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[I don't own anything but the plot and some original character, everything else is JK Rowlings. Enjoy!]

I didn't want to go home to England, knowing that it would be cold and it was probably going to snow, it made me depressed just thinking about it. Greece was warm, and the sun was shining brightly and it was just rising, as I walked along the shore, with my feet in the water. I had woken up before Draco had and since I didn't want to wake him, I had decided to take a walk. I kicked the water and it splashed soundly, sparkling in the sun, as I thought about what would happen the coming days. Blaise and Amber would come to the Manor later, Draco had said that I was going to view his memories in a Pensieve, and then the party. Out of those three things, the one I was most nervous about was his memories. Did I really want to see all the things he had been put through?

Then the party, oh how I dreaded the party; sure, I had a nice dress and the best date for the party, the only problem really was that someone was trying to take my date from me.

What tricks did Parkinson have up her sleeve? I wasn't sure that I wanted to find out.I hissed and cursed loudly as I stepped on a sharp piece of glass hidden underneath the sand and I sat down. I studied my foot, the cut was way too deep and I was bleeding quite a lot.

“Oh, perfect,” I said sarcastically for myself and reached for my wand to heal myself, but of course I had left it at Villa Prestige. I threw myself back and laid there, with a throbbing pain in my foot, watching the few clouds pass by in the sky. I started humming on a song I had heard as a kid, and prayed that no wasp would come near me now that I couldn't run. To get a lot of sand in the cut was probably not the smartest thing to do. I must have fallen asleep to the sound of the waves.



“Hermione?” I heard someone call from far away, “Oh, Merlin... Hermione?!”

I groaned as I opened my eyes and were struck with the bright sun right in my eyes. I looked to my eyes and saw Draco coming, running towards me.

“Where are you hurt?” Did I hear a bit of panic in his voice? I furrowed my eyebrows at his question before the pain in my foot returned, it hurt even more than it had before.

“My foot,” I said in a low voice, “What's wrong?” I said as he looked from my eyes to my foot and back again with relief evident in his eyes.

“I thought you were bleeding to death here or something,” he sighed as he moved closer to my foot and looked at it from a better view, “Merlin, that's deep. Loads of blood too, and you've got sand in the cut,” His hand slowly took a hold of my foot so that he could see it better, “Looks bad. I need my wand to fix this,” He put my foot down on the sand again and I whimpered at the feeling.

“You're not good at healing spells, no offense...” I said slowly and he smiled.

“You're right, but you need to be healed. I think we might have some healing potion back at Prestige. Now, lemme see, how are we gonna do this?”

I looked at him with a strange, curious expression, but then he leaned in and picked me up, making me thrown my arms around his neck.

“I'm too heavy...” I mumbled as I thought back to what Violet Parkinson had said the other day.

“Nonsense, you're perfect,” was Draco's response. I leaned my head on his shoulder and sighed.

“Ouch,” I whimpered as he started walking and my leg wasn't completely still any more. “Typical me, eh?” I added to lighten the mood. Then I looked over his shoulder as he walked and saw the large amount of blood that coloured the sand red where my foot had been. I also saw the drops of blood leading away from there, which meant that I was still bleeding heavily. “It's pretty bad, isn't it?”

“Uh-huh,” he said and turned his head to kiss the top of my head, “What the heck happened, Hermione?”

“I stepped on a piece of glass... I think,” I sighed, “Might have been something else, though.”

He just shook his head, I suspected that he was trying hard not to laugh at my misfortune, my clumsiness. But when I looked up at his face I saw only worry, he was very serious looking.

We reached the house rather quickly and he sat me down on the couch and went in to the kitchen and started to look through the potions that I knew were hidden in there somewhere.

“Damn... I can't find a healing potion, I'll heal you shallowly and go get father, he's way better than me when it comes to healing spells,” Draco quickly grabbed his wand from the table in front of the couch and muttered something that I didn't quite catch. Then he looked closely at what he had managed to heal and gave a slight nod while grimacing, “It'll do. I'll be right back, love.”

I just nodded and leaned back on the couch, I looked out the window but something made me look down at the floor. Four dark red drops of blood had fallen down on the floor and I could only guess what Lucius would think when he saw it. When he saw the blood of the Mudblood on his floor, would he find it very disgusting?

