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A/N: Sorry for the lateness in this chapter. I've had some family and academic things to deal with and it's been utter hell. I apologize again. On another note, I know some fans have been saying that these stories mostly focus on William and not Harry. Harry needed 7 books to explain his life. I can only explain William over the course of several chapters. The later chapters will defintely focus more on Harry. Thank you for your patience.

“What just happened?” asked Ginny expressing  the general confusion and anxiety that they all shared. “What in the name of Merlin was that bright flash?!” 

Harry was the first to question his surroundings upon taking a closer look. “You guys, where are we?” 

Considering the surroundings, they could have been in a number of different places. The stone of the walls was too common and the there were no windows to look out of and establish a location. The fact that there were no lights on didn’t help either. 

“If we had some light to see then maybe we could find out!” exhaled Ron as he fished his wand out of his robes. “Lumos!” The dark let up somewhat as Ron found himself standing next to a thick wooden table. 

The light from his wand was joined by the light from every other wands after seeing his logic. Now that things were reasonably lit they could see a general outline of the room. A large wooden door remained closed on the far side of the room. There was just one table at the center and each wall had a long bench leaning against it.

The aspect of the room that intrigued them the most was not the furniture, but the 6 people tied up next to each other on one of the benches. 

The girls let out a frightened squeal as they caught sight of the people bound with black bags over their heads. The boys however moved closer to the group of prisoners to see if maybe they could tell them where they were. 

“Excuse me!” said Harry almost in a frightened tone not expecting what to find as he moved closer to them. When they didn’t reply or respond physically, Harry reached out to get their attention by tapping one of them on the shoulder. When his hand passed through their shoulder, they all knew that this wasn’t really happening. 

“It’s a memory!” exclaimed Harry. It was the only possible explanantion.
“Excuse me Harry?” exclaimed Kingsley. “Did I hear you right?” 

“It’s a memory. Just like in Riddle’s diary in my second year.” Having experience with this before, Harry was sure this was what was happening. “This already happened in William’s future and the book had knowledge of it. For some reason, the book decided to show us something it thought we should see. William does any of this look familiar?” 

“No.” replied William as he took a look at his surroundings. “I’ve never been here before. This can’t be one of my memories.” 

“Then whose is it?” asked Harry. As if the universe was trying to answer him, the door across the room suddenly opened to reveal solitary figure. The figure then flicked its wand, which then lit up an unseen chandelier at the center of the ceiling. It was then made clear whose memory this was as the person stepped into the light. 

“It’s mine!” exclaimed Kingsley as he took a look at his older self. Twenty four years older to be precise. The only noticeable differences were the graying hair and a walking cane. If it weren’t for the shock of seeing another version of himself, Kingsley would’ve voiced his happiness that he was still alive and in good health. “This has to be my memory.” 

The older Kingsley then walked over to where the group was convened, except he passed right through them and stood before the six captives. He then promptly removed the bag from the captive on the far right. 

“Pete!” exclaimed William as he saw his friend’s face appear from under the black hood. The group shared the same shock as well. 

“What the hell’s going on Kingsley?” asked Pete in an angry tone. 

Instead of answering him, the older Kingsley took the other hoods off. One by one the all revealed someone William knew. First it was Pete, then Isabella, Declan, Darius, Paul, until there only one hooded figure left. 

As the older Kingsley removed the last hood, the group looked in shock toward William. He did not see them looking at him in wonder. The only thing he saw was a slightly younger version of himself sitting next to his friends. 

“I thought you said you’d never been here before?” said Harry as his eyes shifted between the two Williams. 

“I haven’t, I mean I thought I haven’t!” exclaimed William trying to figure out this whole mess. “Maybe I have, but I honestly don’t remember it! Does that make any sense?” 

Rather than answer his question, all of the eyes shifted back to the scene unraveling before them. 

“What’s going on Kingsley?” asked Peter yet again as he and the rest of his friends tore off the rest of their bonds and stood up. “We were set up weren’t we?” 

“There’s no time to explain!” answered older Kingsley as he removed several items from his pockets. From the looks of it, there were 5 shrunken chests much like William’s, a satin cloth, and a very old looking Time-Turner.
“Well make time to explain goddamnit!” exclaimed younger William as he fixed his clothes. “This whole assignment was a set up from the word go.” 

