 


He was right I wasn’t mad, but I can safely say that the word ‘hurt’ defiantly did not cover it. We always go together. Yet I couldn’t help but ask myself, why was I feeling so jealous? It wasn’t a usual feeling that I would have towards James.


I was going to throttle the keeper of fate. 

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