I turned my head away from there as the pain started to set in again; Draco was really, really bad at healing spells. Perhaps it had been a bit too deep for the spell he used, maybe the spell only worked on shallow wounds.

Lucius and Draco came in to the room and Draco rushed up to me as he saw that I was in slight pain again. He looked at my foot and I rolled my eyes, I could handle the pain.

"Out of my way, Draco. I can't really heal her when you're blocking my view," Draco moved as soon as Lucius had spoken the words, and Lucius dropped to his knees and took my foot in his hand, I could see clearly that he was trying to avoid getting my blood on his skin. Something he failed to do, as I bled a lot.

After a few seconds, however, he didn't seem to care anymore. "Miss Granger-"

"Hermione," I said quickly and he raised an eyebrow but he kept his eyes at my wound.

"This is very deep and you've got sand in it, so I'll have to clean it before I can heal you, or else you can get an infection anyway. It's a simple spell which will clean the wound, I have to warn you though, it might sting a bit," he explained and pionted his wand at the open cut which still bled heavily.

I hissed and clenched my jaw as to not curse or let out a scream. It hurt like... well, it hurt really bad.

It felt as if my foot was on fire but then it graduately became less painful and then I felt nothing at all.

The pain was gone, and I couldn't feel the thick blood any more. "Thank you," I said as I opened my eyes and found that Lucius was standing up next to his son.

"You're welcome," he said, and glanced down at the blood which covered part of his hands.

"See?" I said, as I sat up and grabbed his hand and looked at it, "My blood is just as red as yours, my blood is just as thick as yours, my blood smells just like yours. So why do you insist on calling my blood dirty?"

No one said anything, but I refused to give Lucius his hand back until he did, so after a long moment I looked up and in to his eyes. They looked curious and furious and ashamed at the same time.

"I have not called you a Mudblood for a long time, Miss-" He stopped as he saw my look, "Hermione, I've told you I would give you a chance and I've stuck to my word. I've overlooked the fact that you're a Mud-Muggleborn and I'm..."

"Go on father," urged Draco and gave his father a light push on the arm and I could see a smile playing on his lips, "Go on..." Lucius seemed thoroughly annoyed with his son, but continued none the less.

"I'm sorry that I've hurt you by calling you that in the past," he pulled his hand out of my grip easily and walked out of there with his head held high.

I looked at his back and shook my head. "Did he just apologize to me?" I said in awe.

"Ah, yes. Mother told him that he had to," Draco smiled, "He does mean it though," Draco walked towards the couch I was in and slowly he leaned in closer, and closer until he had managed to get me to lay down and he was on top of me, "And you," he said as he kissed me, "Really do need to walk more careful." I was about to put my agreement to words as he captured my lips again, and pressed himself closer to me.



However, we were interrupted as we heard a woman clear her throat behind us. I looked up to see Narcissa and Lucius standing there, trying to act as if they hadn't just walked in on us snogging on the couch.

"We'll be leaving now, have you packed your things?" It was Narcissa who spoke and we parted quickly and nodded.


I missed Greece the moment I sat foot inside the Malfoy Manor. I wanted to go back there so badly, but I knew that was out of the question. Instead I started to make my way up to Draco's room, following his lead, but then Narcissa put her hand on my shoulder to stop me.

"Why don't you and Draco join us for lunch before you start unpacking?"

It was rather amusing to watch Draco stop right in his tracks and turn around with a smile.

"Naturally, mother," he put his things down and I did the same, "What are you making for lunch?"

"Now, now, Draco. You know that I only cook on Sundays..." She smiled brightly as she looked at her son, "Don't give me that look," She sighed, "Fine. What do you want for lunch?"

"You're going to cook?" Asked Lucius as he joined us in the kitchen and he held the Prophet under his arm. He seemes genuinly surprised, but glad about it nonetheless. He sat down and put the Prophet on the table and I caught a glimpse of the front page and with a gasp I pulled it to me and unfolded it to see what it said.


19 year old sentenced to Azkaban.


There were a picture of Matthew Raven and he was trashing violently against the men who held him down, probably wanting to take him in without the use of magic. I opened it to read the article,


A wizard from London is to spend 5 years behind the bars of Azkaban for the torture of a Muggle man.

Back in October we wrote about a 19 year old boy by the name of Matthew Raven, who poisoned a fellow student in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he was expelled and has, until now, kept on the right side of the law.