“Yeah,” added Declan who was helping Isabella out of her ankle bonds. “Our Shadow told us that a group of Redeemers were planning on stealing a shield from one of the medieval exhibits in the Museum of Magic. We were told that all we had to do was catch them in the act and leave them for the guards to find.”
“The only problem,” continued Isabella after finally being cut free, “was that the only thing we found was two dead Redeemers and a group of Aurors waiting for us. That sounds like a set up to me Kingsley.” 

“There were only two people who knew about our task besides us.” deduced Pete trying to find a grip on the moment. “There was our Shadow and you. You’re the only one who could arrange something like that.” 

The older Kingsley finally relented to their questions and accusations. “You’re right. I did set you up. But the threat of the shield’s theft was legitimate.” This was met by numerous obscenities and sighs, as the idea of preventing a robbery was little consolation for their current predicament. “You have to understand, I was doing this for your own good.” 

“How is this for our own good Kingsley?” shouted Paul. “They think we’re traitors and murderers now and correct me if I’m wrong but the penalty for those crimes is death or worse; life in Azkaban or Tartarus!” 

“That won’t happen because I’m sending you into hiding.” replied the older Kingsley as he then removed five sets of manacles from his bag. 

“Where exactly are you sending us to?” asked the younger William as he moved closer to look at the manacles. 

“I’m sorry my friend but you’re not going with them.” Before William could reply Kingsley hit him with a spell. “Obliviate!” He then performed another spell to keep him unconscious. 

“What have you done?” exclaimed Isabella as she kneeled down to check the younger William.
“This may not make any sense but I had previous knowledge of what transpired tonight and in the coming days.” said the older Kingsley who was not feeling to good about erasing his friends memories of that night. “What happens tonight was planned many years ago. You each have a part to play in your own futures and for the fate of the world this needs to happen.” 

“What, did you consult a seer or something?” quipped Peter thinking how ridiculous this was sounding. 

“Yes, I did.” replied the older Kingsley. If what was happening was true, then the younger Kingsley knew just what he was talking about. “What I am about to do, Darius foresaw a few days ago.” 

All of their eyes then turned toward the younger African gentleman. “Yes, it’s true. I saw what was about to happen and believe me it would only get worse if I had warned you. Believe me when I say that it is in our best interests to not be here when Tartarus falls.” 

This came as a shock to the group. It was as if all of their hard work had come back to bite them. Though, they could not argue that taking shelter from the coming storm was better than being in its path. That much was certain.
“Are you sure about that Ghost?” asked Declan rather angrily. “Is everything you see set in stone?” 

“You love Isabella don’t you?” asked Darius in an accent very similar to Kingsley’s. He did not need Declan’s reply to know the answer. “If I hadn’t done anything then all of us, including her, would be dead within the next few weeks. I’ve seen every possible ending and believe me, this is the only way we survive.”
“What exactly are we going to do?” asked Peter who was getting nervous about the familiar objects laid out on the table. “And what do those have to do with anything?” said the angry young man pointing to the manacles. 

“I’m sorry but I have to put these on you.” said older Kingsley as he handed each of them a set along with their personal shrunken trunk. “You do know what they’re for, right?” 

“We should.” said Isabella. “I know I do because I designed them.” The day she was commissioned to create a way of securing dangerous wizards was fresh in her mind as she held the metal cuffs. Now that she was putting them on herself, she wished to Merlin that she had never even dreamed them up. 

She then slowly put on the manacles considering what this would mean for the future. If Darius’ prophecy was right, which it always was, then this would have to be the right course of action. 

“Are you telling me that this is so serious that you need to strip us of our magic?” exclaimed Pete as he held the manacles. 

“You’ll still have magic but you won’t be able to use. The manacles render it inert until they are taken off with this key. You’ll be completely radar invisible to any magical detection.” said Kingsley holding up the small iron key. “To the rest of the world you’ll just be regular Muggles. This is the best way for you to blend in and stay safe.”
“When will they be removed?’ asked Paul as he reluctantly slid pair on. He had thought of what it would be like to not have magic many times throughout his life. Now that this fantasy was coming true, it didn’t seem so great.
“You will eventually get your magic back but it’s hard to say when considering where you’ll be sent. I mean, when you’ll be sent.” replied older Kingsley as he held up the Time-Turner. The collective sighs and curses could only say how they all felt. “I’ll need you wands as well.” 

One by one each of them came up and placed their wand on the satin cloth Kingsley had laid out and exchanged it for a set of manacles. This was no easy task as each of them had lived and died by the wand since that night nearly 5 years before. 

“How far back?” asked Declan as he slid on his manacles. He felt somewhat responsible for what was happening. Although the original idea wasn’t his, his skills as a magical blacksmith made it possible to produce these chains of torment. 

“32 years.” exhaled the older Kingsley. “When you go back all that I ask is you stay out of the way. You all should still have your Onyx keys so money and supplies should be no problem. The one thing that you need to promise me you’ll do is let the past play out the way it was meant to. When the time is right a warrior will be sent back to seek you out by his own free will. He will hold the keys to your magic and release it when the time comes. You must let him come to you, not vice versa. You can only reveal your presence.” This request was met with a nod from each of them although they had no idea how far away that would be. 

“What about our families?” asked Paul expressing the group’s concern. This question didn’t apply to him personally because his father could care less about what happened to him. Ever since he remarried, Paul seemed to be a shadow compared to his new wife and child. At least, that was the way his father saw it. “What will you tell them?” 

“They will know that you are innocent and will see them again one day, but as for the rest of the world they will think you’re dead.” It was a price to pay to be dead to the world, but in doing so they would be the only hope in saving it. 

“I’m not going anywhere without my brother!” exclaimed Peter in a sudden realization as he slid the cuffs on his wrists. Even if these manacles took away his magic, he was still the most qualified to care for the only family he had left. “If he’s gonna be safe then it’ll be with me!”
“I thought you might say that, so I took the liberty of bringing him here.” With a flick of the wand, the door opened and a young secretary of Kingsley’s brought in the young boy. To Harry’s group it looked as if he was taken right from his bed considering he was half asleep, still in his pajamas, and clutching a teddy bear. Peter then quickly scooped him up into his arms. 

“I need to activate the manacles now.” said the older Kingsley holding out his wand. 

Each of them put their hands before him thinking about what they future had in store without magic. “Panosisto!” The manacles then sunk into their skin like William’s tattoos. Although they each looked the same, they could not help but feel somewhat incomplete without their magic. 

“Why is he staying?” asked Isabella pointing to younger William’s body which was still unconscious.
“It was prophesized that he will play a major role in the coming days. As far as tonight is concerned he was never there, just like Scorpios and Ellie.” He could see the concern on their faces and said, “Trust me, he will be safe. You’ll see him again one day.” The older Kingsley then held up the ancient Time-Turner and spun the dial opening a temporary portal.

“Where will we go?” asked Declan. Even though he was glad he was alive he was terrified of the unknown days ahead.
“How about America?” suggested Isabella who held Declan close by. “I hear Merlin’s Circle is really nice. Who knows? The rest of the world is open to us.” 

With the small amount of hope they shared, each of them stepped through the portal until it was only Peter, Virgil, Darius and Kingsley left. 

Before stepping through, Kingsley gave Darius a tight hug. “You take care of yourself kid.” 

“You do the same old man.” laughed Darius. And just like his nick-namesake, he was gone. The two McElroys and Kingsley were the only ones left. 

“Would you mind giving this to Doc?” asked Peter holding out the Almanac to Kingsley. “I think he’ll need this.” 

“I’ll make sure that he gets it.” replied older Kingsley as he took the book. “Stay out of harm’s way Mac.” 

“I’ll try.” exclaimed Peter producing the only smile he could muster. 

As he stepped toward the portal, the young boy over his shoulder temporarily woke from his sleep and asked, “W-w-w-where are w-w-we going P-P-Pete?”
“We’re going on a trip Little Bear. A nice long trip.” And as soon as he crossed the threshold, he was gone. 

The older Kingsley then stood alone in the room standing before his fallen comrade. He then reached inside the boy’s coat and removed the black onyx key. Kingsley had no idea how he would explain all of this to his young friend, but as he gazed into the Almanac an idea suddenly occurred to him. 

He then placed the key to the manacles as well as William’s onyx key inside the book and muttered an incantation. The book then consumed the keys until they were gone. 

He then put his wand to his forehead and removed a silvery strand that the group could only assume was a memory. When the older Kingsley placed it into the book, they knew it was that memory they were seeing. 

Before they could harp on these thoughts another bright flash filled the room. Upon opening their eyes they could see that they were back in the Room of Requirement, back in their own time. 

After realizing this wasn’t just another phase of the memory, they all decided to consult the one source of information that could explain what they had just seen. Unfortunately, his mind was very preoccupied. 

While the others were standing on their own two feet and looking his way, William had to take a seat because his thoughts were going in all directions. The story he had been told and the assumptions he had made came crashing down in a matter of moments. Everything that he had believed regarding his friends since that fateful night was nothing more than an elaborate act. 