It was yesterday, when his mother announced her engagement to a Muggle that he lost it, he stole her wand, because he was stripped of his own back in October, and then he cast several Unforgivable's at his stepfather. The Muggle, who is being treated at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries at the moment, was hit by the Cruciatus Cruse many times before the Aurors could come to his rescue as Raven's mother alerted them.


"It was horrible to see him being taken away," a anonymous eyewitness said, "The young man was screaming at his mother that it was all her fault and that he wished the life out of her. He was really putting up a fight against the Aurors, both with his wand and then with his body" the eyewitness was visibly shaken by what he has seen. The Aurors were, after a while of duelling, able to take him down.

"Since Mr. Raven had been warned about what would happen if he broke the law again, he was brought to Azkaban right a way in the wait for a trial. He is facing up to 10 years for what he did," said one of the Aurors that took part of the arrest of the man yesterday.


The trial was held this morning which was a shock for many as it was so early after the arrest but Raven stood up and pleaded guilty and he was sentenced to serve 5 years in Azkaban.

Some people say that it is too long for such a young man, some say it is too short. Something tells us that Raven will try to appeal, but with the evidence against him, we would say that his chances to get any less than 5 years are slim.

"He does have the ability to appeal," says Harry Potter, who was one of the Aurors that brought Raven down, "We expect that he will, actually, but for now he is in Azkaban,” the war hero does not want to give us more information at the moment but assures us that the injured Muggle will be fine.

No words yet on how the rest of Ravens family has taken the news but a woman, who does not want her name to be written, said that she saw Mr. Gregory Raven, Matthews father, on his way to the Ministry and he was looking far from pleased.

Some people in the Wizarding world are having strong feelings about the boy being sentenced to as much as 5 years as they think that it is very clear that Raven has a strong mental instability and therefore he should be getting help instead of being put in prison.



I stopped reading as the article went on and on. I just sat there and stared at the words in front of me, Harry had been a part of arresting Raven? Raven was in Azkaban?

“Oh, Merlin....” I said in shock and out a hand over my mouth, “D-Draco?” I said and my voice was shaking slightly, “Have you seen this?”

“Seen what, love?” He took the paper from me and I saw how his eyes widened as he took in the words and he sat down while reading. Lucius and Narcissa looked at each other before they both came over and leaned down to read.

When they had all read it, we looked at each other for a long moment before I saw Lucius smirk appear.

"He got what he deserved, don't you think?" then he sat down and went back to reading the Prophet as if he hadn't even been given the news of Raven's arrest. I did agree with Lucius, but was silently glad that the Dementors had been put out of use as guards. I hated Raven more than anything, but for someone to be around Dementors for five years, it wasn't something that I would wish on my worst enemy.


“Potter was a part of his arrest?” asked Draco to no one in particular, “Thought he was doing his Auror training, not...Well, going around arresting people!”

“Maybe he proved himself to be good enough in the war, so he didn't need all that training?” I suggested and he considered it for a moment before he sighed and nodded, probably thinking that it made sense. “So,” I said slowly and took his hand under the table, “What do you think about this?”

Draco squeezed my hand tightly and looked up to look in to my eyes.

“I am so relieved. I'm so damn relieved that he is in prison, you have no idea. It's like... I can't explain it. I'm really happy,” he finished off with a smile and I smiled back, as long as he was happy; I was happy. “Oh!” He suddenly looked up at his father, “Oh, father, the Pensieve... Is it still in the library?”

I stared at him wide eyed, he was serious about it. I was going to see his memories and he would see mine, if he wanted to. Also, I wondered it he was bringing this up now to keep my mind off of Raven's arrest.

Lucius furrowed his eyebrows as he looked up at his son, as if trying to figure out where he was going with that question. He nodded slowly and then he put the papers down and gave Draco a very serious look.

“Why the sudden interest in the Pensieve, Draco?” he asked and locked eyes with his son, and I kept my eyes on Draco too, as if to see his reaction to his fathers words, but he didn't even seem to hear the question.

“I'd like to show Hermione a few things,” he answered after a while, in a calm and low voice, as if daring Lucius to object.

Narcissa stopped what she was doing, turned around and looked at Draco with a rather shocked expression.

“Is that really a good idea?” she asked slowly but was cut off by Lucius, who held up his hand as if to tell her to keep quiet, something she clearly didn't like as she stiffened and turned around without a sound.

“Now, why would you want to do that, if I may ask...?” there was no question that Lucius was worried about what Draco might show me, and there was also an edge to his voice which I didn't like, at all. Draco leaned back in his chair before he looked at his father again; he had momentarily broken eye contact to smooth out a wrinkle on his sleeve, and then he answered.

“I'd like for her to be able to understand better. So, I'd take it that it's still in the library, then?

Lucius calmed at his sons words and nodded slowly.

“You two have talked this over and decided to watch each others memories, or will you just be viewing Draco's memories?”

I looked up at Lucius to see that he was addressing the question to me, not to Draco.

“I-” I cleared my throat while Lucius stared me down, making me feel rather uncomfortable, “I've told him that he is more than welcome to take a look at my memories, if he wants to.”

Lucius seemed pleased with my answer as he stopped asking questions.

Narcissa placed the food on the table and we tucked in, she had quickly made some Pasta Carbonara, which tasted delicious.


We ate in silence and I saw how Narcissa sent glares at her husband from time to time, but other than that; she completely ignored him.

She spoke to us however (something that annoyed Lucius to no end), she told us that she thought that the Pensieve thing was actually a good idea and as she said that, I looked nervously over at her husband as to see his reaction, he looked thoroughly upset as he turned his torso her direction and glared at her.

“Cissy,” he said, demanding her attention but she ignored him.

“Anyone want more pasta?” she sad brightly and looked between me and Draco, we both shook out heads 'no', “Oh, well...” She served herself some more food.

“Narcissa...” Lucius said, louder this time and she snapped her head his direction.

“What? You want me to talk now?” When he didn't answer she put her fork down, “You know very well that I hate to be told to keep quiet.”

“I'm sorry, it was important for me to ask those questions, though, love.”

“Yes, it was important,” she agreed, “But even so, it doesn't give you the right to tell me to shut up,” she spat.

“I did not!” said Lucius in a hiss, before he took a deep breath and then he did something I had never expected the Lucius I had once known to do. He leaned towards her and gave her a long kiss on her forehead while mumbling his apologizes. Narcissa, however, acted like I had expected her to, she forgave him the seconds his lips touched her skin.

I glanced Draco's way to find that he wasn't there, instead he was standing right outside the door and he used his finger to tell me to follow him, then he pressed his finger to his lips as if to tell me to do it quietly.

I stole a glance at the couple in front of me, which seemed to only have eyes for each other, then I moved. I was by Draco's side in the blink of an eye and we walked towards the library.


As I was about to enter the room, Draco grabbed my hand.

“Not that library,” he said softly and we walked to the left until we reached an old, wooden door and Draco pushed the door open and I looked inside to find all shelves empty, with furrowed eyebrows, I stepped inside and saw the Pensieve straight ahead.

“Those shelves used to hold books,” Draco informed me, “The Ministry took them away, to much about Dark magic for their liking, I s'pose.”

“Oh,” I said as I felt the nervousness creep up on me as we walked closer to the Pensieve. I suppose he felt that I wasn't at ease as he put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a calming squeeze.

“Feel free to ask anything you want, I don't mind. You have the right to know, I'd say,” he gave a small shrug and I nodded, but still I didn't ask anything about the Dark magic in the house, instead I decided to ask something which I felt to be more important at the moment.

“Which memories will I be shown?”

Draco sighed with a small smile, obviously thinking that I should have asked something else.

“I have a few in mind, it'll be like when you, McGonagall and that Ministry man viewed your memories, I'll show you many memories at a time, not just one. “

“Hold on,” I said as we stopped, “I'll be watching them alone?”

“Yes...” He said slowly, “I don't want to see your face when you see those things.”

“But Draco,” I tried but he shook his head and put his want to his temple and he seemed to be in deep thought and a very sad expression fell on his face.

Slowly he put the memories down in the Pensieve and made a jerk with his head as if to say 'go ahead' and I licked my lips before I put my head down in the substance and suddenly I was falling, falling and... Then I felt ground underneath my feet and looked around as I took a deep breath, wondering where I was, or rather, what I was about to see.