“William?” asked Harry as he kneeled beside his friend. “Are you ok?” He knew without asking that he wasn’t. Everything William had said on the docks weeks before about knowing what it was like to lose the ones he loved began to make sense to Harry. That feeling of loneliness was all too familiar to both of these young men. It was by fate however, that each of them was getting a second chance at being with the ones they loved. 

“I-I don’t know!” replied the shaken young man as he held his head in his hands. “Everything they told me was a lie. I don’t know what to make of it all.” 

Kingsley in part felt that he should feel guilty for what happened to William and his friends. Then again, if it hadn’t happened yet and he could make sure it wouldn’t. “I’m so sorry William” said Kingsley as he put down the Almanac on the trunk and moved to his side. 

“For what?” exclaimed William as he stood up defiantly. “For taking my friends away? For making me believe that they were dead? For leaving me alone when I needed them most?” Kingsley and the rest of the group were taken aback by William’s outburst. “I’m sorry Kingsley.” apologized William after realizing Kingsley had no idea what was done. “That was uncalled for. You didn’t know.” 

“If it makes any difference William, it doesn’t have to happen.” suggested Kingsley. It was true that it didn’t have to happen. From his point of view, the future wasn’t set in stone. 

“He’s right!” exclaimed Hermione. She too had caught onto Kingsley’s idea. “You could always make certain corrections.” 

“Isn’t that what got us into this whole situation?” suggested Ron. It seems he was the only one who had paid attention to the prophecy mentioned in the memory. “Kingsley, you said, well the older you said, that William’s friend made a prophecy. You followed that and changed their fate by saving their lives. If they had followed a different path, then they, including William, would be dead.” 

It had not occurred to any of them that maybe they were shown that memory for a purpose and that everything that had happened to William’s friends was meant to be. Even if they wanted to make what they assumed were corrections they could not argue that lives had been saved with this course of action. 

“He’s right!” said William solemnly. “What Kingsley did was for the best.” These words were not easy for him considering the days after his friends had been taken away, but the hope of seeing them again outweighed the sadness he felt. 

“How can you say that William?” exclaimed Harry who could not believe what his friend was saying. “No offense Kingsley, but their magic was taken away and they were sent back through time. How is that fair in any way?” 

“It’s fair because he saved them from a worse fate!” explained William. “He saved them from death after the fall of Tartarus.” It was all coming together now. He was finally seeing the logic in Kingsley’s future plan. 

“Just what is Tartarus William?” asked Ginny. This was a place that neither she nor anyone else in the room was familiar with. The memory made mention of it but nothing more. 

“It’s a very secure prison, that only a handful of people know about.” explained William. “I’m not too keen on the details, but it should be built sometime in the next few years. Care to explain further Kingsley?” 

All eyes were on the minister at this point. “Frankly I’m amazed you even know about this William. I was only presented the plans a week ago.” It was still just an idea, but now it would apparently be a reality sometime in the near future. 

“A multinational council of foreign ministers including myself decided to rethink security at the end of the war. Merlin knows we could have done without all of those prison breaks in the last few years. Anyway, we formulated an idea to create a prison in neutral territory so secure that not even Sirius Black could escape.” said Kingsley upon realizing that was a tender spot for him. “Sorry Harry.” 

“It’s alright Kingsley.” replied Harry. Instead of being sad he chose to reflect on the good times. “He always had a knack for getting out of tight spots.” 

“You can say that again!” exclaimed Kingsley. “The guards at Azkaban are still trying to figure out how he escaped.” This gave everybody a good laugh. “Well moving on, we decided that we needed a facility so secure and remote that escape would be a fruitless effort. We established several security measures like 23 hour lockdown, no visitors or mail, complete isolation from the outside world. The most important security measure is that it stays a secret kept by a select group of people.” They could all see what Kingsley was getting at. “I trust that none of you will say anything?” 

They all nodded their heads in agreement. Looking back on the day so far it seemed that they were just being handed government secrets. 

“Just how did you know about it?” Harry asked William but soon saw his error when considering William’s job. “Wait, let me guess. This is the place where they dump all the werewolves you don’t kill?” 

Rather than correct Harry, he simply decided to answer the question. “Only the ones that are really dangerous are sent there. We only knew they were sent to Tartarus, but they never told us where exactly it is. You have to tell me Kingsley! I’ve wondered for years.” 