I was back at Hogwarts, and I had a hunch about what I was about to see, but I hoped that I was wrong. But then when I saw the persons in front of me, and as I heard them speak, I knew that it was the night Dumbledore had died.

I watched as Draco moved closer to the much older wizard and it hurt to see him so clearly and knowing that there was nothing I could do to save him, I was going to watch him die without being able to do anything. That was probably the worst thing about it all - I felt powerless.

Draco's wand was held in front of him by a shaking hand, and his voice was trembling, he was scared. But at the same time, he sounded emotionless.

“I'm the one with the wand. You're at my mercy,” I heard him say, but I could tell that he wasn't capable of hurting Dumbledore. Dumbledore seemed to know that too, as he spoke calm and softly to Draco, I couldn't help but to notice that the Headmaster was in a lot of pain, and I wondered if Draco had seen it too, because for just a second I thought I saw concern in his eyes. But it was gone as quickly as it came.

I watched as the scene played out in front of me, and I saw clearly how tired Draco looked, completely exhausted really, his skin was much paler than I had ever seen it, he had dark shadows under his eyes and he was so thin.

I observed him closely, not really caring what was being said, but I did see how Draco's expression changed as he seemed to consider something and I saw how his wand lowered somewhat just as the door burst open and several Death Eaters rushed inside. I saw disappointment in Draco's eyes, which quickly turned in to fear. Suddenly I remembered Harry, he was somewhere in the Astronomy tower, that much I knew. I looked around for any sign of him, I hoped that his Invisibility cloak wasn't covering all of him, I guess. But I saw no trace of him. Which was probably a good thing, but still... I wanted to see him, and I said to myself, 'You should send him a letter later,' and that's what I decided to do. Once I got back from my trip down memory lane, then I would send Harry a letter, no matter what Draco might think about it.

I was surprised when I looked up and found Snape standing there, when had he entered?

Then I heard, and saw, how Dumbledore pleaded to Snape, who simply raised his wand and it was with a look of disgust that he cast the Killing Curse, I looked away as I heard him say it, and when I looked up again, I saw Dumbledore falling towards the ground, lifeless.

I closed my eyes yet again, for a brief second, before I heard how Draco rushed out of there, I moved to fallow him, but the scene changed and I... Where was I?


I looked around and saw that I was in a cold, wet room which was only being lit up by the vague moonlight that came from the window. It was dirty, I noticed. Was I in a dungeon of some sort?

I heard someone cough a bit behind me and I turned to look there, and I saw the outline of a person who sunk down against the wall, his body visibly shaking as he silently cried. The fear and the panic was so evident in the room that I became more cold than before.

I walked closer to the person and even before I saw him, I knew that it was Draco. I wondered when this was, he looked dirty and his hair wasn't shiny and fresh as it usually was, but it was dirty, just as the rest of him.

“What have I done...?” He whispered out loud, “What am I doing?”

There were a loud noise coming from behind me, and even though I knew that I couldn't be hurt, I still felt the fear creep up on me.

“Yet again have your father displeased the Dark Lord, boy,” I didn't recognize the man who were speaking, but I knew that I didn't like him at all, “He sent me down here to make you suffer the consequences...”

Draco had wiped away his tears and stood up by the time I looked back at him, confused. I wasn't confused for long, though.


I watched in horror as Draco writhed in pain and screamed through clenched teeth, it echoed inside the room and I felt as if I was about to throw up. I couldn't look away, as much as I wanted to. I stood there, with my eyes locked on the visibly hurting Draco. The man repeated the curse three times before he pulled Draco up by his collar and helped him stand up. “Clean yourself up, Malfoy. You're needed upstairs. Why would you be in this filthy room anyway?”

Draco didn't answer, he just paled even more. The man walked out, but Draco stayed behind for a few seconds and ran his fingers through his hair before he slapped himself, as if to wake himself up. Then he wiped the dirt of his face with his sleeve, and smoothed out his hair, making himself look somewhat better.

“Time for me to torture more people...” he said sadly, his voice broken and then, with a lot of effort, he took the first step towards the stair which would lead him up. I think that he had chosen to let me see this memory to show me that he never wanted to do those things, to show me what happened to him if he or his father displeased Voldemort. I hurried after him up the stairs but I could tell that the scene changed once we got upstairs, because Draco went from standing in front of me to sitting down by the table in the drawing room of Malfoy Manor.