Since the cat was already out of the bag, he had no problem answering. “We decided the most remote location is the Sahara Desert beneath the sands.” 

“I knew it had to be underground!” exclaimed William. “I knew you guys would spare no expense in hiding the prison. There’s no cities around for hundreds of miles; just an endless sea of dunes and poisonous animals. You picked a good name too. It’s only natural that the worst of the worst stay in prison deep within the belly of the earth. Just like how the gods of Greek myth imprisoned the Titans.” 

“Escape would also be futile.” added McGonagall commenting on the brilliance of the idea. “Even if a prisoner did make it to the surface they would still be stranded in the middle of nowhere, unless they apparated of course.” 

“We already thought of that!” exclaimed Kingsley. “We’re going to place anti-apparition jinxes five hundred miles in every direction. The fastest human would die under the sun before they even covered half the distance away from the prison.” 

The group was amazed at how secure this prison sounded. It seemed as if the planners and designers had covered every angle to ensure maximum security. 

Seeing that they were clearly amazed, Kingsley decided to consult William to see if his handiwork stood up to what he and his cohorts believed to be a golden idea. “So how did we do? I mean, does it stand up to its reputation in the future?” 

William wished he could tell Kingsley what he wanted to hear, but that wouldn’t be the truth. The prison itself was partly why he was sent back. “Well first I must say that it’s one of the Wizarding world’s best kept secrets.” 

“Why do I feel a ‘but’ coming on?” added Ron who could detect William was hiding something. 

“But,” continued William much to the chagrin of Kingsley and the rest of the group, “there is only going to be one breakout.” 

“When?” asked Kingsley hoping there was a chance he could prevent it. 

“Two weeks after the memory you just saw.” replied William recounting the events he knew so vividly. “It was about a month before I was sent back.” 

“How did it happen?” asked Harry trying to wrap his mind around how someone escapes from the most secure prison ever built. “I mean, was it an internal escape or did the prisoners have outside help?” Kingsley as well as the rest of the group was eager to know. 

“We know now that they had help from the outside.” replied William as he remembered the day he was recalled to active duty. 

“How’s that?” asked Ron. “What exactly makes you say it was outside help?” 

“Well first you need to know the events leading up to the escape.” This was not a particular line of events that William liked to explain, but for them to understand the story had to be told. “The day after we were set up I woke up in my bed here. Professor McGonagall told me that I had gotten sick the night before and was confined to the hospital wing of the school.” Minerva could not help but feel that she played a part in this whole scheme. 

“Of course I had remembered that I had an assignment the night before with my friends. After I contacted Kingsley he told me what had supposedly happened. I got the same story from my friends’ parents with the exception of Scorpios. He had stopped hunting the month before.” He could not help but give Kingsley an angry stare even though he knew the plan was for his own good. “So there I was, alone again.” He then wiped the tears from his eyes after the sad recollection. 

“The scene at the museum reeked of conspiracy and my friends were smarter than that. They’d just as soon kill two people and try to steal some shield as soon as Hermione would fail a test.” They all could not help but laugh at this example. 

“Anyway, I decided to get in touch with some of my Phantom brethren that I had worked with over the years. I told them to watch their backs because I felt like there was something in the works.” 

“Something happened, didn’t it?” asked Ginny. “Something that I’m guessing led to the breakout at Tartarus.” 

“Damn, that’s faster than anybody, including me, put it together.” said William who was clearly impressed. “Two weeks after my friends were sent back the Ministries, coincidentally” The group could gather that nothing about it was coincidental.”The same Ministries that built Tartarus were offered a truce by the ruling packs of the werewolf nation. They accepted it without hesitation.” William knew how crazy this sounded but it was God’s honest truth. 

“That doesn’t make any sense!” declared Harry. “Why would they accept a deal from the same people who killed your friends in the Black Forest? What could they possibly offer?” Everyone else was wondering the same thing. 

“They were offering peace under the full moon, provided we stop hunting them.” exhaled William. “Would you turn down a chance to have to never fight again?” None of them could honestly say no and William knew it by the expressions on their faces. “I didn’t think so.” 

After reflecting on the subject some more, Harry came to a conclusion William had yet to reveal. “I guess that you and your friends were obsolete after that? I mean there’s no fight if your enemy wants peace.” 

“Yes, of course.” exclaimed Ginny who was having the same thoughts. “What did you do after that? You couldn’t hunt if you had no prey so to speak.” 