He wasn't the only one who sat there though, there were many Death Eaters and I saw Lucius, Narcissa and Snape too.

That wasn't what caught my attention, though. What I saw, floating in the air, made me sick. Professor Burbage, who had taught Muggle Studies at Hogwarts was there, seemingly dead but I had a feeling that she was alive.

I knew that Voldemort was there, his presence hung in the air and Draco looked rather terrified.

It didn't take long for Charity Burbage to be woken, and I saw how Draco looked away from her instantly as her pleas for Snape to save her started, I looked at Snape, he didn't show any sign of listening to her. From what I knew now, it must have been really hard for him to just sit there and not being able to help, just like I couldn't help her. I could just watch.

After a while of listening to Voldemorts nonsense, I saw how Professor Burbages life was taken away from her, and Draco fell out of his chair as she fell down on the table. Snape, however, simply gave her body a cold stare before he looked away. I saw that he swallowed hard, but that was the only reaction that came from him.

“No...” I whispered as Voldemorts snake, Nagini, made her way over to the Professors body while, if it was possible, looking hungry.


Fortunately, the scene changed before I got to see what was about to happen, and I was standing in a dark room with Draco, Voldemort and Rowle's family. I knew what I was about to see, and tried to prepare myself for it, but it was nearly impossible and I knew that.

“Do it, Draco,” said Voldemort loudly while his crimson eyes observed the family which were on their knees. Everyone but Rowle himself was crying silently, their tears streaming down the small girls faces, I could hardly stand looking at them, so I looked up at Draco who looked as if he might throw up any second, but he still managed to cast the spell and I guess it hit the mother, Rowle's wife. Her screams echoed in the stonewalled, marble-floored room, before it subsided in to a sob to be replaced by a child's agonising cry, I wondered if this was the youngest girl; the one Draco had told me about, the one with the horrifying screams, but the second the other small girl screamed, I knew that that was the youngest one.

It was a heartbreaking, bring-shivers-to-spine scream, probably the most horrifying sound I had ever heard in my entire life.

I whispered sadly, “Stop, Draco. Please, please, stop...”

But I knew that he wouldn't, he couldn't stop until Voldemort told him so and if I knew Voldemort, then he wouldn't do that quite yet.

“You see now, Rowle? You see why you shouldn't displease Lord Voldemort?” Voldemort said, somewhat amused, as if he was being entertained by the scene that was being played out in front of him, as if he truly enjoyed seeing the torture of the small girls.

“It wont happen again, My Lord, I promise...” Rowle's voice was pleading, “Please, My Lord, have mercy!”

At first, Voldemort didn't reply. He waited, took pleasure in the screams which reached his ears, screams caused by the pain Draco was forced to put them through. One by one, they let out agonising cries and writhed in pain.

“Lord Voldemort will have mercy this time, and cause them no more pain,” then he actually smiled, if you can call that evil expression he did a smile, “Draco, leave.”

I stumbled backwards, away from the crying family, and followed Draco out the door. Then he stiffened and looked back; I did the same.

Green light filled the room, over and over and over again, and I shut my eyes and turned around as Rowle cried out and I felt sorry for the Death Eater who had been a cruel bastard in my eyes for quite some time. He had a wife, daughters; a family and they were all taken away from him in a blink of an eye, because he had... made a mistake? It was so wrong.

No one deserved that. Not even a cruel bastard as Rowle. I stopped thinking about right and wrong when Draco bend over and threw up, I moved to his side and saw that his face was wet, from crying, I guessed. I wanted to hold him, to tell him that everything would be okay, but I couldn't. I could just stand there and and look at him. 

I was relieved when the scene changed and so did the atmosphere, I knew from the start that this was after the war.
Draco walked past me, so I followed him, and saw myself walk there, looking far from happy, and the past me walked in to the library and I thought briefly that it must have been the day that I decided to take up flying, Draco followed past me in to the library and gave Mrs Mulberry a low greeting and then he stood there and watched the past me as she... I... she picked up an old magazine. He took one step forward, then he shook his head a bit and turned around and walked out, I looked over my shoulder at the past me and saw that she just looked up, but she didn't see Draco leave.

The scene changed again and I saw myself kneeling down on the floor to gather up the books which had fallen out of my books, I hurried to keep up with Draco who was walking really fast, something he must have gotten from his father, I thought briefly, before I stopped abruptly as he did.