“That’s how it pretty much occurred. One day we’re just doing our job and the next the Ministry tells us to piss off because the war’s over. Excuse my language.” 

“I can understand all of this!” added Hermione. “But what does that have to do with the break out?” 

“It turns out the truce was just a rouse to get our guard down. The Circle of Phantoms was no longer under the protection of the ministries and like so neither were the Phantoms each country employed. In the weeks between the truce and the breakout, somehow the werewolves got a copy of the Master Key.” 

“What’s the Master Key?” asked Ron. “I’m going to assume it doesn’t open the master lock.” His laughter was cut short when he found that neither Kingsley nor William was smiling. 

“The Master Key is a list of all known Phantoms currently employed by every Ministry of Magic.” said Kingsley saving William the trouble. “So that means the werewolves had the name of every recently active Phantom in the world at their disposal. How did they get the list?” asked the Minister realizing the implications this had. 

“At this point I still have no idea. I’m assuming it was most likely Scorpios because as a Phantom he had access to the list.” answered William remembering his once close friend. “We didn’t realize the list had gotten out until it was too late. Overnight they had attacked and killed nearly half of the Phantoms on it. The people I had warned were still alive as well as the people they had told. The last time I checked before I was sent back was that they were still in hiding.” 

Looking back, William was sure he had saved as many lives as he could. “Within the two weeks after that, nearly all of the other Phantoms had been either killed or gone missing.” 

“After recovering the bodies of several of my fallen comrades, the Ministry had found that a number of them were tortured before they were killed.” The thought of torture made each of them shudder in one way or another. It was most noticeable in Hermione’s case as she let out the loudest gasp. That night in Malfoy Manor was something she would never forget, but her friends would do their best to comfort her whenever she was shaken by that horrible memory. 

“It turns out that before they were killed an extensive amount of memories were removed from them. We could only assume at the time they were looking for information on other Phantoms, but after the breakout in Tartarus we knew what they were really hoping to find.” continued William. 

Like Kingsley’s plan, one had to step back in order to see the depth of its influence. “It turns out that a number of them had directly escorted captured werewolves to Tartarus before.” It finally made sense as to how they found the prison. “They had the prison’s exact address in their memories. The guards must have forgot to erase their memories once they left. We didn’t figure it out until more than half of the wolves we had captured, including Greyback, were freed to walk in the full moon again.” 

From the way William had told this story, it seemed that he and his friends had fought a very formidable adversary. The person or people who executed this plan had covered nearly every angle to a genius level. As to how William slipped by was nothing short of a miracle, or just dumb luck. 

“How come you were able to avoid being killed?” asked Harry who was curious as to how William had escaped the fate of his fellow Phantoms. “Why didn’t they find you?” 

“They didn’t find me because after the museum incident my friends and I were taken off of active duty. Technically, we were no longer Phantoms!” replied William who was beginning to see the logic in Kingsley’s plan. “That means we were no longer on the Master key!” 

In that moment it suddenly came to Harry as to why Kingsley had erased William’s memories and sent his friends back in time. The pieces finally fitted together. “Of course, that’s it! That’s why you sent them back Kingsley! That was the vision Darius told you about.” 

As soon as Harry spoke, it had all hit them like a ton of bricks. William’s survival and his friends’ journey to the past had nothing to do with miracles or dumb luck. Kingsley’s future knowledge of the events, the current conversation, was what kept all of them alive. By some odd twist of fate, the past, present, and future had all come together. 

“It all makes sense now!” continued Harry. “The memory, Virgil coming to see us, William explaining his past happened for a reason. All of this was planned so William and his friends could save us and prevent whatever the Redeemers started in his time.” 

Each of them, William included, was surely convinced now that what had happened to him and his friends was all for the best. The feelings of guilt that Kingsley had placed on his heart were now completely gone and instead replaced with feelings of victory over the lives he had saved. 

After a moment of considering the importance of what had been seen and shared, it was William who spoke first. “Just for your own clarification, it wasn’t the Redeemers who orchestrated the breakout or the deaths of the Phantoms. They were hired wands working for the man pulling all of the strings. They hoped to get in with the real mastermind by killing the three of you.” said William pointing to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. 

“So who is this mastermind anyway?” asked Ginny in confusion. “Who’s the one coming back that you’re supposed to protect us from?” 

“Yeah, what exactly are we dealing with?” added Harry. It was like putting another challenge in front of them. “I want to know exactly who’s coming to try and kill me!” 

“We don’t know.” replied William considering what they needed to know and what they needed to hear. “The only thing that we do know is that it’s someone unknown in the werewolf ranks, somebody no one’s ever seen before.” This had taken everyone by surprise. It seemed they were dealing with a more formidable adversary than William was letting on.
“I wouldn’t worry about it though,” continued William. “My friends and I have fought their kind before and we can do it again. I just need you to find them first.” He then pointed to Kingsley. 

“What do you need from me?” asked the Minister trying to figure out how he could help William. 

“I need your foreign connections and use of the Registry to find my friends.” 

“Of course!” exclaimed Kingsley. “That should be no problem at all. I know most of the foreign ministers through our meetings on the Tartarus project.” 

William was relieved that Kingsley had good enough connections to conduct a thorough search. With any luck they could be found as soon as possible. 
“What information do you have that I can work with? Do you know anything about where they might be?” 

“All I know is that Peter and Virgil are in Merlin’s Circle. The others would stick close by so the worst case scenario would be New York.” exclaimed William. He was finally getting his friends back. 

“New York as in the United States?” asked Kingsley with a look on his face that the rest of the group could interpret as a problem. 

“Yes, is there a problem?” 

“It seems that all of our foreign relations with the U.S. have been suspended for the time being. We need to figure out a few mishaps in our trading.” He could see the disappointment on William’s face but his hands were tied at the moment. 

“So I have to wait because somebody screwed up the books at the bank?” The anger was clearly evident in his voice, but all of them knew it was justified. 

“No!” replied Kingsley who wanted William to know just why relations had been put on hold. “It’s because we have to figure out how illegal substances are getting into the country.” 

“What are you talking about Kingsley?” asked Harry. “What does that have to do with finding William’s friends?” 

“Well,” began Kingsley. “We received an anonymous tip today that there had been a disturbance on a Muggle cargo ship at the London Docks. We quickly investigated and found two stunned Death Eaters on board in the ship’s hold.” 

“Death Eaters?” asked Harry who was stunned that they were still active. “What would they be doing on a Muggle ship?” 

“Some of my friends in the Auror Department think they were just making sure whatever they were bringing in was safe.” explained Kingsley. “They were low level enforcers working for the big fish. Hopefully when we get them to talk they’ll say who they’re working for. After that we’ll just find them and grab whoever we can.” 

This seemed like a pretty straight forward plan to all of them. They had to first catch the little fish before they could move onto the bigger ones. The sooner that happened the sooner all of them could sleep better knowing the threat had been contained. Still, there was one thing that didn’t make sense. 

“Now, you said ‘whatever they were bringing in.’ You don’t know what it is?” asked Hermione. “If you don’t know what it is then how do you know it’s illegal?”
“Hello!” exclaimed Ron. “These are Death Eaters we’re talking about. Their general existence is illegal!” With Ron putting it so bluntly, Hermione as well as the rest of them understood what he was saying. 

“True.” remarked Harry, “But you still don’t know what it is. Why don’t you just tear the ship apart and find whatever they were there for?” 

“We already found it or them as I should say.” replied Kingsley. “The person who called in the tip said to take a closer look at a container on the starboard side marked with a red x. They also said not to rush when looking at its contents.”
“And?” asked the group simultaneously. 

“And when we opened it up we found five unmarked oil drums. A revealing charm showed us that each of them is protected by at least a thirty curses that’ll take affect if anyone tries to open them. Aurors are working on removing them as we speak. They should be safe to open within the week. Whoever called us knew what they were doing.” 

They amazement was evident in his tone as well as everyone else’s stair. 

“Excuse me!” William interrupted. “I’m happy that you stopped this threat before it moved any further, but I don’t what this has to do with finding my friends.” 

“I’ve talked with the American Minister already today to try and assess how long this has been going on. We’ve already found from the ship’s records that its port of origin is New York City.” 

Suddenly it became clear as to why it would be so hard to find William’s friends. 

“The American Minister has diverted a good portion of her resources to find whoever is working with the Death Eaters. She’s using the Registry to narrow down the search and hopefully figure out who is the supplier. It’s going to take some time before the Registry is available again.” explained Kingsley. 

“How long before you can access the American Registry?” asked William. 

“The best estimate I can make is a three months but if I call in a few favors I can have their locations in two at the very least. Are you prepared to wait that long William?” 

“They waited 8 years for me. I think it’s the least I can do to wait 2 months for them.” 

“Very well then!” replied Kingsley who greatly admired William’s loyalty toward his friends. “I’ll get to work on this immediately. All I need now is their names.” 