We were standing right before the past me, and I saw a small, nervous smile on his lips.

“I...” he started but the past me hadn't heard him, “See you are where you belong, Granger.”

A smirk had replaced his genuine smile by the time past me looked up at him, I saw how the eyes on the past me darkened and sent him a cold, furious glare and I frowned, how could Draco find me attractive when I'm angry? I looked ridiculous!I knew how the rest of the conversation carried on, so I focused on how Draco's expressions changed, I must have been too blinded by my hate for him in the past to see that he actually looked concerned as he spoke to me.

Past me pushed herself past him and Draco turned around to look at her... me... her. His eyebrows furrowed but then he shook his head once more and walked away from there.


The scene changed once more and I wondered why everything was black and cold, oh-so-freaking cold to be honest, but then I understood what memory this was. I heard a chuckle from nowhere, a very distant chuckle, but it was there none the less.

I asked you a question, Mudblood. Did he tell you not to worry?”

Then there was a small pause, when there was no sound and then came a small whisper.


Silence again.

Are you happy now, Matthew? Have you gotten what you wanted?”

Gods, it was horrible to listen to myself like that, I got the feeling back from that day, when I hadn't known if Draco would survive or not.

Oh, it is the best day of my life.

I could almost see his smirk, that damn Raven, and I was so glad that he had been thrown in Azkaban, that little bastard!

Get the hell away from me.”

I was proud of myself, as I remembered that I had hit him right in the face. Suddenly everything became warm, and I understood that the scene had once more changed, and I heard myself arguing with Lucius, and then there was a pained moan, then everything came in to vision, slowly and in a blur. Then I could see clearly, I was in the hospital wing, and I saw myself stand next to Draco as he laid in the bed. 

Things started spinning, and then I found myself back in the Manor, I looked up to see Draco standing there, looking at me as if he was trying to see what I was thinking. I didn't do anything, and I didn't say anything, something that made him lick his lips nervously.

In silence, I walked up to him, put my arms around him and hugged him as tight as I could, I felt his arms come around me after a while as he buried his head in the crook of my neck.

It didn't matter that he had put in those last few memories, I still remembered the first ones way too clearly and I just wanted to comfort him as I thought back on the pain which his eyes had held.

A tear fell down my cheek, but I didn't care.

“Sorry for making your shirt wet,” I mumbled and I felt him shake his head before he inhaled the scent of my hair, his hold around me got slightly tighter and I got the feeling that he had wanted some comfort for a long time.

"Thank you," he said in a low voice, and he seemed close to sheading a few tears himself, but he held it back, his hold of me loosened and he leaned back to look at me, "You don't hate me for what I did?"

"No!" I said, almost angry at him for thinking that I would hate him, "Of course not, Draco, you were forced, I could never hate you, I just... You actually thought... I mean, that's.. No!"

He silenced me with a kiss, which I eagerly responded to, it was that kind of kiss which is described in books, you know the kind which makes butterflies dance in your stomach, and the kind of kiss which makes you lift one foot off the ground and go all light headed? That's the kind of kiss he gave me.

"Ahem..." said a voice from behind us, and with a groan, Draco broke the kiss and glared over my shoulder, I followed his gaze and broke out in a smile. "We don't mean to interrupt anything, but we arrived early and Lucy said that we could find you in the, uh, old library."

"I would like it if you stopped calling me 'Lucy', Blaise, I'm not too fond of it," said Lucius as he stood behind Blaise and Amber in the door opening, he sounded highly amused and I doubt it was the first time he had heard Blaise call him by that name.

Blaise eyes widened and he seemed to simply think, 'Oh, crap'. He turned around to face the older Malfoy and gave him a weak smile.

"Of course, Lucius, it won't happen again."

Lucius nodded and walked away, but I heard him chuckle and mumble"Oh, but it will..."

And he was right, it took only minutes for Blaise to call him Lucy again.

We all hugged and it wasn't until as I hugged Blaise that I realized how much I had missed them both, and as Draco took my hand and we started walking out of the old library, I felt a sort of belonging in the Manor, for the first time since I had arrived. I sighed happily as I leaned my head at Draco's shoulder and continued walking to the sound of Blaise and Draco's laughter.

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