“Peter and Virgil McElroy,” started William. “Isabella Chase, Declan Fowler, Darius Kane, and Paul Toro.” finished the young man who was now hopeful toward what tomorrow would bring. 

“May I ask what you plan on doing when we find them?” asked Kingsley.
William had not put much thought into this, but after looking down onto the Almanac sitting on his trunk he knew exactly what he would do. “I’m going to find them and give them their magic back.” He then showed the group the two keys resting on the opened pages of the Almanac. “And if all goes well we’re going to finish the task set before us and go home.” 

When William first told them all about the potential threat that awaited them at some point during the year they were at first very worried. As time went by, after seeing his abilities, that worry seemed to decrease. Now that he was telling them that there were 6 more people of his background, their fears were all but gone. 

William then placed the Almanac back into his trunk but not before removing something he had not worn for quite some time. As he stood up and faced the group they could all see the gold chained emblem he and his friends had adorned years before. “Is that all you need?” 

“That’s all for now.” replied Kingsley as he finished jotting down the names on his notepad. “I’ll have to report back to the Wizengamot with this news.” 

“Do you think we could just leave them out of this?” asked William who was hoping Kingsley knew what he was getting at. “It’s bad enough that they know I’m here.” 

“He’s right Kingsley!” added Harry. “They don’t have any business with his friends.” 

“Harry you don’t understand!” replied the minister. “I have a duty to report back to the Wizengamot with any new information regarding William.” 

“No, I don’t think you understand Kingsley. You said before that Phantoms only answer to their country’s minister.” Kingsley could now see just what Harry was getting at. “The Wizengamot literally has no business with William’s friends. Besides, I think you owe him one after telling him his friends were dead.” 

Considering what had been said this was the least he could do for William. “I’ll keep it quiet then. No one outside this room will know anything about the matter concerning your friends. I will keep you in the loop if we gain any more information from the American Registry.” 

“Thank you Kingsley!” replied William as he reached out and shook his hand. “Do you need anything else from me right now or can I go.” 

“Yes, William you can go.” added Professor McGonagall. She could not read minds but she knew this boy needed time alone to process everything he had just learned. “If you need anything please come by my office.” 

“I’ll be sure to do that.” He had planned on taking some time to be alone, but Harry first needed to know a few things. 

“I still have some questions about what you and the rest of your friends do.” stated Harry as William picked up his owl cage. “I think you owe us that much.” 

“Do you really want to have this conversation right now?” asked William who was clearly not in the mood to talk about his hunting trips. 

Seeing that Harry was not going to back down, William instead opted to give him an understanding of what he and his friends had accomplished. The only thing he needed now was to find the tool necessary to do that. 

“What are you doing?” asked Harry as William rummaged through his trunk. “What are you looking for in there?” 

“Something that’ll keep you from jumping to conclusions!” replied William as he found the book in question, which was then tossed to Harry. “Take a look through that and later let me know if you still feel the same way about what my friends and I do.” 

He then packed up the rest of his belongings and made for the door, but not before shaking Kingsley, McGonagall, and Bill’s hands for their help. 

“Are you still in contact with any of the surviving Phantoms?” asked William pulling Bill to the side. As a former Shadow it was possible that he still had some idea of who was left standing. 

“I only had contact with a few Phantoms for about a week after the Battle of Hogwarts. I don’t know how much good I could do you.” replied Bill. 

“I just needed to know if you had any idea where Feral might be.” 

Bill was amazed William knew that name because frankly he believed Feral would have kept his promise to stay gone after the war. He made that abundantly clear the last time he saw Bill. “To tell you the truth, you have a better chance of seeing Merlin before you see him anytime soon.” 

“Well you never know.” laughed William. In truth, he knew this was a distinct possibility. When Feral set his mind on doing something it was accomplished. He was a man of his word. “Just keep your eyes and ears open.” 

“I’ll see what I can do. Who knows, he might come out of hiding when he discovers he’s not the only Phantom left in the world.” Bill knew Feral quite well too. Though he could be stubborn he was notoriously curious. 

With those reassuring words, William took his leaves. Time in solitude would do him some good. There were many things he needed to consider; things that changed his entire plan concerning his time in the past as well as the future.

A/N: So what do you think? Let me know. The next chapter will deal more with the nature of William's job as a Phantom. It's nearly done so it should be out soon. Thank you again for reading and reviews are greatly appreciated!

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